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  1. keltalon

    S90 screw took out cylinder #4

    As title states s90 throttle plate screw came out and sucked into the engine scared cylinder 4 and destroyed turbo. For this reason I’ve started another engine build hope to install soon.
  2. keltalon

    Picking up where I left off

    This was the last pull I did in the fwd before changing my whole engine setup to awd! 42 psi I never posted this before
  3. keltalon

    I'm back

    After chasing up in other platforms this year im returning my attention to my dsm. There's nothing better than a dsm to build horsepower I had to find out the hard way. I have built three project cars at the expense of putting my DSM on the back burner and I've waisted 3 yrs lol. I love those...
  4. keltalon

    Straight cut synchronized gear box!

    I have finally decided to do something better with my transmission. I called up Jon at T.R.E to talk options. Immediately he told me that I called at the right time because he had be in the process of working with PAR Engineering on a customized gear box that's synchronized and have the same...
  5. keltalon

    ECMlink 2150s 2 stepping clean burn.

    I recently had to retune my car to suit the higher gear ratio and in the process finally got the 2 step working flawlessly tuning with ecmlink. I installed driveshaft shop rear axles and quartermaster 8 leg twin disc. Next paint!
  6. keltalon

    Keltalon new shoe for the 1/2 mile

    Xxr 530 18x9.75 20 offsetRs rr 225 40 18 tires. I like!Paint is next!
  7. keltalon

    Keltalon Daily driver takes down high powered v8!

    Well I was just going through the many videos and decided to put some together for entertainment. This is my daily driver not some gutted race car so let me be clear on this . In the fwd eclipse I dyno 809whp @44psi. I havent dyno the car yet in the awd shell in fact for fear I have not turned...
  8. keltalon

    Keltalon just chilling!

    Took a much needed break this weekend as daughter in law receives the new shoes for the eclipse while I am away on the beach! Back to the eclipse next week. LolThe Audi a4 project put to the test on the road trip. Somehow car had to get in picture with wife. Lol
  9. keltalon

    Taking down mighty c6 Zr1

    More to come!Keltalon taking down mighty mustang and then let off at the end because of misfiring. the eclipse reached 167.7 mph shortly before letting off and costed to 146.2!Found this video on the internet that go pro was certainly pointed at my car on his back window. He was very...
  10. keltalon

    Keltalon vs son

    Ithis was the first time at the track in the awd project before the engine swap from the front wheel drive and transmission build. Was able to pull off a 13.9 car was mostly stock with the exception of 6 bolt, eBay 16g, exhaust and dsm link tuned by me. Stay tuned for the 800hp swap I Am...
  11. keltalon

    How to verify Rear end Gear ratio dsm.

    I recently purchased a car that had the Evo Gsr 64 crown tooth ring gear close gear ratio transmission. I recently was curious as to whether the car had the correct 3.909 rear end in it. So below you will see two videos of how I verified that I had the correct rear end in the car. This method...
  12. keltalon

    Dsm Clothing Question?

    Didn't know where to post this but here is my question can we get one more size option for dsm members in the dsm clothing section. I am 6ft 4" 219lbs long torso basketball player , I was wondering can we get the shirts and hoodies in a ex large tall size option? I love the concept and will...
  13. keltalon

    Memory lane Talon tsi

  14. keltalon

    Nice gear ratio calculator (speed/rpm)

    Okay I found this calculator just searching the web and I thought I share it with you guys especially if you ever wondered how changing a rear end or even running a different size tire, the effect that it would have on your speed. All you do is enter the gear ratios of particular dsm...
  15. keltalon

    Evo 1 Gsr Awd Lsd Transmission In 2g

    Okay I recently mixed some gears on my fwd transmission build and it turned out very successful. I ended up using 1997 1rst and 2nd gear and 1990 3rd and 4th gears the transmission turned out absolutely amazing shift quality was awesome everything was cryo treated , shot peened and wpc treated I...
  16. keltalon

    Awd Project

    keltalon submitted a new DSM Profile :High HorsepowerRead more about this vehicle here...keltalon updated Awd ProjectView updates to this DSM profile...keltalon updated Awd ProjectView updates to this DSM profile...keltalon updated Awd ProjectView updates to this DSM...
  17. keltalon

    keltalon Switch from FWD to AWD

    Well after a little fender bender in the fwd I recently purchased a very nice Awd 1997 gsx Eclipse and a ton of brand new parts for a future build came with it. Well this is the start of a new build and I am excited to see how far it goes. The 800whp fwd engine will be swapped in after I build...
  18. keltalon

    Crankshaft Polishing.

    Well after dodging a bullet after a tire knocked off my oil filter housing I removed the engine and flipped it over and removed the crankshaft mounted it in a spare block to polish it Hmc custom cabinet style, I must say I am pleased with the results.
  19. keltalon

    Support the Dsm Ga 1/2 mile!!!

    Hey guys I am getting ready for the Ga 1/2 mile event again which will take place in about 3 weeks on sept 12th and 13th. What I need from the community is to go to this page and scroll down and like my car, it looks really lonely amist all the v8s. two months ago I was the 18th fastest out of...
  20. keltalon

    Wpc cams and Transmission gears.

    While waiting on some transmission gears to be wpc treated I got bored and sent my cams in to also be treated with the micro shot peening process. more info found here
  21. keltalon

    Manifold Refreshing

    Took the manifold off to have it refreshed with this new coating that can take Temps up to 2000 degrees. Well that's what I am told at least lol nontheless it turned out awesome.
  22. keltalon

    Plasti Dipped hood and bumper.

    Trying to get the car ready for the ga half mile event and was thinking of some things I could do to make the car look mean for the event and I decided to plastic dip my hood and bumper I must say it turned out better than expected.
  23. keltalon

    Prize to the winner!

    Yall know keltalon I like to keep things interesting. If you are a drive train guru maybe you can catch something in these videos that was brought to my attention as abnormal. I was contacted by someone who have a good bit of experience about transmission after seeing my track videos and...
  24. keltalon

    Keltalon track day.

    Well after prepping all week and driving almost two hours to the track I finally got some starting numbers that I don't mind sharing with the dsm family. First let me say this, I didn't build this car to track it, but after my first experience today I must say its awesome! I had a total blast...
  25. keltalon

    Ga 1/2 mile I am in this year!!

    I have been trying for 2 years to get into the ga 1/2 mile event with no success. Well this year with my big mouth I am unofficially in LOL. I am parking the car and keeping it healthy until may because I don't want any excuses or breakage. Maybe with some serious top speed I can put to rest...
  26. keltalon

    New best 809whp bc276 cams

    After some changes to the set up I was hoping to really set the dyno on fire today hit snag as the clutch is finally showing its limits LOL. I overlaid the 801whp with the 809whp. If you pay attention to the graph you can see the car has potential to make more power. In the lower rpm range the...
  27. keltalon

    2G My newest dyno numbers 801whp 608tq bc 276 cams

    Okay here is the last of the dyno chapter. I must say that I am pleased with the bc 276 cam upgrade. I will post the dyno sheet when I get home. The car made 801whp and 608lbs torque there more left in it but I am not going to push it.
  28. keltalon

    Fuel Filter Golan vs Fuel Lab 818

    If you are in the market for a fuel filter and need some information to put you in the right direction you have come to the right thread. I purchased the Golan filter awhile ago but after a very short period of time I started without any adjustment to my tune, to run lean and couldn't figure out...
  29. keltalon

    BC276 installed.

    Well spent most of the day yesterday putting the new bc276. After tearing up my kiggly 6 bolt trigger removing the ati damper I finally got everything running. I don't have a review as of yet I took the car for a spin and as i expected I have to completely rewrite my ve table as its all over...
  30. keltalon

    Newer dyno numbers 728.22whp 590.93wtq BC272

    Mission accomplished!! Finally reach over 700whp!! The fuel collapsed at 6500rpm. The kenne belle boost a pump did its thing on stock lines. The next upgrade will be to see how upgrading the feul lines affect horsepower above 6500rpm. this is with the new pte 6266 gen2 .here is the video...
  31. keltalon

    2G New dyno numbers! 697whp 591wtq Bc272 pte6266

    Well I have been on this quest for a while to break the 700whp mark. My only issue was getting fuel to the engine. I had a buddy of mine recommend a kene belle boost a pump and that did the trick. The boost a pump is sending a constant volt of 17.5 to my walbro 450. To keep the pump from from...
  32. keltalon

    Intake Manifold comparison. Jmf street vs ported cyclone.

    I have been a big fan of the cyclone intake manifold for quite some time now and have been more than happy with how it has performed on my car. Here is some information on what I have done to it to get it to flow to my liking. I ported it so that it will accept a 70mm S90 throttle body I also...
  33. keltalon

    Cyclone record dyno!

    Well I made a few changes to my set up in hopes of more cyclone wheel horse power I have new dyno numbers and I find out that despite some improvement I now need more fuel:thumb: to get better numbers. The car is totally insane and was built mainly as a street killa and has lived up to its name...
  34. keltalon


    And I thought that I was good! lol<iframe width="480" height="270" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight='0' scrolling="no"...
  35. keltalon

    Bcs Pin # 11 (dsmlink v3 boost controller help)

    I am in the process of installing the IR boost controller on my car and in the middle of the install I come to find out that the previous owner cut the wiring harness and therefore I am having a difficult time locating the wires that went to the stock bcs. after researching I've located the...
  36. keltalon

    What type of drag racing is this?

    Can some one explain if they have seen this type of drag racing before and what is it called? Seems pretty fun:D<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  37. keltalon

    Finally Broke Cyclone Dyno Record! !

    It has been my goal to break the cyclone dyno record today it happened and I also set new personal best horsepower. Welcome me to the 600wheel horsepower club! ! Pte 6266 dbb .82ar 34psi Cyclone intake manifold Wow! Single Jay racing 342 fuel pump Wow! Bc272 cams Wow!I was going to...
  38. keltalon

    ECMlink 6266 wot

    I have spent the last three days dialing in my new 6266 cea dbb turbo. Thus far I am pleased. finally got the idle dialed in with the fic2150cc injectors. here is a wot pull to 6000rpm the car pull really strong at 18psi can't wait to turn up the boost. I will start timing tuning tomorrow. take...
  39. keltalon

    Xxr 527

  40. keltalon

    Xxr 527

    I waited 6 weeks for these rims to get here and I must say the wait was worth it.
  41. keltalon

    Awesome water proofing

    Anybody see this stuff. I know I can find something on my car to use it onLOL<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0"...
  42. keltalon

    Well I was encouraged to these pics here!

    Maybe they will be safe. This is what I do to keep me in the dsm game. As you can see I like to use my hands as this is how I support the dsm addiction!:p
  43. keltalon


    I know its not a dsm but it sure does inspire me to go fast:thumb: check it out.<iframe width="853" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  44. keltalon

    9 sec pass with stock 1g intake manifold

    duplicated post
  45. keltalon

    9 sec pass with stock 1g intake manifold

    Just thought this was quite interesting. This Mirage runs 9 sec with a stock 1g intake manifold. I don't know if anyone else run 9s with a stock intake manifold but this is surely my first time seeing it done:applause:<iframe width="560" height="315"...
  46. keltalon

    Forward facing filter "Important Info"

    Here is some inportant information on why those who see less oil pressure with the forward facing filter housing than with the one that came on the 1g and 2g cars.<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  47. keltalon

    Transmission Build FWD.

    Well fellas I am, after building my engine, I am in need of an upgraded transmission for the fwd unit. I have been doing a lot of research , Talking to a lot of people and have decided, after breaking several transmission in the past, the one in the car now is good but will definitely need to...
  48. keltalon

    Example of a good port job!

    I just thought I post this I was very impressed when I picked it up so much so that I purchased the head and the engine from my buddy for some future use of course. The port job came with a graph showing the before and after numbers of the port work. I must say jerry did an awersome job! This is...
  49. keltalon

    You gotto check this out hilarious!!!!

    sorry wrong post
  50. keltalon

    The Danger of Power Pulleys & Understanding the Harmonic Damper

    The theory behind the power pulley is that a reduction in the speed of the accessory drive will minimize the parasitic losses that rob power from the engine. Parasitic power losses are a result of the energy that the engine uses to turn accessory components such as the alternator and water pump...
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