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  1. Blkapache01

    1G Engine mounts

    Hey folks,Great news. I'm back running after I got my ECU back from ecmtuning last weekend. GREAT work, BTW !!! I need to know where I can get a factory insert/mount for the driver side. I see a lot of them advertised for the 1.8 but I have the 2.0 and they won't fit. I put in polyeurthane...
  2. Blkapache01

    1G 1G Talon NA ECU

    Hey folks,I deduced my issue of my no start when cranking. I got everything back to regular idle after a LONG time of erratic and high idle. I installed a new rack and pinion set, bled it and was all good. As soon as I changed the oil before taking it to get an alignment, it started acting up...
  3. Blkapache01

    Dashboard bulb

    Hey, everyone. I'm looking for a replacement bulb of this. I saw a post of a pc74 and ordered it but it came in today and that model doesn't fit. This came out of the dashboard portion that fits behind the dial that controls hot/cold for the a/c. It has the amber covering but I took it off. Can...
  4. Blkapache01

    Redid valve covers

    So, sitting in quarantine and looked for something to do yesterday on YouTube and came across a vid customizing engine parts. Decided to give mine a go. Here are the "before and after" pics. What do ya think?
  5. Blkapache01

    1G Hydraulic lifters for new home

    Sup guys, So, I have some lifters that I want to let go. I was getting no compression and turns out that most of the lifters went bad because only a handful would compress when I bled them. I have them here pictured and they're 1g lifters (non revised) versions. I didn't want to get rid of the...
  6. Blkapache01

    1G Just a grinding noise but won't start

    Hey folks, So, I hope everyone is ok during this pandemic. Working from home is now giving me more time to do projects around d the house. I tried to upload a video but the file was too big, so let me describe it: Eagle Talon was sitting up a few yrs in garage. Put in new clutch, new timing...
  7. Blkapache01

    1G 1G DSM 2.0 Fuel Tank

    Hey guys,Anyone know where I can get a gas tank for '91 Talon? Non-turbo, 2.0 engine is what I have. It rusted inside and I called myself cleaning it with vinegar, phosphorus acid/water and pit in a new fuel pump and fuel sender. I have intermittent start ever since then and someone told me...
  8. Blkapache01

    1G Does anyone know where these connectors lead?

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to trace a vacuum leak and while I was looking, I came across these connections that had no sockets that I could find. It's a 2.0 non turbo Talon and I was wondering if these look like connections only for upgrading/adding components or does anyone believe these...
  9. Blkapache01

    1G Idle Surge (up & down)

    Hey folks,I need some help. My Talon is reving up and down on the idle and I saw that whenever I hit the sensor on top of the throttle body the speed changes. I included a pic of the sensor in case someone can tell me what it's called.It's a 2.0 non turbo. I wanted to include the video...
  10. Blkapache01

    1G No Compression and no start :(

    Hey folks,I'm a new member and I need some help with my baby. I have a 91 Eagle Talon, 2.0 16V, DOHC 5spd trans and here's my issue: Been sitting in my garage for the past several years after I moved. I put in a new clutch, cleaned the fuel tank, put in a new fuel pump, starter, thermostat...
  11. Blkapache01

    1991 Eagle Talon 2.0 16V DOHC 5 spd trans.

    Blkapache01 submitted a new DSM Profile :FactoryRead more about this vehicle here...
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