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  1. $10 Idle-up diaphragm works wonders...

    Using the 95-99 maxima solenoid in my cars for years I didnt take apart a mitsu isc just made a jumper harness. Works well with a Q45 tb. Also with all maxima parts they aren't all over cooked like wll the ones on our turbo cars. After doing this I didnt have to do anything else for the idle...
  2. Everyone! Put your vote in for Frontline Fabrication!

    Just voted. It said 278I votes does that mean we win? :-)
  3. 1990 awd and 93 fwd transmission question

    you would have to take the driveshaft off of course. then also yo would need to use the 93fwd axels as they are a 27 spline and the awd are a 25. other than that I think you should be good. Oh, you need to swap the starter plate. and im not 100% sure that the starters are the same or not from...
  4. Closed throttle position switch!

    Go to a you-pull-it, they are on about any Mitsu from our years along with the Hyundais.
  5. JHRacing Twin scroll manifolds may be back!!

    I have one of his T4 twin scroll manifolds, its top of the line, every bit as good or better then a shearer or JMF (compared to friends that own both of the others) Im very happy. Plus Jake is a really nice guy.
  6. 2G Rear Chromoly Subframe

    You are basically buying a custom part with the magnus made by a skilled welder. Being able to sell thousands of them makes a huge difference. I think the 25lb one is the heaver of the two.
  7. FP 2 vs HKS 272s

    I like fp2. I have had fp2, comp2, HKS 272, BC272, Jun 264, fp2x, bc280, and I have a set of kelfords waiting to go in my next project. I know I have had others but cant think of what else off of the top of my head. friends have had ffwd, and web etc.....I like the fp2. they idle very well...
  8. evo3 jackstransmission rebuild got put in 2g AWD. HELP!!!

    no, mine is still all jdmevo3 spec. I am hoping to find a rearend. but he should know what was in it. as you CANNOT use the stock evo3 front ring and output shaft/pinion shaft in a dsm.
  9. evo3 jackstransmission rebuild got put in 2g AWD. HELP!!!

    OK if Jack said that he doesnt send out a tranny that wont work in a US car HE should know what he installed as the evo3 ring and pinion front shaft wont work in a dsm. I have an evo3 tranny and it uses a 97-99 tcase. (ratio is the same) but as I said he would have had to of changed it as this...
  10. Evo III tranny question and 53 front output shaft and diff ring gear.[/IMG]
  11. evox tdo5h turbine compatibility

    dsmivec? well you can but it is alot of work. also the exoX turbne is a 12cm,
  12. Frontline Fabrication 2G DSM Bolt-In Fuel Cell

    So the rear of this bolts to the rear subframe? Ugh. I was looking at one of these so i can keep my stock fill location and external pump but i don't think it will fit wit my magnus subframe. Damn.
  13. serial number for fp sleeper 16g

    I was pretty sure that they were not using mitsu exhaust housings on those turbos but some that they were (sourcing) themselves.
  14. Bad act pressure plate!!!

    I thought that this problem was only when mixing a new disk with an older pressure plate, not buying a whole kit together? was your problem with mixing or a kit? So I will know for future reference. thanks
  15. Bad act pressure plate!!!

    as long as everything was adjusted correctly I would almost say that is a manufacture defect. I have had my act 2600 since 2003 and the PP is still fine my disk is worn and the rivets are loose as all hell but that comes with wear; and i have close to 45,000 on mine. Also I beat the crap out...
  16. quarteramster in a fwd

    I bought off of the classifieds here a fwd 6bolt clutch, I noticed that it had some slight scuffing on the basket but thouht it may have been from the fork not being ground enough.I installed it last night and the clutch jammed against the bellhousing where the output shaft sits and also...
  17. Sound Performance Quick Spool Valve (for twin scroll)

    what turbo did you have the wheel size has alot to do with it as well. and no you are not going to want a ton of boost really low on a big turbo, (like my gt42) but not spooling until 7000rpm is not great either. This is a ballpark range for my turbo. Also another thing that something like...
  18. Sound Performance Quick Spool Valve (for twin scroll)

    yes and no it depends on the turbo and the a/r. if you are running a gt42 with a big a/r then it would be worth it. also with many of these new turbos the ported shroud helps with the surging as well.
  19. Sound Performance Quick Spool Valve (for twin scroll)

    that is what I was refering to. thanks
  20. Sound Performance Quick Spool Valve (for twin scroll)

    there are better ways to do it too.
  21. Evo III tranny question

    you are a little confusing in your description, if you have a 2g tranny you are fine. If you have an evo3 you need to change the rear diff, It will bolt up but the ratios ARE different and you either need to change the rear diff or the front diff ring and pinion so that they match.
  22. Evo III tranny question

    this thread is a train wreck. you need to match everything, if you have a 1995-6 tranny then you need to have the tcase that goes with it. If you have an evo3 tranny then you need the tcase and the rearend. the 1995-6 and the 1997-99 use the same rearend gear so if it is usdm you are fine...
  23. 2G Rear Chromoly Subframe

    you also have the option to have a solid rear end installed. then you wouldnt have to worry about buying really pricey axles and hubs and a rear diff too. if you are heading more toward drag only this may be a better route. The magnus rear end is a nice piece (I have one but it is not...
  24. What are your favorite movies?

    wow godfather didnt make it till the second page:-/anyway how about the old school stuff, Citizen Kane, metropolis(if you can read), really, really good. (1927) anything Hitchcock is a safe bet. the picture of Dorian Gray (1945 to be specific) is good and Angela Lansbury is pretty hot in...
  25. Lightweight Crank Pulley Check-In

    OK I let this go as long as I can. why are all of you making your stock pulleys wet?? it is not dampener you are not throwing water on them, they are dampers.I dont car either way, and on the race car I have a twin disk. so even more stuff rattling around. Again I said that I just like to...
  26. Lightweight Crank Pulley Check-In

    you cannot guarantee it because no one on here has had or can come up with 1 person that lost a motor to a pulley!! I have had a solid pulley on my car forever and have not had any problems, so have a few of my friends, I have had 2 or 3 friends that lost a timing belt and bent valves because...
  27. Lightweight Crank Pulley Check-In

    the shafts dont just make the car feel like there is less vibration it cancels out some of them out, and they are not able to cause all of the vibration bearing problems. it IS the same just done in a different way.the 1.6 4g61 is a more balanced motor and didnt come with the silent shafts...
  28. Lightweight Crank Pulley Check-In

    I know that they are called silent shafts, but most people call them balance shafts, either way they are not just for the feel, the shafts cancel out some of the vibrations with in the motor, just as the factory pulley absorbs them. either way it is the same, the pulley doesn't make the crank...
  29. Lightweight Crank Pulley Check-In

    again, If you are going to rev your motor higher than factory and run more boost than stock you are going to shorten the life of the motor. I am running a aluminum pulley, and on my other car (race car) have a fluidampr. But I have seen too many stock pulleys take out the timing belt or other...
  30. No sideskirts on 2gb talon?

    I have a 97 and 98 talons and i like the cleaner look of nothing there. but I guess that's just me.
  31. Lightweight Crank Pulley Check-In

    it wasnt suppose to have anything to do with the crank, just a point in modding. reving the car higher is going to change the dynamics on the crank though. the point is that you could say that everything that we do to these cars is not in the best interest of the car. But with proper...
  32. Lightweight Crank Pulley Check-In

    I love to argue, so....You could say that our motors came with motor mounts that were designed to flex to allow the motor to move and that installing prothanes or solid mounts is against the factory setup and bad for the motor (undue stress).Same goes with the brackets on the intake...
  33. How do kevlar clutches work with our motors?

    This seems to be turning into a Tim's clutch opinion thread; soo, what are your thoughts on a quartermaster on a daily driver??I have a mirage turbo with a 2.0 and a e316g, I have had a ACT 2600 and fidanza aluminum flywheel that bought new in 2002, I have had zero problems with it until...
  34. Lightweight Crank Pulley Check-In

    I have one on my mirage turbo and my limiter set to 8800rpm. I race the car all of the time and have not had any problems since I installed it in 2002. this is my personal experience in my car. I have also had 4 friends' cars fail with stock ones (rubber breaking and the pulley separating) and...
  35. viper big brake upgrade?

    one thing to remember is that the viper rotors are a 6 lug not 5 like all most all other sports cars.
  36. 10.3 on Fp68 HTA 16G

    Are there any issues with mixing leaded and or oxygenated fuels with e98? Or basically, are there problems with mixing with c16 or Q16 and e98 to get (race e85)?? thanks.
  37. awd 5 speed transmission are strong?

    I would be very surprised if you could go that fast. the gears on the dsms' are not very strong and have a tendency to loose their teeth at power levels much much lower than you are looking at. If You don not go with a dog box you are just using different combinations of stock gears either dsm...
  38. For those with Evo seats in 2g. Come here

    ya I would like to see the link and pics for the ebay bracket as well! thx
  39. 7 major fins on compressor of 16g?

    Are you sure? I thought that all of the old to4e garrett stuff was all 6 blade. I could be older than the to4e though. either way I would use the e316g if you have one. It is proven to work. If this was the coolest thing there would be more of them around. Different doesnt always mean better.
  40. large wheels/tires in the rear of a 2g

    I posted 235/40/18 and 285/30/18 these are close and could be shaved to match as could the other 235/45/17 and 265/40/17. I noted in the beginning that the diameter would be the same. Just to clarifyI have stock evo rims and tires, but was thinking of stepping up the rear. a 245 doesnt look...
  41. large wheels/tires in the rear of a 2g

    most of you may not remember but rmracing was going to make super knuckles that would clear a 275 or 285 tire and still tuck. but there was not enough interest for the cost and they bailed on the project. This Idea has been running around in my head since rmdsm were talking about them in like...
  42. large wheels/tires in the rear of a 2g

    I was looking at modding the rear knuckles, and leaving the fronts, i have spares I may just try messing with all of them and seeing what I come up with. But when I thought about it and would be happy with just the rears. It is not just my friends it has always bothered me that we have these...
  43. large wheels/tires in the rear of a 2g

    yes. and maybe a wider wheel in the rear. just thinkin, more traction (going strait) and easier to fit bigger wheels in the rear. and (ya I'm a lil ricer here but) 2g look soo good except for the ### little tires under them. I get made fun of alot by my friends (MKIV and vipers etc)Like...
  44. large wheels/tires in the rear of a 2g

    here again I dont know, but would changing the sway bars help with this, then still have more traction for acceleration with the bigger rear tires?? thanks
  45. large wheels/tires in the rear of a 2g

    would their be a disadvantage to putting larger tires in the rear of a 2g awd? Yes I know that the tires Must be the same diameter front and rear. But if you get the same diameter would there be a down side to handling??? please explain.
  46. Recipe for ~10000rpm?

    9000ish and a good tune and well balanced system will get you really far and going really fast. The extra money that it takes to go superfast that everyone with a dsm feels that they need to do is not worth it.Saying that you want a 10,000rpm motor means nothing, what are your speed...
  47. Recipe for ~10000rpm?

    the best would be a zero capacity oil pan, most reliable and easiest to fix. Worth the money.
  48. ebay crank pulley info needed

    from what I had heard the fluidampr problems are usually related to the outside temp, too cold. but many dont have issues, but ya the ati is a good one. I'm going to use a fluidampr on my 2g, I have had a ebay aluminum one on my mirage since 2002 and have not had any problems. All of my friends...
  49. Boost creep issue on 16g with o2 dump!? help! 21psi!

    its all in the tune and what gas you use. but you can get a really long way with a good tune. I have run 26psi on 92oct with zero knock and no meth. good intercooler and tune.
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