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  1. luv2rallye

    Resolved No O2 Sensor Voltage and Unable to Find it!

    Yes I can see the cat is missing (straight pipe welded in). Which O2 sensor are you trying to measure? Because without the cat that one is now missing and would then obviously read 0v on it's ECU pin. The O2 on the exhaust down pipe should still be there however.
  2. luv2rallye

    1G Simple Fuel Pump Rewire became a problem

    I think your problem is without the black/white wire connected, ECU pin 13 (fuel pump control sense) now doesn't see power to the fuel pump, so it won't allow ignition when trying to start. You need to wire the black/white to the wire that now goes to the fuel pump on your new relay and cut the...
  3. luv2rallye

    2G 2G tail lights and cluster stopped working

    When did the taillights fade and does it still do it?It's extremely rare but one person once reported he had a taillight bulb's internal 2 filaments shorted which caused bizarre behavior. Just to eliminate that you might try removing one at a time to see effect.
  4. luv2rallye

    2G 2G tail lights and cluster stopped working

    Download the Circuit Diagrams here: Then look at page 71 for contents.
  5. luv2rallye

    420A Engine overheating

    Replace thermostat (perhaps get a colder one) and get new rad cap, back flush coolant system, new coolant, radiator itself may need replacement. Do coolant system pressure test to check for leaks and if everything can hold pressure. Note factory fans move more air than aftermarket ones. Are...
  6. luv2rallye

    Bulb Sizes??

    After 17 yrs I doubt he cares anymore...
  7. luv2rallye

    Alternator tension bolt

    With what exactly and what year/model?
  8. luv2rallye

    PCV valve trouble

    Does it have the correct pitch? Do you have a metric one or are you using an ASE one? Perhaps try different pitch metric bolts in the cover to see which it is and then hold it against the PCV valve to compare pitches.
  9. luv2rallye

    Off-brand maintenance parts

    A truism that most people discover the hard way they pay for over and over.
  10. luv2rallye

    GVR-4 MPI Relay clicking (no, it's not the ECU)

    What year/engine is this? Are you sure that's not the fuel pump half of the relay?
  11. luv2rallye

    2G Surging 1997 Eclipse GST

    Some ideas: - - - -
  12. luv2rallye

    2G Unknown plug

    In my 1999 Mitsu factory manual the wires are the same, and it's on the drivers side intake manifold (turbo model), but the connector is the one shown in snowborder714 post #36 (
  13. luv2rallye

    1G Door lock issue

    Well the door lock key cylinder switch may still be, and probably is, the problem (lower pic in previous post). It was for me with your symptoms. Although an intermittent short (eg. wire touching ground) would also do it.
  14. luv2rallye

    1G Door lock issue

    It's usually a too loose fitting or intermittent/bad door lock key cylinder switch that attaches to the end of the door lock key cylinder (I've had this problem). Does jiggling (or slightly turning) the door key aggravate it? If so, that's it.
  15. luv2rallye

    1G Timing belt woes. 1g eclipse restoration road block

    Be aware that with many online places if they don't really have the part in stock (even though it's listed on their web site as available), you'll order it and never hear from them again. They ignore you rather than tell you they don't have it. This happened to me from Amayama as well as many...
  16. luv2rallye

    1G Timing belt woes. 1g eclipse restoration road block

    Yes they are discontinued (as is most everything DSM) but some places may still have some in stock. Try calling a Mitsubishi dealer and ask to check stock at all dealers in country. The Hyundai one may be your best bet. As a last resort you can try ordering one from Japan here...
  17. luv2rallye

    2G Found added wires at power window main switch

    To find out why you'll have to see where that red wire goes.
  18. luv2rallye

    2G Cooling system question

    P0125 is front O2 sensor. White smoke is burning coolant either HG or turbo seals. Do compression test to see if HG blown. Cooling system pressure test to see if holding pressure or leaks. Any coolant in oil?
  19. luv2rallye

    1G Timing belt woes. 1g eclipse restoration road block

    You mean timing belt tensioner arm MD130032 available at all these places? - - -...
  20. luv2rallye

    2G Door won’t open.. Help me get into my car!

    Yes they did, a getto fix for when door wouldn't open when handle is all the way up. I had tryed that too but it then sometimes (happened on one of my doors) allows that door open rod to move too far where it interferes with the outside key mechanism of the actuator. Bending that rod back to...
  21. luv2rallye

    How to replace stolen catalytic converter? - Kia Rio

    Yes take it to a muffler shop and ask. I had a muffler shop just weld their pipe right onto the existing flanges (or cut the pipes that still have the original flanges on them) so I could disassemble it if I needed in the future. Since the existing flanges were already held in place by the...
  22. luv2rallye

    420A 2gNT auto to manual swap

    It makes a difference as to the year and whether it has the factory theft alarm.
  23. luv2rallye

    Swapping a 95 engine in a 98

    Some other things:
  24. luv2rallye

    420A 2gNT P1490 Code, Fans Not Working.

    NO - where do you see that? My factory Mitsubishi book (and here shows it's "Low speed fan control relay circuit".
  25. luv2rallye

    WTB In need of a 2G FWD transmission

    PM Twicks69 on here may have something.
  26. luv2rallye

    2G Black yellow alternator wire location

    From the 2g diagrams: The black-yellow wire on the alt is blue if there is no generator relay. In either case whether black-yellow or blue, it goes to the generator relay plug. From there it is blue going to the dash charge, A/T Temp (awd), and brake lamps.
  27. luv2rallye

    Resolved 1g fwd question - lost synchronizer keys

    This is the 3-4 hub (instead of your 5th) but you can see the clips holding the keys. This is on my 1999 GST but yours most likely will be similar.
  28. luv2rallye

    Resolved 1g fwd question - lost synchronizer keys

    He means the circular clip looking thing that sits in the hub (1 on each side) and pushes against the keys. It's called a spring because it exerts a springy outward force against the keys.
  29. luv2rallye

    Resolved 1g fwd question - lost synchronizer keys

    Yes there is 1 spring (looks like giant circlip) on each side that holds the keys.
  30. luv2rallye

    Resolved Electrical Issue 99 GSX

    Issue 1: The main reason the windows don't work is probably because you blew the 100A fuse which powers the 30A power windows fuse. You say the power probe is capable of outputting a 12v signal. Ok but isn't that only a 12v signal (tiny signal power only) - not a 12v power source (powers...
  31. luv2rallye

    Resolved 1g fwd question - lost synchronizer keys

    If it's the solid metal rectangles (small box shaped) that I think you're pointing to, they are the synchronizer keys. Yes they are crucial and you must have them or it won't shift properly (keeps synchronizer sleeve in proper alignment). PM Twicks69 for them.
  32. luv2rallye

    420A 2gNT P1490 Code, Fans Not Working.

    Did Nd put in the correct relay type? If yes perhaps harness/pin issue. Start checking the low speed fan control relay voltages. Assuming you have a 420A (but not the 1996), the radiator fan relay (L01 in engine fusebox slot A-11X, which is middle relay of the upper relay row of the two rows of...
  33. luv2rallye

    2G Ticking noise

    Post video with sound.
  34. luv2rallye

  35. luv2rallye

    1G 1.8L 4g37 Overheating and Fault Code 13

    Flush your cooling system (I also do a reverse flush). Here's how on a Toyota but the principle is the same. If that doesn't work you may need a new radiator. .
  36. luv2rallye

    2G torque solutions rear engine mount

    The long bolt that goes through the 2g rear roll stop bracket assembly is 10x1.25x84. The 3 bolts that hold the bracket to the tranny are 12x1.25x30. Be careful not to over tighten those 3 bolts (51 ft.lbs max) as the tranny is soft aluminum and steel bolts will strip the tranny threads if too...
  37. luv2rallye

    2G Full boost at 3,500 Rpms HELP PLEASE!!!

    That factory boost gauge is not real - it's only what the ECU computes the boost should be. So it doesn't see any boost leaks. Check all the intake air clamps to be tight. Throttle body (TB) shaft seals are a typical air leak spot as well as intake mani and TB gaskets. You can spray soapy water...
  38. luv2rallye

    1G Belhousing Bolt Dimensions

    Pm the tranny pro Twicks69.
  39. luv2rallye

    420A What does this button do?

    Looks like a previous owner may have had additional rally lighting on the front of the car at one time. That switch turned its relays on to operate the lights. That very switch came with an old rally lights harness setup I had bought (PIAA brand I think it was). He probably kept the lights and...
  40. luv2rallye

    2G ROCKER ARM CLIPS! i found something really cool! no more rocker arms popping off!

    Yes, nice idea but IMHO I would be worried about the wear on the clip arms where they contact the lash adjuster (which holds the clip on). Enough wear may let the clips slide off (and then engine damage from the clips getting tangled up with the cam shaft - since the clips are so light weight...
  41. luv2rallye

    2G Recommendations for Power Antenna for GST Spyder 99

    What I meant to say was "hint: no one's power antenna goes up/down after a couple years on any car model up here" due to all the rain/snow freezing.
  42. luv2rallye

    2G 98 Eclipse GSX : Best Replacement Alternator Available in Current Market?

    Yes I have always found rebuilt alts at major auto stores are 90% of the time junk. And even though they often have a free replacement policy what good is that when you have to keep replacing it yourself over and over? You shouldn't have to EVER replace an alt right after you buy it! {my rant on...
  43. luv2rallye

    2G 98 Eclipse GSX : Best Replacement Alternator Available in Current Market?

  44. luv2rallye

    2G Recommendations for Power Antenna for GST Spyder 99

    Yes I finally gave up on my power antenna as it always gets stuck forever sooner or later (had car 23 yrs now). Trying to be clever I even put in a switch to keep it up until car washes. But even that failed eventually. So I finally went fixed and never happier with never a failure. Of course in...
  45. luv2rallye

    420A Radio not working

    Then you have a short.
  46. luv2rallye

    2G No Spark! Please Help

    Do you have the PTU mounted to its bracket and grounded properly: you tested the PTU: the filter capacitor still connected...
  47. luv2rallye

    2G Key reminder not working

    After re-thinking this I believe my analysis in post 64 may be incorrect or at least unlikely.Now I believe the key reminder buzzer probably works whether you have the immobilizer or not. I say this because the key reminder switch is separate (and has a separate operation) from the immobilizer...
  48. luv2rallye

    GVR-4 terminals and connectors
  49. luv2rallye

    2G Intermittent alternator charging

    IMHO reman alts have always been junk (and not even worth their "lifetime" warranty when they keep going out). Either get a new one or a rebuilt one from a alt/starter repair shop. And yes alts should be putting out 14.4V.
  50. luv2rallye

    420A Radio not working

    Just as a test to see if a ground is missing, I'm talking about grabbing any wire you can find in your house (ie. not a wire that is already part of the radio connection) to temporarily touch the metal radio case to a part of the metal car frame and see if the radio then works - got it?
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