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  1. GSR-VR

    Resolved 96 GST injectors 3 & 4 stuck open until key off. Runs on 1 & 2.

    *RESOLVED*CAS unit was being spun the wrong way.
  2. GSR-VR

    Bad Misfire bad o2 sensor?

    Car will rich but driveable without an 02 sensor. Please check Spark and Fuel components. When weird shit happens it is usually bad grounds.
  3. GSR-VR

    Resolved 96 GST injectors 3 & 4 stuck open until key off. Runs on 1 & 2.

    The what: 1987 MR2 - 2G DSM ECU and harness - 1G DSM CAS unit - Stock sensors - Stock Injectors etc Engine runs and cylinders 1 and 2.- Injectors open at crank and stay open until key off. Confirmed with friend starting the car and me holding the injectors in my hands. They tick once and let...
  4. GSR-VR

    1G *SOLVED* Bizarre No Start issue. Please help. Spark √ Fuel ? Air √ ??? :(

    Thank you very much for your responses and input.The problem is solved and I am very happy that my rear engine is singing it's own sweet song.However, the suspected culprit was not a fault of the fuel system. It was because the coolant temp sensor wires and the BISS screw wires did not...
  5. GSR-VR

    1G *SOLVED* Bizarre No Start issue. Please help. Spark √ Fuel ? Air √ ??? :(

    After two weeks of searching, gathering parts, and swapping/installing I am throwing in the towel. I am NOT new to these cars at all. I just can't figure it out.Please, please any help would be greatly appreciated.I have just installed a good motor into my talon. I have everything hooked up...
  6. GSR-VR

    Should I buy this engine rebuild kit?

    While I agree its not a bad deal, why spend the extra money on that when our engines have been proven into very, very high power levels with little modification to the stock long block? 400hp seems to be well within the capacity of the engine as long as you have the appropriate supporting...
  7. GSR-VR

    95-99 2g GS-T Axle spline count?

    IIRC All 2G GST had 27 Spline inner (Transmission Side) and 25 Spline outer (Spindle Side) on axles.Manual Transmission ONLY!! Automatics are different and will NOT FIT!!1995-1998 Eagle Talon TSi 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Overall Length: 38" (Passenger Side) Inner Spline: 27 / Outer...
  8. GSR-VR

    Target 1000hp Turd

    Sweet Cordia.
  9. GSR-VR

    2G 2G FWD ELHS Potential Solution : 3S N/A Axles.

    I was having speaks with Kevin at Kiggly Racing a few months ago and got me really going on this idea he had for a potential solution to the seemingly unsolved 2G FWD Equal Length Half Shaft Mod.What we know that works: 90-92 1G FWD GST's have 25 spline/26mm axles just like the AWD. This is...
  10. GSR-VR

    87 Galant RalliArt 2.0TURBO 4G63BT

    What a fantastic build! Every little detail on that engine is superb! Keep up the tremendous effort!
  11. GSR-VR

    Limits of OE 6 bolt rotating assembly? (ARP hardware)

    Understood. I thought I mentioned that a properly built head was a part of the equation here. Since 4G63s are interference engines I can agree with the thought that 9,000 RPMs on stock springs is NOT a good idea.
  12. GSR-VR

    Limits of OE 6 bolt rotating assembly? (ARP hardware)

    Even with ARP rod bolts?Yes, where I am located 500+awhp DSMs are few and far between.
  13. GSR-VR

    Limits of OE 6 bolt rotating assembly? (ARP hardware)

    Thanks for all of your responses!! This is just what I wanted to know. The amount of DSMs in New Mexico that actually reach anywhere near 500hp or 9k is few and far between. Since I plan on running two stock bottom ends with kiggly's street beehives I should be happy knowing this! Thanks so...
  14. GSR-VR

    Limits of OE 6 bolt rotating assembly? (ARP hardware)

    I'm sure most of you have seen the videos of the 700 all wheel horsepower Talon on the stock shortblock and I'm curious what all of your opinions are on the stock components. I think we all can agree that the stock 4G63 is very strong and with proper care in tuning can achieve great power...
  15. GSR-VR

    4G63 in 1974 VW BEETLE!!!

    Where are the street wheelies?!
  16. GSR-VR

    aluminium COP plate for vag coils

    Did you cut out the plate that holds the COP?
  17. GSR-VR

    aluminium COP plate for vag coils

    I'm guessing since you're in Europe, Audi COP are very easy to come across and much more easily had rather than GM Coils or Hayabusa coils. I also wanted to add the welds are also very nice. Excellent piece. What else have you made?
  18. GSR-VR

    Holset hx35

    I didn't realize that. I was wrong.I'm pretty sure the turbine wheel looks correct.
  19. GSR-VR

    Holset hx35

    That's very sad. I have a spare good 8 blade HX35 compressor wheel if you want it for free. Just pay shipping. Also it looks like that compressor wheel is an CT-26 from a Toyota Supra or MR2. Virtually worthless.
  20. GSR-VR

    RWD 4G63 Subframe mod?

    This would make Kevin Jewers proud... :|
  21. GSR-VR

    Subaru killer

    Good lord. Vote for best looking 2G of 2014. Also What are the wheel/tire specs if you feel up to sharing?
  22. GSR-VR

    4G61T Block/4G64 Crank would it work ???

    Assuming you don't need a custom girdle or suitcase handles yes it will drop in. However try to think of the actual stroke of the 4G64 crank vs the 4G61 block internally.For example:People do 4G64 Cranks in 4G63s a lot but they have to machine the suitcase handles or girdles so that extra...
  23. GSR-VR

    RWD 4G63 Subframe mod?

    To summarize we have confirmed bad fabrication at this level is not just bad for the car but also dangerous for the driver any passengers or bystanders / spectators willing or otherwise. I believe it was said earlier in this thread that just because you have a dream and want to make it happen...
  24. GSR-VR

    Custom Length LCAs for 2G???

    I want to be as polite as possible without uncovering my projects intentions. What I am looking at doing is shortening the length of the 2Gs REAR lower control arm. Let me be more clear. I am looking at moving the mounting point of the lower control arm towards the wheels thus making the LCA...
  25. GSR-VR

    1G AWD axles in FWD Trans

    Before flaming me I searched but the post wasn't exactly clear in the answer so I'm asking again hoping for a better answer. :DI have a 1G FWD Turbo 5spd Trans. I have 1G AWD 5spd Axles with intermediate shaft. It seems that the Axles go in just fine but I'm not entirly sure if it will work...
  26. GSR-VR

    1G 1989 Colt 4wd wagon - what am I getting myself into?

    Whenever I run into a problem like this I just pull the engine and swap it to a 4G63T. Much easier.
  27. GSR-VR

    1998 Eagle Talon street build monster

    Not to sh!t on your latest update but I would like to offer my opinion on the bracket you modified. It seems you have taken all of the strength from it by cutting its support out to make room for that drain. I suspect if you want to keep whatever is on that bracket from breaking off I would...
  28. GSR-VR

    98 Spyder GST (AWD swap)

    Wait... That is what's left of the deltagate?
  29. GSR-VR

    1995 eagle talon esi (evo 8 swap)

    I wouldn't even know where to begin...
  30. GSR-VR

    1986 Mirage Turbo. AWD 4G63T conversion.

    Very cool. From all the information I've gathered about these cars that is possible but I've never heard of someone doing that here in the USA. Mostly because an 1987 Mirage Turbo is rare and a Colt AWD is rare.
  31. GSR-VR

    Saving an injured 1996 Eclipse RS

    I vote for a Restoration. In the coming years the car could be worth money since its a rare factory color. Now, my opinion aside I'd like to see a EVO or Kia 4G63 AWD swap.;)OH! And a talon rear end conversion would be sweet.
  32. GSR-VR

    Resolved Noob here, researching Turbo Upgrade to 300hpish?

    If you REALLY want to build a motor make plans for 500+hp. There is simply almost no need to build a 4G63 for 350hp. Oh, and a 6 bolt would be good.
  33. GSR-VR

    Resolved Noob here, researching Turbo Upgrade to 300hpish?

    While I agree with him, I cannot help but cringe when I saw $5,700 to reach 300hp. Unless you want to keep some of those mods for future? But you do NOT, I repeat DO NOT need a lot of those things to reach your ultimate goal of 310hp.Remember, stock engines can handle a lot of abuse. Noting...
  34. GSR-VR

    1995 eagle talon esi (evo 8 swap)

    Where is the fab at?! :D MOAR.
  35. GSR-VR

    2G Shortend Rear Lower Control Arms?

    Is this assuming the rear spindles are staying in the same location or are they moving inwards toward the body?I apologize. I should have been more clear when asking the question. Everything is staying the same, except the shorter length of the lower control arm and the mounting place of said...
  36. GSR-VR

    2G Shortend Rear Lower Control Arms?

    Is there any demerit to shorten the rear lower control arms? Since I don't know much about suspension I figure I ask here. I know people will ask why I want shorter lower control arms but I prefer to keep the reason to myself. I'm not trying to come off as arrogant or unfriendly, I would just...
  37. GSR-VR

    New tsi

    At 207,631 Miles on my 96 AWD TSi I'd say IF you're doing a timing belt you MAY want to replace the crank angle sensor and the cam angle sensor. I just refreshed the motor on my car and reinstalled it when I found out the crank sensor went bad.
  38. GSR-VR

    wondering if this is a good bottom build or not

    Is this a new or a used engine?If new, then it sounds good. What are your goals?If used, then what do the main and rod bearings look like? Any gouges or noticeable wear? Do the cylinder walls still have a good amount of cross-hatching left in them? Any Scratches or groves?
  39. GSR-VR

    94 Talon Clutch Problem

    Make sure NOT to buy a clutch that has high clamp force! (one rated for higher power like an ACT2600) You could wear out your pedal assembly!
  40. GSR-VR

    What my car has

    + 1Speed Density SD vs. Mass Air Flow MAFANDTheory: Speed-Density « Moates SupportBoth good reads. The second one is long winded. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  41. GSR-VR

    2G LSD in a 1G?

    So take the blown 1G LSD and swap in the 2G LSD parts? I'll have a shop do it. I couldn't risk having something go wrong.
  42. GSR-VR

    2G LSD in a 1G?

    I have a 2G LSD rear end from a 96 Talon, will it fit my friend's 1991 Eclipse GSX? I would've posted this thread in the Drivetrain Tech sub forum but I don't have enough posts yet. I've read here ( Tranny gear ratios for DSMs ) that the ratios are the same, but aren't the cases different? :hmm:
  43. GSR-VR

    Red N' Tacky for Engine Bearings?!

    Found the issue. A rod bearing had an edge on the seating part of it. Wouldn't allow the engine to turn over. Ordered new bearings.
  44. GSR-VR

    Red N' Tacky for Engine Bearings?!

    Because I am an idiot and don't know any better.
  45. GSR-VR

    Red N' Tacky for Engine Bearings?!

    A friend reccomended to me to use Red N' Tacky as assembly lube for my bearings. So we did and we preformed the proper torque spec in the correct sequence and the rotating assembly turned great. Fast Forward about a minute with NO changes or additions and we can't turn the motor over at ALL!WTF
  46. GSR-VR

    1st Trip to the Track HX40 91 Pump Gas!

    30psi seems like a LOT on 91. Even if your compression ratio is like 8.0 to 1. I wouldn't go past 30psi on 91. Just my 2psi.
  47. GSR-VR

    Thermostate Relocation/ Elim ? Jay Racing RWD 4G63 Kit.

    So I just dropped in a DOHC 4G63 into my 1983 Starion. (shortblock from 89 Dodge D50) I realized before the swap I need to figure out the water neck/thermostat issue. Jay racing offers the following product ( Jay Racing Front Water Outlet Kit -AN Male Fitting (Short) [FWO3K-_] - $60.00 : Jay...
  48. GSR-VR

    Re-using 2G OE Main Bolts

    Thank you for the knowledgeable responses and I will indeed pick up a new Torque Wrench. :thumb:Should I also have the mains align bored when I install the ARP main studs?
  49. GSR-VR

    Re-using 2G OE Main Bolts

    It was called "Performance Tool" 1/2 Drive Click Type Torque Wrench.Another question. Why do I need to re-size the rods when I change hardware type? I ask out of curiosity and perhaps ignorance...
  50. GSR-VR

    Re-using 2G OE Main Bolts

    I had NO idea the rod bolts were so weak. (TTY?) Also I just bought this nice $150 torque wrench only to find out it doesn't click.. EVER..Thanks for everything guys. You guys are the silver lining on this day.
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