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  1. miguelmcv

    Sold 1997 Eagle Talon TSI AWD Auto

    Selling my 97 talon awd auto, I hate to let it go but I have no choice at the moment.The car is being reliable since I worked in it. It has new head gasket, evo valve springs and retainers, it has new timing belt and all components, new O2 sensor, some seals replaced etc.You can see the...
  2. miguelmcv

    Resolved 2g Knock sensor connector bracket part number

    Does anyone know the part number of the 2gb knock sensor bracket?.In a 2ga is located where the 2gb cam sensor location is.In a 2gb the bracket was moved between the cam sensor and the inlet of the fuel rail.I have a 2ga bracket but is not the same bracket as the 2gb., does some one knows...
  3. miguelmcv

    Sold Turbonetic castiron T3 manifold.

    Here is a Turbonetic T3 manifold.It has no cracks jut dirty for being around the garage for so long.Letting it go for $150 shipped.(323)-240-2582 Miguel.
  4. miguelmcv

    Sold T3 cast iron exhaust manifold for HX35

    Here is a t3 cast-iron manifold, its a bolt on with an HX35 housing, the manifold was cut on an angle on the head side and on the colector side as well, giving an angle to the turbo to space it away from the block and giving clearance to use the factory Holset turbine housing.Some dsmers use...
  5. miguelmcv

    For Sale EVO 8 Motor Mount

    Selling an Evo8 motor mount in good working condition, $55 shipped + PayPal fees.(323)-240-2582 Miguel
  6. miguelmcv

    For Sale HX35 .82 fr a band turbine housing

    Selling an HX35 turbine housing, it’s a .85 de and is Vband on the exhaust side, This is an open T3 and can be machine to an HX40 for faster spool.$140 shipped + PayPal fees.Also I have an HX35 twin scroll housing without wastegate provision, it’s the 12cm housing.It’s $140 shipped...
  7. miguelmcv

    For Sale Kiggly Racing Crank Trigger Sensor for 6 bolt swap.

    For sale is a kiggly trigger crank sensor $100 in my packet, so it means + shipping and PayPal fees.If you did a 6 bolt engine swap on a 2g and you have no ECMLink or engine management and you are getting the misfire symptoms, then this will fix your problem without the need of any tuning...
  8. miguelmcv

    Daily Drive

    miguelmcv submitted a new DSM Profile :Daily DriveRead more about this vehicle here...
  9. miguelmcv

    For Sale Garage sale

    Hi all dsmers I thought to let you guys know I'm selling all my spare parts and some other project parts as well so let me know what you guys might need/want.If you don't see what you need just ask for it there is a chance I'll have it...
  10. miguelmcv

    WTB 1g defogger relay with pig tail and rubber holder.

    Im On a need of a 1g defogger relay ASAP.It has to come with a pig tail (connector) and the rubber holder.Text or call to (323)240-2582I'm located in Fresno.
  11. miguelmcv

    2G Dual FAL Fans 490 VS 440 VS 420

    I being having some light high temperatures lately, so before I spend $300 $500, I would like to have a very good knowledge on each set up (Fal Fans).At the moment I am running 2 10" (pushers) and 1 12" puller, all of them are mishimoto, they were working well, but now they aren't keeping up...
  12. miguelmcv

    New DSMer moving to Fresno

    Hey guys, I'm moving to Fresno and I hope to see some DSMers in that are.I will be moving my this weekend but I have to go out for 3 weeks after that and will be back to Fresno.I hope to see some of you guys and know what or where you guys meet or get together to talk or have fun.I did...
  13. miguelmcv

    2g/16 parts FS

    Selling some parts and will update once I get some pics and will add some parts as well.Here they are.2g/1g aftermarket and stock parts. - DSM Classifieds
  14. miguelmcv

    Quick Connect Harness

    I just want to share my quick disconnect to you guys.Im doing a quick disconnect and thought sharing this might motivates you guys to keep woring in your dsm...Here is the thread with pics.:)
  15. miguelmcv

    My quick disconnect harness.

    Hi all, I just want to share my quick disconnect harness (in progress ).I have 2 extra harness laying around for parts and decide to do a quick disconnect. This is not a brand new harness with new wiring and new connectors etc., It's just a used harness mod it to be a quick disconnect, so I...
  16. miguelmcv

    WTT 6 bolt AWD Flywheel for a 7 bolt Flywheel.

    As title says,I need a 7 bolt AWD Flywheel, It must be OEM, I'm not looking for aftermarket Flywheel. I have 3 OEM Flywheels, 2 AWD 6 bolt and 1 FWD 7 bolt, I have many other parts that I'm willing to Trade, But they are to many to list them.If there is not Trade interested, let me know...
  17. miguelmcv

    wtb 2g awd front passenger side axle

    As title says. Im looking for a 2g awd front passenger side axle, mine give a shit on me while I was on the middle of my daily drive head gasket job. Now I have no car.Need one ASAP.323_240_2582Miguel.
  18. miguelmcv

    3G Brake Reservoir Mod to accept Clutch Feed line.

    Hey guys, I did this Mod 3 Months ago and till now, this is holding on.:rocks:I didn't want to share it before because I didn't even know how it was going to come up.Now 3 months later it still holding like a chap,, So I think it's time to share it.First of all, I cut off one...
  19. miguelmcv

    Wtb oem clutch plate and disk.

    I'm looking for an OEM pressure plate and clutch disk for my Daily Drive, I am not looking for Aftermarket clutch, Just OEM.I have all the rest, TB, Fork, pilot etc,,,,, I just need the plate and disk.If any one has one laying around, PM or Text, (323)-240-2582Miguel.
  20. miguelmcv

    Electric AC Compressor swap.

    I being searching for an electric AC compressor to swap the belt driven compressor, I have seen some of the VE using the SIERRA compressors,. I know they uses a lot of juice, but I just contacted Master Flux and they said I can use one of their compressors directly from our 12v...
  21. miguelmcv

    Wtb 2gb headlight asap.

    As the title says, I'm looking for 2gb head lights, Halo, Hid,, or what ever better than stock. My car is in the paint shop and almost finish , so I need it asap to be install before the assembly processPm or text for faster respond,.323-240-2582Miguel..
  22. miguelmcv

    WTT RC 550 for Stock 450 Injectors.

    As title says, I want to trade my 550 RC Injectors in good conditions for some Stock 450 injectors (in good conditions), The only thing that I require is to have new Seals.My RC 550 I bought them NEW, they were not second hand, I being running just pump gas from the day I bought them.If any...
  23. miguelmcv

    Rear Mud Flaps Factory Look from other car.

    I just want to post some pics of some mud flaps that I found on another car. I install them with almost no modification and it came up with a factory look. Here are some pics.:hellyeah:The mud flaps came from a Subaru Legacy, I just didn't check what year it came...
  24. miguelmcv

    WTB, Garbage Clutch ASAP,

    As the title says, I am looking for a damage clutch disc, I just need it to weld a socket and use it as a tool to disassemble my transmission so it doesn't matter how bad it is,., I can't find mine, I being looking for it all afternoon and couldn't find it, I just give up.:coy:I am willing to...
  25. miguelmcv

    WTB 1g CAS.

    Looking for a 1g CAS, mine took a shit on me.:notgood:Looking for the black cap, but it's not a must.:rolleyes:PM if you have one.I found one.Thanks for the space.Miguel.
  26. miguelmcv

    WTB, 4g64 Pistons and rods.

    Like the title says, Looking for a set of 2.4 piston and rods.Looking for a set of Standard pistons (6 bolt), Or some 20 over (7 bolt).Please let me know if you have some.:pray:Miguel.
  27. miguelmcv

    Garage Sale

    Hey guys, I am moving and trying to take away all what I can, Here are some pics, but more pics will be posted later. Any interest or questions PM, call or text, (323)240-2582Front Evo brembos with pads, hardware and rotors. SOLD 6 bolt short block ( standard with new stock pistons but bottom...
  28. miguelmcv

    How to check for ac leak?.

    I have read a lot of threads about how to check for leaks, But they all say to recharge and looks for leaks, which with soapy water can find the leak. I am putting all ac back together, But I wouldn't like to spend on Freon just to check for leaks. I would like to know, how to put air in the...
  29. miguelmcv

    Stlock G4cs For Daily Drive Advice.

    Hey, I just found a Stock G4cs in the JunkYard out of a 92 Expo.I took the engine out and inspected.The Block looks OK, no damage from out side, ether internals, When I removed the oil pan, there were no debris, the oil looks kind of sparkling things in it, (metal shavings), But nothing...
  30. miguelmcv

    2g Convertible Top Frame.

    Hey guys, I have a 2g Convertible Top Frame, If any one is interested and able to pick it up, Let me know I have it laying down.:sneaky:
  31. miguelmcv

    SX Performance Regulator Rebuild Kit?.

    I can't find any rebuild kit for my 15402 SX Performance FPR:cry:Can some one point me in the right direction,, I have look and look and the only thing that I have seeing, is the Aerometer FPR Rebuild Kit.I Just can't find it, Or I might have to switch to an Aerometer FPR.OMGPlease...
  32. miguelmcv

    How to measure a wheel off set.

    Hey guys, I was trying to find out, how to know what off set is my wheel.I did some search and got all confused.Here is a site where says how to measure, I have all measured, but when comes to convert inches to mm, It gets all crazy, may be I am not doing it right.Here is the site that I...
  33. miguelmcv

    Help on camber kit decision

    I have being rearing a lot about camber, toe and caster.But, My question is.The Adjustable Camber Kit will be enough to bring my car to spec?.The reason why I am asking is, The guy who did my alignment told me that, even with the adjustable will bring the car to factory spec.Here are...
  34. miguelmcv

    Help wiring a Clifford Matrix 50.5x

    Hey guys.A friend junked his car and remove a Clifford Alarm to give it to me, However, He lost the remote,, and some little things doesn't come with the system.I have almost all, except the valet/program switch, the LED light and the remote.But I believe, the valet program switch is just...
  35. miguelmcv

    Are this the right Coil On Plugs?,

    I have read so many threads and all what I can see is,,,, How to make the plate, how to wire it up and which coils work for the set up.So.Finally I decide to make the change.I bought some used 300M Coils, But they seems to be to long. They do looks like 300M, But are so long that, they...
  36. miguelmcv

    1G Power Steering Pressure Switch

    I have search for a couple of days and can't find the Info that I am looking for, so I have don my work.I want to know how many volts the switch delivers to the ECU. I know it is an ON and OFF switch, and delivers ground to the ECU, But, (WHAT'S THE VOLTAGE).:hmm:I have read the manual...
  37. miguelmcv

    How to Install an MR2 Power Steering Pump.

    On this Article I will tell you, how to wire up an MR2 Power Steering System, so It can Work Like It supposed to work (The Factory Way).I will not tell you how to Install the pump, brackets, lines or fittings, Which It all depends on where you want it, or which lines you want to use.I will...
  38. miguelmcv

    Help, fixing Differential Ratios.

    I being searching for 4 days and can't find much.I did read a lot about what causes different ratios, Tranny, rear end, T case.But, The answer that I am trying to know,,,, I just, Can't find it.I put a used tranny in the car, I open it to inspect and everything was good, except the...
  39. miguelmcv

    Help Identify short block (spyder no Squirters).

    I install a Spyder Block with my 1g Head, everything is working good, But know That I have read so many threads with 2.0L and 2.4L. I found out that the spyder came with a 2.4L..The Block was took off from a spyder (Turbo), But, It has no squirters!!!!!!!!!!!!.Could it be from a Non Turbo...
  40. miguelmcv

    Help choosing front axles, Can't figure it out.

    I need help on which axles I need.I have search and some says that 2g front axles are all the same. and some other says that the (driver side) inner sholrt axle that attach to the block are different, some are shorter and some are longer.I am confuse, can some one explain me a little...
  41. miguelmcv

    AWD Transmission Parts Don't Match. (Help).

    Here is my problem. I have my Internals from my Old Tranny. I just bought a Tranny that has Bad Syncro, Broken fork and Broken Central Diff. I'm trying to use my Old internals to Put it in the one I just bought, and make a good working Tranny. But.,,,, The Parts are different. My Old Tranny...
  42. miguelmcv

    Is this Bell Housing Usable?

    My Transmission was popping out 4gear, and the transmission was making so much noise from 1st to 3rd gear, and was kind or hard to shift, so I decide to open it up and see what's going on.There was a broken Peace of metal inside, the Bell Housing was kind of damage, and the peaces that...
  43. miguelmcv

    AWD Conversion Project.

    I finally found a gsx. The car was not working when I bought it, But after replacing the fuel pump and filter, Boom, It start wright up. After driving it found out that, Transmission is bad, it make a bad noise, It sounds like a bad throw out bearing and 4th gear pops out, radiator is leaking...
  44. miguelmcv

    MR2 Alternator swap advice.

    I was reading that MR2 uses a 150 amp alternator and wondering if this is possible to swap to our 2g's.., Have some one try this swap?, how the alternator looks like? I wish it can be possible, and wondering if all MR2 91 to 99 uses the same alternator, because there are some MR2 manual...
  45. miguelmcv

    Hard knock.

    I was making some logs from 3th to red line, But when I did the 2th pull, once I heat my rev. target, I released the accel. and a knock sound came out. I don't know where is coming from, sound like the oil pan or the valve cover. I removed the valve cover and everything looks good, When...
  46. miguelmcv


    those any body knows what to do on my log? I can't get it to work properly I have done 7 boost leaks and only on the first one got some leaks, but all the rest were OK, I know boost leak is one of the causes of knocking, but I got none, please don't tell me (do a boost leak). any help would...
  47. miguelmcv

    Turbo possible oil leak?.

    Hey guys, is it possible the turbo to leak oil from the union where the round collar is, I don't know what is it called but here is a pic of the piece. I have my balanced shaft removed but the highest that it can get is 85 and 95psi of oil pressure, I don't know if it is leaking from the turbo...
  48. miguelmcv

    Boost Leak, Injectors keeps leaking.

    I did a boost leak test and fixed two of them,.. But, My injectors are leaking from #4 and #2 they are leaking from the insulator (the ones between the head and the injectors,.. I can't make that leak to go away, I replaced them with OEM ordered from the dealer, I removed them and put them back...
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