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  1. bastarddsm

    Automatics suck.

    Went to IFO in St Louis last weekend. Been having trouble getting parts lately, and couldn't get a new clutch disc for the dogbox (6 speed miata), but I had a new 4 puck for stock input in stock, so I stuck my trusty old synchro trans back in. 90-91 gearset, WSS 4 spider, kaaz front lsd...
  2. bastarddsm

    1G Kirkey Seat mounts

    Been pretty busy lately, but last fall i finally got around to doing some weight reduction on my car. Seats are a big one, and a light set of seats and mounts are worth like 70lb loss on a 1g over the cloth ones. I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of kirkey series 55 17" seats. Mounting...
  3. bastarddsm

    For Sale Balancer shaft bearing installer.

    $150 shipped. makes installing the front bs bearings a breeze. Piloted to prevent installing them crooked, and the depth is set by the tool so you cannot drive them too deep.
  4. bastarddsm

    For Sale Brake booster delete plate

    Last one I have $100 shipped! They look awesome, and work awesome. Comes with new stainless studs.
  5. bastarddsm

    1G Weighing some shit

    Trailing arm, complete with control arms brakes, and cup, 53.4lbsRear xmember bare 35.2lbs.3 bolt open diff complete with axles and mustache brace 75lbs.Total rear end weight 215lbs.
  6. bastarddsm

    For Sale 6 bolt pistons

    I have 3 sets of pistons for saleWiseco 1400HD 85.5mm bore, 21mm pin (6 bolt), 8.5:1 compression, 100mm stroke, 150mm rod, $475 shipped, BNIB. Includes rings, pins, clips.CP 9:1, 85.5mm bore, 88mm stroke, 150 rod,21mm pin, Extreme duty 0.225" wall 9310 steel pins, includes pins clips and...
  7. bastarddsm

    Sold Kiggly High Pressure Beehive Valvesprings -Titanium Retainers 4G63 DSM EVO

    These are the high pressure springs with the titanium retainers and the steel spring seats. These are designed to install at 1.440" @97lbs. They can withstand a cam with 0.500" lift at that point, or be shimmed up some if you need more seat pressure. Minimum height over the nose of the cam is...
  8. bastarddsm

    For Sale Evo1 3/4 gear set

    I have a excellent condition used Evo 1 3/4 gearset with hub/slider. These are the same ratio as evo3 (1.16/0.862)have the large single synchros. Stock is (1.115/0.833). Great for a road race/rally guy, combine with an evo first gear for a close ratio trans.$400 shipped or trade for race...
  9. bastarddsm

    More Billet Goodies-MoTeC Diesel -ABACUS-AXLES White Shed Speed

    Been hard at it making chips lately. A couple of local guys are building a pair of duramax powered pull trucks. These are competition only trucks, and make around 13-1400Hp. We run multiple high pressure fuel pumps on these, and there ends up being a ton of fuel lines to tie together. So I...
  10. bastarddsm

    White Shed Speed - Now a Southern Polyurethanes Automotive Coatings dealer.

    Hi everyone,I'd like to announce that WSS is now a stocking dealer for Southern Polyurethanes Automotive Coatings! SPI for short manufactures a superior line of primers, clears, and a few select solid colors in base-coat and singe stage (Black, White, Orange, and several shades of Red.I...
  11. bastarddsm

    For Sale 300M T-Case

    I have a 300M T-Case for manual transmission about ready to go. it's a early 91-96 ratio, and 23 spline. $1100 + shipping and paypal. $200 discount if you have a good core to exchange. I'll deliver/meetup within 100mi of 61342 or 62615
  12. bastarddsm

    Sold Liberty Faceplated trans.

    Selling my liberty faceplated transmisison. Stock ratios, 91-92 gear set. Low time on it, trans is currently open for inspection, and will be assembled and ready to go when sold. Currently in a 91-94 case, has a welded diff and 23spline output. But I can put in a 22spline output if needed...
  13. bastarddsm

    White Shed Speed - New Product - Brake Booster Delete Plate

    White Shed Speed New Product - DSM Brake Booster Delete Plate. P/N: WSS-BBDLT Shaves 8lbs, cleans up engine bay, and provides a more firm/responsive pedal feel. Much stronger and lighter than others on the market. Computer engineered, and FEA tested for strength and safety. I think I blew a...
  14. bastarddsm

    White Shed Speed - Adding store section to website, sale on shifter bushings!

    Been working on setting up a store section for the website. As a test I have setup a section for the shifter bushings I offer, and am offering a 20% off sale on them for the next week, ends 1/16/19!As for more new products,I am working on a lightweight bolt in driveshaft loop, I have the...
  15. bastarddsm

    New White Shed Speed Product - Balancer Bearing Installation Tool

    Seen a couple posts on the instalation of balancer shaft bearings, and a couple guys struggling to install them with makeshift tools. So, I decided to design and build a specific tool for the job. This tool pilots the driver in 2 locations while installing either of the front balancer shaft...
  16. bastarddsm

    Made some low boost passes at a private track rental

    I've had a hell of a year, basically only made it to the track a few times. Had a dead fuel pump at the shootout, then broke a trans first pass at my next outing, then next one broke an axle. I've been struggling to get consistent launches for the last few seasons as well. I was pretty well...
  17. bastarddsm

    Off Season Injector Cleaning/Flow Testing.

    Don't let your expensive injectors sit all winter uncared for, send em in and get them cleaned and flow tested so they are ready and waiting for next season! Unlike most injector shops we have the ability to test the injectors at nearly any pulsewidth, and frequency (RPM).We have a couple...
  18. bastarddsm

    Current 15x8 +40ish Wheels

    I'm thinking about making a move to full slicks, and I'm planning my moves, but I'm getting hung up on wheels. Anyone got any ideas on some reasonable 15x8 wheels in the +40 to +45 offset area that are not slip streams.
  19. bastarddsm

    What happening at white shed speed?

    We're busy! We've had a huge project in house, bringing a low mile rust free 92 GSX back from the dead. This poor car was someone's family car when new, and went through a few owners and was pretty run down and beat up when it was parked 5 years ago. Due to a worn clutch pedal assembly. An...
  20. bastarddsm

    White Shed Speed Transmission Builds!

    Hey guys over the years I've accumulated quite a bit of experience in rebuilding our W5M33's and such. I figure it's time to share some of this hard earned knowledge and experience and offer transmission service.We can pretty much do anything depending on parts availability, but for those...
  21. bastarddsm

    Manshifting an ACT2900...

    In my never ending quest to make my car quicker and more street-able I've spent a ton of time and effort trying various combinations of parts, and other things to make them work. Lately I've been working with an ACT2900/street disc setup, as it really works nice for DD. The problem is they...
  22. bastarddsm

    Kiggly Style Modded Oil Pump Pickup Service

    On kiggly's site he talks about oil systems, and how good 60's can uncover the oil pump pickup and allow your pump to suck air, and starve the engine for oil. This causes all sorts of bad stuff - oil pump failures and bearing failures. The remedy is pretty easy, cover the front half of the oil...
  23. bastarddsm

    Piston Skirt Coating

    Hello Everyone, I assume everyone these days know the benefits of coating technologies, but just in case I'll give a brief description. Piston skirt coatings are typically a Molybdenum Di-sulfide based dry film lubricant. Moly is an extremely high pressure lubricant that survives when many...
  24. bastarddsm

    Group Buy - Billet Green Top CAS Cover.

    I was tinkering with the CNC last weekend and cranked one of these out.It's billet 6061, and they will be engraved "WHITE SHED SPEED" around the perimeter. These are "hand made" in the good old USA with pride by a proud dsm'er. If we can get 25 committed the price will be $60 shipped...
  25. bastarddsm

    White Shed Speed - Official Introduction

    Hey Guys,I'm sure most have you have read a post or two by me, and know of me. Over the last few years I've been doing a few side gigs for fellow tuners members, ECU chips, remote tunes, and some drive-line stuff. Just recently I decided it was time to make that a more full-time endeavor...
  26. bastarddsm

    For Sale 91-99 Manual Transmission Shifter Cable Bracket Solid Bushings 1G and 2G now too!

    I just made a small run of these as a feeler. They are a nice 2 piece design for optimum fastener preload. The outer piece is nice and thick so it won't suck in when you tighten the bolts. They really tighten up the shifter quite a bit. $45 shipped.
  27. bastarddsm

    4G63 on an Engine Dyno

    So end of last month I was fortunate enough to get to spend an entire day playing on an engine dyno. Ended up making about 15pulls. I have been experimenting with a new engine control system that I wrote the software for, so it was nice to proof that it actually works as expected.I've been...
  28. bastarddsm

    For Sale Injector/cas/AEM Infinity connectors

    Recently I built a new harness for my car, and have some extra stuff left over. All of these are quality oem supplier pieces, no Chinese eBay junk. First up, a set of injector connectors these have a wire lock just like the original 1g connectors do, and are somewhat hard to take off, but they...
  29. bastarddsm

    New member of the single digit club - 5 speeds for lyphe - 9 sec HE351

    Not sure if many have seen, tried to take my talon out on drag week. I've had a hell of a summer trying to get the thing to make power. Ended up building a new engine, and swapping back to a stock computer and he351 just days before the shootout. I also put in a liberty face-plated gear...
  30. bastarddsm

    Dsm at drag week

    Stick shift shootout
  31. bastarddsm

    General Developing a new ECU - fooling with the 2 step

    Over the last few months I've been working on the development of a new stand alone engine controller. Running a large VGT turbo and aiming for 150mph traps, I have different needs than the traditional stand alone user. IE I need to use a maf, and have some way of controlling the VGT. So far...
  32. bastarddsm

    Shootout guys - licensing woes

    @donniekak @b00stedtalon2 @familyMAN I can't think of anyone else off had, add them.What are you guys doing for a license at the shootout? Boosted and familyMAN I suspect you guys are good on tech for the ET you'll be running.I think my car is good for [email protected], and I'm hoping to see...
  33. bastarddsm

    Modifying an EvoIII intake - dual fuel rails - 1g head.

    Last fall I went through the trouble to modify an EvoIII intake to work on a 6 bolt head, as well as de-tabbed it and made provisions for dual fuel rails. I have been running staged injection on my car since mid 2011 on an intake I made from part of a stock 6 bolt intake. I've long suspected...
  34. bastarddsm

    Center Differentials

    Over the last few years, I've been steadily learning more and more about some of the shortcomings of our AWD system. One of the largest sore spots is the center differential. It's an all around bad design, and I can't recall any other differentials that just allow a cross shaft to "free float"...
  35. bastarddsm

    center diff tech.

    Here's why you should always insist on a 4 spider center diff that drive off all 4 posts. These pictures depict 500ft*lbs in first gear. One of the baddest steels for this application is 300M, and it has a tensile strength of 270ksi.. So we are well past the endurance limit of almost all...
  36. bastarddsm

    Dynoed the GTX3788AVNT today..640whp.

    So I've been tinkering with a Garret AVNT off a big isuzu staight 6 on my talon. I've had it running pretty well and today was my birthday, so the old lady took me to get the shitbox dynoed. Not much for AWD dyno's around so I was stuck on a 2wd Dynojet 248H. Can't say I was very impressed...
  37. bastarddsm

    Mitsubishi Rear Differentials - Parts swapping.

    Ok, Does anyone out there have a list of mitsubishi differentials? Sort of how like dana makes a D44 D60 D80 ect, Chevy has a 10 bolt 12 bolt.I would like to know what ring and pinions are swap-able to what.I know that we can take a evo ring and pinion and put in a dsm case ect. Is...
  38. bastarddsm

    Compressor Inducer Limits - Various racing events...

    Hey guys,Any of you know what IFO is looking at for the compressor inducer limit. They are going to a 63.5mm limit for FIS next year. Are they wanting the OD of the wheel or the ID of the housing? In the past they never looked at anything at all, but I'm doing some custom work on my VNT...
  39. bastarddsm

    General EGT temps

    Anyone out there still looking at EGT's I'm looking for a ballpark number for a car making 600whp on E85. Not trying to tune by it or anything, just trying to do some rough calculations on turbine efficiency.
  40. bastarddsm


    bastarddsm submitted a new DSM Profile :ShitboxRead more about this vehicle here...
  41. bastarddsm

    5 Speeds for lyfe

    Made it to IFO in St Louis Sunday, and finally have the car running decent. I made two easy passes to check the tune since I fixed a few boost leaks, and haven't drove it since the shootout. Then let it eat in the 2nd qualifier, and 2 rounds of eliminations. Pretty solid ET for the MPH, and...
  42. bastarddsm

    Turbo housing vband sizes?

    What's the deal with turbine housing vband sizes. Garret specifically. How are they measured? Does each brand have there own proprietary sizes? Where do you buy the parts? My exhaust is all 3" vbands, but I bought them together off ebay so it's been no hassle.I have a .96A/R open t4 Ptrim...
  43. bastarddsm

    How many people looking at a 3KGT rear end in a 1g.

    I'm going to be doing a 3kgt rear end swap in my car. I'm looking to see if many other people are looking into putting a 3kgt rear in a 1g. I'm considering building a jig for this so I could crank a few out.
  44. bastarddsm

    HY35 1/8 mi test hits.

    Don't think I posted these anywhere, but I was making a couple test hits in my car. It's dark so you can't see much, but it sounds cool. Nevermind the garbage idle, ICS is junk :(. Stock Block Kelford 272's Kiggly Springs HE351 Turbonetics Manifold Internal gate at 28psi or so. Quartermaster...
  45. bastarddsm

    GVR4 Allignment trouble

    So i've had this 90 GGSX for a few years and it drives like shit. I finally got it on an alignment rack and heres what we found. Right Side SAI 17.6* Camber .4* Caster 3.1* Left Side SAI 13.6 Camber -.1* Caster 2.7* The car steers under large suspension movment. As the power comes on...
  46. bastarddsm

    Sudden unexplained massive power loss.

    So I'm fighting an issue with my car and I can't figure it out. Last summer the car was on about 34-35psi ~12:1 AFR gas scale on E85, and basically 19-21* timing. It always trapped 133mph, except for one pass it trapped 137 in the 1/4 and 102-104 in the 1/8. On a dynojet it was making right...
  47. bastarddsm

    Hey Everybody, come and see how good I look.

    I made a data logger out of an Arduino, and an SD card sheild. I went to the track sunday and pulled off a new PB [email protected], and pulled some data with the logger. It definatly shows a text book example of why AGX's are garbage. Didn't have time to get a wheel speed sensor hooked up, but I...
  48. bastarddsm

    Yaaay! Finally got a 10!

    Bought some QTP's, so I drove the car 300mi home from school from break, got 21mpg on E85. Put the QTP's on and went to the track. 3rd pass [email protected], 1.77 60'. Next pass popped the Tcase. Trans is junk, and shifts super slow into second. I'm sure it's hurting me by a tenth or so. So...
  49. bastarddsm

    Pressure Plate Clamp Loads

    Over the summer in my quest to find the best clutch for my application, I checked the clamp load of all of the PP's I had in stock.Turns out an OEM mitsu pressure plate is a pretty nice piece. The XTD and Parts store Replacement ones suck. The 2600 does what it claims, but there seems to...
  50. bastarddsm

    Early Synchro Part Numbers

    I need the Part number for the early Fiber lined Synchros for both 3rd/4th, and 1st/2nd.
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