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  1. 1990 AWD Talon Flash Red 5spd

    Welcome back Mario. I remember reading your posts from back in days. You always had good ones!
  2. 1990 AWD Talon Flash Red 5spd

    DSMMARIO- Are you Mario "porsche killer" Pennycook from the old digest days?
  3. 6 bolt waterpump pulley solution

    Update- this part is now 8 second dsm proven! Props to Mike Wagner!
  4. Xona in a t4 housing?

    Chris, I had a DBB PTE 6766 (.82 a/r t3 housing) on my car before the super99. With that turbo I actually had the fp11r exhaust cam in there with the 5r intake cam. My car is a street car and the 6766 was a fun street turbo, as it would hit boost pretty hard even with the big cams. When I...
  5. Xona in a t4 housing?

    92GSXtacy: That's your opinion pal :). Cams are fp5r.
  6. Xona in a t4 housing?

    Third gear, 30psi was roughly 6900 rpm, 40 psi was around 7100 rpm. I just opened an old datalog from a good pass with the super 99 and that's what it shows. I did not achieve 160mph, but it was pretty close.
  7. Xona in a t4 housing?

    I do not have any EMAP data on the T3 FP super99 that I used to run. My intention with trying a divided housing was to experiment and see if it would help with response of the turbo. In my opinion the FP super99 was "laggy". Unfortunately for me I was never able to find a divided housing for the...
  8. Xona in a t4 housing?

    Chris I used to run an FP super99 with the t3 .85a/r turbine housing, and a shearer fab t3 header. I wanted to try a divided t4 turbine housing with the super99. My goal was to see if it would have better response and potentially make more power. I found some old pictures on the web showing that...
  9. AEM Map Sensors above 5 bar

    Hiroshi, Thank you for sharing the AEM 30-2130-7 PSIA sensor. I had looked on the AEM website and somehow missed this. I currently use an aem 5 bar in my 1g, but may need the extra capacity of the 30-2130-7 sensor. This would be what I am looking for.Mello, I appreciate the feedback as well...
  10. AEM Map Sensors above 5 bar

    Hello, What map sensor are people using to run boost above the limit of a 5 bar AEM sensor? I see AEM offers a map sensor which goes to a higher level of positive pressure, but doesn't seem to be able to register vacuum. Please share what you are doing. Also, is the series 1 AEM box capable of...
  11. For Sale kiggly beehive springs and retainers

    For sale: Kiggly Beehive valve springs, seat locators and retainers. These are the "high pressure beehive springs" Kiggly sells, not the street springs and not the race only springs. They are used with less than 10k miles on them. They are still in good shape, I just went with brand new valve...
  12. For Sale ARP L19 Head Studs - 1g 6 bolt

    For sale: 1g DSM 6 bolt ARP L19 head stud set. These have been torqued probably 3 total times. I was going to reuse them in my build, but I decided to purchase a 100% new set. These do not look to be damaged and as per ARP should be re-usable and should not stretch.$200 OBO.
  13. For Sale Super99 setup, buschur 3.5inch exhaust

    Admin please delete- all is sold.
  14. Shipping Delays at STM?

    I recently placed an order with STM and there are ZERO updates to it. I have called and emailed them multiple times. This is no way to do business. I do not know even how I can cancel the order at this point. Anyone here have any insight for me on this?
  15. For Sale Super99 setup, buschur 3.5inch exhaust

    Items are still available. This is a bolt on 1000 horsepower capable setup.
  16. For Sale Super99 setup, buschur 3.5inch exhaust

    I have my FP Super99 turbo setup for sale. This is comprised of: FP Super 99 turbo. Ball bearing, 72mm inducer compressor wheel (billet), .85 a/r T3 FP turbine housing. Shearer fab t3 header. Tial 44mm v band wastegate DEI lava / C.F. header heat wrap EBAY t3 Lava T3 turbine housing blanket...
  17. Turbos

    Tyler, A good old 20g is still a hard hitting dsm street turbo. It should be able to hit 400 to 450 horsepower. I am referring to the original "Buschur 20g". This means a td06h 20g compressor wheel and housing, td05h turbine when (7cm housing) with a 25 degree turbine clip. That was always a fun...
  18. 6 bolt waterpump pulley solution

    If your setup is working for you, then great. In some cases it seems that the alternator pulley rubs on the frame rail on a 2g with a 6 bolt. This pulley can help by spacing the alternator away from the frame rail.I have a few of these available if anyone needs/wants one.
  19. 6 bolt waterpump pulley solution

    I have a few of these in stock currently. Please pm me if interested
  20. Drag Week 2G DSM - 8 Second Street Car

    I emailed FP and that divided turbine housing is not available. For my application (FP super99) I would love to find one of the old FP divided housings or something compatible to try that out. Or, if tial/Xona rotor will offer it I would go that route.
  21. Drag Week 2G DSM - 8 Second Street Car

    Looking good! Was that divided T4 turbine housing an option with the xona rotor turbo? I have an FP super99 and would like to try a divided T4 housing for it, but thought it wasn't available for this turbo? I thought the Xona 105-68 was basically the same as the super99? Please enlighten me.
  22. Drag Race Build 2g awd swap forward facing 6466

    Mike, Looking great! I hope the car rips at the next track event. I also am glad to see the water pump pulley is working out for you.
  23. For Sale 6766, shearer header, bj's intake, super99...more

    I still have: Bj's intake, hatch, hood, turbonetics manifold, and super99 setup for sale.I also have: Qty:2 Bosch 044 fuel pumps - make offer.
  24. Drag Race Build 2g awd swap forward facing 6466

    Great job Mike. I like the 41mph back half.As we discussed it would be a good upgrade for you to try one of the water pump pulley's I make. It would allow you to tension the belt and only run one belt. I pasted the thread about the pulley below...
  25. Rag1983's 2G FF Street Build

    That thing kicks ass.
  26. For Sale 6766, shearer header, bj's intake, super99...more

    Bump. I still have a bunch of items guys.
  27. 6 bolt waterpump pulley solution

    I have a few of these pulleys available right now. If you would like one there will be no wait time.
  28. Morrison Fabrications Product Offerings

    I have a question in regards to your t4 divided manifolds.Do you purposely group cylinders 1 and 4 and 2 and 3 and direct them towards either the inducer or exducer of the turbine? Perhaps you have found that directing a paired 1 and 4 cylinder combo towards the inducer produces better power...
  29. 1G Build : Basic Bxtch

    Woah, your car looks awesome with the rpf1's!
  30. 1G New manifold and First Collector

    Yes the "purge block". What kind of price would they be? Feel free to p.m. me a price if you don't want to post it.
  31. 1G New manifold and First Collector

    Wow, great job on the header so far. It is looking like a cool project.I assume you drilled and tapped an aluminum block to make your "purge" system? I have seen the tube plugs for sale before. Would you mind divulging where you got those materials?
  32. For Sale 6766, shearer header, bj's intake, super99...more

    Bump ... Some items are still available.
  33. 6 bolt waterpump pulley solution

    I am checking on availability from my machinist. I can still get these.
  34. For Sale 6766, shearer header, bj's intake, super99...more

    Attached are pictures of some of the items.The Super 99 turbo and shearer manifold are still installed on my car.
  35. For Sale 6766, shearer header, bj's intake, super99...more

    For sale: Pte 6766 dual ball bearing turbo: .82 ar t3 turbine housing.. Make offerBjs sheetmetal intake for 1g head. Drilled for mustang throttle body. This was originally on Sheps 1g. Has n20 bungs... Make offerTurbonetics t3 manifold with custom elbow for tial waste gate. ..make offer...
  36. The dud

    The 6766 is going to be a bad ass turbo for you. Nice build!
  37. 1G First Turbo Manifold ....complete

    The manifold looks great! Good job.
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