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  1. gofer

    2G Hatch Decal Size & Placement Measurements

    This might be a long shot since most of these stickers were blown off by a high pressure washer years ago, like mine, or they were removed to clean up the rear hatch. I was hoping that one of the few of you that still have your MITSUBISHI and GSX emblems on the hatch you could take a 15m walk...
  2. gofer

    No More E85 in Arizona

    Arizona silently passed a bill officially removing E85 from every pump in the state, reducing the blend to E54. I contemplated posting this in the Arizona regional forum but since other states might be following suite I thought I'd post it out here so everyone can read it.Heads up, more...
  3. gofer

    Boostin Performance - Raising The Bar in 2016

    Boostin Performance and the Red Demon had a few tricks up their sleeve after making a few changes to their 7 second AWD 2g for the 2016 race season. The Red Demon just put down 1249awhp on their in house Mustang dyno, spinning the turbo up to 69psi, and making the most power the car's made to...
  4. gofer

    2G Eclipse Carbon Fiber Bumper Shutters

    Trying to squeeze every last mph out of my setup on the back end of the track with my current setup I decided to take a step further into aero mods and make some bumper shutters. I wanted to do something that fit the lines of the 2gb bumper and was real 100% carbon fiber, not a vinyl, that...
  5. gofer

    For Sale 2gb Eclipse Carbon Fiber Bumper Shutters

    These bumper shutters are meant to reduce drag at high speeds which will help increase your trap speeds, lower quarter-mile times, and increase gas mileage (if you can keep your foot off the gas) which is a plus if you daily your DSM.The shutters are 2x2 twill weave satin finish 100% carbon...
  6. gofer

    2gb Eclipse 100% Carbon Fiber Bumper Shutters

    These front bumper shutters are 100% real carbon fiber and designed for the 2gb (97-99) Eclipse front bumper. To install them properly some drilling is required into the front bumper but all mounting hardware is included.This is what's included...(2) 100% Carbon fiber bumper shutters...
  7. gofer

    2g Eclipse GS

    gofer submitted a new Showcase Item:2g Eclipse GSRead more about this showcase item here...
  8. gofer

    Wild Horse Pass Raceway

    It's hasn't been made too public because there's a muscle car event but there's also going to be a test and tune class on Sunday (April 6th), gates open at 9am.I plan on going, hopefully see a few DSMers there. If you see me in the pits swing by and say hi.:dsm:
  9. gofer

    Tech Guide: 2G Drag Setup

    2G DSM Drag Race Setup Guide Here's a guide to help you get your 95-99 Eagle Talon or Mitsubishi Eclipse ready for low 1/4 Mile Times. You'll notice most upgrades will involve saving as much weight as possible.SuspensionHigh Performance Tires/Drag Radials & Wheels If you're driving...
  10. gofer

    Top 10 Most Popular DSM Q & A's

    Here are some links to discussions which answer some of the most popular questions posted by rookie DSM enthusiasts:- Venting your BOV to the atmosphere Venting your BOV to the Atmosphere - DSM Forums Venting to the atmosphere? - DSM Forums- What should your first mods be? What...
  11. gofer

    What Did You Do To Your DSM In The Arizona Heat Today?

    I wanted to start a local thread for AZ DSMers to post their DSM build project they've been wrenching on for months or just a quick post about a bolt-on they installed. Feel free to post pictures of the bling...Personally, I've been getting my car ready to make a few 1/4 mile passes at the...
  12. gofer

    Tubular Rear Subframe Install

    Nearly a year ago Paul (99gst_racer) built me a chromoly tubular rear subframe that retains the rear sway bar and uses a thicker .095" 4130. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to test it for him but the timing wasn't the best and I'm just now getting around to install it.Here's the...
  13. gofer

    Phoenix - Local ECMLink Tuning

    Anyone in the Phoenix Area looking to get their DSM (1g/2g/GVR-4) or anything else that has a DSM ECU running ECMLink tuned?I've been tuning my own 2g DSM since 2008 and have helped few others along the way. I can tune any version of ECMLink (v2.5, v3lite, v3) using a stock MAF, GM MAF, or...
  14. gofer

    Wingz Performance Summer 2013 Dyno Day

    Thought I'd keep the Wingz supporters in the loop since Phuong doesn't post on Tuners and keep us updated. Looks like it will be a great event...Date: Saturday June 15th, 2013 Time: 9AM - 6PM or until last car completed Place: AZ Dyno Chip (Off I10 and Ray Ave) Photoshoot: Photoshoot DATE...
  15. gofer

    Tempe Town Lake / The Pavilions Tuner Meet (Saturdays)

    All cars are welcome, so no excuses if the DSM is up on jack-stands. This should go without saying but I don't want to be labeled like the Honda community so NO BURNING OUT NO SPEEDING OFF NO LOUD MUSIC NO DRAMA THROW YOUR TRASH AWAY When - Every Saturday at 6:30pm.Where - Tempe Town...
  16. gofer

    *OFFICIAL* Phoenix Area DSMer Sighting Thread

    Spotted a CLEAN! Monarch Green Pearl 2g GS-T dropped on polished wheels and had a FMIC on Monday (Aug 20) turning off of W. Elliot onto Hart around 2:30pm. It pulled out onto the 10 (from the 202) in front of us and exited Elliot before they turned...Spotted a Kalapana Black 2g (not sure if...
  17. gofer

    Fire Truck Red/Black Valve Cover

    This valve cover was powdercoated by Justin Mahoney (Detective Coatings) in September 2010. I installed it in April 2011 after I added my own personal touch to it and ran it until May 2012. The valve cover has zero cracks and the powdercoat has held up well to the heat cycles and exposure to...
  18. gofer

    Moving! DSM Parts Sale

    All prices for parts listed DOES NOT INCLUDE cost to ship to the lower 48 states, for pictures or further information send me a PM or email me at [email protected] Please read EVERYTHING carefully, more specifically read the description of the part you are interested in. Thanks for...
  19. gofer

    Roof Changes

    Installed a carbon fiber hood and hatch and don't like the split in color on the roof, it doesn't flow very well and looks a bit tacky. I've got three ideas here, ones as simple as painting the entire roof black, however, the others are a spin off of the new Scion TC roof line.Having a...
  20. gofer

    Project Nemo - Evo Build From Down Under

    Was doing some reading, bored at work like always, and stumbled upon this article and realized Tuners resident expert on aero (Andrew Brilliant) had a hand in the design of this Evo. Amazing car, see for yourself.Introducing Nemo: The most amazing Evo build from Down UnderCongrats...
  21. gofer

    FS: Wrinkle Gray VC & Calan Catch Can

    $300 (plus shipping) FOR BOTHValve Cover This valve cover was powder coated WRINKLE GRAY with polished letters, with baffles installed. Both the PCV port and intake port and the valve cover have been tapped to a 3/8" NPT thread pitch to accept a 1/2" (3/8th" NPT) male fitting to run to a...
  22. gofer

    Shady CL Ads in San Diego

    Since so many DSMer's get taken advantage of for their hard earned money, myself included back in the day, I think it would be a good idea to look out for each other on shady Craigslist ads in our area.Here's one I found today.ECLIPSE TALON GALANT TD05 TD05H 16G 4G63 4G63T 2.0L Turbo...
  23. gofer

    Solar Eclipse Photos (May 20, 2012)

    Just wondering if anyone else got some good photographs of the solar eclipse yesterday? I took a few from my garage in Ocean Beach (San Diego), CA yesterday and thought they came out fairly well for my "out of the box" DSLR camera and kit lenses. You may notice some debris in the photos...
  24. gofer

    Intel Employees

    I'm currently living in San Diego, however, I'm separating from the military in July and plan on packing up and heading a few miles East. Before I separate I've been searching for jobs and Intel is coming to town this week and I've got an interview scheduled for Thursday, pumped! Anyway, does...
  25. gofer

    Mustang's vs The World (Photos and Video)

    This was last weekend, however, there were a few photos and videos taken that needed posting. That, and I wanted an excuse to play with the new photo editing software that James hooked me up with, Adobe Lightroom. Here's a shot that James took, I just tossed it in LR4 and played with the...
  26. gofer

    Mounting Battery on Subframe

    There are many reasons you may find yourself wanting to do this, probably the biggest though, is because you just installed or are planning to install a SMIM and want to know what to do with the battery. Some may just want to clean up the engine bay a bit and free up some space, which isn't a...
  27. gofer

    Robots That Fly... and cooperate.

    Watch this video if you've got 17 minutes to kill, I recommend watching the ENTIRE thing because it's very interesting. I'd have a whole team of them installing parts on my DSM while I sit in the house and have a beer, its the future in DSM maintenance! ;)TED: Robots That Fly... and...
  28. gofer

    Shifter Cable Stiffeners Install

    The below installation procedures were pulled from Mach V Motorsports then tailored a bit to use the basic tools I have in my garage. Here are Mach V's install instructions ---> Mach V Shifter Cable Bearing Install HelpNecessary Tools & PartsMach V Shifter Cable Stiffeners Pliers...
  29. gofer

    Street Build '97 Eclipse AWD GS-T (2006 to Present)

    After driving a '97 Eclipse GS in my high school years I realized I loved the DSM platform, I just wanted the 4g63t version of it. I joined the Navy in 2004 and after finally finishing boot camp and training I received my orders to San Diego, CA. I road tripped my N/T DSM from Colorado to...
  30. gofer

    WTB 2g OEM Cat and Exhaust

    Wanting to BORROW or BUY a 2g AWD owners OEM catalytic converter, good or bad it makes no difference as long as its not hollowed out.Need part ASAP. PM or post your contact info if you've got one you want to get rid of or lend me for a week or two!:dsm:
  31. gofer

    DSM/EVO Track Day Meet

    Refer to this thread for past discussion about the event. DSM/EVO Track Day Meet at Qualcomm Friday Nov. 4th 2011:dsm:
  32. gofer

    San Diego County DSMer Intro Thread

    So you just moved to San Diego, or the surrounding area, and you want to meet some local DSMers? Stop in and introduce yourself, that way we know who we're waving at driving around the city. The San Diego DSM scene, unfortunately, isn't as active with meets and events as the LA area. However...
  33. gofer

    2011 Parts Pile Complete

    New goodies to install that I've been collecting since February, finally ready to down the car and get her ready to go fast again. :rocks:245/45/17 Hoosier DR's on Evo IX wheels2g front bumper dzus fastenersFP Race Manifold, SCE gaskets, and ARP hardwareFrontline Fabrication rear...
  34. gofer

    Go big red!

    Any Huskers fans? Today's a big day for Nebraska football fans, just thought I'd share my excitement.Look what I hit with my DSM this a.m. For shadowing? LOL:dsm:
  35. gofer

    Any Bowlers?

    If so maybe you can feel my pain... :cry: Got to 11 strikes in a row yesterday and choked on the 12th, ending with a 298. Below is a video of the 12th ball I threw and the entire bowling alley behind me cheering me on. Next time."][/URL]:dsm:
  36. gofer

    Mitsubishi Owners' Day (M.O.D.) 2011

    MOD 2011Its that time of the year again so its time to start getting a list of names of the DSM'rs going, as well as a schedule of our caravan/cruise up to Cypress, CA. Just because the event doesn't kick off until 9am don't be fooled, parking WILL be full by 7am so we need to get up there...
  37. gofer

    2gb Talon Bumper Concepts

    Ever since some GENIUS invented Plasti-Dip I've been brainstorming different things I could do to my 2gb Talon bumper. The sweet thing is if I don't like it or get tired of the way it looks it isn't permanent so I can just peel it up! :DKeep it the way it is.CF hood and anodize the FMIC...
  38. gofer

    ALL Military/DOD... Gov't Shutdown 2011

    I know there are quite a few military DSM'rs around this site, myself included, so I thought I would post this as it pertains to us. Just a heads up, we might not be getting a paycheck April 1st... OMG---> Troop pay would stop if federal government shuts down :dsm:
  39. gofer

    Skier Falls Off a Mountain

    YouTube - How to fall off the mountain top:dsm:
  40. gofer

    Ridiculous Speed Limit Sign

    YouTube - AH!Believable-Vol. 1-"Ridiculous Speed Sign"Sign me up for this job after I get out of the military, I'll work for the highway patrol!:dsm:
  41. gofer

    GSX Porn: 18+ Only

    I Figured that was a better way of saying I have new pictures of my car. :thumb:Since I've been having bad traction issues at the drag strip I ordered a set of Hoosier DR's and decided to mount them on my Evo IX wheels. I had an old set of Enkei CP1 17x7.5 that I was using for a TV stand...
  42. gofer

    2G ECMLink NLTS Wire Install & Setup

    The below diagram and installation procedures were pulled from ECMLink's NLTS installation article but broken down a bit more, so people like me can understand them. If you haven't seen the ECMLink NLTS procedures just follow the link ---> 2g Clutch Wire Instructions If you still have...
  43. gofer

    Acceleration Diagram

    I was looking around the internet and found a SWEET acceleration diagram of the new LEXUS LFA and it looked awfully impressive. I'm a fan of the car, but I'm not a fan of the high price tag so I thought I'd try and make an acceleration diagram of my daily driven 100,000 mile 14 year old DSM and...
  44. gofer

    11.6 @ 121mph on E85 and HTA68

    Don't let the title fool you, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Its been a long road to get the car into the 11's and I couldn't have done it with out my friends helping me along the way. If you haven't seen any of my recent threads you can read up if you'd like... -FP HTA68, FP2 Cams, & E85...
  45. gofer

    GoPro HD New Toy!

    I was tired of trying to get someone to go to the track with me to video tape from the bleachers, even then the quality was disappointing. So I broke down and found the perfect video camera for the track and can get some amazing shots of me hauling ass down the quarter-mile. I'm going to play...
  46. gofer

    DSM in Import Tuner Mag Dec. 2010

    I enjoy picking up every magazine I can with a DSM in it, while most of the time I prefer full articles I still enjoy seeing pictures too. I thought I'd give everyone the heads up that theres a Northstar White 2g in the Dec. 2010 Import Tuner magazine. Its just a photo so don't expect a good...
  47. gofer

    DSM in Modified Mag Dec. 2010

    I was just wondering who got their DSM featured in Modified next month? The owner is Nick Fox and his car is a MGP Spyder (AWD) with 603awhp and running 10's in the quarter. I'm sure there will be more info on it in the magazine itself but enjoy the sneak preview until it hits the newstands...
  48. gofer

    1g/2g AEM UEGO wiring

    Seeing is how this seems to be a popular question around the site I figured I would do a diagram for both the 1g and 2g DSMer's. This write-up will show you how to wire in your UEGO o2 sensor in place of an OEM o2 sensor to allow you to log it in ECMLink V3. The AEM UEGO has (4) wires coming...
  49. gofer

    2G AWD Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap

    This TECH ARTICLE will inform you of ALL the parts necessary to complete a A/T to M/T swap on a 95-99 DSM as well as listing a few variations in 2g model years that can cause you headaches in the middle of the conversion. If you’ve decided its time to make the conversion then I’m assuming you...
  50. gofer

    12.07 on FP HTA68 16G

    FINALLY MADE IT TO A 1/4 MILE TRACK!! :rocks: A buddy and I packed the 2g up and drove 110 miles North to Fontana, CA Auto Club Speedway Saturday morning and were hoping for at least a mid 12 second pass. I went faster than what I had hoped for but realized there was probably more in the car...
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