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  1. Fs three 1g ecms

    I have for sale 3 ecms for sale, all from part outs, believed to work'92 eagle talon tsi ecu with aem add on '94 eagle talon (trim unknown) junkyard tested good '92 Plymouth laser Rs ecu junkyard tested goodLooking for $125 each 9O8-33FOUR-97FIVE4
  2. wts 92 tsi awd, needs work

    So i took on a 92 talon tsi awd as a project. I spend day in and day out for a long time fixing this thing and got as far as getting it to idle at ~900 steadily. It runs but needs work such as :-Trans work, will catch gear but bogs a lot, a lot of smoke has been coming from the trans area...
  3. shift linkage replacement

    searched and searched to no avail. im looking for a how-to hopefully with tips on how to do this on a 92 talon. im having an extremely hard time removing the linkage out of my junker and cant imagine the linkage in my project with full interior and the engine actually in the engine bay to be...
  4. wtb 92 talon ecu

    Just as title says, located in central jersey, will take a drive for the right price
  5. start and die :sigh:

    background info: swapped factory ecu to ecu + aem ems. have a cel, came out to be code 14 which from my findings means tps. resistace and harness voltage checks out and no "dead spots". car starts and idles at 2k for 3 seconds, cel comes on, then dies 3 more seconds later.on what i believe...
  6. high rev then die

    so i replaced my ecu so the car would actually turn over, but now i have another problem.. when i start the car, it revs to 3-4000 rpm then dies immediately, cant get it to stay on for more than 5 seconds if that. please give me a starting point :confused:additional info: ecu has aem (?)...
  7. 2G mpi relay

    so ive searched and searched and searched and still have questions... the contacts in the mpi relay... are they both supposed to connect? only one of the coils is making connection on crank. also would that prevent the car from starting? thanks a lot
  8. 2G high idle/ surge

    ive replaced the isc, tps, adjusted the tps, cleaned the tb, and im stumped. i start the car, the rpms stay extremely low and alomst stalls until i give it gas, then i drive it and when its idling, the rpms stay at around 2k. then a few minutes into the drive itll surge between 1.2k to 1.7k. i...
  9. p0505 help

    got the p0505 code thrown at me. car wouldnt start. tested the isc and figured it should be replaced with ohm readings higher than normal, although no coils fried. tested the tps and readings were off, do i need a new one? also, anything else i should check for?
  10. p0505 isc looks fine...

    i was driving to dunkin today and ive been driving with this code for a couple days cause it didnt seem like anything was wrong... but the cars rpms went nuts then the car died and i couldnt start it since. checked the isc and it looked fine. researched the topic and couldnt come to a conclusion...
  11. F/s f/t 1995 eclipse gsx

  12. drilling a hole in the turbo inlet

    i broke a stud off in the turbo inlet and nowi needto drill it out... any suggestions?
  13. thursday night meets in central jersey turnout last time, please dont let me be the only legitimate dsm there -___-
  14. snapped bolts -__-

    i now have two new problems; snapped bolts:one in the turbo inletand two of these in the headi would definitely not like to take apart the turbo and bring it to a machine shop, who can help?
  15. Exhaust/ boost leak

    Symptoms: Backfire-like sound when I let off the gas Won't hit full boost when it shouldI read somewhere that if there's a hole in a gasket, the air escaping will burn a hole in either end of whatever the gasket is sealingThis leads me to believe its in the exhaust manifold, hopefully...
  16. Nice clean looking 4g spotted in central jersey

    I was driving through hillsborough in my orange 2g when I saw a real nice orange 4g, just off of 206, does anyone know this person?
  17. oil leak by oil filter

    so around 3 months ago i had a leak from the oil filter that i did a bang up job on repairing since i was in seaside, very far from home. i sprung another leak today and i assumed it was the oil filter until i changed it and chANGED the oil and i thought i was done. i saw no leaks. then i turned...
  18. Vrsf to punishment racing core swap...

    In currently running an evo iii 16g turbo and a big ass vr speed fmic, but I'm changing my 2ga bumper out for a 2gb bumper and would love to install fogs... Only problem is that apparently Vrsf doesn't allow fogs, and I hear punishment racing does. So two questions, I found one that was...
  19. Electric dying in car?

    I have a couple problems in my car... Recently when I'm driving and I turn on my brights and it seems like all the electronics in the car reset. Also when I turn on my turn signal the lights in the dash dim when the signal turns on. Also when I'm idling the lights dim until I start driving when...
  20. whirring noise from engine bay

    i was driving home from seaside today and the abs light came on, i didnt notice anything wrong so i *carefully* drove home and when i went to turn off the car i noticed a noise from the engine bay. it looked like it was the abs module in the lower right hand side of the bay but i couldnt be...
  21. 2g squealing -___-

    I've tried to research this topic and haven't found a Definate fix... I replaced the altenator belt and tightened it a much as possible... Only happens on cold start, help please :(
  22. Paintscratch questions

    I have the paint code for my car (P01)... Paint scratch has this but they also offer hand matching... Is the hand matching worth the extra 35 or will the code matched paint work just fine?
  23. OBDII fix -____-

    ive had the ECL on since i bought the car and i finally got around to reading the codes and this is what i came up with:p0136 p0141 p0100 p1400im running no cats, and i believe he said one was a bad map sensor (maf sensor?)please help idk what these are
  24. New to dsm

    Just bought my first dsm :)1995 eclipse gsx Evo iii 16g turbo Full turbo back 3" Megan racing exhaust FmicAny tips for a new gsx owner?
  25. wtb: 2gb front bumper

    preferrably factory orange from a 95 gsx... good condition please
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