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  1. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    ^ Thank you sir. I will hopefully be ready to pull the spyder into the garage in the coming week, and drive out under awd the following week.Thanks to everyone that wrote a write-up, and who answered my questions.
  2. Pictures of your Spark Plug covers!! [Merged 3-2022]

    Where did you get your strut tower bar? I saw one one a really clean 2g at work today but didn't have a chance to ask the owner.Thanks.
  3. Rare part on your car

    I have a pristine convertible top boot for when it is down, and I have a Canadian speedo in storage.
  4. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    Oh I get it now, so the AWD rear bolts go where the FWD rear bolts are removed from, BUT the front bolt location is different than the FWD location! I get it. So, me pulling the front AWD bolts was a waste of my time?Thanks guys.
  5. Highest HP 2g DSM Va, DC, and MD check in!!!

    Im putting down ~400rwp in my Z! Stock in the Eclipse though.
  6. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    I have been tearing apart my AWD donor car and have been memorizing the AWD swap write ups. the only part that throws me through a loop is the front bolts for the Spyder. The hole in the side of the frame rail, in the wheel well, seems like it would not yeild any easy way to remove the bolt...
  7. Rules of Sex

  8. where are all the dsm people in Harford/Baltimore county??

    I live in Parkville. I get pretty deep into car projects if anyone wants to some shoot the stuff, and work on DSM's.
  9. Strange Head gasket problem

    Not quite sure what this means, or to whom it is directed towards.A bad radiator cap would fail to pressurize the cooling system allowing the coolant to become less resistant to boiling. In this case the coolant will evaporate, and possibly overflow from, well, the overflow bottle.
  10. Strange Head gasket problem

    ^ If that is the case, perhaps your radiator cap is bad, while you are at it, (though it may be doubtful) replace your tstat.
  11. Strange Head gasket problem

    Check your oil for any coolant; you are looking for a chocolate milk color. This will be a sure sign of a blown headgasket.You say you were "pushing" coolant, I assume burning it? Once a headgasket is blown, retorqing the headstuds probably will not completely fix that problem. Once the...
  12. 2G Hard start except when warm.

    You might have a leaking injector. Depressing the throttle pedal to the floor will turn off the fuel pump, thus allowing your engine to try and overcome the fuel flooding issue. I would check your spark plugs immediately following a round of cranking the engine when cold, check for fuel on the...
  13. kevlar timing belts

    I would back the Mitsubishi belt. I have never seen one break when changed within the recommended time period. I sell these belts every day and have not seen a defective one yet.
  14. Rare Dsm's

    PM me the VIN number, I'll run it in super screen and see if I can look it up that way.
  15. 1G TMO - Fuel Pump Relay

    I just did some digging for a guy that called me today at work and gave me the "part number" listed in this post...I know it is old but I thought I would update this a bit.E8T07071 is the stamp number on the part, the actual part number for the relay is MD119202.I hope this helps...
  16. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    I am going to try and make it this week, things are looking good for the house so I am going to take a break from searching and crunching numbers.
  17. Auto X

    The talon isn't ready yet and the Z is getting ready for the autox with the PCA in June
  18. will trade food/beer for help

    I am trying to get my 1g awd transmission back into my car, clutch is in and everything, I will buy a case of beer or a sandwich for anyone that is feeling generous today. I am, unfortunately, doing this on jack stands in my driveway.Call or text me at 410-925-7701.Car is back together...
  19. Machine Shop

    Scottie knows his stuff. I am going to trust him with my 300zx TT build, so you bet he is the best around.
  20. Machine Shop

    I know that Swanner's machine shop up on the north side of Baltimore does all the work for Jerry's Mitsubishi, and I do all my work with him, he has the best prices and knows his Mitsu's.Scottie is the owner, the address is:8640 Quentin Ave, Parkville, MD 21234(410) 665-3250Tell him you...
  21. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    Well, My days off were switched to Fridays, then I put in my notice and they obliged to let me go early. I hopefully will be back in work next week. I will let you know what my day is, but parts schedules are more forgiving for thursday night meets. I will hopefully have a 1g awd next week.
  22. Rusted Fuel Sending Unit

    Go big or go home, a broken part is just an invitation for an upgrade. I would upgrade and never have to worry about it again. Just my .02.
  23. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    I just got my days off switched to Fridays. I might try for a few Wednesday race meets if you guys head up that way. Just let me know what weeks you are planning on going.
  24. Part OUT 1999 Eclipse GSX

    What kind of aftermarket parts do you have? It's sad to see a car like this go to a cell phone....Who called by the way? Just wondering :D
  25. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    Boo for rain, I'll be there next week for sure.
  26. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    Possibly a meet tomorrow night? 60* out, or supposed to be. Maybe a little spritz but I'm not scared of a little water.
  27. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    I was just checkin....jeesh. When does the weekly meet start back up? I assume you are just playing it by ear based on the weather. I might stop up on Thursday if you guys end up there.
  28. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    I'd still be interested in poking my head in now and again if non-dsm's are still welcome. Summer time will be nothing but cars for me, from autox, events at summit point, englishtown and VIR......and work.I wouldn't mind a meet up with dsm's
  29. Is FWD worth modding???

    Just to add this, driver skill plays a huge role in all of this. I personally say meet me on the grocery store parking lot, I'll bring the cones and when you take more than a minute to cross the finish line, don't cry... And I drive a 2g fwd with a 6 bolt and a 14b, running 9psi. That is all I...
  30. Maryland Emissions

    It is against forum rules to list where you can break the law...
  31. Maryland Emissions

    The 95 model year 2g's are obd2 but are not scanned as such. They are put on the treadmill as 1996 is the first year of federally required OBD2.
  32. 2g exhaust o2

    You will be upset when you have a black streak on your radiator.
  33. looping oil cooler lines what should I expect?

    Correct me if I am wrong but thin oil would have higher pressure.
  34. Radiator mount inserts

    If you decide OEM they are 14.03 each list and the part numbers are : MB538858, MB538857.
  35. no boost need help

    Try unhooking your boost controller. Hook vacuum to the lower port and plug the top one, That should make you run spring pressure... And I don't think your problem is with the wastegate opening, it is with it staying closed.
  36. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    I am a couple more weeks until I can make it back to the meet. The talon is getting a new set of rod bearings to hopefully cure the newfound knock she has developed.
  37. Ruined my racing hart wheel

    Ye Ole Wheel Shop does great work but takes a while to get done due to their high volume, you would have to ship your wheels to them. They are down here in MD. Good luck tho, the curbage doesn't look too horrible though.-Alex
  38. $1500.00 rebuild

    These parts are for a 6 bolt 1991 engine and I sold these parts to myself, P#'s are accurate and so are MSRP prices. You can buy these parts from me if you so chose to and I can get it under MSRP for ya.Water pump is MD972052 154.02 Timing belt MD326059 78.25 Timing belt tensioner MD164533...
  39. What Caused Sparks from my Battery?

    I vote the voltage stabilizer, but I would vote your pully to be the culprit of your next engine failure...
  40. Delmar International Speedway

    Is this for the oval track or the drag strip?
  41. College park meet

    Scuzzlebutt...I'll probably be dynoing AND will have the new shoes :)
  42. College park meet

    Who here is going to the college park meet on Sunday? I will certianly try and show.College Park Tuning :: The Official Car Club of the University of Maryland for more info.
  43. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    Yes sir I will. I do need two 235/45/17's used bald whatever, just temporary as I am getting a set of evo rims this weekend for the talon. So if anyone has any for dirt cheap I will take them ( I mean free or around there, as these are just temporary until I get my autox wheels).
  44. My engine died and does not want to run

    There are a ton of potential things.I would check for boost/ vacuum leaks. Then I would check your IAC and TPS.Try and run the codes to see if it may point you in the right direction.Good luck and report back with your findings.
  45. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    I will certainly be there!
  46. People with 2G full bushing kits..

    Holy old threads batman!I am also embarking on this endeavor, should be fun, but I work at a mitsu dealer with an 80 ton press.
  47. ebay exhaust systems?

    The ebay exhaust to get is the Tsudo brand. I had it on my RS-T and I will on my TSi FWD. Didn't rust in the MD winter with all of the salt on the roads and it sounded great!, under $250 shipped.
  48. Bel Air Weekly Meet Up Thread

    Anyone doing anything tonight? I have the talon out of the batcave and the g/f is greek so she has her easter thing this weekend! Something cheap as I just got everything paid for and well, you know... I do have a full tank tho...-Alex
  49. 4G63 Swap into 3/S Platform

    I don't really think this relates to 4g63 bolt-on's. This would fit better in the hangout.Both engines are made by Mitsubishi and both can put down very nice numbers. The swap between the two would be pointless, equated only by the sr20det into a 300zxTT, a waste of money and effort.
  50. Spark plugs covered in black gunk after 3 months

    While you are in there replace that half moon seal at the end of the exhaust cam, part # MD372348. Use some black RTV for the curved section, and you will never have to replace that again. Dont use air tools to tighten those VC bolts, as our covers are very prone to cracking. I use a ratchet...
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