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  1. 2G Drivetrain binding when turning (2g AWD)

    Hi all,I am having an issue on my GSX. When turning at low speeds, the drivetrain binds up as if the center diff is welded. This obviously makes navigating parking lots pretty tricky.I recently had the transmission apart to replace the 3-4 shift fork and checked the center differential...
  2. Gearset won't spin after torquing 36mm nuts

    Hi all,I'm replacing my 3-4 shift fork and I got most of the transmission back together. I just finished torquing the 36mm nuts (109 ft-lbs)on the intermediate and input shafts and was about to put the end case on. At this moment, I noticed that I am no longer able to spin the gears by hand...
  3. The correct bulbs for gauge cluster

    Just about every thread that you search will tell you to get bulb 74 for your little Toshiba V-2 sockets for your gauge cluster.This is not the correct bulb size. Do not waste your time buying the 74 bulb.A 74 bulb will fit VERY tightly into the socket, so tight that it will expand/swell the...
  4. Door Jam LSD sticker

    Does anyone know where to find these decals? They're obviously discontinued by the manufacturer so a replica will be the only option. I know some guys made replicas of these a few years ago, but I can't seem to find any.
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