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  1. Cant get my 90 to start.

    Car 90 GSXHey guys I tried searching and found a bunch of threads and have triend a lot of things mentioned but I still got nothing.A couple of months ago my mpi relay started clicking one night and the car would act like it was dying, the tach would jump all over the place, just your usual...
  2. Share how you got your GSX!!!

    I fell in love with the turbo DSMs when I was 17-18, 24 now, I wanted one something fierce. I was a borke kid and got my first job and busted my ass to be able to have one. My mom had a stroke in Jan of 00 and my dreams were put on hold for quite sometime. I stayed home and took care of her for...
  3. help a brother out

    no bov what so ever. thought about boost leaks as well the ic piping seemed ok but I will go back over them again to make sure.
  4. help a brother out

    Looking at a car for a friend 91 Laser RS turbo. the car seems to run pretty good except the bastard won't make any boost. I did the easy things to check waste gate arm, 0 shaft play and the wheel spun freely. I could spin it with my finger and it would keep spinning for a few seconds on it's...
  5. exaust cut out??

    I think im about to buy one from QT but one thing I thought of, what size is the piping on the Y piece? I can get my stock cat back cut and welded for free but how does it work if the Y pipe is 3 inches and youre mating it to the stock piping? Also going to buy a 3 inch down pipe so that end...
  6. Does anyone use their car for therapeutical purposes?

    THE ONLY things in the world that can make you feel "That way" is either a girl or a fast car. The only thing that can calm me down or make me feel better about my life is my car or my girlfriend. I can sit around and wish I was dead, but hitting full boost and taking her through the gears...
  7. Need help, Rear end on a GS-T

    Long story short, A couple weeks ago some guy crossed the center and it forced me into the curb. This bent the shit out of my rear passenger side rim. I replaced the rim and the car still slid around like before. I took it to a Midas so I could get under it and see what was up.It turns out...
  8. IT Happens.

    I was out today to go see my girlfriend at school and some asshat crossed the center. I had to swerve to avoid him and in the process I curb checked. Now I have a F'ED rim and tire. I didn't really know where to post this for sure. So if it needs to be moved or anything please go ahead.At...
  9. screensavers???

    Make your own it's what I did,Take all your DSM pics or any pics you want and put them in a new folder. Go to the desktop and left click anywhere on it. The window that pops up will have a screen saver tab at the top. CLick on it and you will have a drop down box, select "My picture slide...
  10. Grant Turismo 4, never coming out?

    It sucks but i'm willin to wait 3 weeks for online play. that was a big factor in me wanting the game as badly as I did.mat
  11. Shinedown

    Chimaira Killswitch Engage Fear Factory Lamb of God Cradle of Filth Vehemence Remebering Never The Red Chord Cannibal Corpse Nile Origin Strapping young Lad, cause we all love Mr. Townsed Static - X Opethmore mellow moodsHim CKY Nightwish Evanescene Lacuna CoilAnd...
  12. I need your help, any Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat fans here?

    My buddies were at one time the number 2 DC team in the nation. I actually have my bf disk setting here and I have been intending to install for a day or so now. Once I get it installed start looking for anyone with [!FE!] tags in there I can probably get most of my friends to come in and start...
  13. Hi, Newbie in kansas

    Welcome sir, I think I have seen you post on the local boards, I go by Dangan on Wichita Racing and on Haioku Racing. Good to have you aboard.Mat
  14. Orange backlit boost gauge?

    Yes please do.thanks, Mat
  15. Orange backlit boost gauge?

    Anyone know of any Orange backlit boost gauges. I am trying to keep the stock orange theme.Thanks, Mat
  16. Friend Bought a GS-T but look what's under the hood!

    lol, Well played Trent
  17. Friend Bought a GS-T but look what's under the hood!

    when I opened the thread and saw the pic I honest to god said outloud... "It's Jon's car!?" I checked our galleries to make sure and low and behold...what is the point of makin some shit like that up? how bored or how little of a life do you have to have to pull that? all I know is that the...
  18. Boost gauge installed, got a question

    Okies, I taped the line as shown in the VFAQ for my Autometer boost gauge. so far so good... All I have right at the moment are free mods and a K&N and when I boost it my factory gauge reads about 7 psi now at full bost, (it would read about 10 psi before) while at the same time the Autometer...
  19. Friend Bought a GS-T but look what's under the hood!

    I'm calling BS on this right now, that car belongs to a friend of mine who lives in Kansas. Furthermore that picture was taken the day of his FMIC install at another friends house. I have ridden in the car and it happens to be the 2-3 fastest 420 in the country. it ran a12.67 at 111 mph several...
  20. Insurance [Merged 10-6]

    $86 a month full coverage, on my dad's policy with All State. Zero infractions and I drive a 93 GS-T. the only time I break the speed limit is maybe 2-3 times a month in the middle of no where. I "take 'er easy"Mat
  21. DSMTuner Mom goes home.

    My mom had a life altering stroke about 4 years ago. She isnt nearly the same as she was before it happened but I thank whatever is out there all the time for her still being with us. My most sincere condolences. I wish you and your family the best over these hard times. Hang in there.Mat
  22. Does Trendy bother you as much as it does me?

    I bought my West Coast choppers shirt like 3 years ago when I saw the first hour long discovery channel special. Around here (Kansas) EMO/Hardcore is the big thing. I like to refer to it as "Mallcore" When you talk about how much you love the heavy shit and you list the heavy shit as Disturbed...
  23. Question about a boost gauge

    bought an autometer tonight along with a pillar pod. Tomorrow the fun part... Gonna install the guage,mbc, and I might get crazy and go buy a stereo.Mat
  24. Question about a boost gauge

    I think I may just go buy an autometer tomorrow. I can also go buy one in town for 50 bucks so that is a bonus in it's self. One more quick one. I have a 93 GS-T with a 14B with all the free mods. Im thinking 15-16 MAYBE 17 pounds on 93 octane should I be ok? and I intend to rewire the fuel pump...
  25. Question about a boost gauge

    While browsing ebay I came across this gauge. have any experience with it. I want something accurate and i'm a poor mo f'er and this is the cheapest i've come across. Plus... The nifty...
  26. Wichita Area DSM's

    Howdy, I'm Mat and im from Wichita as well. Checkout this place We were basicly club DSM Kansas and evolved into Haioku. Really nice guys and he have meetings every couple of weeks. There is also Between those two sites you will find most of the fast...
  27. Any headlight advice

    Hey, I been wondering if there are any options for headlights on a 1g 90-91? Do any companys make projectors? and are there any places to get a crystal clear lens for the stock pop ups? Any of you guys think you could cut a piece of lexan to fit thus creating a clear lens for cheap?And on...
  28. Motor mounts

    I was informed today that the car im going to buy needs I believe the passenger side motor mount. The person i'm buying from has already installed the drivers side and he told me he had to get it pressed out.From what I understand the passenger side is pretty easy to get to. What I wanna...
  29. Quick 90 TSI question.

    AWDriven, That's what I wanted to hear! Makes me a little more confident in buying her. For now she's gonna be my daily driver. Eventually I'll go with slotted rotors stainless lines and all the good stuff. For now it will remain stock untill probably Feb-March when I have the cash to rebuild...
  30. Quick 90 TSI question.

    Hey all, I may be buying an AWD this week and got a few questions.The guy im buying from said some times under de-acceleration the front wheel shakes. Im assuming the car probably needs new rotors and pads. What do you guys think? Any idea on cost for parts pads/rotors?He said...
  31. I Need Some Info on 1gs

    From what i've read 1G's were supposed to run low 15's stock when they were new.I wouldnt worry if I were you your MPH was good. Practice a little more and you'll get there. Heck you're almost in the 14's now. I think that's pretty good with stock boost a K&N and 2.5 exhaustI've...
  32. I know,stupid questions

    When you say "attached to the manifold" do you mean intake or ehaust?thanks
  33. I know,stupid questions

    Forgive me i'm still pretty new to DSM's,Where are the turbo's mounted on 1G's? I went to look at a GSX recently and it looked wierd. The turbo wasnt where I thought it would be.Last dumb question and I should be covered. What does a wastegate do?Thanks
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