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  1. pb_evil

    HELP!! No reverse after rebuild???

    What components need to be removed in order to realign the center support... In the service Mani its step 45 of 55 so just want to know how much is necessary to just re clock oil holes
  2. pb_evil

    Mitsu VIN

    I own a 91 awd A/T talon and need to order parts from my Mitsu dealer only as of recently they require a vin... Mine not being an eclipse doesn't work, and the Chrysler dealers can't even get me part #'s so I'm asking if anyone with a 91 awd auto eclipse would kindly post a vin I can use at...
  3. pb_evil

    dsm newbie here! need help with buying an 2nd gen eclipse gsx

    They are all different and most are not unmolested but I have come across several very clean ones with around 55000 or 60000 miles go for at least 5500$
  4. pb_evil

    engine guide

    Agreed t money is right any blatent or obvious damage is usually visible look for cracks and use a straight edge and see if there is any warpage to the should have the iD plate as seen above look at the cylinder walls for scoring and crank end play should also be checked.
  5. pb_evil

    A good Exhaust for 420A

    I have a buscher racing full3" it sounds fantastic
  6. pb_evil

    1st time DSM owner

    If anyone likes working on 1gs and wants to help a brother out let me know
  7. pb_evil

    Meet-up at Strats tonight DSMs better show up!

    Haven't been this season any good tuners show?
  8. pb_evil

    Need a fuel tank

    You can find em on eBay but OEM are obscenly expensive
  9. pb_evil

    1G Oil filter?

    Cheap oil filters FTL...
  10. pb_evil

    DSM86 1/4 mile times

    Good shit sad to hear about the aftermath but good #s
  11. pb_evil

    Looking to get a dsm

    Shaft play is the best way to check.
  12. pb_evil

    WTB 1g auto trans

    Need a awd 1g auto trans lmk if u got one for sale
  13. pb_evil

    2G No brakes after gsx upgrade

    Agreed the rears need bleeding and if they have all been completely bled with absolutely no air bubbles left then the pedal should stiffen up if not then an extensive leak check is needed if all that fails then its for sure the master
  14. gold 1g

    Street Build gold 1g

  15. pb_evil

    gold 1g

    pb_evil submitted a new DSM Profile :gold 1gRead more about this vehicle here...
  16. pb_evil

    2G No brakes after gsx upgrade

    Without fluid the master may have been damaged I would look into that
  17. pb_evil

    Need advice on valve job

    They need to be lapped to fit properly The 44 is the insert 45 is the valve this is so can be lapped and it is necessary for break in
  18. pb_evil

    Need to be introduced...

    Lol ^ ^^^^ welcome haha I need a pic for mine :(
  19. pb_evil

    New Driver, Need Advice.

    Agreed^^^^ any car needs maintenance but moding a car and making more HP means even more but any car if properly maintained can be reliable. They are also fairly easy to work on and extremely fun to own and drive. Good luck regardless of what you buy!
  20. pb_evil

    For Sale good shops near chicago?

    In Elmhurst idk how far that is lmk
  21. pb_evil

    buring oil at idle

    Turbo or valve guides or seals
  22. pb_evil

    2G Alternator relocation

    Those are dope af
  23. pb_evil

    opinion time

    I like greddy or trial. I have a punishment bov and its a loud slow whistle its awesome and cheapAnd a front mount says more then any sticker
  24. pb_evil

    1G need ideas!

    Dam you got me on that one
  25. pb_evil

    Lost 1g GS Need to find my baby

    Sounds like someone in love lol good luck
  26. pb_evil

    1st time DSM owner

    I'm in Elmhurst
  27. pb_evil

    1G need ideas!

    Its the top two bolt holes cracks them both in half seems a little like a new trans is necessary
  28. pb_evil

    1G need ideas!

    What are the shops in kalimazoo
  29. pb_evil

    For Sale good shops near chicago?

    Boostin is expensive but I know they do great work but if your willing to help I appreciate it
  30. pb_evil

    For Sale good shops near chicago?

    I've had some absolutely horrible experiences with shops in the Chicago area... Anyone know of a good one that does work on 1gs
  31. pb_evil

    1G need ideas!

    I know I'll never get a full return but selling it now with a new block and turbo will get me the most back it was going to eventually be a drag car but school is too expensive for me to make that happen... Anyone know of any good DSM shops in the chicagoland area
  32. pb_evil

    1G need ideas!

    I was going to but the shop had the missing piece LOL
  33. pb_evil

    1G need ideas!

    Have this 91 talon tsi awd A/T and I have a brand new motor in it with literally no miles on it and am missing a trans on account of my old ones bell housing cracking beyond repair... I had a big 16g machined with a billet 30r wheel in it. Also with 0 miles on it. I bought a new trans and sadly...
  34. pb_evil

    1G wanting to build my car for a fast daily driver need a list of parts help me?

    I agree the small things will get you sooner or later its cheaper to do preventative maintenance then repairs
  35. pb_evil

    Oil cooler delete - smoking dipstick. Related?

    Forward facing oil filter housing ftw
  36. pb_evil

    New Here

    Good luck sirGood luck sir
  37. pb_evil

    auto trans on 91 awd talon

    where are they located and that would be a nice uprgade... what about the torque converter and how it launches?
  38. pb_evil

    auto trans on 91 awd talon

    thanks iu grad
  39. pb_evil

    auto trans on 91 awd talon

    itsat my mechanics shop but literally the very top of the trans bell from one bolt hole to the other and the piece is not just cracked but broken and a weld from both sides would be my only option and even after the trans is married to the motor isnt it going to likely crack again... how long...
  40. pb_evil

    auto trans on 91 awd talon

    thanks for the reply although i am 100% certain that a weld will not be sufficient in holding my trans together"This guy might have 1, or may know where to get one.. LOTS-O-1G DSM PARTS - DSM Classifieds Not sure how far he is from you but there it is"i appreciate it, ill give him a try.
  41. pb_evil

    auto trans on 91 awd talon

    i bought a91 awd auto talon and blew the motor, replaced the motor and realized a crack in the trans bell housing running from top bolt hole to the other top bolt hole! welding it is out of the question and mitsu deems the trans obsolete and does not have new ones for sale, i am having the...
  42. pb_evil

    Broke tranny or case?!!

    similar situation happened to my buddy in his gvr4 and it turned out to be a siezed t case, it was locked and had to be dragged by the tow truck. we removed the t case from the trans and it was stuck onto the drive shaft due to the abrupt locking up of it. the t case had to be replaced and the...
  43. pb_evil

    can I replace head studs without pulling head

    agreed depending on the condition of the head gasket, i swapped stock studs to arp,s on a new motor just do it one at a time and torque them down CORRECTLYoutside in going from opposite side ex, top right corner to bottom left corner to bottom right to top left so on and so fourth
  44. pb_evil

    How much did you pay for your DSM?

    2k For My 91 Tsi W/ 97thou
  45. pb_evil

    91 talon tsi awd a/t poly motor mount inserts?

    I am dropping in a new motor and need new inserts for the motor mounts and am having trouble finding poly motor mount inserts that fit the a/t front and back inserts. they are the same same size but the front mount does not come in 2 pieces i believe... help finding these would be much appreciated.
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