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  1. dsmspick

    Billowing smoke coming from catch can 2g awd

    Profile is up to date. Fresh rebuild on a stock 6 bolt swap. I have about 130ish miles on new rebuild. Did the motoman break in. Car was running great and doing normal break in varying RPMS and getting into to boost but nothing crazy, that was last night the 2nd on wg set at 20 (though the...
  2. dsmspick

    DSMspick's 2g GSX

    dsmspick submitted a new Showcase Item:DSMspick's 2g GSXRead more about this showcase item here...
  3. dsmspick

    Need for Speed

    As you all may be aware the movie Need for Speed is coming out on the 14th of this month. It is a Friday night. We are going to go together as a group. There is a local shop up here called KC Trends and we either will be going with them to see the premiere or we will be going as our own group to...
  4. dsmspick

    Import Face Off

    Import Face Off is this Sunday in Topeka at Heartland Park. Who all is going? I will be there but most likely not in a DSM.
  5. dsmspick

    2 AWD DSM's for sale.

    There are 2 DSM's for sale that are awd in the Wichita Kansas craigslist. One is a 1993 red Eclipse GSX for 1200.00 and the other is a red 1995 Eclipse GSX manual for 1500.00. Some one please save these cars. I would if I had the money and space to.
  6. dsmspick

    Heat barrier gaskets

    Looking for a intake manifold gasket and want to go to one of these. I just don't know which one is the best overall, for reusing/not allowing heat transfer and I don't really want to use factory gaskets with it. I'm in the process of a 6 bolt swap and thought it would be easier to do this now...
  7. dsmspick

    tapatalk or forum runner?

    Looking to eventually buy one of these. But which one is better? Pros and cons of each? Let the discussion and or opnions flow.
  8. dsmspick

    What wastegate flange is this?

    Picked up this mani for 25 bucks off a guy. I know it is not a good mani but it was 25 bucks, so why not. It is an xspower tublar mani with no cracks! (hard to believe) lol Most likely won't use it unless I beef it up. Anyways just looking to see what flange is on it incase I decide to use it or...
  9. dsmspick

    Fast Friday

    Fast Friday tonight at KC trends on 135th street. Will be a huge turn out. Tons of cars and women. Also local artists Tech9 will be there as well as some others. I will be there as will my dad. Hope to see some of you there.
  10. dsmspick


    Ok, So in Kansas it gets hella hot. I have 5% tint all the way around. I wanted to tint the sunroof, but my tint guy said that if I was to do that it may crack. Any one have experience with it? Also I can get the whole windshield tinted like 50% or something and that cuts down temps as well. My...
  11. dsmspick

    PTE's Sealing

    Ok I have a set of PTE 1000cc injectors. I bought the injector seal kit from NAPA which came with the sleeve, insulator, spacer, and top o ring. OK So I put on the spacer and then two o rings to be inserted in to the fuel rail, no problems there. Then I go put on the insulator and thats where...
  12. dsmspick

    New Motor

    OK so I have a friend who thinks his motor is out in his car. ( i havent been over to check it for sure) it is a 95 talon tsi. Anyways he syas he is going to get a motor from this tiger japanese place. Tiger Japanese - HomeI dont think this is a good place to get a motor. I think there are...
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