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  1. Slow power windows?

    You can get the motors at autozone.
  2. Don't make the same mistake I just made!!!

    Go on underneath the car and check the back of the block by the firewall at the oil pressure switch and see if it has a leak. Thats what happen to mine when i was burning oil.
  3. rocker pannels

    Try a junkyard.
  4. Thoughts On These Rims/Tires......?

    I like the rims they look cool.
  5. Glove box won't unlock

    Just drill it if it doesnt open.
  6. paint job

    macco $500 and 2 year warranty.
  7. My $50 paint job pictures.

    Looks great my buddy spent $1000 on his paint and it sucks.
  8. Timing belt

    Get a Haynes manual from an autoparts store or a library.
  9. What do you think of Madden 10

    I think it's a good game but when you have to fight for the fumbles its too hard.
  10. Car wont Start

    The no fuel could be because of a plugged fuel filter
  11. 1g blinker problem?

    Is it the lights on the bumper because there not supposed to blink.
  12. Car just turns off

    Have you changed the fuel filter it is probly plugged up.
  13. No power to the windshield wiper blades

    Your best bet is to just check all of the fuses incase another fuse is blown. If there all good check the wires.
  14. Slight Header Problem

    Yea it will run but the gas mileage will be bad.
  15. Help me help you sale

    I would take the 6 bolt block but I live in Wisconsin.
  16. Help Installing Door speakers

    I think I had to get 5 1/4 inch speakers and only put 2 screws in diagonally, and the back speakers i had to cut the plastic because the magnet was to big.
  17. Pacesetter or ebay header?

    I bought a ebay header comes with downpipe and 2 gaskets. Its nice stainless steel welds look good. You can't beat the price.
  18. Blue coolant line install + heat shield pics

    Only dsm with diamond plate i've seen
  19. 2g 7 bolts torque specs

    Go and get a Haynes Repair Manual it will tell you everything you need to know.
  20. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    I had the same problem after i had my head rebuilt the mechanic didn't burp the cooling system. Take off the radiator cap and see if the fluid is full and if it isn't put some coolant in and replace the cap.
  21. 420a crank question

    Nope the 420a is chrysler and the 4g63 is mitsubishi
  22. What mods to get 1st?

    Yes maintenance is first before anything if you have an oil leak anything get it fixed.
  23. please help!!!! new to dsm timing

    The idle surge could be your plugs are bad, mass air flow sensor or your idle sensor.
  24. Steering noise problem increasing.

    Lack of lubrication, damaged strut mounts loose stabilizer bar or suspension bolts
  25. steering column question

    According to the Hanes Manual they are in the same section usually they seperate them from model to model.
  26. 1G 90 Oil Filter Housing

    If you need one fast go to a junkyard or your local autoparts store.
  27. over heating

    I had the same problem i couldn't figure it out until the other day i squeezed the upper radiator hose and noticed that the coolant was coming out of the radiator cap. Easy fix $7 at autozone.:thumb:
  28. Motor Help PLEASE!!!!!!

    Make sure you get a MLS head gasket from felpro because the 420a is known for blowing head gaskets and the MLS is stronger than the stock replacement.
  29. What to get?

    I don't think they make any programmers or tuning tools for both the 420a and 4g63.
  30. Non turbo 1g power add ons?

    If your going to keep it all motor start with the head. Cams, cam gears, oversized valves, port and polish and stronger springs. I had this done to my 420a and i noticed alot more power.
  31. what do you think about these rotors?

    You could go to auto zone and get the cheap duralast brake pads that have a lifetime warranty for around $25 thats what I did when i first got my car but then upgraded them to the duralast gold.
  32. what should i start out with?

    Make sure you change your timing belt before you do anything because I forgot to and it costed me $600 for the machine work and the valves
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