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  1. Energy Suspension Master Set

    For sale 2g Energy Suspension Master Set

    New Energy Suspension master set bushings for a 2G DSM. I opened the box to take pictures of it, everything is sealed in its bag. Price is $160 shipped in the USA.
  2. shredwin

    Sold 1998 Eclipse GSX Shell $450

    More pics. I currently have the shell in my enclosed trailer.
  3. shredwin

    Sold 1998 Eclipse GSX Shell $450

    Pics of the rockers
  4. shredwin

    Sold 1998 Eclipse GSX Shell $450

    Selling my 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX roller shell, originally Automatic from factory. It’s missing the engine, transmission, T-case, front axles, ecu, part of the exhaust and front seats.It has the black dash, black/gray door panels, black center console, factory OEM stereo, AC...
  5. shredwin

    FMIC (vrsf)

    AC lines will clear just fine. Im running a VRSF 2G intercooler kit on my 95 GSX. I put 2 spacers on the mounting tabs so it would clear my power steering cooler.
  6. shredwin

    2G Brembo Upgrade on 2g

    I installed Brembos on my 2G GSX, this helped me a lot on what to use for the set up. running a 3G Brake booster/ brake master cylinder i picked up at the junkyard for like $40. I have 0...
  7. shredwin

    How reliable has your DSM been?

    Since I build the motor in my 95 Eclipse GSX it's been great so far. I drove it from St. Marys,PA to Tampa, FL on 2/7/13 for 18 hrs straight, the only stops it made was for fuel. I literally had around 250miles on the engine before I took off for Florida. Since that day I have put around 13,xxx...
  8. shredwin


  9. shredwin


    Pics from Saturday 10/12/13
  10. shredwin


    I took a few pics Saturday, I will post them when I get home.
  11. shredwin

    Car Meets around the bay area

    I'm in school from 4:30 to 11:40pm mon-fri so I won't make it
  12. shredwin

    Car Meets around the bay area

    Nope, I'm usually in Clearwater/Tampa. I live in Tampa, I don't think I have been to the areas you meantioned though. But I do have a buddy in the tampa area with a 95GSX that would probably be down for a meet.
  13. shredwin

    Car Meets around the bay area

    Hmmm:hmm: I have a Durango copper 2G with Pa plates, I wonder if it was me?
  14. shredwin


    I'm not really sure if they have discounts on that. I dont even know how much it is to get in there, I'm just going there to have a good time :hellyeah:
  15. shredwin


    Damn :notgood: there is always the call off option lol
  16. shredwin


    Anyone in the DSM community attending the FL2K13 event at Bradenton Motorsports Park this weekend? I'm going to be there in my 2G so I was hoping to meet up with more DSM'ers. More information about the event can be found on here : FL2K13 Bradenton Motorsports Park Look out for a Durango copper...
  17. shredwin

    Attention all Fluidampr users

    I'm wondering if fluidampr changed the hub thickness because I ordered a set of ARP 661-1004 bolts for mine but they are a bit too long. I ordered my dampener through extreme psi about 2 weeks ago and have been using the stock bolts since I couldn't get the arp's to keep it tight in place. My...
  18. shredwin

    Fuel Pressure Drops after shut off

    I'm currently having the same issue, it takes about 8 secs to start and when I shut her off the fuel pressure gauge drops to 0 in 3 secs... I have an aeromotive FPR with 1000cc pte injectors and a walboro 255hp pump... So far I have tried another FPR and it still did the same thing. I'm starting...
  19. shredwin

    1000cc for a daily ?

    I have a friend who dd's his 2G GSX and has a 16G with 1200cc injectors... But he has AEM, I don't see a problem with the 1000cc for dd as long as they are tuned for it
  20. shredwin

    Rear Axles

    Someone needs to start making them soon (besides DSS) because they do like to seize, specially up north. I wish rear axles would cost as much as a New front DSM axles too if not less LOL. Good luck finding one though:thumb:
  21. shredwin

    MPI Relay Clicking, with video

    Trying to help out a friend, He has a 1995 Eclipse GSX (manual trans). His MPI relay was clicking but then the clicking went away for about 2 weeks. But now it has returned and when the car is running it will cut out and whatnot. I did some re search on this but the only things I found were that...
  22. shredwin

    Car Meets around the bay area

    it all depends on the time, I go to school monday-friday from 4:30pm till 11:30pm.
  23. shredwin

    miami dsm

    I moved from Saint Marys, PA 15857...I will be moving again sometime next year to Davie, FL when I finish school in Tampa so I will be a lot closer to Miami.
  24. shredwin

    miami dsm

    Im Edwin Flores, I just moved to Tampa,FL. looking to meet some DSM friends near me:)
  25. shredwin

    Car Meets around the bay area

    I just moved from PA to Tampa,Fl. I haven t seen a single DSM out on the road yet. I will be attending the "Florida Highest HP Street Car Dyno Shootout 2013" on March 2nd 2013 if anyone wants to meet up there. I'm not competing I'm just going to watch;)
  26. shredwin

    Where can I buy a new starter relay?

    Are you sure that is what you need? I would assume its the starter solenoid since this happened to me on my 1G. Mine would start here and there and when it wouldn't start the engine would NOT turn at all as if it had a dead battery. At first I thought it was my starter relay but when I realized...
  27. shredwin

    Evo Wheels Rims [Merged 5-9] wheel wheels rim

    Picked up a set of Evo IX wheels since I upgraded my brakes to Brembos. I don't have any pics of the car sitting on all 4 wheels and tires because I have the whole rear subframe off the car.
  28. shredwin

    show me your rims

    16's on my dd 90 GSX. Had the wheels powder coated
  29. shredwin

    2G Power steering belt issues

    I did try that but that didn't really work, and I didn't want to snap the belt prying really hard. What I did was buy used brackets ( the one that bolts up to the block and the power steering bracket) and that worked for me, they came off a 96 GST.Belt installed
  30. shredwin

    20th Annual DSM/EVO Shootout!!

    The shootout was a blast! I finally got to take a DSM to the event, my DD 90 GSX. My first shootout was in 2008 and I have been hooked ever since. See you guys next year!:hellyeah:
  31. shredwin

    95 GSX Tranny Swap

    This will give you an idea of what you are going to be doing. Good luck!
  32. shredwin

    Show me your clean engine bays

    This is what my engine bay on my 95 GSX is looking like. Its still not complete but I can't wait until I have it all done and running.And this is what the engine on my DD looks like, its a 90 Eclipse GSX.
  33. shredwin

    Free clutch pedal travel

    You could also have a worn out pedal assembly. if you have already changed your master and slave cylinder, bleed it, and adjusted then the last thing I can' think of is having a worn out pedal assembly.Unless the pivot ball is worn out or the clutch fork is bent. I have a 1G too so I know what...
  34. shredwin

    98 talon tsi road racer

    I see your making some progress with it since I last saw it. Im not sure when I will be down that way again, but when I am I will get a hold of you. Im planning to go down towards the end of this year. I will be at the DSM shootout if you are attending that event, I highly recommend going...
  35. shredwin

    2G Power steering belt issues

    Im having a similar problem, except my belt is too short. But I can already tell it's the bracket that bolts up to the block just by comparing my pic to yours. I've tried 3 different belts and still can't find the right length. so I guess its time to look for the right bracket.:banghead:
  36. shredwin

    95 Durango Copper Pearl GSX Build

    Looks really nice! I cant wait to get mine done someday, I have a Durango Copper as well. Everyone likes the durango copper color because you dont see too many eclipses that color, well at least around here you dont.
  37. shredwin

    Clunking and grinding when in gear while coasting

    I have a similar noise on my 90 AWD. I hear a noise every time Im de accelerating in gear, but I don't hear it when im accelerating or coasting in neutral.
  38. shredwin

    1G Rear end problem, Video included.

    ACT clutch with a Fidanza flywheel.
  39. shredwin

    1G Rear end problem, Video included.

    I'm having a problem with my 90 Eclipse GSX, it is 5 speed manual and has the LSD rear end. My problem is every time I'm coasting down hill I can hear this "chattery" noise as if something was loose. I can only hear the noise when I'm coasting downhill in gear but when I'm in neutral and...
  40. shredwin

    Dsmtuners Members Pictures

  41. shredwin

    Questions for Justin...

    turboglenn I did manage to push it back into place but its probably gonna work its way back out with out the stopper. I don't think I wanna drill any holes, id rather have FP do it just in case i screw it up. I was hoping it was something that would just press in to keep it from coming out. I...
  42. shredwin

    Questions for Justin...

    Im curious on what this "roll stop" looks like. If I can do it myself for cheaper that would be awesome, I know a friend that could press that back in but the center section will probably work its way back out since it doesn't have that roll stop.:banghead:
  43. shredwin

    Questions for Justin...

    Hi Justin, I was told my turbo shroud on my Garrret 35R should not be sticking out like this. I believe this happened to people with the FP turbo too. This is coming from someone that saw a pic of my turbo> "On the early style tial anti surge compressor covers the inside rings were pressed in...
  44. shredwin

    97' Syper Top Repair Kit?

    I get to change the top on my friends 97 gst spyder sometime this year. Im hoping its not all that bad to change. I did a little research on how to do it and found this...
  45. shredwin

    98 talon tsi road racer

    I have a 2GA front bumper off a 96 Talon TSi, I doubt I will ever use it. Maybe we can work something out if your interested. I like everything you have done so far! Great work arrowhead:thumb:
  46. shredwin

    Dsmtuners Members Pictures

    A lot of good looking women is one of my reasons:D. I took a lot more pics but I dont wanna whore up the thread.
  47. shredwin

    20th Annual DSM/EVO Shootout!!

    I will be there for sure, 4HR drive for me.
  48. shredwin

    Dsmtuners Members Pictures

    These are the most recent pics, they are from the 2012 Arnold Festival. Idk if any DSM'ers from the Ohio area attended this event. Me and Ronnie ColemanMe getting squishedI had a great time at the Festival.
  49. shredwin

    Any 2Gs with Evo Pistons?

    I am currently working on a friend's car, he used evo 8 pistons/rods on his 97 GST. We should have it done by this friday, so I will try and take a video of it when its running and do some pulls with it so you get an idea. I no longer have my 7bolt with evo 9 pistons since Im currently building...
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