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  1. Gamble97

    Catch Cans, FIAV, Aluminum, 3d printed stuff & more

    Hi everyone, I took a long vacation and back and ready to make some more parts. Here is a quick rundown of what I have in preparation for the holiday. Instead of making 20 new posts I crammed it all in one so we will see how this works out, otherwise I'll have to divide them all up in the...
  2. Gamble97

    What do you want to see? CNC Router & CNC Lathe stuff

    So I finally had time to give the cnc plasma a rest for a night and fine tune the cnc router. Got her up and cutting after much difficulty. Spit out this 1/2" 6061 Jpipe flange last night. Took it to a belt sander to clean it up. It's not perfect but I am still very impressed with my...
  3. Gamble97

    Jpipe flange same as tial 2bolt?

    Silly question and I don't have the parts to tell me yes or no.Is a flange for a Jpipe off a 14b/16g the same as a tial 2bolt exhaust dump flange?Customer asked me to make a flange and I think I have a tial flange file but not sure I have a jpipe one. So just curious if I have to do this...
  4. Gamble97

    Going to attempt a manifold build

    Well I tried this a few years ago and failed. So now FF a few years later I have a better skill set and better understanding of fabrication.Just bought a header flange and and t3 flange with runners on it. Going to be a T3 with all 1.5" runners and hoping to make this a direct bolt on affair...
  5. Gamble97

    Which website of mine do you like better?

    So my first online store is and while some seem to like it, I don't care for it. is a new front end I am working on. It's not done, as I spent hours trying to get paypal working and I think it's ready but still need to finish adding prices, options and the...
  6. Gamble97

    Cad - Diff cover?

    Anyone have a diff cover cad file or a diff cover they can do some measurements for me? Or even a spare cheap/free or broken diff cover I can buy? I have really been wanting to make my own for a long time now and it should be a fun project. However I no longer own a dsm to make it for and I...
  7. Gamble97

    Got my website up.

    Hi guys, I got my website up and looking for some suggestions, comments etc. It's not ready to take orders and very much still a work in progress.I'm working on changing the background logo so it's not white, but I'm really unsure of what to do with the big logo in the center. What I should...
  8. Gamble97

    Power steering hose size?

    I'm building a power steering reseviour. Can someone tell me what size the stock outlets are on the stock can.
  9. Gamble97

    Need some CNC ideas

    I need some practice designing and cutting with the plasma cnc. What are some things you guys would like to see?
  10. Gamble97

    New plasma cutter

    This thing just arrived last week and I've had a little bit of time to play with and collect some thoughts.Inital impressions: It looks very similar to the eastwood, but don't be fooled. The eastwood uses high frequency and this does not. HF is good for welders but not for plasma cutters...
  11. Gamble97

    Longevity 160sx/200sx Tig welder UPGRADE

    I'll try to make this short. I love my 160sx and the torch is getting annoying as being so bulky. Nobody makes one with a superflex cable. I wanted the same one that is on my other machine. So I brought it in to HTP and let them build me a torch. It's a 17 for now, but I'll be going down to a...
  12. Gamble97

    Welding Fume extractors?!?!

    Which one do you have or use at work? What do you like and dislike?Ideally what would you spend on one? Would you spend $1000 on one? What if I found a really good one for around $1000-$1200 and did a review, would you purchase it? (SERIOUS buys only)I have a 1 car garage, hell even for...
  13. Gamble97

    Bead rolling 101

    Well finally after talking about buying something to bead roll pipes I finally bought the kit from harbor freight and used a 20% off coupon, so it was around $150 Benchtop Sheet Metal Fabrication KitI bought it because I rolled a friends intercooler pipes and did some welding so it has half...
  14. Gamble97

    I wanna build a manifold. Help?

    So I think urbansmokers build has inspired me to build a turbo manifold. I've been wanting to do it for a long time and think it will help me with welding stainless. So questions/comments/concerns.I should use sch 10? What size runners, 1.5"? 304 or 321? What type of bends? No idea on a...
  15. Gamble97

    Those with Eastwood/longevity tig welders?

    Anyone here adapt a 9 series torch with a superflex hose? I am thinking about making a kit to swap it over and as you know it's not all standard fittings. Just wondering if anyone has done it and how they like it. Or if anyone wants to do it.
  16. Gamble97

    Aluminum radiator caps and bungs? Where to buy?

    Aside from the vibrant and pro werks caps, does anyone else make some? Maybe some that are not $40 each
  17. Gamble97

    Longevity 200ex tig/stick welder showed up

    Already got it unboxed and am welding with it OMGHere it is TigWeld-200EXStay tunedSo I opened the longevity 200ex box. Lots of padding, typical ground clamp and stinger. Torch is a 26 style torch with consumables. No tungsten, no stick rods. Came with a nice looking...
  18. Gamble97

    Thermal arc 186

    Thermalarc 186 AC/DC showed up today. Going to take unbox it and let you guys know what I think. Then welding video later. Let the suspense begin. :)
  19. Gamble97

    Got some stuff CNC cut

    Since I don't have my CNC funds yet I have to deal with someone cutting them for me. All of these are my own design and I created the file. Just simply had someone cut it out for me. This logo will work for now, but still in the works.Gamble-Racing logos for aluminum partsEvo8/9...
  20. Gamble97

    Longevity Mig welder & Spool gun showed up!

    Super excited to try out this spool gun since I've never used one before. So I unboxed it all and first impression is this mig welder is HEAVY. The cheap harbor freight units you can juggle with they are so light, but this one is heavier than my hobart 140.Came with the usual: Cheap helmet...
  21. Gamble97

    Ac/dc tig welder for $649

    Just came across this today. Same as the eastwood unit except this one does stick. I know a lot of people want to try this hobby, but don't want to spend a lot so I figured I would pass this one. $649 free shipping. Seems really hard to LONGEVITY 741360254732 160SX 160AMP...
  22. Gamble97

    Custom airbox?

    Anyone here ever make one? I think I may do this. My thought is from the throttle body to the airbox 2.5" aluminum, to an air box with a filter. Put a drain hole in case of moisture. Now my question is, should I leave it sealed, or should I put like a 2.5" outlet on it and run it down below...
  23. Gamble97

    Best place to get air filters?

    Looking to get an air filter, seening who has the best brand name prices out there. Not sure what size, diameter or anything yet. Going to build my own intake and have to take some measurements and figure out what diameter pipe to order first then will go onto the filter.
  24. Gamble97

    New daily driver suggestions. Need help

    Racking my brain here trying to figure out a new daily driver to get. I have a few catches so read carefully. Got approved for a loan up to 18k (least is 7500), trying to stay under 12k if possible. Would like smallest payments possible. I haven't had a fun car since I sold my dsm so it's been...
  25. Gamble97

    I want to build my own manifold. Thoughts/ideas?

    I want to try building my own dsm turbo manifold. Not really good at stainless so I am thinking of trying some mild steel. A friend of mine is going to give me his junk 1g head. However I don't have a dsm anymore and just going to do it off my head for room and such. Anyone have any good...
  26. Gamble97

    Help, what fittings for Backpurging, Y ?

    Going to do a poor mans purging setup, what Y fitting and such do I need? I ordered material to do a stainless catch can and want to do it right.
  27. Gamble97

    New Toy coming by way!

    Can't wait for it to get here, just need an air compressor next!
  28. Gamble97

    Welding internal wastegate shut?

    How do you guys do it? Take out the flapper or weld the flapper shut? Mig it or tig it? With what rod? Pre heat and mig I'm thinking?
  29. Gamble97

    Anyone here draw me up a DXF file?

    Anyone with a 2g, I need a part off your car so you can make me a dxf file. It will be very quick and simple. Can anyone do it when you have time? PM me for details.
  30. Gamble97

    Tig welder on the CHEAP

    Had a few people ask me how or where they can get started. Just playing around on the web and found an everlast DC only welder (means no aluminum) for $300 shipped. You will need a helmet, consumables, gloves, argon tank, and regulator. Also does not support a foot pedal. EVERLAST 140a...
  31. Gamble97

    Anyone have a TorchMate?

    Anyone here have one? Thoughts/opinions? I really want to take fabrication to another level and have been really really looking into this thing. It's a lot more money than I expected, the 2x2 table with options (not all options) is $11k WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF I don't have that coin laying around but...
  32. Gamble97

    Welding AN fitting on oil pan.

    You guys have any tips or tricks for doing this? My friend brought me his oil pan fresh off the car, filthy. I used a wire wheel on an angle grinder and then acetone and a rag and got it cleaned up nice. Took the 10an fitting and sanded down 2 of the edges to give me a little more space to...
  33. Gamble97

    Ac/DC tig on the cheap. Does aluminum

    Came across this video and still watching it. Basic TIG Welding Inverter Setup (Everlast PowerTIG 185 Micro) - TIG Time - YouTubeJody from seems to like the everlast machines as well. Everlast powerTig 185 micro. Priced less than $1k and does AC (aluminum) and has...
  34. Gamble97

    Welded up a water pump plug for a lemons car

    Someone locally wanted a water pump plug welded for a lemons car he is building and he is using an inline water pump. He is a machinist and made a few plugs and asked me to weld these in for him. So before he came over I heated up the powder coating oven to 400 and when he got there I let it...
  35. Gamble97

    Diversion 165/180 users.

    So I came across this post a long time ago Some great modification for the Diversion 165 Tig - OFN Forums This guy has a Miller diversion 165 and changed out the torch handle/body and cable and said it was a good upgrade. I never thought too much about it, but recently it's becoming more and...
  36. Gamble97

    Welding cans together

    After a few tries tonight I'm starting to get some where. Much credit to anyone that can get this done!Using a miller diversion 180 (no balance and no pulse features) 30amps, 15cfh, 1/16th ceriated tungsten and #8 gas lens
  37. Gamble97

    Made a few things today

    In progress of making a fire extinguisher bracket for my neighbors honda fit.It's made out of 16g mild steel and it proved to be a real bi*** to bend. It bent my handle in my cheap harbor freight hand brake. I was hoping it would have given me something to weld but it didn't, oh well...
  38. Gamble97

    Tig/Stick Welder on the cheap

    For those that want to try their hand at tig welding without breaking the bank, check out the everlast powerarc 160. Jody put up this video today and it seems like a good little machine for only $500! (foot pedal separate and...
  39. Gamble97

    Catch can drains/petcocks. Need new ideas

    I used to use a typical petcock, drain but I'm really starting to dislike them. I made a catch can for someone, welded the 1/8" npt bung on the bottom from the inside so you didn't see any of the weld bead. Bought a drain fittings, threaded it in a few threads by hand and it wouldn't come out...
  40. Gamble97

    Got a powder coater

    Just so happens I cam across this oven with some powder, gun, brackets. Everything I need to powder coat. I got it together on CL. Tried it out the night I bought it.First pieceGoing to try a few different things next time around but so far it's a cool process.
  41. Gamble97

    Powder coat or anodize?

    I'm making some CAS heatshields for an evo. I've seen them anodized but never powder coated. There a reason for that?
  42. Gamble97

    Want to try welding Stainless

    So I want to try making a UICP or LICP for an evo/dsm out of stainless. My practice with stainless is VERY limited. So that being said, any tips/tricks etc? I don't have the pulse feature so I know it's going to be tricky. Should I pulse with my foot? Filler or no filler? (no filler going to...
  43. Gamble97

    Sheet meal forming tool? Beading pipes?

    Anyone have a tool that they like a lot that won't break the bank? Need something that can I can use to bead roll the ends of intercooler piping. Tried it by hand and wasn't impressed with the final results. I have found a few I really like but I don't play on spending $250+
  44. Gamble97

    Made an EvoX UICP

    Fitment came out perfect, welds not no perfect. Note to self do not buy intercooler piping that is already anodized. Made 2 prototypes last night and going to make a 3rd when new pipe shows up.I'll get better pics later. Or my friend will take them and send them to me since it's his car.
  45. Gamble97

    Site glass and drain tubes?

    Who sells those drain tubes where you connect the hose at the bottom? Or an 1/8" or 1/4" knurled knob/bolt that I can use for a drain?Also who sells site glasses? This something you can find at home depot or no?
  46. Gamble97

    Made some catch cans

    Not sure what else to make since I no longer have a dsm or a project car. Seems these are great for practice, universal and not load bearing or a pressure vessel.This one was all wire wheeled.And now it's sunday and I'm out of welding gas. WTF am I going to do? :ohdamn...
  47. Gamble97

    Web Design Questions

    Anyone here familiar with web design? I wanted to start a site in wordpress but I can't find any themes that I really like. I tried to install joomla but it failed so I scraped the idea. Now thinking of drupal. I have no idea. I'm pretty confused. I want a simple site to sell simple/basic...
  48. Gamble97

    4x6 Bandsaw adjustment

    Anyone else having issues with blade alignment on theirs? I can't get this right at all. From looking down on it, it would cut straight. From looking at the side the farther down it cut the more of an angle it would cut at. So I started yesterday by adjusting the up/down cut as it was really...
  49. Gamble97

    I have 5 pieces of DOM tubing. What do I make?

    I have 5 pieces of DOM tubing that is 2feet tall each. WTF should I make? LOL
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