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  1. Prib9671

    1Gb AWD Auto build

    This was my first car! I was young and had no knowledge of vehicles and no real interest in modifying them back then. My brother-in-law kindly showed me the ropes of turbos and the potential therein. From there of course I've now become a full on mechanic as many of you know these DSM's will...
  2. Prib9671

    Valve cover guru's help needed inside

    I just got done welding up -10an fittings on my valve cover and I was cleaning it out and noticed something was wrong. I found that there is a divider wall inside under the baffling that separates the one side with the PCV valve and the other side that the breather hose is hooked up to going to...
  3. Prib9671

    Where does your timing belt ride?

    Just getting around to putting my engine back together finally :D, but I noticed that after installing the timing belt it was not centered on the cam gears. I rotated it around several times to see if it would settle or move at all but it's still on the inside edge. You can see that the belt...
  4. Prib9671

    Question about my new 90 TSI

    So I recently got a 90 TSI AWD 5 speed and 2 weeks into it the Alternator goes bad so I just replaced it with a 65 AMP unit and it smoked for a while once I first started the car but after it quit I drove it and it ran fine for about a week. Yesterday I drove it about 2 miles I stopped at the...
  5. Prib9671

    New Interior

    Here are some pics of my new interior, I was wondering what you guys think? I've neven been one to really care about interior but I do like the clean look. I had the nasty tan on tan pleather:barf: and I really wanted something different. There isn't a lot of DSMs up here in the NW so it's a...
  6. Prib9671

    Just got my BEP Housing for H1E...Wrong Again

    So I just got my BEP Hx40 T3 Housing and it is WRONG AGAIN. The Inducer diameter on the housing is 76.9mm that one will work, but the exducer diameter on this housing is only 65.25mm and My H1E exducer is 67.4mm. I have seen Hx40's with the same exducer size so I assumed it would work but it...
  7. Prib9671

    Help with an H1E

    Anyone on HERE running an H1E? If so then what did you do for the oil return? I tried a billet flange with a -12an incorporated into it but it was way too large, it would hit my compressor housing v-band clamp/backplate before the holes lined up to bolt it on. You can forget about getting any...
  8. Prib9671

    Help with Hx40 BEP T3 Housing!!!

    BEP sent me their Hx40 T3 .70 ar housing and it doesn't fit!!! The dimensions I measured on the housing are 76.9mm on the exducer diameter and 61.24mm on the inducer diameter. The problem is my Hx40 turbine wheel has a 73.6mm exducer(which fits) and 67.4mm inducer(that DOES NOT fit) that is over...
  9. Prib9671

    Grinding noise after porting turbo

    So I just got done doing some porting on my 16g trying to get rid of my boost creep, and put everything back together "correctly" or so I thought. When I took it out for the first time without my MBC connected it boosted just fine, but still had creep in higher RPM's. I decided to put on the MBC...
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