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  1. Looking for rust free 1g or 2g awd tubo

    I'm looking for a solid rust free 1 or 2g awd turbo to get back into the dsm scene. Been a long time since I've owned one but the itch is back. Would like a running car but open to all ideas. Let me know if anyone has one for sale or knows somebody that does. Located in ri will travel mass...
  2. How high can we rev this head safely?

    Just got a SBR stage 6 head with ferrea 1mm over valves, Manley springs and retainers. Brian Crower 280 cams how high can we saftely rev this head to??:thumb:We were thinking to go to 8500 dont know if this setup is safe for that or if we can go higher??Thanks
  3. Big Black Plastic cylinder under battery tray

    What is the big black plastic cylinder that has big and little vac lines going into it, is it the charchol thing for emissions or whatever it is for is it needed can I take it off, Im in the middle of taking off all the stuff on my car that is not needed the car is going to be a track car only...
  4. A1000 Questions

    I have heard mixed reviews on the A1000. I have one right now that we were planning on using in our project car. We already have a fuel cell. Car is track only, going to be running 2.1 destroker motor, gt40r or 42r.Just wondering what you guys think we should run for a pump in the car...
  5. Best way to get controll arm Bushings out?

    Im doing the prothane bushing kit in my 2g. What is the best way to get the controll arm bushings out without using a shop press?? I tried pushing them out using some pipe and a vice and all that did was bend the pole us use to tighten the vise!! Anyone got any ideas or am I going to have to...
  6. Parts locator program?

    I remember I downloaded a program awhile back that would give you illistrations of all the parts on the eclipse and tell you part numbers and such. I tried searching cant find it. Just wondering if anyone knows what it is?
  7. 2g Manual Rack

    Does anyone know of anyone who makes a manual steering rack for a 2g. We arent running powersteering on our project car and what a manual rack. If not I guess we will just plug power steering hoses in the rack and do it that way.
  8. Where to find 10pt roll cage for a 2g

    I need to find a weld in 10pt cage, built for a 2g. Anyone know anyone who sells these. Have and pics etc.Thanks
  9. Painting the Project 95 eclipse need suggestions

    About to get the 95 gsx painted gettin 97-99 front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumber. Looking for suggestions on a color. Nothing 2 crazy but something unique.
  10. Aem Ems Universal Wiring Harness Questions

    Has anyone on here ever used this harness and wired in Ems on their own. If so is it recomended how hard was it. Im asking becuase my stock harness has been hacked into so many times I cant count them, and was thinking of going this route.
  11. When is 2 wastegates required

    Just ordered a stage 3 block from slowboy, and a stage 6 head from them as well. Motor is going to be reved to about 8500-9k. I want to run either a gt37r or gt42r, would a tial 44 mm wastegate be ok, or should I run 2 38s dont know the benifit of running 2 or if it would be benificial. Any...
  12. Just ordered new SBR motor, Need turbo help

    Well just placed the order for a new motor from Slowboyracing. Need your suggestions on a turbo set up.Block: Wiseco 8.5:1 .020 over pistons Manley I-Beam rods Clevite bearings Stock 6 Bolt Crank Oringed block for metal headgasketHead: SBR stage 6 port work Ferrea 1mm over valves...
  13. DSMlink Or AEM EMS??

    We arent sure what engine management to run on our project gsx. As of right now we are in the process of getting SBRs stage 3 block with wiesco pistons, Oliver rods. We are also getting their stage 6 head, with ferrea valves, manley springs and retainers stage 6 port work... We are plannig on...
  14. Doing a 6bolt build up some questions?

    Me and my buddy are in the process of building a 6-bolt block for my 2g. We are planning on using the car for mostly track some street use. Block is bored .020 over, We are going with the manley I-beam rods, Manley/or Je pistons 8.5-1 compression, Knife edged 6bolt crank. SBR stage 5/6 head...
  15. Exhaust Manifold?

    Looking for a new exhaust manifold. Was wondering what you guys this the best one out on the market is. I dont know exactly what turbo Im gonna run. THinking along the lines of a GT35r, or something simalar. Had a 50trim but Im trying to sell it, so i was wondering what one would flow the...
  16. Got a new fludyne radator one ?

    I bought a new Fluidyne radator and I have an automatic. On the stock radator there is a built in tranny cooler on the bottom of the radator. Witht he new fludyne radator there isnt a spot for one. But I do have an upgraded external tranny cooler on the car will this be enough. THanks in...
  17. Came across HKS 264/272 cams couple questions

    Just came across a set of HKS 264/272 cams just wondering if these can be run on a stock head, or will I need to upgrade springs, any head componets, cam gears. Or will my stock head be okay. Thanks
  18. Want to run hard Vac lines?

    Ok just recently came into some money, and have bought another daily driver, My 95 eclipse is going to be a track car (1/4mile) only maybe some ocasional street use. I'm going to be ordering an IPT trans within the next couple weeks, my mods are in my profile. I want to run Hard vac lines from...
  19. ? on good suspension set up for track use.

    My buddy bought half into my car and we are turning it into a track car mods are in my profile want to shoot for mid 11's by the end of this season. We are in the process of getting a IPT tranny and im running a 50 trim right now. The car has stock suspension so we want to get a decent setup...
  20. Quick question regarding external wastegate

    Im running the new sbr cast mani with the 38mm tial wastegate. Well unfortunitly i shredded the gsaket between the wastegate and the mani. So when I go to take the wastegate off one of the bolts snap flush up against the mani. so i got to drill it out. But my car is not in my garage and i would...
  21. Idle Issue

    My car has the most random Idle. When its warmer out the car will idle between 1100 rpms-1500rpms. If its colder out it will idle at like 550 rpms. Also when im driving The car is an automatic. When i come to redlights the car will idle very low around 400 rpms and I have to hold the brake...
  22. Car starting?

    Went to the gas station today and filled my car up. When I went to leave my car would not start at all. I was gettin no battery power at all even when the key was in the 2 or 3 positioin. The car was acting like there was no battery in the car at all. I popped the hood checked all fuses check...
  23. Weird Electrical problem?

    Went to the gas station today and filled my car up. When I went to leave my car would not start at all. I was gettin no battery power at all even when the key was in the 2 or 3 positioin. The car was acting like there was no battery in the car at all. I popped the hood checked all fuses...
  24. Safc2 password ?

    Got the safc2 installed the other day and I want to set a password so people cant screw with it. I tryed to make my own but I need a password to change the password if that makes sense. Is there a generic password that they use that you have to put in before you can change it?? Its new so no...
  25. SBR Fmic install on a 2g automatic ?

    I'm starting the FMIC install tonight and I'm running into a few problems.1.) While trying to get the FMIC bolted on it needs to be moved the the right more and its hitting my radiator.2.) My pipes coming off the throttle body are hitting my auto tranny dipstick.3.) does anyone have...
  26. Installing Parts without fuel pump?

    I have 650 injectors and a safc2 and a 255 walbro fuel pump coming to my house tomorrow. Just wondering if I could still install the injectors and afc and not the fuel pump. Im going to install the fuel pump when I get an afpr.
  27. Running more boost without fpr?

    I just got the sbr fmic, and fuel kit with 650's, also a wideband. Would running around 20-22 psi be ok without a fpr or should I wait and snag one before I start running that amount of boost. I have the evo 3 turbo.
  28. Slowboy Racing fuel kit ?

    I orderd the Slowboy Racing Fuel kit it comes with 255 fuel pump, Safc2 and 650 cc injectors. Just wondering if anyone has heard of fuel injector clinic injectors, and if anyone is running this kit. Not fimilar with these injectors, just wanted to know if there any good. Also i just ordered a...
  29. IPT trans cooler

    I just ordered the ipt uprgraded trans cooler and was just wondering if anyone has installed this on a 2g, and also where did they mount it dirverside, passenger side wheel well?
  30. safc2 settings with evo16g

    I have a 95 Gsx Automatic, and just bought, Slowboy Fmic, 650 cc injectors, walbro fuel pump, safc2, wideband, and ipt upgraded tranny cooler. I was just wondering what some basic settings should be on the afc. I have the evo 16g turbo and plan on running around 19-22 psi. Just wondering what...
  31. Slowboy or AGP FMIC??

    I'm tourn between the 2 front mounts gonna snag one for xmas I think. Which one would be better, Also how much of a pain in the ass is install gonna be on my 95gsm automatic?? I know I gotta relocate the tranny cooler I think. Also is it worth gettin the gm mafs?
  32. RC750's to Big??????

    I have an evo 16g in my car right now and I need injectors. I plan on upgrading to a bigger turbo prob this coming spring/summer. Might shoot for a gt35r. Would 750's be to big to run on my car right now woth the evo turbo. I know I would have to pull a shit load of fuel with my AFC. Or...
  33. What Protocal for tehe obd 2 scanning device

    I threw a code the other day and my friend with an srt4 has the obd2 diagnostics scan tool and im wondering what protocal we use on our cars so I can check the code thanks.
  34. IPT Trans?

    I just recently bought another car so Im planning on turnin my 95 Gsx Automatic into a project car. I'm looking to make around 450 500 awhp. I was lookin at the IPT full tranny with the one of there torque converters, which one would you guys recomend and would this tranny hold up to the power...
  35. Turbo Ideas?

    I have a 95 gsx automatic right now and recently was able to pick up a second car for pretty cheap so I'm turnin the gsx into a race car I guess you could say ROFL. I'm thinking I'm gonna buy IPT's full tranny with the IPT 9 1/2 inch Billet Converter w/ Multi-Disk Lock-up Clutch. Also an...
  36. Where to add tranny fluid

    This prob sounds like a newbie but where do you add the atf do u add it right where the dipstick is?
  37. Problem with Turbo Xs mbc

    When i put it on today i was boosting t 20 psi no matter how i adjusted it.................................. I need to know what lines to splice it into. Right now going into my wastegate there is 2 lines going into it for some reason. ......
  38. Best Tranny Fluid, A/T

    I have done searching and couldnt find anything what is the best transmission fluid to use on a automatic gsx. I have to drain my fluid it has been a while since i have done a flush. What is the best kind of tranny fluid that I should use?
  39. Car wont go over 3,000rpms

    I have a 95 gsx automatic and when driving the car will shift through all gears but in any gear the car will not go over 3,000 rpms the car starts to studder and black smoke shoots out of my exhuast. What could this be any help would be nice
  40. Good 6000k Hid kit for cheap?

    I was wondering where to get a good set of 6000k hids for around like 350? Does anyone know where a good site is?
  41. 1994 eclipse gs with evo tbo?

    My firend wants to buy a 1994 eclipse gs. I have a extra evo 16g turbo lying around and he wanted to know if he could run it on that car. I wasnt sure, I would imagine if he did the boost would be pretty low. Would it be worth it?
  42. Priming turbo

    I have a 95 gsx and Im just finishing up the turbo install with a ported evo 16g and I was wondering how to prime the turbo. I think it is the mpi fuse that i have to pull then go and start the car right. But i cant find that fuse anywhere on my car it isnt near my batery. Also is castrol gtx...
  43. Car is eating oil bad

    I have a 95 gsx with a brand new engine in it and an evo turbo that has been creeping really bad to 20 plus. Now my car is shooting out blue smoke from the exhuast under boost, my car is going throw oil like crazy and when i took off my intake it was loaded with oil on the inside and also there...
  44. Went for a ride in a 04 SRT-4

    My friend is selling his turbo civic and getting a 04 SRT-4. So today we took it for a test drive and all I can say is WOW!!!! That car is amazing. It pulls like a bi***. The exhuast sounds amazing from the factory, and the turbo spools unbeleavably loud. Dodge has finnally done something...
  45. Where is the Mpi

    Im trying to do a compression test and I cant find the MPI fuse any pics or anyting would be appreciated.
  46. SlowBoy Racing 20g?

    Has anyone had or have the Slowboy racing 20g That is the link. They say it is a bolt up turbo just wanted to know if that is true, and how people like it. I have a 95 gsx automatic so I dont know if it will be overkill.
  47. No compression

    My friend has a 96 gst wit bolt on mods and we were changing his spark plugs because he was gettin a 1 cly misfire, the spark plug in the first cylender was destroyed the sparkplug was missing the little white thing and the little bar that curves over. and the remaing peice of that spark plug...
  48. cleaned intercooler now smoke

    I cleaned my intercooler with rubbing alchahol and i let it dry now there is white smoke coming out of my exhuast when after i get into boost on out, what could this be,.
  49. Oil coming out of bov

    I have the hks blow off valve and I noticed today that oil is coming out of my bov, what could this be.
  50. Over heating issue

    My car is overheating and when i went to check the coolent the tank was filled to the brim with coolent. So i poured soem directly in the radator and it stopped for a lil while and now it is overheating again. WHat could this be. I though i had a leak or somehting but there is no coolent...
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