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    2G Inputting Axle Shaft Seals?

    Any tips for inserting the new axle shaft seal on the passenger side?2G GSX.Thanks!

    2G Jammed! Stub Axle Shaft

    Alright, I’ve avoided this for as long as I could…Go ahead and clown on me 😂 At this point I just want the answer.I did find an old thread addressing a similar issue, but I need new ideas. Any clue how to get this thing out?I was all proud of myself for getting out the axle, but I guess I...

    General FuelTech Dash & Harness

    Hey folks!Anyone running on the FuelTech dash/ecu and wiring? How hard was it to install? Was it worth it?Car has a lot of improperly spliced wires from before my ownership, and I’m not very experienced despite being up to the challenge.In a position in which I should properly either...

    Oil Starvation & Road Racing | Baffled Pan? Accusump?

    I’ve been reading quite a bit in the forums from throughout the years about drivers’ ongoing efforts to combat oil starvation on the track, most commonly due to the high G’s and intense cornering in Time Attack. I personally know someone who lost their engine because of this. I’ve seen a lot of...

    Looking for an FP Red

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone here happen to have access to a new FP Red turbo for a '98 GSX that I can buy? The manufacturer is on back-order for up to two months, so I figured I'd try and shout into the void.

    ECMlink OBDII to ECMLink? (BimmerGeeks Cable)

    Just curious!Getting ready to have my GSX tuned, but realized I need to check the way my ECMLink (v3) was setup by the previous owner.Researching, it seems there’s more than one way that people do it. However… I’m having a hard time figuring out whether I can plug in a USB to OBDII...

    2G Preferred Motor Mounts?

    QQ Guys, What kind of mounts do you prefer? OEM? Polyurethane? Billet?Personally I'm not a fan of vibration--I want to retain comfort, although my car will be performance oriented. At around 400hp, if you were me, would you stick with just replacing the stock ones? Or is anyone happy with...

    2G Hot Parts for '98 GSX?

    Not finding a lot of options on this one. I've already been asking around, and I may have a couple leads, but I figured I'd ask in a thread anyway.Any leads on where I can find a Hot Parts kit? Still learning how it all pieces together in the grand scheme of things, but I am seeing some wild...

    General Is AEM the Only Legit EMS?

    As I've been looking into standalone ECUs, AEM constantly keeps coming up. I've got two questions:1. Are there any alternatives would you consider? I am familiar with Haltech, but I could use some additional insight. 2. Are all of them $2k? 😆 😆The important thing to note is that I need to...
  10. GHSTII

    2G Intercooler Kit / Piping?

    I’m finding good intercoolers, but hardly anything sold with piping, much less GOOD piping. Any recommendations?
  11. GHSTII

    OEM+ Axles for 2G GSX?

    Which would you recommend?
  12. GHSTII

    2G Favorite 20g Turbo?

    Which would you choose?
  13. GHSTII

    Grey Ghost

    This is the Build Thread for Grey Ghost. Reply below.
  14. GHSTII

    2G Searching for 4G63t Long Block for 2G Eclipse

    Car (‘98 GSX) needs a new engine, and I want to do a solid build from the ground up. I don’t want an eBay engine. I either want something reputably remanufactured, or something custom built by a shop who specializes in it. I’m looking for a long block to try and get as many essential parts...
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