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  1. Eclipse/talon Everyone's opinions wanted!

    I don't want to give my opinion.
  2. Post drunk posts here

    Professional status achieved.
  3. my step bro turn me down

    I'm here to help.
  4. my step bro turn me down

    Why don't you sell everything and pay for some grammar/spelling tutoring?
  5. Post drunk posts here

    Sounds like you fellas would "LIKE" my facebook page, Drunken Beard Tavern.
  6. No, I'm not dead.

    Lol, there is always that ONE drink you can never revisit lol.
  7. No, I'm not dead.

    Yeah, I find a cozy rock and crawled under it!
  8. No, I'm not dead.

    It's called the Brain Hemorrhage. Peach Schnapps holds up a small layer of Baileys Irish Cream. Drop in some grenadine to pull the Baileys to the bottom and have it sit in what looks like a pool of blood. Total drink size is about 1.5 oz., use a tall shot glass for easy display.There's...
  9. 225mph highway run

    Where's the "LIKE" button?
  10. Member here? Awsome engine bay.

    A "wire" tuck? I barely see ANY wires. I see stainless steel braided lines that MIGHT look better with having them bundled together a little bit but that's super CLEAN in my opinion. I'd eat of that engine except that I'd get the engine dirty.
  11. No, I'm not dead.

    Forgive me Lord for it's been at least 5 years since driving a DSM. I do miss the community but as many of the old timers on here know life can take you down some pretty interesting paths. This summer I took a rather interesting turn away from the automotive path I've been on for a decade and...
  12. stock compression (test results)

    Just to clarify, the characteristics you mentioned regarding the fuel work both ways. In forced induction/high compression motors the higher octane i needed for those very reasons. In a motor designed for 87 octane the 93 octane will translate in to burn times that are too long...
  13. Code 12????

    The injector resistance is good, it doesn't confirm that they are actuating but usually you'd get a P0201 through P0204 code if there were an electrical failure with the injector circuitry (includes computer, wiring to injectors, the injectors themselves and wiring from injectors).The sensor...
  14. Code 12????

    J,Thanks for the PM. I'll be honest with you the Key-Dance codes don't really help much and are quite vague. 12 just means that the battery has been disconnected recently. Ignore that code.Code 43 could be: -Misfire (cyl 1, 2, 3, 4, all, random) -Ignition Coil Primary Circuit (Coil...
  15. stock compression (test results)

    If the manufacturer programmed the engine computer to run off of 87 then the only reason to increase octane is in the event of spark knock/pinging. The modern fuel, regardless of octane, is just about equal from any given source. Now, some people may claim Chevron vs BP etc etc bu Chevron 87...
  16. Need Help With Locating Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Line On 98 Eclipse RS

    Not directly. From the TB it goes to the evap purge solenoid, the second hose on the purge solenoid goes to the canister. Yes but it's not a straight shot.
  17. Right Fuel Rail?

    You need to stick with one thread. Had I seen your response in here then I would have responded in here first.
  18. Need Help With Locating Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Line On 98 Eclipse RS

    Also, just for clarity, the Evaporative emission system isn't recycling, it's drawing gas vapor from the fuel tank. The PCV system again is drawing vapor though there is a fresh air inlet allowing fresh air to be mixed with the crank case fumes which are then drawn in to the intake through the...
  19. Need Help With Locating Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Line On 98 Eclipse RS

    Click on the link I posted. Post 6, item 36 is the PCV valve. It is the only vacuum line on the front of the intake manifold.Item 37 is for the brake booster.Post 8, just to the right of the yellow box is the vacuum tree on the manifold. The small vacuum port on the driver's side is...
  20. Hypereutectic pistons vs. Stock pistons

    DSM Graveyard - Your #1 Source for DSM Parts!I see that, they are OE replacement pistons though, you can find them on Rock Auto as well. They're nothing special and are still a pressed fit which is not the easiest of thing to get around for someone who isn't a skilled machinist or engine...
  21. Need Help With Locating Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Line On 98 Eclipse RS

    Jayson, the one you're referring to goes to the EGR solenoid.
  22. Need Help With Locating Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Line On 98 Eclipse RS

    The 96 and newer year models should have all used a return-less fuel system. The fuel pressure regulator on those models is back at the tank. Fuel is fed from the pump to the regulator, then excess pressure is fed back to the tank and the balance is sent to the filter then to the rail. All...
  23. Hypereutectic pistons vs. Stock pistons

    Here ya go, hopefully your heads won't explode or anything.
  24. Hypereutectic pistons vs. Stock pistons

    The factory pistons already in the 420A are hyper-eutectic aluminum. The factory pistons are forged powdered steel.You can get Manley, Eagle or Crower rods for the 420A motors. The Manley forged rods are available through Real Street Performance out of Florida (I have a set in the hands of...
  25. 420a air compressor not spinning

    Actually, I was told I'd get a voucher for a bag of Oreos when I hit 2000 posts.
  26. 420a air compressor not spinning

    My remark about taking the fun out of things was sarcasm.Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS), yes, I've heard of it. I've also spent tons of time in front of a computer providing one line tech responses getting one line test results back. Over the years I've found it's more valuable to provide...
  27. stock compression (test results)

    If it were off a tooth and running then the idle may or may not be noticeably different. I've had a 4g63 NT off one tooth and thought it was right until the test drive. Lacked power but I was still able to drive it out of the shop. The vacuum was about 3-5 inches low once I got it back in...
  28. 420a air compressor not spinning

    You take all the fun out of internet tech support. Just saying.The compressor may not come on for several reasons. Low refrigerant level, excessive clutch gap, electrically failed clutch or other electrical issue.If the belt is not squealing or smoking then chances are the compressor...
  29. Oil Venting out of VC valve

    Over-filling your oil should be the first thing you correct. The hash-mark range on the dipstick is about 1 quart of oil. Fix that first.The oil coming out of your dipstick tube is not a "cause" sort of issue, you don't need to "fix" the dipstick or tube. You need to find out why there's...
  30. gears wont engage!

    "Booger bushings" work well also, the neon guys use them all the time and last a lot longer than OEM rubber bushings. Remember, there's bushings at the transmission as well as under the shifter boot.
  31. stock compression (test results)

    A day late and a dollar short but I'm sad no one mentioned checking the timing or allowing fuel-soaked piston rings as being a possible cause for consistently low compression numbers across the board. Granted, the mileage, history and such could be just cause for a rebuild but I was under the...
  32. Recurring P0140 Code

    Octane rating has nothing to do with being good or bad to your car or even the quality of the gasoline. The octane rating is an indication of the burn rate of the fuel. The higher the octane the slower the burn so on a stock, good running engine that the manufacturer has tuned for 87 octane...
  33. Hard warm starts...

    Thanks for the update and glad it's fixed!
  34. Recurring P0140 Code

    Is this code something new that has shown up since the cat replacement or was this code there as well as the p0420?Did you have to heat anything like the cat bolts or oxygen sensor to replace the cat?
  35. Hard warm starts...

    One, they're over-priced for what your car really needs and two most vehicles develop issues down the road much quicker than they would have if the correct plug were used.Anyone that's been diagnosing cars for a while or is familiar with a particular brand of car for a while will tell you...
  36. Recurring P0140 Code

    If it was a plug-n-play then your chances of it being acceptable are decent. If it was a universal that he had to wire in himself then your chances are low.
  37. Recurring P0140 Code

    There's a variety of "Brand new" sensors and I was specifically wanting to know what brand and what style. Was it Mitsu direct plug in, Bosch plug-in or universal-you-wire-it-up?
  38. Clean your throttle body?!

    I've heard of the water method working back in the day (pre-Fuel injection applications) because the cold water hitting the hot pistons breaks off the carbon but I've never tried it.There are other products that are available that are specifically designed to do the job that I would...
  39. Clean your throttle body?!

    Plus, most of the gunk on the throttle plate is oil coated by dirt particulates that get through the filter and whatever debris may get sucked in from the PCV system (again it's particulate). The EGR is introduced post-throttle plate so really... it's not carbon on the throttle plate. Any...
  40. Recurring P0140 Code

    What type of sensor did you install in there and have you verified that the light is coming back on for the exact same code or a new one related to the same sensor?Your first post describing the on-off-on light issue is really simple to explain. You had two P0140 codes in there because one...
  41. Hard warm starts...

    The all OBDII cars have two different networks used to access information from the DLC. When you are using the Ethos you're going under a generic network that doesn't require information such as year, make, model, VIN or other information. It's more or less just a plug-in and the scan tool...
  42. Hard warm starts...

    Hey Chase, thanks for the PM as I'm not on here a lot lately. Feel free to PM anytime and I'll go to the proper thread and help if I can.The gas cap, in theory, shouldn't affect your ability to start or not. The fuel pump picks up liquid fuel from the bottom of the tank and then...
  43. Intake Manifold Issue

    I didn't see a mention of a "P" code that definitively indicated that the CEL was EGR related. If there's no provision for the EGR tube then obviously an EGR code will set but there's no way to know that there are not other codes as well.Maybe I'm just splitting hairs but it just looks...
  44. Intake Manifold Issue

    It would be a bit helpful to find out what the check engine light is for. I mean... if the guy leaves a sensor off because there's no spot for it then obviously you'll have a check engine light. Also if there's a vacuum leak that's large enough then a "target idle can't be reached" code will...
  45. What happened to carolinadsm???

    Officially, No. Unofficially, No. And in other news this evening, I am actually paying for my own internet service instead of stealing a neighbor's wireless signal. And now for the weather. It's going to be cold tonight and there's a good chance that if you sleep outside your nuts will...
  46. So; who's local?

    Again, I blame Lando. On here I'm only a "Wiseman" while he's an actual Moderator. So again... it's his fault.
  47. So; who's local?

    It's not a cluster F. It's a vacation. The world won't come to a halt without CDSM and there's always other things to do than play on the internet. Like... actually get a car running again or do some chores around the house or something. Which... is why I'm glad DSMTuners is here in the...
  48. So; who's local?

    Have you ever tried doing computer repair using a gameboy in the middle of a rainstorm and no internet access? You know what happens when I don't work in a controlled environment with the right tools for the job. Valve covers fear me.
  49. So; who's local?

    Personally, I blame Lando.
  50. What happened to carolinadsm???

    Don't really know why things happened. But if you're interested in a stay in Peurto Rico... check out!
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