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  1. reddragon1

    8 second 1g build thread.

    Well I have had the idea rolling around in my head for a while so this build thread is long over due. When this build started I had a 90 panda TSI. Then a very nice blue GSX That was already auto came into play. But to make a long story short I started collecting parts winter of 2013 and spring...
  2. reddragon1

    automatic dsm and high boost.

    So my question is simple and I'm sure someone has the answers. Well I'm in the middle of getting my car swapped over to an automatic and the car is a 11 to 1 compression engine with a 6766 what type of boost controllers are you high powered automatic cars using?
  3. reddragon1

    Head gasket dilemma.

    Okay I'm not new to this by any means but I'm a little confused right now. I'm in the middle of a head swap in my car the longest by far lol. But I have a mls head gasket but I really don't feel like pulling the block out of the car for a decking at this point my question is how many have just...
  4. reddragon1

    Maft pro injector fuel compensation.

    So I'm installing a Maft pro on a friends car and well Im wondering the max injector size it can compensate for? Would a safe guess be 60% over factory?
  5. reddragon1

    60ft and 1/8 mile times.

    What's the best 60ft and 1/8 mile times people have had on stock awd suspension?
  6. reddragon1

    ECM link for 1g

    I'm wondering if you can do a stand alone wiring harness with ECM link v3?
  7. reddragon1

    How did I do for my 1st attemp.

    So I'm needing to set up a fuel system in my car so I can meet the goals I have set out for it and I decided 2 255's should be plenty.I started manipulate the stock fuel pump hanger to meet my needs. What do you guys think?
  8. reddragon1

    Piston issue.

    Would you guys run this pistons with the valve damage they have.
  9. reddragon1

    Weight reduction.

    I have been lurking the forumn's trying to find a threads but I have not found one so ill ask. With out going crazy and making a tube front end how much weight can be eliminated from a 1g dsm and I'm talking all interior gone all of the sound material gone things like that and go.
  10. reddragon1

    New guy from Kansas city.

    Hello. My name is Andy. I recently purchased a 1990 gsx. The car is in non running condition from a timing belt slip and it bent 6 intake valves. I'm recently getting back into the dsm group. I used to be a Honda guy. Have had 2 500whp civics and well traction to say the least is not there. I'd...
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