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  1. danny_l_2005

    For Sale 96 Eagle Talon TSi project (SOLD)

    I have finally decided to let go of my first car. The car is rusting around the hatch and would prefer to get some money for my house construction. I haven’t been in this forum for many years however I would prefer to sell my car to an enthusiast than to a junk yard. I am selling this car for...
  2. danny_l_2005

    Sealant on Cam Gears

    Does the Camshaft end caps closest to the cam gears need any sealant?
  3. danny_l_2005

    flex plate position

    Can anyone tell me the position how the flexplate should be? I already installed the engine and now im have difficulty connecting the torque converter and the flex plate. The way i installed it was: Flexplate first then a circular metal plate. Now im not sure if it was the ciruclar metal plate...
  4. danny_l_2005

    Is my bank account being garnished?

    As of 29th of October my bank account shows a balance of -3781.01 ... I bank with BBVA Compass and I've never over drafted or missed a payment on any of my bills. On my transactions i'm getting two "GARNISHMENT DEBITTexas Notice of Freeze 10/30/09" and a transaction that says " TX NOTICE OF...
  5. danny_l_2005

    Torquing main and rod bolts

    My service manual says to torque the rod bolts 14.5ft/lbs plus 90* and my mains to 18 ft/lbs plus 90* as well , is that right?
  6. danny_l_2005

    What bolts to reuse

    I just received my main and rod bearings, so all I need is to check clearance and assemble it back together. All i need to know is if i can reuse my main and rod bolts, and the (7)bolts that connect the driveplate to the crank?
  7. danny_l_2005

    [RESOLVED] Crank difference

    Is there any difference between a 1g 7bolt crankshaft and a 95-96 7 bolt crankshaft? I'm in need of a crankshaft and saw some 1g 7 bolt crankshaft for sale.
  8. danny_l_2005

    Eating Tripas and now curious....

    What is your favorite food from your culture? Mine are tripas (cow's small intestines...they are so good) and menudo ( great for hangovers) and fajitas.
  9. danny_l_2005

    I'm broke and it's my birthday

    What can I do to have a nice birthday when I only have 80 dollars to last me til my next paycheck (july 23)?
  10. danny_l_2005

    Testicle pain

    Pain is coming from the right one only. I never had this happen to me before and it seriously is scaring me. I can't sleep, all that goes through my mind is the worst outcome. This just started happening Saturday. It only hurts if comes in contact with something, I can't use my bike which is my...
  11. danny_l_2005

    Fixing my shortblock

    I took my block to check the bore and pistons. The guy said that the cylinder do not need to be bored out and that it's needs to be honed.My question is how hard is it to hone the cylinder wall. I can rent a cylinder hone from Oreilly's for around 30 dollars. I am also in need of new rings...
  12. danny_l_2005

    making a dispute through Paypal is just like doing a survey

    making a dispute through Paypal is just like doing a survey and does no good? I'm making my second dispute since I've had a Paypal account. The first one didn't go well. I won the dispute but didn't see one cent. Just because back then I was 17 I couldn't go to that guy's house who scammed me...
  13. danny_l_2005

    Name Node 3

    :) Vote COLBERT for the new Space Station name :hellyeah:Here the linkHelp NASA Name Node 3!
  14. danny_l_2005

    Precal help

    I did bad in my test and our professor was kind enough to let us correct the answers. I am NOT asking you to give me the answer. I am only asking to teach me how it works.Ok.I have this question : Verify the following: cscx - sinx= cosxcotxCan someone make an example and show me how to...
  15. danny_l_2005

    Quickbooks help

    Can some show me how to put all my business info on the Invoices because it is only showing my business name and address. Thanks
  16. danny_l_2005

    just saw this in youtube

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  17. danny_l_2005

    Income Tax Question

    I'm a dependent and also a college student; I received my 1098-T form as I paid last year's tuition, but because I am a dependent TurboTax tells me I can't use it. I wish I could so they won't deduct any taxes from my withholding, but I can't :( . My question is, if I can't use it then does...
  18. danny_l_2005

    Lost compression on cylinder 1

    I lost compression on cylinder 1 and have compression ranging from 120-130 on other pistons. Car was working fine before then I changed the valve seals. Keep in mind last time I used my car was at least 6 months ago. I did prime the engine before turning it on. I used my compressor to put...
  19. danny_l_2005

    I hate my car

    I never use my car because of the terrible fuel-cuts plus it's not that exciting anymore since I bought my bike. So today I decided to change valve seals, I swear my car doesn't want me to fix it. I have so much hate towards my car because it becomes a PITA to get things done.While I was...
  20. danny_l_2005

    Calling all 90 dsm owners

    The only reason my dsm isn't in use is because leaky tb seals. The nearest dealer who sells these SKF seals from Chicago Rawhide wants 3 dollars for one seal and need to purchase at least ten in order for them to make the order. I'll will have to purchase the other seal.I know I...
  21. danny_l_2005

    Is my cousin screwed?

    Well yesterday, we went to get a car for my cousin off a used car lot. We test drove it really quick, I felt something wrong on that auto tranny. It kind of shift too hard. Nevertheless, my cousin still bought it. Well we were coming back to our town with this 98 mustang gt then all of a sudden...
  22. danny_l_2005

    Assistance from network gurus

    I'm trying to make a web server to create a website using PHP and SQL. Now, is there anyway I can create my own web server if i'm receiving my internet through a wireless ISP (they get theirs through ATT) plus I have my own router hooked up. My computer ip address is a 192.168.1.* plus I get a...
  23. danny_l_2005

    Any C++ programmers?

    i haven't messed with c++ since four semesters ago, recently I was assigned to create a program that will output the highest and lowest number from six user inputs. Now I got that done, but would like to spice it up a bit... What I would like to do is make it ask the user if they would like to...
  24. danny_l_2005

    General Dyno question

    I've made a post a while ago at a Kawasaki forum but I am not getting enough replies for a clear answer. I know there are many experience tuning enthusiasts, so my question to you is If a bikes' dyno's computer is having connection issues with the dyno. The tuner said he can tune my bike with...
  25. danny_l_2005

    Missing Coolant

    For the past month I've been having problem with my car losing coolant. I see no leak anywhere, coolant isn't going to the oil. I also changed the radiator cap thinking it might be that. I only have this issue when my car is being used. If my car hasn't been used all coolant is there. But if I...
  26. danny_l_2005

    To part or not to part

  27. danny_l_2005

    To part or not to part

    I've had this 1990 talon for about a year and since i've owned i only used it for two weeks tops. Since its broken down, I haven't had the money to fix it. Now the only thing it needs is a new starter, possibly a new flywheel. Now would you guys think I can get more money out of it by parting it...
  28. danny_l_2005

    My Uncle a free man again

    So my uncle was released yesterday in Florida. He was jail for two months for a crime he never commit. Here's a link from Miami Newspaper Man jailed in case of mistaken identity is freed - 02/12/2008 - . Well the point I am trying to make is, how can the government be so stupid.
  29. danny_l_2005

    Went to my first rock concert

    So I went to my first rock concert in my life. I went to go see one of my favorite bands in Dallas. Dallas is like 8 hours away from my house. It was worth the trip.:) Lets see if any of you can identify the band :sneaky: So here's a blurry picture
  30. danny_l_2005

    Electrical wires just hanging around

    So I got some wires just hanging around the engine bay. Can anyone please tell me which wire goes where? This is for a 1990 Talon AWD. thanks
  31. danny_l_2005

    oil sprocket timing

    I just finished putting a new waterpump, timing belt, front case, tensioner, and idler pulley and tensioner. My worry is that i don't know if my oil sprocket needs to be in time with crank and camshafts, because somehow it is not. I don't have my balance shafts, so is it necessary for it to be...
  32. danny_l_2005

    So I finally decided to get her fixed.

    For around 6 months I have been DSMless, so I do miss my poor baby. My Talon starting leaking coolant from its water pump in June and having lower than normal oil pressure. Around two weeks ago I bought most parts to get her fixed. Bought her all oem: front case, timing belt, water pump...
  33. danny_l_2005

    I still love my DSM's

    So about 2 or 3 months ago, I bought a bike (kawi 636). After using my bike the first week, my DSM decide to take a leak on me (seriously, started leaking coolant). So i decided to use my toy(bike) every day. Within those 3 months, I felt happy. Well now :( , we're having thunderstorms almost...
  34. danny_l_2005

    I think I just screwed up my motor :(

    First i'll start by showing my feelings :( ... :cry: . my newly bought 90 tsi awd just messed up on me. The motor was new. But the starter wasn't. I needed to push start it. So not even 15mins ago, we were push starting it and heard an ugly noise when we did. so we tried and tried, would turn...
  35. danny_l_2005

    on idle the car misses, a lot

    So on idle the car misses, a lot. It is weird because I doesn't "feel" it misses when going partial throttle or at WOT. But during deceleration I feel the car jerking because of it. Now I just tried new wires to see if it fixed the problem but it doesn't. Now my question is, will a bad o2 sensor...
  36. danny_l_2005

    AC Compressor

    Ok so my a/c compressor gave a shit on me. My girlfriend has been nagging me to fix my a/c.Now I need to get it fix as it is getting hotter by the days. I just recently bought a 1g made for only track car so the a/c is going out. Is the compressors interchangable? Will it fit with no prob?
  37. danny_l_2005

    Buying a 90 talon

    There is a local here that is selling his talon for 1800 but i found several things wrong with it. The T-case is not working. He told me that it can be repairable because some bearing locked up. SO all I have to do is change that bearing, thats what he said. He told me the bearing itself cost...
  38. danny_l_2005

    Sun Visor Lights

    Hey guys well my car came with lights on the visor, so when i bought it only the passenger's side would light up but now neither both works. I checked both fuse like lights on both visors but only to find out that both are good. I checked the voltage and i only get .024 volts WTF . Does anyone...
  39. danny_l_2005

    Valve seals problem?

    My car starts smoking (not much) when idling, so when i take off a puff of smoke comes out of the tailpipe. I also have an exhaust leak where the manifold and head are connected. At the leak there is carbon deposits around the area but also is oily. I haven't taken off my manifold for the fear...
  40. danny_l_2005

    Turbo Recommendation

    Ok my goal is to hit 13 flat with my car, but I really don't know which turbo to go with. I already hit a 14.2 with a fuel cut with my car so i know i can go 13's. At first I was thinking the 20g with TD06H, but I think its too much for me. However, I do want to have a little space to hit 12's...
  41. danny_l_2005

    Things needed for hunting deer.

    Ok guys, its really cool that I just bought a rifle. Its a Remington 710 using 30-06. I'm asking what do i need other than the hunting license to go get myself a deer. I know the season is over in Jan. 22. Does a hunting license require educational class? Or is it pay on the spot and you get...
  42. danny_l_2005

    Im in the 14 sec club

    Well this past friday I decided to take my car to the racetrack just for the heck of it (might of been because I got a bonus). I knew that the car was still hitting fuel cut but still took it just for fun. As a result I hit an incredible 14.28. Almost beating a New Mustang GT which hit a...
  43. danny_l_2005

    backfire during high speeds

    I have recently been having this problem. When im going high speed at wot say at 70+. I get a loud pop and my car seems to lose power but this doesn't happen during partial throttle. I do however have a weak spark on my 4th cylinder (coil). But I really don't think that would be the problem...
  44. danny_l_2005

    Need HELP!! :( Anyone good at writing essays

    I can't finish my stupid essay. Its about doing a reader response of a song. The song is a old and somewhat country its call It Might As Well Be You. Can anyone give me any pointers of what should i write about in a reader response. I know i cant use "I","you","i think" which makes it even...
  45. danny_l_2005

    Look what Mr. Brown brought me :)

    I ordered the stall to be somewhere in mid 3K.
  46. danny_l_2005

    Somewhat bogging

    Ok my question is can my car bog if my rec. tube has a cut-like open. The cut has been made from numerous of time overtightening the tube the the bov. OR can it be compressor surge at 0 psi; Im not sure if the bov works great at that psi, other than that my bov works great. My a/f ratio gauge...
  47. danny_l_2005

    car misses

    My car has been doing this for at least 3-4months. The misfire only happens in idle. It does not create any drivability issues. But I do get this pulsation when im going 40+ n boosting in partial throttle. My plugs are new and they are NGK bpr7es gapped to .028. My wires are about a year old. I...
  48. danny_l_2005

    transmission cost

    what was your cost on your new rebuilt transmission(please use full description eg. IPT stall)? Im thinking of rebuilding mine and I want to put the restalled tq, shift kit, end clutches, cooler, and the rebuild kit. But i dont know if i would be able to afford it. My budget is 1500
  49. danny_l_2005

    EZ Out, In

    So I tried taking out a stud from the head (Ex. manifold to Head), but the drill bit broke inside of the stud. What so what can I do now? I really am not buy a new head. I went to the machine shop and I told them about it and they said it will be really hard to take it off. The guy said he will...
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