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  1. tow hooks

    Stock rear, fiberglass front bumper. Had to trim the front support to fit the wider mouth/IC piping.Yeah, it says those are made for a honda.
  2. tow hooks

    Before someone starts trashing this, I fully intend on using them. This will be a track car. Now...does anyone make a good tow hook for a 2g? Front and back. I'd like to not have to cut holes for it unless its necessary. I have been looking, and all I see so far is universal ones.Thanks...
  3. which axle is longer?

  4. which axle is longer?

    OK, I still couldn't get the longer one to pop in the passenger side, so I started working on the driver side with the short one. I got the knuckle and everything in, but the axle isn't sticking through the hub enough to thread the nut in The diff cover said viscous LSD BFH on it.
  5. which axle is longer?

    Are you sure? I'm having a hard time getting it to pop in.
  6. which axle is longer?

    I didn't pay attention when I took them out, and it looks like the driver side should be the longer rear axle, but I just want to check. Which side gets the longer rear axle?
  7. Sema

    Sema PicsLet me know if that works
  8. Sema

    Did anyone go to sema? I'd like to see your pics. I'll post some when I get them uploaded.
  9. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    Don't forget the anti seize. I learned that one a little too late.
  10. New to Dsms

    Not bad. What's the plan?
  11. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    I'll have to look at the new ones when I get home. I'm on the way back from SEMA (awesome).
  12. Oil leak coming from oil pump maybe?

    If its under warranty, just take it it in. Save the headache.
  13. Belt tensioner

    Yeah, try the dealer. They can give you a part number at least and you might find it online cheaper.
  14. 1g carbon fiber pop ups

    I got some shitty cf parts from GT Fab. There weren't very friendly either.
  15. My first couple DSM's

    That purple color makes it look like a ford probe.
  16. Paint Scheme

    I've always liked the black and white like that. Looks good.
  17. p0303 very random

    You already put new wires on it?
  18. yamaha R6 trade for toyota MR2

    Put the 6 bolt in the R6. I have an 09 R6 and I love it.
  19. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    I did. I had hoped to be able to sell the stock ones, but that isn't going to happen.
  20. DSS Hub Stud problem

    thanks guys. apparently the arp extended studs came in the box and i didnt see them.
  21. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    The half shafts and the hubs couldn't be separated, but the bearing could be freed, so the shafts were cut in half and pushed through the knuckle the wrong way.
  22. BOV recircutation hose?

    i used one of those flexable radiator hoses once.
  23. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    The guy at the machine shop couldn't get them apart either, so he turned the half shafts into quarter shafts and pushed them through.
  24. DSS Hub Stud problem

    I'm in the process of installing the DSS rear hub & half shaft kit. the factory spec wheel studs slide in as far as the threads, but there is nowhere near enough room for it to push in spline deep. Has anyone dealt with this? I may also go with APR wheel studs, but i need to get this issue...
  25. 2g vrsf fog lights installed

    I like it. Nice job.
  26. Balance Shaft Belt Broke (AGAIN)

    Ditch the shafts and find out.
  27. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    I had that problem once, then I realizad one of the fans was blowing instead of sucking.
  28. tail light socket

    Junk yards are great for small stuff like that.
  29. How did you mount your plate?

    I have been lucky and not gotten in trouble for not having a front plate, but it could give a cop an excuse to pull you over and catch you for other stuff.
  30. Removing Rear End

    Im in that problem now too. I can't get the shafts to separate from the hubs, so I took the shafts, knuckles, and hubs all out as one piece.
  31. Power Antenna

    I took my power one off after I bent it back going under a rail crossing arm. I always listen to xm, so I don't know if the signal suffered.
  32. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    That's what I saw too. That's why I was hoping for a link.
  33. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    Hmm... interesting tool. Do you have a link for it?
  34. 3g Brake Booster & MC

    I'd like to know about this as well. I'm going to be doing this swap soon.
  35. Downpipe nuts backing out

    Gotta love an easy fix.
  36. Downpipe nuts backing out

    If you don't have lock washers, do that either way.
  37. 95 gsx

    Cool. Mine came bone stock.
  38. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    It just keeps getting better.Well, I took out the whole shebang: shafts, knuckles, hubs, and sensors. Now to find a machine shop.
  39. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    Hmm. Sounds like I should gear up for the junk yards and get some new knuckles... if they're not stuck as well. Also, the sensor doesn't want to come out either. Is there a trick to that? The bolt wont back out, and I tried prying the sensor away, but it feels like it's going to break before it...
  40. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    Sounds pretty much like what I tried. I had some pb blaster, and a 7 ton puller that bolted to the hub, torched the hub to try and help, and hammered the puller. I may need to take the whole knuckle off and take it to a shop I guess. Thanks.
  41. rear half shaft stuck to hub

    Hey guys. My hub seems to be rusted to my rear shaft and I cant seem to get it the break free. I just used a puller to try and pry them apart, but I couldn't get it to work. Any suggestions? (95 TSI awd)Thanks, Kane
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