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  1. quarteramster in a fwd

    I bought off of the classifieds here a fwd 6bolt clutch, I noticed that it had some slight scuffing on the basket but thouht it may have been from the fork not being ground enough.I installed it last night and the clutch jammed against the bellhousing where the output shaft sits and also...
  2. large wheels/tires in the rear of a 2g

    would their be a disadvantage to putting larger tires in the rear of a 2g awd? Yes I know that the tires Must be the same diameter front and rear. But if you get the same diameter would there be a down side to handling??? please explain.
  3. evo3 trans in a dsm?

    What has to be done to make this happen? also what problems should I look for as the final drive is different on the evo 3 and the person that I bought it from had it in a dsm for 6 to 8 months in his daily driver and did not change anything. thanks
  4. high compresson pistons and e85

    I am planning on building a motor for my DD a 1989 mirage turbo 1.6L with an E316G. I want to run higher compression as I am limited on the turbo and would like to get the most out of my setup. I was thinking of going around 11to1 compression give or take, but I am curious what others think...
  5. 2g 7bolt in a 1g auto? can this be done?

    I have lots of extra parts laying around and an extra car can I put a 1997 2g 7bolt motor in a 1992 6/4 automatic car? Or will this not fit together? Thanks
  6. need taller 5th gear for my fwd help tranny experts

    I want to know what kind of options I have to get a taller 5th gear. I have a swap in my mirage turbo and my 5th is much too small. I have plenty of torque to drag it around and drive on the interstate much more than I like so anything would help. thanks
  7. 5 speed tranny cooler ideas

    I have decided that I want to make a tranny cooler for my 5 speed dsm. I plan on using an electric pump to move the fluid. But are there better places than others for tapping the tranny or could you just use the drain and fill holes with fittings? Also would there be a problem with over...
  8. evo X rims on a 2g

  9. evo X rims on a 2g

    I was sure that smeone had a picture of a evo X rim on the back of a 2g but I can't find it now. can someone find that or anyother pic of a 2g with evo X wheels. I am getting a set and want to see how they look/ fit. Thanks
  10. What rpm are you activating your anitlag nitruos at??

    I would like to know what rpm you turbo 4g63s guys are activating your nitrous kit at? (with a window switch or dsmlink etc.) I am going to use this as an antilag and don't want kick it on too soon.I have a built motor, and am thinking of a 75 or 100shot.when are you turning it on...
  11. a/f for cruzing around with e85 what are you running?

    I just converted my 1989 mirage turbo (1.6liter) to e85 and am wondering what air fuels ratios you guys are running. Not rescaling the wideband I am getting 16 to 1 and up to 19or 20 to 1 a/f ratios and the car is running great! (this is 3300rpm and below just cruzing around no boost) I am also...
  12. 2g with fd rims what spacers are you using with what tires?

    I have a set of fd rims and a 1997 tsi awd. I would like to know what size spacers and what size tires everyone is running. Also if longer wheel studs are necessary. thanks guysPS. I did search!
  13. super spindles to fit 9-10inch rims on a 2g

    does anyone remember these?? was there something wrong with that idea? why has none of the other vendors made these? I would buy a set. These were redesigned knuckles for a 2g that took the arm all the way back next to the shock so that you can fit 9 to 10inch rims and still fit them under...
  14. IAC & fiav delete still idle surges??

    I have a 1989 mirage turbo, It has a 1991 tb on it and I just did the tb block of plate, partly to clean the engine bay up partly to get rid of idle surge. Well the car runs fine but I still have idle surge?? it will surge from 900rpm to about 1500rpm and is really slow doing it. I have...
  15. IAC idea

    I had an idea for an external IAC housing. Why hasn't someone with cnc access made one of these to sell?? Someone could cnc a chunk of aluminum that a factory IAC will bolt into and have barb fittings so that all you woud have to do is run a vacuum line into the intercooler pipe on one side and...
  16. production numbers

    Can anyone find production numbers broken down like all the other car forums have? How many talons non turbo, turbo and awd, and the same for the eclipse and lazer? I have been wanting to know this for years.
  17. lifters

    OK here is the deal, I am doing springs and retainers in my DD and it has the original jdm lifters. I can remember but would bet that they are the old style, but I have never had any problems with them no noise or anything. I have jun 264 cams now and my rev limit is at 7800rpm however I plan...
  18. exhaust manifold sutd question

    any trick to keeping exhaust manifold studs and turbo bolts in? Will loctite work on the exhaust manifold studs and nuts or does it get too hot? Tired of losing bolts I spent $400 on bolts in the last month.
  19. experience with a nonBB gt42-102

    Anyone have any experience or thoughts on the gt42-102 non-BB turbo. Spool times and what not. I have a 2.4 and have a chance to get one of these cheep.
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