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  1. 2G motor mount bolts

    St louis seriously seems to be the worst place to build cars......any locals point me in the right direction ?
  2. 2G motor mount bolts

    you say that, but i haven't found a junk yard around here with an eclipse with an engine in it
  3. 2G motor mount bolts

    do you know what size they are? thread pattern?
  4. 2G motor mount bolts

    I recently got a 2G timing belt side mount that didn't have the two nuts to hold the block side and the chassis side together.Does anyone know where to get replacement ones from?It's the nuts that go on the two vertical bolts in the pic.Thanks in advance
  5. 1g wing

    i have spare mounting brackets if you need them for the tsi wing
  6. serious electrical problems

    same thing happened to me. it was a heck of a time figuring it retrospect, i should have taken it to an electrical shop to figure out, i spent too muchmoney replacing parts i thought were blown.
  7. Oil pump help

    that's the way my buddy did it and probably the way i will do it too
  8. 3 inch Apexi N1 and white bumper= owned.

    once you get it clean you might want to think about a protectant. A friend of mine had a 3m clear bra cut piece near his bumper to combat this problem
  9. What Dsm parts fit on an evo?

    I wouldn't be too surprised at a pre VIII somewhere...they are at least a handful of really good conversions that I know you never know.....
  10. Black Betty

    hey looking good man! that the same color as mine.....let me know if you need any pieces, mines a part out (stealing the engine for another project)....but one as nice as yours makes me want to keep it
  11. Evo 3 mirrors

    then i would say no...they are not bolt on....but anything is possible if you put your mind to it
  12. New Rims, Wondering peoples opinions?

    I think he ment post a pic of your car showing your wheels during the day when your car is clean so we can get a better judge of the new rims....
  13. Need to Repaint a Black 1g

    no that's not overkill.....that's taking good car of your car.color matching can be taken care of via ordering the paint from or paintscratch.comdo you wet sand, buff and polish your freshly painted areas? if you just spray and leave, then there is your reason for...
  14. Evo 3 mirrors

    I don't think this will work: here's my logic.I tried to put talon mirrors on a 95 Mirage - didn't bolt up EVO III mirrors fit a 95 Miragenow with some re-drilling I'm sure it would work, put i haven;t taken too much time to look at the way the body lines flow and such.
  15. Newb with a 4G63T

    Great! I'm sure I'll be calling on your assistance for something or another. Did you use a DSM engine, or did you import an evo engine?Yea I knew about the meet, but I sadly have to work next weekend. I went to the first annual one they held when I owned my Lancer the first time.
  16. Newb with a 4G63T

    yes and no. I do like the earlier models, but as far as drive thru's, ATMs and other drive up things, I don't see why I would spend all that time and money on RHD.As cool as it may be. :hmm:
  17. Need to Repaint a Black 1g

    technically you could spray straight over that, I wouldn't tho.I would take those areas and sand them down, taking off the rust spots. Then shoot some primer, then shoot the color and then the clear.But if you just want cheap coverage, you can just get a spray can of the right color and...
  18. Mission: Black Interior, Started

    The UV stuff works really well for a clear coat, did this to my lancer years ago. The high temp really isn't that necessary.Your progress looks sure to post up pics when your done :)as far as the carpet goes, after the coat you have done dries, just put another layer on. or...
  19. Need to Repaint a Black 1g

    well, for a basic paint job, no additional work, I know that MAACO charges around $200. they also have a color/clear job that runs around $800.This does not include any detail work (ie. wet sanding/buffing) but If you are here, you might be able to do that yourself.There also seems to...
  20. mirror

    my buddy put 95 mirrors on his 99 after a little accident, so I don't see why it wouldn't work the other way.
  21. Newb with a 4G63T

    yes I like the evo better than the galant, plus, I do love to tinker with things, and this mirage was given to me for free (with a couple of cylinders worth of bent valves) :). it's how I learn.I doubt I will be doing the RHD conversion, as i see no real practical reason for can...
  22. 1g leather interior

    I'm pretty sure that's true on most cars. I know there was a tag on my door too with my interior info on it.
  23. Pics of my 1992 plymouth laser fwd turbo

    It seems a little bare without a wing.Other than that it looks great!
  24. My $50 paint job pictures.

    I love the wheel color. For $ wanna do my car...lolNow if only I could get my car painted for $50...and I'm doing it myself
  25. Post your non black Painted Block

    the gunmetal one looks awesome!I never thought of doing this, maybe this will be in my engines future
  26. 2 red 2G's

    wow...two totally clean cars.....I wish any of my vehicles were that cleanGreat cars!
  27. Gucci shifter boot

    I love the Crown Royal shifter boot, I hope to get a new Shifter boot made soon, but I doubt that I will do anything that extravagant...
  28. Clear Tails Tail Lights Taillights [Merged]

    I would also like to see a pic of it lit up at night. It seems like he said there was a light strip for the center piece too.
  29. New Dress Up parts

    that is one super clean engine bay. I wish my uncle owned a power coating shop......Looks great :)
  30. Newb with a 4G63T

    yes, you have it right.I have a 95 Mirage and a 90 Talon. I love the 4G63 engine, but I need the convienience of a 4 door sedan.So I am taking the engine from a 90 Talon and putting it in a 95 Mirage.
  31. The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    Pics of the car would be helpful, as would mileage......but an honest asking price would probably be around $1000.
  32. Newb with a 4G63T

    Because I have always loved the older EVO's. this mirage sort of fell into my lap and the project began :hellyeah:Thanks for the site, I found it once, but forgot to bookmark it:ohdamn: Now I have itI expect to. I have already spent a while on here checkin out this and that.
  33. Should i paint my hood black??

    I wouldn't do it, but your car is not my car.Your call
  34. my 25 dollar paint job

    Did you think of painting the lettering black? I think the black on bronze would look awesome!either way...props on your paint job.
  35. Newb with a 4G63T

    Hi,I'm new to the DSM world and recently purchased a 90 Talon, with the intention of swapping the 4G63 into a 95 mirage. I would keep the talon, but alas I have a family and a two doors sports car is not for me.I'm on here for tech advice and what not for the talon :)I'm in the...
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