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  1. Dusty Landrum

    Wait was Worth It

    This is the Build Thread for Wait was Worth It. Reply below.
  2. Dusty Landrum

    2G Options on car covers

    Hey guys, I am about to make a move across three states and I want to get a really nice car cover for my 2G Eclipse GSX. I was wondering what you guys recommend for a nice fitting and quality cover I can put over it during the move as I am sure it will be subjected to tons of road grime and dirt...
  3. Dusty Landrum

    We are all human..

    Just wanted to call myself out on something that happened recently and also maybe save someone from doing something similar in the future. Recently I have been struggling getting SD setup and chasing an idle surge issue. Examining the throttle body seemed to be point #1 is everyone’s...
  4. Dusty Landrum

    2G 2GB Aftermarket Bumper

    I was wondering if anyone here has installed a decent aftermarket OEM style bumper on a 2GB eclipse and what brand it is. I am installing an aftermarket intercooler that needs the front bumper to be trimmed and I am not wanting to cut my OEM bumped in case I return the car back to stock. I have...
  5. Dusty Landrum

    Need to Vent

    I just needed to get on the board and vent for a minute... so I am currently in the process of restoring my 99 GSX to mint condition, I would say I am about 75%ish complete, but have lost heart in it over the past few months. Not because of the work its taking or money to be honest, but because...
  6. Dusty Landrum

    2G How I restored the exterior of my 2G GSX

    I have been getting a lot of questions about the process I used to restore the wheel well areas and frame of my GSX and figured I would share some of the knowledge I have learned from the process and well as what NOT to do from my trial and error at times..Ok so here is how I did my setup. To...
  7. Dusty Landrum

    Resolved Desperately need paint help..

    Guys I am losing my mind with this car and the front end. Background… I am restoring the car and when I first took everything off the front end I had it down to the bare metal. So, I go to paint the front end and everything is going really smooth and laying down great. I am using spray cans...
  8. Dusty Landrum

    2G Front Upper Control Arms/Camber

    Background on what I am trying here. Wanting to drop car 1.5” all the way around and after using the ingalls camber kit I am not happy with it. I am moving on to trying the SPC adjustable ball joints. I am not too thrilled about going with the Megan Racing arms since I want it to still have a...
  9. Dusty Landrum

    2G MAFS Flex Sensor Pins

    I was wondering if anyone on here has any left over pins and pin seals that are used in making a pig tail mod into the MAF “mod” for flex fuel sensors. They are part# Aptiv (Delphi) 15326264 and 15366021. I really don’t want to buy the 400ct from them and eBay has them in a 10pack but just...
  10. Dusty Landrum

    Because its just money...

    These are back in stock and I snagged one up. Just wanted everyone to know since they sell out so fast.
  11. Dusty Landrum

    For Sale Walbro 400lph Pump

    Decided to go with E-85 setup and don’t need this anymore. Pump only, so would need the install kit that’s an option when ordering the pump from somewhere like stmtuned. $80 plus whatever shipping is and it’s yours.
  12. Dusty Landrum

    2G Wideband WOT Connection

    So I have been searching on here before I asked and I cant seem to find anything before asking. I am using an autometer cobalt wideband a/f gauge and I have now installed my dsmlink ecu and want to start logging everything and using the gauges to their full potential. My issue and question...
  13. Dusty Landrum

    2G Driveshaft Help

    Hey guys I am kinda freaking out here... I was using a vice to get the 27mm nuts off the drive shaft and dented the large shaft... I was wondering if this is going to be ok...??! Or am I going to have to now take it to a driveshaft shop and have them re-balance it??! What should I do??? Sorry if...
  14. Dusty Landrum

    2G Fuel Filler Hose

    Hey everyone, I need a huge favor from the community right now.. I am finishing a build and I desperately need a part. The part is the fuel filler neck to tank hose. It’s the larger of the two hoses for the 99 GSX. Everywhere I call says it’s discontinued, obsolete etc and Miller sent me the...
  15. Dusty Landrum

    2G OEM strut/shock cup

    So I am going through and restoring my 99 GSX and have been ordering all new OEM parts to have a fresh start. I went to do the shocks/struts today since they are pretty rough on the mounting pads and have all new hardware. The issue I have however is that the cup I pulled OFF the car and it is...
  16. Dusty Landrum

    2G AutoMeter Pro+ Wideband

    So I hate to post another wideband question but after doing as much research as I can I have to now. I googled and did thread searches and can’t seem to find my specific question/solution. So... here goes. Sorry for anyone that rolls their eyes at this if it seems really simple. Car is factory...
  17. Dusty Landrum

    New to Bay Area

    I recently moved to the bay area and would like to meet up with some fellow DSM guys/girls and talk cars and whatever. I currently live in Vallejo so both the bay area and Sacramento areas are close by. I kind of have an odd work schedule as I work in Aircraft Maintenance, but just want to try...
  18. Dusty Landrum

    Trying to keep it “stock”: Mr OEM

    Dusty Landrum submitted a new DSM Profile :Trying to keep it “stock”Read more about this vehicle here...
  19. Dusty Landrum

    2G When you say, "Just going to change to LEDs".

    So just got my bone stock 1999 Eclipse GSX back after being in storage for 6 years. This is now my third 2G Eclipse and I have had one since I was 16, now 34. I started with a 96 GS then moved to a 97 Spyder GS-T and then right before a move to Hawaii I bought the 99 GSX. As a teenager I always...
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