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  1. DSM Revival

    yhype submitted a new DSM Profile :DSM RevivalRead more about this vehicle here...
  2. 2g rear Koni shocks on a 1g reviews

    I saw a write up about using a 2g Koni shock for the rear of a 1g and read it was about 1-2 inches shorter than a 1g. But i haven't seen any reviews of this setup of how it performed.
  3. Where to get a rear output shaft

    I recently bought a used awd auto trans and it is missed the rear output shaft where the transfer case slides onto. Does anyone know where I can locate one to re-install into my trans? Thanks
  4. Jay Racing P/S relocate kit???

    Since I've restarted my build on 1g and thinking of ways to clean up the engine more and more and didn't want to lose my P/S I wanted to try and electric p/s but those are usually pricey by the time they are installed. So I Bought a used Jay Racing alt relocation kit and mounted the alt with the...
  5. 92 Talon TSI AWD ... Project Revival

    I have been a member of this forum for more then 10yrs and had fallen out of the DSM crowd after being a dumb teenager and and throwing a rod out the side of my block and failing to get the car back together before other things in life happened (wife, house, kid, etc)...So after 9 years of...
  6. 75mm TB ISC

    I am wondering how all you guys running a 75mm throttle body have you ISC setupon your TB. Did you do something custom or did you fabricate an adapter plate to make the original ISC motor work with the 75mm TB? :talon:
  7. PTE 50 Trim

    I am in the process of building my engine and i am using weisco 9:1 compressino pistons. I am not totally sure that the 50 trim will be a good trubo to match with the 9:1 pistons. Will i be able to run as much boost as say 8.5:1 pistons even with more fuel? my goal is around 400-450hp, i am...
  8. 75mm throttle body Magnus Intake

    I am going to be buying a Magnus Intake manifold in the next few months. I have an HKS Supra Type R intercooler w/ 75mm/3" inlet/outlet and have the 3" GM MAF mounted in the UICP. I REALLY want to just keep it 3" all the way but not if it will benefit me rather then after the MAF going back to...
  9. AEM EMS or Greddy E-Manage

    I am in the process of building my engine and I really can't decide which fuel management system to go with. The engine i am building contains weisco 9:1, eagle rods, cams, springs + retainers, prolly Forrester Racing intake manifold, tubular exhaust manifold, 50 trim turbo, FMIC, an apropiate...
  10. 4G64 concerns

    I am planning on building a 4G64 hyrbrid w/ the 4G63 head. I have heard that they really tear up transmissions, and I would be repairing or replacing it every few months. I also wonder if would be able to use the Greddy E-Manage to tune and run the hybrid. I would greatly appreaciate any...
  11. SBR GT series turbo

    I was wondering what everyone thought about the 38mm internal wastegate option they have for their GT ball bearing series of turbos. don't get on me for not being ready for it because i am in the process of building a new motor with a full new setup. thanks:talon:
  12. WasteGates

    I am curious to what peoples opinion is to which way to setup an external gate. I have seen a few places pluming the external gates back into the exhaust rather than out to atmosphere like most external gates are. I want to know what the pros and cons are with each setup. thanks:talon:
  13. 660s with 14b

    Will i be able to use 660's with my stock 14b....because i am cheap and use 87 octant since i hav access to it cheap...will 660s help my fuel cut problem? If i do get some new bigger injectors i will have a AFC if the only problem is tuning. I placed an order for the new Ramchargers translator...
  14. Mitsu 2.6L ?

    Does anyone know where Mitsu's 2.6L G54B engine is found? And if it is an V6. inline6, or what type of engine it is. thanks :dsm: :thumb:
  15. AGP turbo kits

    Would i be able to run AGP's turbo kit without FMIC for 2-3 months? Which injectors should i get so i will have room for a good amount of imporvement? Which advantages are to the 57 & 60 trim turbos, like which has better spool time or more boost, more hp potential? :dsm: :thumb:
  16. Crower Cams

    I am possibly looking to buy some new cams. If i do i'll get HKS 272/272, but i have seen that crower makes cams as well, and was wondering if anyone has them or heard anything about them, whether o not they're as good as HKS's. :dsm: :thumb:
  17. Question about 2G MAS

    How much hp will the 2G MAS handle? Will it handle around 400 whp? If not what would be the next best/cheap thing? :dsm: :thumb:
  18. Tuning w/out a Wideband

    Is it possible to tune your car without a wideband o2 sensor throughout the rev range accurately? And what would be the better way to go, an HKS VPC, or a 2G MAS and S-AFC? :dsm: :thumb:
  19. Difference AGP SBR MUTT

    Alright i have been confused in what the difference is between the AGP, SBR, and MUTT turbos. I believe that the SBR GT series and AGP LR series and are pretty much the same but what is the difference. Are MUTT turbos the as these to series or are they different as i think? thanks :dsm: :thumb:
  20. Galant motor

    Does anyone know what motor is in the 94 galants? I know they're 2.4s but does anyone know if they're 4g64s? thanks:dsm: :thumb:
  21. Sbr & Agp & Mutt

    I have been trying to figure out what the difference between these 3 turbos are. I noticed that SBRs and AGPs are pretty much the same except for who makes and sells them butt what it the difference between these 2 and the MUTT turbo series? thanks :dsm: :thumb:
  22. Mutt Turbo Chargers

    I have been looking at turbos intensely but I haven't really seen anyone mention the mutt turbos anywhere. i was thinking about getting the ETE32 when I am ready for it. says the mutt turbos spool up as quickly as the 16g's which isn't very slow. So if anyone has an...
  23. A/F meter suggestion/question Wideband

    While i was driving home today i watched my A/F meter and when i got on the gas some the meter light would stop bouncing around and just be steady and it also did the same thing when i decelerated by riding the gear since i hav a manual. So i was wondering if anyone knew how the A/F meter...
  24. PLug wires

    I have a simple question. What do the original plug wires look like, i think i still have the original wires on my car and i think this is the root of my problem becuase it feels like it is mis-firing at WOT. :dsm: :thumb:
  25. Power Problem

    About a month ago i put in bosch platinum +4s in my car and when i found out that my problem i was having was those plugs i went and got some NGKs to put in, but now 2 weeks after i put the NGKs in, i am now having what feels like that exact same thing that platinums did. This past weekend all i...
  26. Exhaust Manifold

    Alright i just found a manifold last night that i have never seen before or heard of on this site. The exhaust manifold is an MMI exhaust manifold that i found at i was wondering if anyone has heard anything about these or have used them because they seem...
  27. What should I do next?

    I have been questioning myself for the last 3-4 months of what to do next on my car. Performance wise i have : UICP with TurboXS BOV larger intake tube w/ K&N filter Extreme Technologies MBC 3in dp and cat w/ APEXi N1 catback 2800lb clutch 255lhp fuel pump I have been thinking...
  28. APR Spoiler question

    Where is the cheapest place to get an APR Evolution GTII spoiler? what would be a good height for my 92 talon? thanks :dsm:
  29. Help Boost Problem

    I am having a problem with the boost...when i get on the throttle and the boost gets around 7 psi the jerks as if i got off the gas slightly, but the boost psi keeps going up until it tops off. I have unplugged the TPS and test drove it and there was no change in how it acted except with the...
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