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  1. bNasty

    Took the DSM to the track with the Holset

    Well I know this isnt that cool but im really excited about it. Finally got the holset on and took the dsm to the local 1/8 drag strip near my house. For 15 bucks and as many runs as you want you cant beat it. My fastest time ended up being a 8.50 @90 with a really bad 2.1 60. This was all done...
  2. bNasty

    Leaking water pipe

    So basically this water pipe has had me at my whits end. It leaks, right where the o-ring is where the water pipe mates with the thermostat housing. I have an hx40 and had to dent the pipe to make it fit. Its seems obvious that this is why its leaking. I just bought a new water pipe and even...
  3. bNasty

    Finally got my HX40 couple questions before install

    Alright guys I have spent hours and hours reading through the holset threads and maybe I missed something but I have a couple questions. As I stated above I finally got my hx40 and i'm pretty excited to install it but since my last turbo (g60) failed due to improper oiling I want to get it...
  4. bNasty

    Its been a while but IM BACK

    Hey everybody its been forever since I posted on here regularly. Some of you may remember my talon which is currently on the back burner right now (awaiting HOLSET :thumb:). But its been on the back burner because of this my truck. Some of you may know that I got this truck as a daily almost a...
  5. bNasty

    bNasty's Talon Build

    hey everyone I had a build blog before but I thought I would make an actual thread, because my build blog was really hard to follow. Hope you guys enjoy.All right so i thought i would post a few pics of my build. I currently own a GST and i was planning to build a motor and buy a shep trans...
  6. bNasty

    Could you help a fellow DSM'er out?

    Hey guys i need yalls help again im trying to get ride of the month on a local forum of mine. If you guys could spare a couple minutes, join the forum and vote for me (bNasty 96 Talon) I would be very appreciative.:thumb:VOTING: Ride of the Month - November
  7. bNasty

    Power Steering Hose question

    Alright sorry if this is kind of a newb question but here goes. So I have a power steering leak and its not coming from any of the high pressure lines from the pump but its coming from the line under the rack, that goes into the rack. Its a small line about a foot long that goes from the drivers...
  8. bNasty

    bNasty is BACK!!! with another picture thread

    So i guess to keep you guys updated with my life the talon is still running great. Hopefully looking at getting a pte 6262 and FID manifold this summer. Ive been busy with school and I finally bought a Daily!!!! 86 f150 with a 302 hopefully shell be my tow rig. Hopefully putting a 4"lift and 33s...
  9. bNasty

    bNasty Finally gets dyno'ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I finally was able to get dyno tuned this week. My first trip on the dyno I made 390 and then my south bend clutch took a shit. Once I got that all sorted out I went back for a second sesh and made about 430 at 26 psi. Not too bad I was hoping for more. My turbo and exhaust manifold are the...
  10. bNasty

    My South Bend CLutch failure (Pics inside)

    So if some of you have been following my build or friends with me on FB you will see that I was dynoed last week and you will have also seen that my SBC clutch took a dump. The hub basically broke and 1 spring popped out and 1 spring broke in half. This occurred after a 400+ hp dyno pull.My...
  11. bNasty

    Yet another Door Lock thread

    Ok so heres the problem. As title kind of eludes to. My power door locks do not work. I really dont know whats going on. Both the passenger and drivers side dont work at all. Theres not even the clicking noise. I checked the fuse and it was good but i replaced it anyway. Still nothing. Do you...
  12. bNasty

    Can you Help bNasty out? (Vote por favor)

    Alright guys I know I have posted in a while so I thought I would inform those who care about my life and the life of my talon. Im kind of in the stage of a mini build right now. Im switching to a t3 setup and installing a JMF drag and billet s90. I say mini build because my car has been down...
  13. bNasty

    Should I pull the Head

    Ok so heres my problem. I was installing new cams and idk when but 2 cam cap bolts broke. I tried using an extractor and that didnt work and I heated it an use the extractor and that still didnt work. Is my only option to pull the head and take it to the machine shop. My intake manifold and...
  14. bNasty

    bNasty's weird electrical issues and other problems

    Alright so ive had some weird electrical problems with the talon. Ive always had these problems but now im feeling motivated to fix them. Plus i think some of my other problems are connected to the electrical issues.The first issue is my dash lights, even when my regular lights arent on...
  15. bNasty

    I need legal advice :( bNasty got jumped

    please delete thread
  16. bNasty

    bNatsy... Another Clutch problem thread :( South Bend

    Hey everyone i have yet another trans/clutch/ idk what else issue. So I just recently replaced my clutch with south bend ssx. I checked everything in the install and my problem still persists. I can shift into gear while the car is on which leads me to believe the clutch is not completely...
  17. bNasty

    Installed SS clutch line and New slave, Clutch still to the floor

    As the title states Ive been doing some maintenance while installing my new clutch after my ACT clutch failure. One of the things on my list was the slave cylinder. So I got a new slave from advanced then I purchased an ss clutch line from extreme PSI. After bleeding the system a couple times it...
  18. bNasty

    My ACT Clutch failure

    Alright guys i just wanted to share with everyone my failed ACT clutch. It seems that for whatever reason the teeth on the clutch disk where the input shaft goes has completely sheared off. I dont know why or how this happened. Ive only had the clutch for 1500 miles. I drove the car very easy in...
  19. bNasty

    No Gears. Grinds when clutch is depressed

    As title says i have no gears. I can freely shift into the gears but nothing happens. Heres the story, I was at a stop sign and i shift into first, as i let the clutch out i hear a thud, and then nothing. the car just rolls. I can shift into the gears but nothing happens. When i push the clutch...
  20. bNasty

    weird idle NEED HELP :(

    alright so tonight i decided i was going to swap back in my stock injectors. Im at home for the weekend from school and i was having issues tuning my FIC 1050s so i thought i would swap in the stock injectors. It seems everything has gone crazy. My idle is ridiculously high and it pulses. could...
  21. bNasty

    Does this seem right?

    in other thread
  22. bNasty

    bNasty needs some tuning help :(

    Hello all yet again another newb question from me (bNasty)I think i finally have everything dialed in correct with speed density. I believe i have a decent cruise tune but im not 100% sure. One of the things i wanted to run by you guys is that im getting terrible gas mileage. Now i realize...
  23. bNasty

    Idea to bring coolant temps down

    So heres my issue. As some of you know the talon is down with me at school. So ive been basically driving it on the daily. Ive been having some issues keeping the coolant temps down at idle. Coolant temps normally stay around 205-210 when just normal driving but when idling after a few minutes...
  24. bNasty

    Trying to dial in my ecu

    alright so i have v3 lite and this will be the first of probably many newb questions. i can seem to figure out where to dial in my injectors. I dont have a fuel tab like in v3 i just have a section that says "injector comp" i have fic 1050s and i think i have them dialed in my my fuel trims are...
  25. bNasty

    OHHHHH SNAPPP bNasty's Talon is ready for 2011 (Photoshoot pics)

    so unfortunately i could not get the 2gb talon bumper. but i needed a bumper so i could take the car back to school. ive finally wrapped my head around speed density which is awesome. For all those thinking about doing it you should. Couple little issues i have a really bad belt squeal but my...
  26. bNasty

    oil pressure problem

    alright so heres my issue. Fresh motor 2.3 BSE (70 miles) fresh head and everything. but im experiencing what seems to be low oil pressure. The oil light doesnt come on. I have an autometer mechanical gauge hooke up and at idle it reads like barely 1-5 psi when cruising it does come up to about...
  27. bNasty

    Oil pressure issue

    please delete revised problem in new thread
  28. bNasty

    no power after battery relocation

    Alright guys so heres my problem. This week im back on break so i started to do some work on the talon. I buttoned up my interior and my battery relocation. I feel like this is a really newb problem but i have absolutely no power to anything right now. Its a new battery but i thought because it...
  29. bNasty

    Askin for some help

    Alright guys i have a buddy and hes doing his clutch on his 03 v6 eclipse (yea i know not a dsm) so is there anything he should be worried about doing the clutch? Is is pretty straight forward? Does he need any special tools? Is is like doing the clutch on a gst or is there a sub frame...
  30. bNasty

    Weird timing belt issue

    Alright i hate to ask this newbish question but im semi stumped. So as some of you may know i finally got my talon running. fresh motor and everything. I have fidanza cam gears and a gates racing timing belt if that matters. The problem is that the belt seems loose. I followed the vfaq to a t...
  31. bNasty

    Winter Wonderland bNasty's Talon

    shot some pics in the pathetic snow we got. Oh and for those of you that are offended by me driving around with no bumper or hood I apologize. Apparently im hurting everyone's street cred.
  32. bNasty

    The Debut of bNasty's TALON!!! (Pics and Vid inside)

    Car is running pretty strong now. I go back to school on sunday so work will stop until next break, but anyway took some shots today. Enjoy!
  33. bNasty

    IT FINALLY RUNS!!!! (vid inside)

    some of you may have kept up with my blog but i finally got the talon running the other day. She is a little rough and still need a lot of work. I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me with my project.YouTube - 96 Eagle Talon DKS 272s, 2.3 Stroker, Slowboy G60
  34. bNasty

    OMG WTF is wrong????

    Alright so the car is a 96 TSI. THe problem is that the car wont start, here are the symptoms. Turn key car will click once as if the starter gear is engaging then nothing. The battery is almost new 12.5 volts across. I took the started out and had it tested at autozone it passed. I read 12.5...
  35. bNasty

    Almost there!

    Shot some pics of the talon today. the only thing thats stopping me from starting her is either a bad starter or a bad ground ill check it out later today but for now here are some pics.Enjoy!
  36. bNasty

    THIS is amazing (Pics)

    So i was going through some old pics and i found pics i had when i first brought home the gst almost 2 years ago when i was 16. Its amazing to see where i started and what the car looked like and how its changed into what it is now and some of you probably already know.When i bought this car...
  37. bNasty

    Motor Progress, bNasty's Talon

    ok so heres a little progress on the talon. Finally got the motor together and its in the car! i just need some more time on winter break to get it running (had some issues with dsmlink) But other than that i hope to have this thing on the road when i come back for winter break. enjoy the pics...
  38. bNasty

    bNasty status Photoshoot 11-22-2010

    Car is up and running slowly becoming more of a stock dsm :cry: hope you enjoyHad to add this one haha
  39. bNasty

    Look who i saw in speedhunters

    Ive seen this car on here somewhere. But i was so surprised while looking through speedhunters that hes in here. Congrats to the owner
  40. bNasty

    So my friend made this video....

    My friend made this video of me and my car since im selling it and me and her had some good times in the car haha. She kinda made up the numbers for the captions enjoy
  41. bNasty

    How should i prep my block

    Alright well im coming back from college soon for thanksgiving break, i can finally start putting my talon back together (2.3, slowboy stage 2 head, slowboy g60 turbo In blog) and i was wondering how i should prep the block for the head/hg. The block was not decked but was in spec. How should i...
  42. bNasty

    Wheels (MB Battles)

    so im looking at getting mb battles for the talon but i havent seen anyone with them. Im just curious to see anyone have any pics with those rims or any 17x9 +30 wheels and 255 tire
  43. bNasty

    Thought I would Re-do the Crankwalk Pic

    Heres some pics i took while back at home from college, i was trying to imitate The famous motivational Crankwalk Pic. Im not that good with computers and these pics were just taken with my point and shoot. Could someone turn one of these pics into the "new" CW pic
  44. bNasty

    bNasty's GS-T = Roasted status )':

    The oil feed for the turbo blew apart. This spilled oil on the exhaust manifold. And the result is a dsm moment. Radiator is toast and probably a lot of the wiring harness, well see today when i get around to tearing it apart. I had time to snap the pic because i didnt have a fire extinguisher...
  45. bNasty

    DC Photoshoot 8-17-2010

    More photoshoot pics. Tell me what you guys think.
  46. bNasty

    Photoshoot Pics 8-8-2010, tell me whatcha think

    Bout to sell this car soon tell me what you guys think about the pics
  47. bNasty

    Pics of the DSM, thoughts?

    here are some pics, tell me what you guys think about it, im about to get rid of this car soon because i recently purchased a tsi (Build in Blog) so i have no need for 2 dsms haha right before i go to college especially.
  48. bNasty

    CAS question (adjustable cam gears)

    All right so im making progress on the build for my talon. I have a 2ga 95-96 style head, my question is i know on the 95-96 cars the cas was on the intake cam, but obviously for my build i upgraded cams and cam gears, so what do i need to do to make the cas work? should i upgrade to a 97-99 cas...
  49. bNasty

    Bogging out

    All right so as the title says under acceleration my gst will bog out. My wideband reads really lean. Im thinking that it is the fuel filter. I just put in a new fuel pump, and theres no CEL.
  50. bNasty

    bNasty bought a TSI AWD

    all right so like my blog, i was looking to buy a tsi or gsx i need awd well i finally got one, shes a little rough around the edges but with im done building her she'll be nasty. The car threw a rod so theres a big hole in the block. The car has a TRE stage 2 trans and act 2600.
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