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  1. Hooah

    FS T3 Ramhorn / Octopus Exhaust Manifold

    Posted under wrong name
  2. Hooah

    s366 owners please chime in

    Recently I purchased this car from someone that had an HX35 with BEP housing on it. I recently upgraded to a Borg Warner s366 but have no idea if the fittings/oil line/etc will fit as I havent had a chance to get under the car due to winter and it having to stay outside. Does anyone have any...
  3. Hooah

    group buy

    Mods, Please move this thread into appropriate forum if needed.
  4. Hooah

    **** *** ***

    So the beginning of december 04 i ordered ******* from them with knowledge of a 2-4 week backorder status, i sent moneyby paypal......feb. rolls around and nothing so i email ...i think.....well it was down but they said it was fixed, still no reply or partanyone know what i would need to...
  5. Hooah

    where to buy?

    Ok so recently ive been searching for the o2 housings with a wastegate flange....they used to be all over the place now it seems as if noone carries them....can anyone give me some insight as to where i could buy one? thanks
  6. Hooah

    arp head stud question

    Ok heres the deal, i just got a 6 bolt with a blown oil i figure to stick the 1g head on....the 6 bolt came with arp head studs and i was wondering if i could put them into the 7 bolt with 6 bolt head? ive searched and came up with nothing, i have everything else just need to know...
  7. Hooah

    swapping to strocker motor

    Has anybody put a magnusmotor sports stroker motor in their dsm im thinking about buying one does anybody have pros or cons about the motor?
  8. Hooah

    2g talon tranny in eclipse

    Ok to start off i searched :thumb: ...tomm im buying my friends (that just c.w.) 95 talon awd 5 sp tranny, and its new home will be the 98 mitsu eclipse gsx 5 there any diff, speed sensor, throw out bearing etc. that i would have to change over or would it bolt on up without worries...
  9. Hooah


    has anyone else removed a emissions like charcoal cannister (good idea or not) not egr..would u do again what are drawbacks etc. thanks
  10. Hooah

    venom or magnus intake

    ok so heres the deal im about to buy a new intake...magnus...but my friend has one *venom* port matched for the head that im probally going to buy from him...both are chrome but i wanted to know the numbers or different opinions of the two from ppl who would know thanks :thumb:
  11. Hooah

    yet another greyforest gst hood mod

    hood on car pics will be taken as soon as possible, i couldnt find the stuff at carquest they said they threw it away, so i had to get some from autozone (30 bux no silicone) and modify it thats why its so thickall it all great project and im happy with results :thumb: thanks again to...
  12. Hooah


    weird noise comeing from back part of engine. sounds like a electical spark kinda speeds up as you rev. just started and is getting louder any ideas?
  13. Hooah

    racer x scam (proof)

    Ok so talkin to a guy on here about shep trannies becuase he says he got the racer x sponsorship.....the one i was thinking of getting..he siad that they give 10-12% on shep trannies...well this is what shep had to say:They supposedly do offer a discounted price. Compare it to a sams club...
  14. Hooah


    The car has a little boost creep and its really slugish when im not building boost but when i am it kinda stutters a little bit when im not pushing it hard. On the highway the egt goes to 1600f but it all didnt start till we put in s-afc and 550cc injectors and a palm. We think it might be my...
  15. Hooah


    anyone ever heard / dealt with racer x motorsports sponsoring program? :confused:
  16. Hooah

    huge turbo question

    Ok now..i have all supporting mods next to busting the engine open and i was thinking of going with the fp3052 or 65 is not an i want to know what are all of you guys opinion on the biggest baddest mo fo'in turbo out there that you would stand running on the street...i...
  17. Hooah

    body graphics

    anyone here care to share where they got their body graphics from? thinking of getting some...tired of looking bland
  18. Hooah

    stupid speed question

    ok ive been wondering this...what exactly makes an engine harder to kill at higher, longer rpm ranges?
  19. Hooah

    2g map needed

    supra fuel pump afc 2 pocketlogger 550 cc injectorsdoes anyone have this setup? if so could you send me a map for hi and lo throttle? dont flame me for asking btw, i do know that all cars are diff and i do plan on tuning it after a run just need basics thanks
  20. Hooah

    ECMlink eprom ecu's and reg 2g ecu & DSM LINK ?

    ok guys heres the deal i have a 98 awd eclipse. my buddy with a 95 awd tsi wants my safc2 and palm pilot because i want his eprom and dsmlink. well we hooked the safc and p.p. up to his car and it runs with his eprom but wont with my there anyone out there that can tell me exactly...
  21. Hooah

    transmission or rear end

    Ok so going down the road today i see a vett.....being that i have a dsm it went into auto pilot on me and started to rise in rpm's well at about 3500 - 4k it feels like i hit a wall and the rear tires lock up (leaving 2 nice black marks) i pull over and its bucking and dies well i try to...
  22. Hooah

    msd ignition

    im looking into msd ignition boxes...which would be better for a 2g......the dis 2 or dis 4
  23. Hooah

    exhaust o2 dump question

    Ok i have a stock o2 housing, 3 inch downpipe, testpipe, and friend has the same setup except he has a 3inch dump..well he is trying to sell his car so im going to trade him his o2 dump for my stocker and my question is, could i run the o2 dump...and the dump...
  24. Hooah

    2g safc II ne-points

    what does everyone have their safc II points set to? throttle points? just checking because ive only seen safc stuff
  25. Hooah

    fmic piping

    Just bought a fmic off of my friend, it is quite large and has 2 1/4 endtanks...he said i should just do 2 other friend says 2 1/4 but not 2 1/2 how much will this effect performance? heres what i think it is
  26. Hooah

    Greddy Type S BOV

    ok first does anyone know how much psi this thing holds for sure? i saw 18 on ebay..but thats ebay..i need it to crank out 25 psi, and is there any harm that i can cause from screwing the screw all the way down...or really far? what kind of noise will this make (venting) thanks
  27. Hooah

    GM MAF translator

    Is anyone running these? I have a friend that has one and i want to buy it, just need to know how great the gains are and if they have any neg. effects ..thanks
  28. Hooah

    Shifter noise

    Ok this may seem ricey, but im curious.....on the fast and furious as well as the transporter they had manual cars (beamer and the eclipse) when they made a kachink there any kits out there that you know of, or would home depot racing or lowes racing devopment have...
  29. Hooah

    gettin a 20g ...plugs colder?

    should i go ahead and get colder plugs? the turbo should be in by monday, plus my plugs i have now are bad
  30. Hooah

    20g...680 or 780 b. style injectors?

    which would be better? both are 315
  31. Hooah

    fastest way to remove ECLIPSE

    how is the fastest/cleanest (looking) way to get the eclipse off the back of my car? thanks
  32. Hooah

    spark plug gap

    i know i know.....i looked, but ran out of time and had to go to class....ive got most of the supporting mods... intake, bov, uicp, NGK plugs (stockers, i had new ones on the old engine, but they dont help me out now ), 8mm wires, 3 in exhaust from turbo back but we put a new engine in..i never...
  33. Hooah

    antenna fuse

    does anyone know where the fuse is located on a 2g gsx to stop the antenna from going up and down when u put the radio on?....haynes manual doesnt say anything about it (of course mine is for the 1g)
  34. Hooah

    new 7 bolt...threw a check engine light

    could it possibly be from having no cats? my last engine never threw the light when i just had a test pipe on it
  35. Hooah

    sad sad cw day

    Just found out i crank walked today heres my options i can either....A) Get a new/used 4g63 engineB) Get a cyclone engineC) get a new car( i have a gsx so i dont want to do this)Approx how much can i get a new engine (and where by anychance) and how much would it be...
  36. Hooah

    Fuel pump check

    I have reason to believe my fuel pump has given out on me, is there any way i can check to make sure this is true? ie. unplug lines and check somehow? if so can someone tell me how? vfaq was no help
  37. Hooah

    Please someone HELP!

    ok for about a week now ive been noticing that my car dies if im going along and hold the clutch in...(drops rpms to the point where it kills itself) ...this is when im driving normally, today i pulled up to a stop light and went to take off and my car died and wouldnt start...the battery acted...
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