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  1. blue smoke of death ?

    Take your intake pipe off from the inlet on the turbo, grab the shaft on the turbine and see if you have any movement, If it has excess movement its most likely your turbo that is going.
  2. Car starts then stalls???

    Ya I do have a manual I bought one two years ago when I bought the car, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or hints to it.??
  3. Car starts then stalls???

    I Pulled the code and it sure was the Cas P0340, Thanks. My question is does anyone have any experience with replacing one of these on a 2ga? My car is still sitting in my work parking lot and hopefully I will get her running after work. Thanks -Alex
  4. Car starts then stalls???

    I know for the 97-98 thats on the left side of the intake cam is it down low on the right hand side for a 95? I got it to run I turned it off, turned it on ran good let it sit for ten minutes now its doing the same stuff. Thanks
  5. Car starts then stalls???

    Hey guys, So I can turn my car over it will run for about two seconds then die. I can hold the gas to the floor the rpm's will raise to about 3k then when the two seconds is done it dies. This happened to me on wednessday morning before going to work I couldnt get it started so I left it I...
  6. Turbo

    I bought my turbo from extremepsi, turbo kits is a more local store up here I have only heard good things about them. I happen to know someone who is good friends with the owner. Ive talked to a guy that works there at well, Met him at 130 in the am walking out of a store haha, he asked about...
  7. Fwd street tire??

    Well luckly there is no rub, and the tires are great! They handle very good in the corners and stick to the pavement exp when they heat up. I definitely recommend these tires to anyone. Keep boostin-
  8. greddy turbo timer turns off

    Did you connect it to the e brake? I say check your wires. And make sure your ground is good.
  9. Fwd street tire??

    Hey guys I just picked up my tires today. I went with the mx's they look great, I went with the 235/45's my concern is that the tire kinda bulges out from the rim like it stick out further. Will this hurt my performance? I was reading and I saw that you really shouldnt go any bigger than 225's...
  10. clutch adjustment

    Sorry to bring a dead thread back to life-- Hey guys, I can not get my clutch to grab any lower it is basically right at the top of the pedal. I have adjusted it numerous times, the only thing that changes is the length of the pedal not where it actually engages. I have tried adjusting both...
  11. Clutch adjustment nut size?

    Hey guys, I can not get my clutch to grab any lower it is basically right at the top of the pedal. I have adjusted it numerous times, the only thing that changes is the length of the pedal not where it actually engages. I have tried adjusting both the cruise control switch and the rod itself...
  12. Spiderman 3

    Ya I agree, But god you got to love his dancing right?! wtf??
  13. Brake rotors replacement...

    That looks like a great deal :thumb:. Anyone running this for a DD?
  14. Evo 3 16G, and a warbro 255 but what else am i going to need to reach my goals?

    And if you do decide to go with the link might as well get atleast 650+ injectors just in case you plan on ever going any bigger. I personally went with the e316g, cheeper and more power than the t28. But def a fmic of supra sidemount as zippy stated. Also if you have not looked into a clutch...
  15. Car starts boggs down then stalls?

    I have the apexi turbo timer and it has on 02 reading on it, I heard the unit wasnt on the dot but more like in the ball park. It reads 96+ wot. But I will do a boost leak.
  16. Car starts boggs down then stalls?

    Hey guys, I have been having this problem for about 3 weeks now and it has been getting worse. I will start my car then it boggs down I try to give it gas but it wont respond then stalls. It only happens every now and then, other times it starts right up. I have also noticed a like clicking...
  17. Trying to decide on a muffler. please help

    I agree no resonator, Mine is not raspy at all very deep and mean. Also the cams make her sound pissed off :)
  18. Clunk Noise from left front wheel- any guesses?

    I'd say wheel bearing as well, I just replaced mine last week, Same thing with the car lifted, It moved back and forth and made the same clunk noise. Good luck
  19. 3 inch exhaust question...

    Ok very cool thanks guys. I was looking at your pics clay it looks nice as well, is there anyway you could get one straight on looking at the bumper, sorry not trying to be a pita. Thanks.
  20. 3 inch exhaust question...

    Not to rob the thread but hey clay how does that n1 sound?? I have a 2 1/2 inch Im going to go to 3 inch but not sure on what muffler, Im just going to get it piped downpipe straight back. I want a deep mean sound, any suggestions? thanks
  21. oh its a beutiful thing:)

    Very nice very niceee! What turbo is that?
  22. Fwd street tire??

    There 17's X 7 sorry that took so long Wret.
  23. What Cams would Fit me

    Ya I didn't realize it until after I payed like 350 per cam ughh that hit me low! lol but they are very nice. The 264 is intake and 272 is exhaust for me. I did get the valve springs just because I fig I was already in there and I had some extra $, and I wouldn't have to worry a bit about...
  24. Possibly buying talon awd advice please

    Ya I have heard of the wheels locking up burrr gives me the chills. Ok thank you pmanaresi. Ya man i go up to O.O.B atleast twice every summer. I got a little club down here. Have you been to any of the nopi events down here?
  25. What Cams would Fit me

    I have the 264-272 combo and I love them. I only have the t25 but I am putting my e316g in very soon. They sound nasty too ;)
  26. Possibly buying talon awd advice please

    Ok man thanks, But im not getting rid of my other car and Im not fed up with it Im just saying I have a chance to buy a winter car, yes a little late :) but I can get a good deal on it, And I also said I know the basics I was just wondering if there was anything inpaticular to look for when...
  27. Possibly buying talon awd advice please

    Hey guys like the title stats I am going to look at a 95 awd talon on the weekend my question is what to look for on a awd. I Dont know to much about the drivetrain and what to look for... I have 95 fwd talon now it is my baby, I have had it for two years now. I will be using the awd for the...
  28. No oil pressure

    Well I heard once to open the oil cap while the car was running and give it a little gas and if the oil spewd out and got your shit all oily then you have oil pressure haha its a little price to pay but Id rather that then run her out of oil eekss. Has anyone else heard that?
  29. Fwd street tire??

    lol, So do you guys think I should go with the 235's verses the 225's?
  30. B&M and clone short shifter 2nd gen eBay Megan [Merged 3-7]

    Well I went to my local hardware stores and auto zone. No luck with the part so I just ordered a new one. Well look at the bright side I still only paid 80 instead of the 150+ ;).
  31. B&M and clone short shifter 2nd gen eBay Megan [Merged 3-7]

    Ya hopefully that will do it. but all in all I would def not spend the 150-180 for the real one. These knock off''s work great, when there tight ;)
  32. B&M and clone short shifter 2nd gen eBay Megan [Merged 3-7]

    When I got my ebay knock off it was the [email protected] one. I had to push the bearing in it, any one else have to as well? And When I did that the nut that I used to do so got stuck on the damn rod like thing so I could only lock tight the one side, so the thing wobbels like a mo fo.. so needless to say I...
  33. Fwd street tire??

    Thanks guys, Yes I have def thought about poly motor mounts and I will be getting them, just not for a little bit, I will prob end up going with the mx's, They seem very resonable, My other question is should I go with 225-45's or 235-45's? I will be going with the kyb agx's and the pro kit...
  34. Fwd street tire??

    Hey guys, Well the nice weather is rolling around and its about time to take the winter tires off. I have been looking and looking for a good daily driving tire that will be able to take around 350hp without lighting up to bad. I do have a dual stage mbc so 1st and second gear will only see...
  35. Best Clutch for 300hp goal

    Ya I have the act 2100 since I am fwd but a couple of my buddies are awd and have the 2600, No complaints. I have no other experience with any other clutch But act is def a great choice. Just do some research ;) ajonse-
  36. car seems funny at top end

    I got my t-25 up to 136. But they are baddd up top.
  37. Why am i pushing 16 psi on stock set up?

    Well maybe not ### atleast I know with my set up on the t25 before I got my mdsbc I would hit around 16psi but it would start losing boost instantly and would go down to around 11 or so. with the mbc installed I run 16 psi all the way up to 5500 ish.. so it was worth it for me... but i have a...
  38. T25 life span

    I have over 133K on mine and she's gem, I know someone with over 180k on theres, just like pnishr said all depends on how you take care of it and drive it. But the evo 3 16g is going in very soon. :)
  39. dsm link question, is it worth it?

    Haha thats funny slippie. I guess i'll just suck it up and spend some extra $$ thanks for all the help. later
  40. dsm link question, is it worth it?

    I guess the only thing thats making me think, this might sound stupid but I like the idea of being able to look at the safc2 screen and see whats going on, vs having to borrow my buddies lap top. I dont mind spending extra cash if like i said if it will benefit me and be worth it.
  41. dsm link question, is it worth it?

    I understand what your saying completly jay, Thats why I wasn't sure what to do. I dont think I will want a bigger turbo in the future, I still want to have it a daily driver also just with some umph. Also I dont own a lap top so that would make it a litlle hard also. So the safc will be fine...
  42. dsm link question, is it worth it?

    ahh thats clears that up, So I will be looking at 595 plus shipping? Then all I'll need is to get ahold of a lap top and I'm good to go?
  43. dsm link question, is it worth it?

    Thanks guys, I thought it was for more experienced tuners,But I guess thats not really the case at all. Also just curious How hard is it to install, Is it something that I could do myself or is something I bring somewhere? Isn't there a site that says the price and stuff? I found it once but...
  44. dsm link question, is it worth it?

    The reason I was leaning more towards the safc at first was because the lack of experience I have with tuning, Is dsm link something that I could read and dick around with and then get a grasp on how to tune properly? Or is learing the bascis with the safc first a good idea?
  45. dsm link question, is it worth it?

    Hey guys, I have been reading up on dsm link but I still have some questions about it, Do you need a lap top to tune at all times? How much harder is it to use than the safc2? I am going to go with evo 16G the safc2 550’s and a 190. But I am still curious if dsm link will benefit me. If I...
  46. Low oil pressure, lifter noise??

    Do you have any suggestions on what oil? Has anyone ran royal purple, or ams? I have no experience with anything other than mobile 1.. Thanks again. alex
  47. Low oil pressure, lifter noise??

    Ok I was planning on getting new gauges when putting the evo 16G on But I will get an aftermarket oil pressure gauge asap. And I will see if I can pick up some 3rd gen lifters. I'll keep you posted thanks again guys. alex-
  48. Low oil pressure, lifter noise??

    The car has always had mobile 1 synthetic 10-30. They have never been cleaned as far as I know. The motor seems pretty strong but at times it feels like there is a little loss, But that just might be me.. thanks-
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