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  1. DSMunknown

    A Sad Day for a Supra

    Swimsuit model?s 1,200-hp Supra stolen and chopped to fans? outrage | Motoramic - Yahoo! AutosSaw this on the Yahoo homepage just now. Thoughts?
  2. DSMunknown

    PieEyedPiper - Clean Out Your Mailbox or Become VIP!!!

    Cole, the title says it all. ;)Mods, please delete shortly after CB responds. Thanks. :)
  3. DSMunknown

    19th Annual DSM/Evo Shootout - 2011

    Who's going?
  4. DSMunknown

    Experience With Combining Higher Intake Cams & Lower Exhaust Cams?

    I've seen a few individuals experimenting and utilizing such combos as 280 Intake and 272 Exhaust (280/272). I have not, however, seen anyone use a 272/264 combo. At any rate, does anyone have experience with testing these combos? Maybe Kevin? Usually we see the opposite used (and sold from...
  5. DSMunknown

    Any Hermit Crab "Turbo" Shells?

    Just picked up my first two hermies on Friday. :) Tried looking on eBay and general Google searches but came up empty. Looking for one(s) that are painted or modified to look more like a mini turbo.Maybe this is something we could ask some vendors to perhaps introduce. :hmm:
  6. DSMunknown

    Photoshop of the New DD

    May be willing to black out the wheel lip and body mouldings depending on the look (and of course my budget). TIA to whoever does it. Much appreciated. :)
  7. DSMunknown

    DSMunknown's "Best Mod" for the DSM

    Another car!So I blew a hole in my block and oil pan at the beginning of August. Now I'm taking my time to build the 7-bolt from the bottom up. I desperately needed something else to drive. For your pleasure, here are some pix of the damage...
  8. DSMunknown

    Modified Forge Mazdaspeed Pull-Type CBV

    So after all my problems with my original Forge 1G CBV, I contacted Patrick and he hooked me up with a prototype Mazdaspeed compressor bypass valve with a 1G flange.I just concluded that my car simply didn't like the push-type CBV that I had. No idea why that is...
  9. DSMunknown

    Lancer Evolution 8/9/10 Fuel Pumps

    So after all my talk about them, here they are.First four pix have the Evo 8 on the left, Evo 9 in the middle, and Evo 10 on the right.Oh, and in case you're wondering, there's roughly about a half inch difference between the Evo 8/9 pumps and the Evo 10 pump. I...
  10. DSMunknown

    Evo Steering Wheel in DSM and Airbag connection

    I have obviously read through Andy's write-up here about this installation. What I'm wondering is if I can/should attempt to hook up the air bag system as well. Could it be as simple as disconnecting the battery before hooking the wiring up? I have spoke with Andy and he is still unsure.
  11. DSMunknown

    DSMunknown's Super Stealth Muffler & Axle-Back Exhaust System

    After finally upgrading my OEM exhaust system to the Thermal and RRE DP last year (and before that, sticking with the OEM system for 7 years!), it was time for a change. Don't get me wrong. I love my Thermal muffler, but not everyone shares my enthusiasm. So I took inspiration from both Dan's...
  12. DSMunknown

    2G TPS on 1G TB - Finding the Correct Resistance

    After installing the 1G TB, I decided to get my logger up-n-running again to see what the TPS was seeing. WOT looks good at 100 percent, but that's the only thing I was looking at. After seeing this recent thread I decided to talk to Steve privately. He told me with utilizing a 2G TPS "it's...
  13. DSMunknown

    Stuck Throttle Body Shaft Seals

    So I have obviously read through the VFAQ,, and other how-to articles regarding this process. However, I have come across a problem that I don't hear much of. My seals are stuck in the TB.I know that there are metal casings that hold the seals in place. The problem is when...
  14. DSMunknown

    When Did Your OEM Lash Adjusters Begin to Tick?

    Curious to see when others' original OEM lash adjusters (more commonly called lifters) began to tick. I'm at 130+ thousand miles and haven't heard a peep from them yet. Of course the revised lifters are going in soon, but I'm surprised at the amount of complaints that come from other DSMers...
  15. DSMunknown

    Nick Hogan going to Jail

    Going away for 8 months, with 5 years probation after that for his Supra car crash. Licence also getting suspended for 3 years. All for recklessly driving and putting one of his friends in the hospital. Now his friend will be disabled for the rest of his life.Guess "Hogan Knows Best" won't...
  16. DSMunknown

    Aftermarket 5 Spoke OEM-Style Rims?

    I'm trying to find rims that look VERY similar to my current 5-spoke OEM rims. I need 17 inch rims to complete my Evo caliper/rotor installation. I know the offset has to be at least 35mm. I wish to stay as stock-looking at possible. Does anyone know of rims that could do this for me?I have...
  17. DSMunknown

    Need help with steering wheel install/ SRS air bag system

    I have obviously read through Andy's write-up here about this installation. What I'm wondering is if I can/should attempt to hook up the air bag system as well. Could it be as simple as disconnecting the battery before hooking the wiring up? I have spoke with Andy and he is still unsure.
  18. DSMunknown

    Lancer Evolution III Cylinder Head

    Here are some photos of my Evo 3 head. Just ask for the measurements you're interested in. The intake ports measure at 57mm x 30mm.Unfortunately, I don't have an extra 2G or 1G head to take comparison photos or measurements. I'm looking for people to post up...
  19. DSMunknown

    Who owns the most Evo parts?

    I'm looking to see if there are people out there that have more Lancer Evolution parts than myself. Obviously, there has to be some rules to this competition. Here is a short list:All parts must be specifically for/from/off of the Lancer Evolution series You cannot be a vendor, own a...
  20. DSMunknown

    Want to become a better person? Do it through your feet! bet this product also makes you more attractive and intelligent. LOL
  21. DSMunknown

    Porting The 2G TB Elbow To Match a 1G 60mm TB - Why?

    So I've been thinking. I recently attained a 1G 60mm TB, and am obviously well aware of the write-ups that are floating around regarding this process. But I'm not sure if it makes sense to me. One thing that strikes me is that everyone labels the inside diameter of a TB by this measurement (that...
  22. DSMunknown

    Scammed and PO'd

    I guess this is my blog, my area (given to me by Chris) to say just about anything I want, within reason. So here goes my rant.I got scammed out of $525 from one of our DSM members on this site. [The specifics of the user name have been removed. Read on below in my second reply to the blog for...
  23. DSMunknown

    Discuss your feelings about the server move

    Go and take some Extra Strength Tylenol. ;)*** admin edit - post bug reports in the thread linked at the top of the page in red text please, not here ***
  24. DSMunknown

    AFPR Install Issue

    Just have a small issue with my installation. Here are some photos.As you can see, I cannot put on my cam gear cover because the AN fitting is in the way. Here are three possibilities I have come up with so far:Find another more appropriate fitting. (But where...
  25. DSMunknown

    Digital Camera Suggestions

    I'm looking for a new camera. Here are some things I expect and fully realize:I don't want to pay more than $400. However, if an extra hundred (or two) bucks will make a huge difference, I won't mind paying the little extra.I plan on making the purchase from Best Buy. I figure...
  26. DSMunknown

    Alternatives to Log-style Manifolds (including Ajax's Manifold)

    That log design makes me sick. :notgood:
  27. DSMunknown

    1st Forza Motorsport Showdown

    Well, it came to an end last night (or whenever they actually raced). I was glad to see Cope win. I wish there was already a thread on this, so I could have posted and give the "I told you so" speech. :rolleyes:In all honesty, I was pulling for Cope. (And no, it's not because she happens to...
  28. DSMunknown

    [RESOLVED] Starting Issues - Have Tried A Number Of Things - Now It Seems There Is No

    Well, a little over three weeks ago I was driving along. The car had started up, been running for about 5 minutes before the incident, and had driven about two miles down the road. I was at a stop light. The light changed, and proceeded ahead. From first into second, and second into third. As...
  29. DSMunknown

    Lancer Evolution III Intake Manifold

    After about five friggin months of some serious searching, I have finally tracked one down.Please, hold the applause. ;)It was a long time coming. With a little luck (actually, a lot of luck), I finally found someone who had one and was willing to sell it. For those of you...
  30. DSMunknown

    Ludachris, How's The Baby?

    Saw this thread just yesterday and thought he should keep us informed. Hope all's well! :)
  31. DSMunknown

    [RESOLVED] Need Diagram To Remove ECU

    The title pretty much says it all.
  32. DSMunknown

    How To Properly Spend A Snowy Day In New England

    I'll let you fill in the blanks. :)
  33. DSMunknown

    Let's See Those J-pipes!

    Now, I know what you're thinking (I'm psychic :shhh: ). A J-pipe is a J-pipe, right? Well, yes and no. I am specifically looking for custom fabrications, that either you yourself came up with or had a shop perform the job.To confess, I am looking for the J-pipes that do not make a nice 180*...
  34. DSMunknown

    Who is buying a DSMtuners 2007 Members Calendar?

    Post here if you already have made a purchase (or two) and supported one of your favorite forums. :) Haven't bought one yet, but planning on it? Feel free to post anyways. :thumb: Show your support!Personally, I will make a purchase of my own in the next week...
  35. DSMunknown

    [RESOLVED] 270* vs. 360* Thrust Bearings

    I have recently been reading about center housing and rotating assemblies (CHRA) and was wondering if certain turbochargers could have their 270 degree thrust bearings "upgraded" to the better-performing 360 degree bearings. Here are a few tidbits of what I have read so far:For...
  36. DSMunknown

    Is it relevant how&where the nipple to an MBC on the compressor-side housing located?

    I have been reading through Mark Warner's Street Turbocharging book, and I came across a section where he briefly discusses different types of pressure. He offers a diagram like the one below (I took the liberty of copying it to the best of my ability). For those who have access to the book...
  37. DSMunknown

    EGR Block-Off Plate Install Guide

    Tools Needed1 - EGR Block-off plate 1 - 12mm socket (preferably 6-sided) 1 - 3/8ths-to-1/2 inch socket adapter 1 - 3/8ths inch socket extension (about 10 inches long) 1 - 1/2 inch racket 1 - 12mm wrench (may not be necessary) 1 - Permatex RTV silicone sealant (preferably the Ultra...
  38. DSMunknown

    Forge RV holding open at WOT (could be result of boost leak)

    I believe I have a boost leak and am not sure where it is coming from. Also, my Forge 1G re-circulation valve (RV) is not performing properly.A few things you need to know:My vehicle profile is fully updated.My car is a daily driver, during the summer, I run 15-16psi...
  39. DSMunknown

    "Haggar" commercials

    I thought it would be nice to share ROFL : "stereo" commercial in particular tickled my senses.
  40. DSMunknown

    Chevy Small block Twin-turbo install and Hemi engine questions

    QUESTION #1:
  41. DSMunknown

    Supra SMIC Install Guide - "Long Version"

    PARTS NEEDED:*MKIV Supra SMIC (just clean the damn thing with whatever lowest octane rating fuel you can purchase at the local gas station)*Two 2.5 inch inside diameter couplers (about 4 inches long). One should be a straight coupler, and the other should be a 45 degree angled coupler...
  42. DSMunknown

    chrome rims need resurfacing

    (wasnt sure where to put this, so please move if in wrong section)i am looking to "resurface" my chrome oem rims ### the chrome is pealing of really bad right now. does anyone know if a reputable place that does this sort of thing? and at what price can i be expecting to pay for five (5)...
  43. DSMunknown

    what are the size of these tires?

    i already know the rims are 17s, but am not familiar with tire size to eyeball it. btw this gsx is from a team in ca called moto crew .on a side note, can anyone direct me as to where i can find out more about tire selection?
  44. DSMunknown

    what % of tint does this gsx have?

    im not familiar with what percentage of tint would or should look like, but this guy's 2G has a really good balance of tint and visability imo.<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"...
  45. DSMunknown

    Bov = Guns?

    this story kinda starts back about two weeks ago. my car started running really rich, performed about half as much as a really beat up civic, i couldnt go above 50mph, my boost guage was at zero (neither in vac or boost, at any time), had tons of trouble idleing, and stuff like
  46. DSMunknown

    why isnt there much discussion about intake manifolds for noobs?

    Just wondering why there isn’t much talk about the intake manifold for noobs. Well, I read an article in Modified the other day (the march 04 issue- for some reason I read the old articles before the new ones :p) and I came across their AEM EMS Evo8 install.They said “Starting with the...
  47. DSMunknown

    greddy type-rs bov

    has anyone tried this product? i bolted on their type-s a couple of weeks ago, and am quite happy with it, but read taht usually people who buy this just end up going with the 1g bov, and then maybe crushing it as well.i was thinking about getting the rs, but read that it did NOT...
  48. DSMunknown

    installing ultra-lite boost gauge

    well, my crap finally came in the mail. i got my stuff from extremepsi, whom i have dealt with before, and i am 99.99% sure that all the neccessary hardware is in the boxes lying beside me. i want to rear into them and see what i got. i will do this very soon, but im in a public place and dont...
  49. DSMunknown

    change the color of DCsGST's car

    i really like the rims and suspension mods he had. would like to see this car in the factory silver/grey color, if you would. thanx :)
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