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    Moved to Avon Indiana a while ago

    Nice! Love that car! Glad to hear you still have it and hope to see more about it. Good luck with the new house! :thumb:

    4g63 forklift?

    The 4g63 came in many different forklifts over the years. They could either be balanced (with a balance shaft) or unbalanced (without a balance shaft). There are all kinds of different Mitsubishi engines offered in forklifts. There have been the following Mitsu engines offered in forklifts...

    2018 Shootout

    I'm pretty sure I talked to you on Friday when you pulled up at the camping area at the track. You asked me about the camping situation and I told you I have been coming for 22 years straight. We talked a little bit then and a little bit later. We joked about not remembering each others names...

    1G Wheel Bearing Seals

    As far as I can tell, yes the seals are the same between both ABS and non-ABS cars.

    Is Low 1st different than D 1st?

    Yes, you are correct. Any automatic transmission that allows it to be held in low (1), or low (2) etc. will see full line pressure.

    Scored Cylinder Wall Opinions

    It's too hard to tell from just a picture unfortunately. I would recommend taking it to a machine shop and let them tell you what can, or can't be done. Hopefully they can just go .020 over and it will be good, but you won't know until you do it.

    S90 Throttle body seal

    There are seals on BOTH sides of the throttle shaft. Just replace them both and you'll be good.

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD: Clunkbox

    Looks awesome! Keep it up, I wanna see this at the shootout!

    1G Knock sensor/O2 sensor

    Most definitely! Fix that and I bet it solves your problem.

    1GA Eclipse bumper fitment on talon

    I have a 1ga eclipse bumper on the front of my Talon in my avatar pic. The rear may, or may not work depending on if your Talon has a big booty bumper or not. What I mean by that is that the Talons have either a big step (like 3-4 inches) or a small step (1-2 inches) rear bumper that they come...

    Coolant leak behind intake manifold

    I bet this ^^^ is the case. Hopefully they're not too rusty or brittle.

    Turbo oil leak cold side

    The oil seals look to be blown... :| I was under the assumption that when using that turbo it was to be fed from the OFH with their supply line (like you did) and you should be good. :idontknow:

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD: Clunkbox

    We already know you make great products and now we know you can do a great build. Looks awesome! Good luck and I can't wait to see more! :thumb:

    crushed spark plug

    Wow! What a story... Glad it is still running well for you! LOL

    Project Nicole, 2gb AWD Talon Spyder

    Paint looks good! :thumb: I always did like that color.

    The Colt V3 on the Dyno- 770whp on scraps!

    Wow! 680whp on a Mustang Dyno is big! That is plenty to go nines in that little car. Good luck, looks great!:thumb:

    Any drone with 1G Thermal Exhaust

    I run a full 3" thermal exhaust on my 1g and I think it's very quiet, with little to no drone noise. The muffler canister is quite a large oval shape which really helps quiet it and reduce drone noise IMHO. :thumb:

    Intercooler too big

    Like Nate says, the lower bumper support seen in position #18 along with the plastic push pins seen in position #19 would be all you need to get that to stay up when you go back to a smaller intercooler.

    Boostin's Red Demon runs [email protected], but is it a DSM?

    Well said Tim. It's great to see them STILL progressing with the help of a few vendors that are STILL willing to push the envelope, thus paving the way for the rest of us that are still looking to go 10's, 9's, 8's etc. :thumb:

    Awesome 600-700 HP craigslist add. Over 50K invested!

    Holy crap! LOL Wow! AT LEAST $50k invested in that turd. ROFLOMG:f-u: Heavily modified... More like heavily fubared! Amazing...

    2G Pump Gas 91 Oct Turbo Decisions... HY35, FP Green, Red!??

    A bigger a/r hotside will result in better pump gas performance compared to a smaller turbine housing by reducing backpressure. A smaller a/r turbine will increase the gas velocity to the turbine wheel which provides more power and higher boost levels at lower rpms. A smaller turbine will also...

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    I'm not sure how you could ever get just one single spark with the key off, or on.:idontknow: The only way you're ever going to get a spark is when cranking and/or after the engine starts running and continues to run while the key is released to the run, or normal ON position. Maybe check the...

    DSM/EVO Shootout general consensus in my area.

    I go because I've been going for 20 years straight and it's STILL the only place to see that many DSMs in one place at one time. Period. I drive my old-ass Ross piston/Eagle rod, 20g turbo DSM there just for the camaraderie and joy of having an excuse to drive the damn thing again. I don't even...

    AWD rear upper control arms, inner bolt stuck

    By know, or by now? Or... By now he may have fixed it by know?? :hmm: Maybe by now he knows what he never knew and now we may never know... :p There, now we may not know anything. Oh well... Sorry! LOL

    4.5 intercooler core

    Anything can be made to fit if you really try, but without knowing what kind it is, or what the overall dimensions are, it's really hard to say what you would need to do to make it work. Most likely you would need to cut, or remove the front crash beam. I know it's possible to run up to a 6"...

    2G Light/soft gas pedal

    TB springs can be tricky. You think you did it right, but I bet it needs to go around one more time. That is the only thing it can be. That is it's sole job... To close the throttle plate.

    2G Power steering fluid

    1G Test pipe on stock exhaust?

    It can only help with spool and performance. It definitely won't create more back pressure with a test pipe. You may get CEL though without the converter on there, so you can do this. way is to just zip-tie the post cat o2 sensor out of the way in...


    Congrats once again for another win! Wow, three in a row... Not sure if that has ever been done in the quick class at the Shootout.:hmm: Glad I at least got to say hi to you this year. Car looked great as always and performed even better. Nice work and good luck in the future!:thumb:

    2G alternator charge problems

    12.x volts won't cut it. You are right, it will need replaced. Normally it should be 13.5-14.8 volts on a proper charging system.

    New Guy, No Start, Not another one...

    Time to test the power transistor (PTU) as seen in the above provided link by Nate.

    The 24th Annual SHOOTOUT!! 2016

    Thanks for the update Paul. I didn't know how late it went, but I figured it was gonna be around that time when it ended. After being gone for 3 days I had the wife wanting me back home, so I just had to go. So happy for Kiggly and Aaron Gregory. I know that Aaron's car has been the most...

    The 24th Annual SHOOTOUT!! 2016

    Just saw this on the Shootout facebook page from Dave and his wife. Just as I was thinking... This cannot continue like this. :( We (racers and fans/friends) have got to get our shit together. This is why we still aren't respected when we come to a drag race with other types of... Dare I...

    Best cars to work on for aspiring mechanic?

    Stay with the Chevy trucks as they are pretty easy to work on. As far as being able to learn a lot in a little time. Very hard to do without schooling of some sort. There is a lot of theory and general understanding of how things work that can be applied to all cars/trucks. Unfortunately for...

    The 24th Annual SHOOTOUT!! 2016

    Great weekend aside from the oil downs all day on Sunday. It truly amazes me how many people break something and continue to drive all the way down the track instead of immediately stopping and pulling over. :toobad: They started the last round of qualifying at 10:00am and then struggled to...

    2G Spark plug wires order and mbpr

    Yes, it looks to be fine like that. Just wanted you to know that 1 and 4 share the same coil and can be hooked to either terminal and the same goes for cylinders 2 and 3 and their corresponding coil.

    Oil leak

    Cool! :cool: Easy fix. :thumb:

    2G Spark plug wires order and mbpr

    Just to add to the ignition wire situation. Remember that this is a waste-spark ignition system, so the order doesn't matter as long as you have cylinders 1-4 and 2-3 on the correct coil. So, you could swap 1 with 4 and 2 with 3 and you'd be fine.

    Squeaking at about 5-6k RPM?

    Check the alternator and/or power steering belt to see if they need tightened. They like to squeal sometimes. I don't think the timing belt can squeal because of the cogged teeth it has.

    Inj size

    As previously stated a lot of people running the bigger injectors are doing so because they are running E85 which requires more fuel than gasoline. As long as your injector duty is not maxed out then you should be fine, as that is the real deciding factor in whether or not you need to go bigger.

    Street Build Project 1g (NBA DSM)

    I too admire your wiring skills and patience required. :thumb: Nice work on the car and good luck! Also, thank you for your service! :)

    Shootout Motivation (Video)

    bump for this oneAwesome video! It's Shootout time! :hellyeah:

    Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    Okay, first of all I'm a little confused with the installing of the thermostat horizontally, or vertically. Not sure what you mean by that... You just put it in the housing with the spring side down and that's it.As far as the heater bringing your temps down that is common, but the car...

    The 2016 Boostie Awards!

    As already said, they're listed in the video. But.... With that being said, I feel they are so epic that they should be listed here, so here they are...LOLThe baddest DSM on planet Earth awardThe most "GTR-est" Nissan GTR awardThe "Dat Ass" awardThe "engine you can eat off of" award...

    The 2016 Boostie Awards!

    Awesome! :hellyeah:

    2G The Red Demon kicks off 2016 with a Bang - 192 MPH!!

    So glad this setup has been working so well this year! Can't wait to see it at the Shootout again. Good luck and see you soon! :D

    Another idle thread, sorry..

    If you haven't done the throttle body shafts yet that could definitely cause your symptoms. You can use a boost leak tester to check for leaks at the throttle body shaft too BTW.

    Exhaust Manifold Oil Leak?

    Boy, it's really hard to see any oil in your picture. And you say it's on the left side, but between cylinder 4 and 1. :hmm: Do you mean between cylinder 4 and 3 maybe? Could it be your valve cover leaking down by any chance?

    1G Engine problem - possibly seizing up!

    Does the clattering change at all with the clutch in, or out?

    1G Engine problem - possibly seizing up!

    Actually it's usually the other way around. Normally if you depress the clutch pedal and hear a noise it is your TOB, because that it when it is heavily loaded with the pressure plate springs. When you release the clutch pedal almost all of the load is off the TOB and it is usually pretty...
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