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  1. What modern car is most comparable to a DSM? In other words what would you buy for a newer car?

    2016 base camaro is a 2.0 turbo 276hp I believe. Something to think about as well since like someone else said, new cars are easier to get a loan for.
  2. Is this guy on the forums?

    The car was at the shootout this past month, but don't think it raced much due major failure in the head they were running. But I think some of the description was just B/S just to see if they would believe it. Brent Rau also used to make 1400hp + back in the day as well.
  3. What modern car is most comparable to a DSM? In other words what would you buy for a newer car?

    As far as adding more power to the solstice/sky turbos they used to have to get "imaginative" to add more fuel because they are direct injection but its has been a while since I have read or looked into that type of info. Maybe why people LSx swap them. As 350z goes, I'd be more afraid of the...
  4. What modern car is most comparable to a DSM? In other words what would you buy for a newer car?

    I have test drove a couple pontiac solstice gxp the 2.0 turbo) version of the sky, and it is quick but I couldn't own one, sitting in it, you feel like you have no room to move in it very tight, mind you i'm only 5'8" 175lbs, not a big guy and i felt like that. Out of your suggestions, I would...
  5. 92 Talon TSI AWD ... Project Revival

    It was great meeting you to. always nice to put faces to names. The engine bay is where i put most on my thought process into, so i really appreciate the props.
  6. 92 Talon TSI AWD ... Project Revival

    Well its been a little over a month since my last update. I put in many late hours and long days and waited longer then I had hoped for to get my powder coated parts back. Didn't call me to pick my parts until 3pm wednesday before the shootout. But I managed to get the car put together, wasn't...
  7. 2G LED headlights?

    I installed 2 pair in my truck last october when i bought, put one set in place of the low beam and one set in fog lamps. I haven't had one problem with them at all, the plugged right in, and only had to mount the little LED module somewhere out of the way...
  8. 2G Car won't rev over 4k at full throttle

    If you still have a catalytic converter on the car, I would drop the downpipe and take a cruise.
  9. 1G 94' TSI Cricket Noise at low RPM

    Tbelt may also be rubbing a warped cover causing the noise. As far as the belt tension, I would line up the timing marks and inspect the hydraulic tensioner for leakage before something the belt jumps. GL
  10. Assessing rust damage

    I used eastwood rust encapsulator, alot easier to use and works better on rust from reviews I've read online.
  11. led 4x6 headlights

    Seems like a 4x6 projector housings and Cree LED kit would be a lot cheaper with same results. I got Cree LED kits in the low beam and fog lights in my truck and they are amazing.
  12. Cam lobe damage

    You have been running them without trouble and they don't look like there's enough damage to impact valve travel like Jake said, I'd run them no problem.
  13. Low (3 in. hg) vacuum at idle, slow spooling, loss of power, hard cold starts; BLT performed....

    Sounds like you should check your timing belt marks still line up, not enough engine vacuum is a result of low compression for one reason or another, or very high lift cam(s).
  14. 92 Talon TSI AWD ... Project Revival

    Was able to finish welding up my intake pipe and upper intercooler pipe and boost leak test them, was a little bit of a pain with my 120v mig welder. Also was able to shave off the lines from the valve cover in preparation to drop it off for powder coating along with the pipes and some motor...
  15. 92 Talon TSI AWD ... Project Revival

    Fear not everyone...It has been warm outside again and I have been putting some major time into re-engineering my entire car's wiring. Made everything as modular as I felt necessary and moved the relay box, and fuse box(s) to inside. By far the hardest part of this was figuring out what wire...
  16. 1990 Eagle Talon Sleeper

    Man this looks all to familiar. I did pretty much the same thing to mine a few years ago...I went pretty crazy with the wire relocating and am now just finishing that part up. Haven't had time to update my build thread quite yet with it. Good luck with the build.
  17. 2G is this cam damaged?

    The cam seal just rides on there, as long as the seal isn't contacting any of the damage, you should be fine.
  18. GSTwithPSI Galant VR4 1837 of 2000

    Car is looking amazing, those Work wheels look tits. Good work, keep it coming.
  19. Going to look at 94 GSX, could use quick advice - what can cause low boost issue besides boost leak?

    Sounds like 2k$ car at best in my book. Mods don't add value 90% of the time.
  20. Speed density (wire tuck)

    Everyone will delete different wires as to what sensors or accessories they are keeping...I am currently working on deleting every wire from my entire car that I will not be using and re-routing/building every harness to path it as I would like. Not a job for the weak minded.The knock sensor...
  21. Resolved new motor stage 3 misfire cyl 1 HELP

    The o2 sensor voltage doesn't move at all on the newer log from 0. Either a dead o2 sensor, severe lack of fuel, or a bent/sticking valve just pumping air through the engine. Try another o2 sensor, check fuel pressure, or perform a leak down test on #1.
  22. Resolved new motor stage 3 misfire cyl 1 HELP

    You didn't mention where your running good or bad in your logs.
  23. Resolved new motor stage 3 misfire cyl 1 HELP

    Have you checked your fuel pressure? #1 is the last injector on the rail to get pressure. Crazy thought...Isn't there another connector on the harness that looks like the knock sensor's? possible it plugged in the wrong connector.
  24. 1G Exhaust Camshaft Gear Doesnt Spin

    Sounds like the plug wires are the ignition coils backwards order. (wires on opposite coil they should be on)
  25. Resolved new motor stage 3 misfire cyl 1 HELP

    Well if the spark plug is wet, it has to be a spark problem unless the wet is oil or coolant. Check make sure all you vacuum hoses/lines are connected or not pinched. Was the knock sensor a known good sensor? or new (Never Ever Worked) as some say.
  26. 1992 Talon Tsi AWD Re-habilitation

    Congrats...that's like hearing your kids first words
  27. 2G Throttle Body Hoses

    They look like hoses that to brake booster and pcv.
  28. 1G Removing locking lugnuts without key

    Looks like you all just need a 10mm or 12mm Allen socket, they make them for 3/8 and 1/2 drives, or if you can just buy the tool for them. Such as
  29. Apexi n1 fitment issues

    Evo3 o2 housing he was referring to... Its the same as the 2g housing but the downpipe flange is at a different angle and can cause figment issues.
  30. 1G Removing locking lugnuts without key

    Take a pic of what your talking about so we have a better idea of what your talking about.
  31. just dont get it.

    Should have sent the ecu out for rebuild...and just drove the car as is to work.
  32. 1G 0 compression in Cylinder 1...How can I be 1000% sure of the cause?

    If you are more concerned about the transmission warranty i would just install it and drive the car on 3 cylinders. But that's not going to really tell you if the transmission is like new since you are way down on power.If your the more methodical type you are it sounds. Just start by taking...
  33. 1G AT with AEM EMS Series 1

    Couldn't you just install a ratchet shifter with the stock TCU? That what it sounds like you want.
  34. Dayco Harmonic Balancer

    I've had stock replacement aftermarket brands fall apart after replacing them on customers' cars. I'd have more trust in OEM or a Fluidamper/ATI style damper.
  35. 1G Alternator not charging.

    If you truly have all your powers and grounds, the only other thing left is the belt possibly slipping for some reason.
  36. Larger pulley on 1 wire alternator

    Maybe its not your alternator?
  37. 1G What FMIC is this?

    Wow...that looks like a universal fit intercooler. Could have routed the piping so much better though. I am sure it could have been installed without hacking it up but that would have taken some time and care which the installer did not have apparently.
  38. 1G New springs=huge wheel gap?

    The eibach pro kits weren't known to lower a car very much I thought, maybe only an inch if that if i remember correctly.
  39. Sudden slipping and gear pop outs.

    Are you sure the transmission is actually a factory dsm transmission and not one out another vehicle? I once bought a transmission from an importer and found later it was from a Galant gsx which had a different gear ratio then the rear differential and did some weird stuff when I went on my test...
  40. 1G Brake pedal clunk and booster hiss with engine off

    I'd replace the brake booster and check the pedal assembly for any wear.
  41. New gauges

    I got speedhut gauges to replace my cluster and everything. The gauges have a lifetime warranty and can basically design your own.
  42. Sudden slipping and gear pop outs.

    Clutch disc is either worn or the pressure plate has a broken finger or 2.
  43. 2G evo 3 intake manifold w/ a MDP sensor

    If you wanted to keep your map sensor you could use one of these.
  44. Old school 1GA review

    Gold old MotorWeek. It was produced here in Maryland and their testing trap was the old 75/80 Dragstrip which has now become a housing development. As for where it was seen, it was a regular fixture of Maryland Public Television channel. Wow the good ol days before cable or satelite TV. Used to...
  45. long time browser, first time poster

    I'm just north of frederick, probably about an hr away from the glen burnie area.
  46. long time browser, first time poster

    Welcome to the forums, always glad to see another MD dsm. Both cars look good. I tried the 2 car thing and soon as the wife found out the 2nd car was another project, she had none of it. good luck.
  47. Best flare nut wrenches

    When those nuts rust for so long the outter material becomes non structural and requires a smaller size wrench to get a good bite. I even will use a standard size wrench if it fits tighter.
  48. 1G Accidental Downshift. Oops.

    Could just make a nice weekend job and put new valves in cyl #2 so you have the car back up and running....instead of turning one problem a lenghthy build which doesn't pan out like has happened to way to many DSMs over the years. Just my .02 anyways...Good luck with your car.
  49. Auto Tranny problems

    I'd still flush it first.
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