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  1. hharper1321

    Spyder 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    By the way the whole "intrigued by your ideas..." thing is an old old meme I used. Kinda dating myself. Just meant i was intrigues to see someone attempting a hard top. Didn't mean to start a war....
  2. hharper1321

    Spyder 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    i am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter my good man! Looking forward to updates...
  3. hharper1321

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    45 here, almost 46. Got my first DSM (my 98 Spyder GST) in 2015, although I had really wanted one when the 2gb came out in 97, and have loved them since. Was messing around with little Chrysler turbos back then, Chargers, Omnis, LeBarons, etc. Glad I finally got my DSM though, never want to sell...
  4. hharper1321

    Spyder Thread? *PICS*

    God I love this car! Your build thread is going to be my Bible when I get into the AWD swap. You've even got me contemplating a Talon swap, lol! Great Job!
  5. hharper1321

    High school DSM'er need help!

    I know you're in school and probably money is at a premium, but, if your car has sat for 10 years, I'd check not only all the ignition related wires, but go over every vacuum line, hose, wire, etc that you can, especially the ones that are hard to get to. I guarantee you'll have a few more...
  6. hharper1321

    Spyder Thread? *PICS*

    Always up for some Spyder love! 1998 GS-T 5 speed, dead stock, except for a K&N cone filter, removed boost restrictor, 17x8 Motegi TrakLites in bronze, GSX brakes with D/S calipers and a few other little things. One of the funnest cars I've ever owned...
  7. hharper1321

    2G Finally got a DSM

    Great find, great car. Enjoy it. Finding one unmolested is a rarity these days. Oh, and love the Barcelona Red Pearl! My personal favorite.
  8. hharper1321

    Question about wheels

    Yeah, I think you'll lose the caps otherwise, or they'll fall into the bore and get chewed up. And if you cement them in somehow, you won't be able to get the wheels balanced without taking a chance on breaking your new found caps, they crack easy (at least 20 year old ones do). You could...
  9. hharper1321

    2G Noob to Mitsubishi

    First words of advice. Go through it with a fine tooth comb and perform maintenance. Maintenance before all else. Be confident in the base you start from. Oh, and fill out a DSM profile here, so people are aware of what you are working with and can answer your questions more fully.
  10. hharper1321

    Say something about the person above you. Pt II

    Is continuing the Barcelona Red Pearl dominance from the other coast
  11. hharper1321

    Question about wheels

    Can confirm, they came on 98 Spyders anyway. Here some pics. I can't find my calipers at the moment, but, the inner bevel of the cap measures 2 1/8", the outer bevel 2 1/4". You'll need the spring clip pictured as well. They go in from the front as well. Part number on mine is MR244232
  12. hharper1321

    2G Tweeter size!?

    Bose tweets from the 301 Series II will drop into the dash.
  13. hharper1321

    Buying an Eclipse..?

    If you're dead set on a DSM, get one. Just be very picky about which one. I would (and did) find one as close to stock as possible. Previous mods might sound good, but nine times out of ten, you'll spend a ton of time reversing other peoples mistakes. Even if you want to go full tilt boogie on...
  14. hharper1321

    2G 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS-T 5 speed transmission clunking/clicking

    Just too add I would replace that axle and go from there. and welcome to the Barcelona Red Spyder master race! Enoy the car!
  15. hharper1321

    Opinion on car/turbo

    No doubt Dawson, with that mod list, I'd be surprised if it's running a t-25. Verify what is on there, and go from there. If it is a stock turbo, you at least have a good base to start from with somehting bigger (T-28, 16G, etc...)
  16. hharper1321


    The bronze will look great on it! :hellyeah:
  17. hharper1321

    Rim Thread

    17x8 Motegi TrakLites in Matte Bronze with Toyo rubber 235/45-17
  18. hharper1321

    Need help finding Yellow JDM foglights

    For the brightness, or for the aim? Just curious. Mine are on from dusk on, and no law enforcement has ever even looked twice. (this is in MD, btw) AFAIK in MD yellow is just fine for fog lights, assuming they aren't aimed into peoples eyes. (Not that I'm suggesting yours are!)
  19. hharper1321

    Need help finding Yellow JDM foglights

    They aren't crazy bright, they're bright enough. I like them, and it looks like at least one other person above does too. They're cheap enough, try em out, see how you feel.
  20. hharper1321

    Need help finding Yellow JDM foglights H3 LED'sSorry for the potato quality pic....
  21. hharper1321

    Best Shot of your DSM

    Hardly worthy to be included with some of the great shots in this thread, but, it's my favorite of my baby.
  22. hharper1321

    2G Fat guy fit

    I'm 6'2", 250 and 45 years old. Fit in my Spyder just fine. Probably would be a bit uncomfortable if I was any bigger. I don't know how the Spyder headroom compares to the hard top, so just putting that out there. I have no problem getting in and out, but I am at stock ride height.
  23. hharper1321

    Magenta gray 2gb front bumper

    I would replace that bumper. Plenty of aftermarket new ones available cheap, or like others have said, junkyards or miller import parts. Another source for paint would be .They'll be able to sell you the paint you need in your code all the from a small touch up bottle, to a...
  24. hharper1321

    Eagle Talon Spyder AWD TSI

    Just wanted to say, your Spyder looks great! Eagle should have made that car. Good job, bro!
  25. hharper1321

    2018 Calendar? Should we design a new one?

    Personally, I'd love to see a new calendar. Though ultimately it comes down to cost/benefit for the site. Where do we go to submit? Does it have to be full on modified show/race cars, or do slightly mod'd clean stock DSM's qualify?
  26. hharper1321

    Pictures of wheel setups!!

    Here's my setup, Motegi TrakLites 17x8, 40mm offset, 235/45 Toyo'sYeah, yeah, I know, I have 4x4 stance. Still on stock suspension. 40+ year old back will do that to you, LOL!*Edited to fix typo, add offset
  27. hharper1321

    Spyder Top cover, tonneau, boot. How do I get this thing on?

    Thanks bro! The people who owned this car before me took great care of it, and I'm just trying to keep it up. I feel pretty blessed finding a DSM in this condition. By the way, just saw your pic of your tail light center panel. Very cool. I may have to emulate you with that! Nice Spyder!
  28. hharper1321

    1998 Eclipse Spyder GS-T

    hharper1321 updated 1998 Eclipse Spyder GS-TView updates to this DSM profile...
  29. hharper1321

    1998 Eclipse Spyder GS-T

    hharper1321 updated 1998 Eclipse Spyder GS-TView updates to this DSM profile...
  30. hharper1321

    Spyder Top cover, tonneau, boot. How do I get this thing on?

    Just to bring resolution to this thread, here's some pics of the boot cover installed...
  31. hharper1321

    2G Engine shaking

    +1 on is your harmonic balancer ok?
  32. hharper1321

    Spyder Top cover, tonneau, boot. How do I get this thing on?

    yep. I was looking for something they actually hooked into. Just tuck and go, eh? Thanks spyderdrifter!
  33. hharper1321

    2G Driver side fog light mount

    The rusty piece is what you want?
  34. hharper1321

    2G Driver side fog light mount

    Try : you may have to email him. He always has more than what is listed.Otherwise, I believe the part # you want is MR221611 of which several are available on ebay, and possibly other vendors.
  35. hharper1321

    Spyder Top cover, tonneau, boot. How do I get this thing on?

    So, I did the search thing. Led me down many rabbit holes, but, still no clear instructions on how to actually put this thing on my car. Checked my owners manual as well. No dice. Any Spyder owners want to give me the quick and dirty on getting this thing on correctly? They seem to be rare as...
  36. hharper1321

    Powered sub in back seat of my Spyder?

    Sweet, thanks for the direction. I'll probably follow your advice and utilize the space under the top with a custom enclosure...
  37. hharper1321

    Powered sub in back seat of my Spyder?

    Yeah, it's on the list. As soon as I find coil overs that won't kill my back! Lol. I'm old and it's my daily..... but you're right, you can see eat too much wheel well....
  38. hharper1321

    Drop Top Road Trip

    Just dropped in to tell you, beautiful Spyder!
  39. hharper1321

    Powered sub in back seat of my Spyder?

    So with those, I could run inputs from the rear speakers and they would filter out all but the bass signals? Instead of running rca's from the sub out on the head unit?
  40. hharper1321

    Powered sub in back seat of my Spyder?

    So, I have a 98 Spyder GST. My wife recently bought a 2012 Spyder GS Sport. One of the things I like about her car is the sub frenched into her back seat. It gives just enough thump to sound good. I'm 44 and have no need of huge bass anymore, but, would dearly love some nice tight thump in my...
  41. hharper1321

    Hello from Belarus)

    Welcome. Nice color!
  42. hharper1321

    2G Repairing Crankshaft Pulley/ Harmonic Balancer Pulley

    You probably don't. I went that route from an over abundance of caution, in case I mod heavy in the future. You should be fine going with a Dorman or equivalent unit. Good Luck!
  43. hharper1321

    Hello DSMtuners (east coast!)

    Yeah, I'm familiar with the Pasadena area from my youth.... There's not many of us that I've seen. A few guys on here, and one other Spyder I've seen in my area...
  44. hharper1321


    x2 for Miller, they'll normally have what you need
  45. hharper1321

    Exterior rubber seal care

    umm yeah. Look on amazon for a product called Gummi Pflege Stift. Heres a link to some...
  46. hharper1321

    Hello DSMtuners (east coast!)

    Spyder GS-T here just north of Baltimore. Still mostly stock myself. Like you, i got a one owner deal on a beautiful low mileage car and had to snatch it up. Have fun and welcome! Cheers!
  47. hharper1321

    2G Repairing Crankshaft Pulley/ Harmonic Balancer Pulley

    Agreed, replace that puppy. Bad things can happen. I lucked out and when mine went it just started eating belts. I replaced with a fluidamper unit, but the dorman should do you just fine too
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