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  1. 19Eclipse90

    Another part axed. :-( (limited stock available)

    The brackets are not available separately, only as part of a kit. Kit part numbers are below.1G auto - MB620417 1G manual - MB5269812Ga auto - MB620417 2Ga manual - MB5269812Gb auto - MR276642 2Gb manual - MR276643
  2. 19Eclipse90

    2G 98 gst Rear Wheel Drive conversion

    Sure it can be done.But nowhere will you find step-by-step instructions to doing it. So you'll either require an impressive set of fabrication skills or have relatively deep pockets to have someone do it for you.Generally speaking, the better approach would be starting with a RWD platform...
  3. 19Eclipse90

    F5M311ZPML Transmission

    This transmission comes from a turbo diesel Mitsubishi Chariot that, as best as I can find, was rated at 93hp and 145 ft-lb. It's a bit low compared to the typical output of a stock turbo DSM (195hp and 200 ft-lb). They did use the same size flywheel as a FWD turbo DSM and the same diameter...
  4. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 1G A/C Part name help please

    It's not a part that's available by itself from Mitsubishi. Anyone that has an A/C system they aren't using should be able to get you one, though. Or a junkyard. I'm sure there are plenty of options.
  5. 19Eclipse90

    What's your "sell it now" price?

    This would be my approach exactly. :thumb:But I'm going to reach if I'm putting a number on it. $10k takes her home and I won't be the least bit sad.I won't be waiting up. LOL
  6. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 1G Motor Install Ground Identification

    Yes, to the intake manifold. :thumb:
  7. 19Eclipse90

    Local DSM made the news!

    I'm a bit surprised the tan-interior 1G guys needing everything for a manual seatbelt setup aren't all over this thing. :sneaky:
  8. 19Eclipse90

    Local DSM made the news!

    Local DSM made the news!
  9. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 2G W4a33 gsx part number for pump bushing (SOLVED)

    This was another result on this site, not sure if it was correct or not: part number for pump bushing. :idontknow:
  10. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 1G Cant find boost control solenoid wiring plug

    1990 Engine Control Wiring HarnessA-51 Wastegate Solenoid
  11. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 1G - Need OEM or Substitute part for a 1g Crank ANGLE Sensor (Trigger sensor?) 7 Bolt Engine

    The 1G 7-bolt doesn't use a standalone crank sensor. Just like the 6-bolt, it's integrated into the cam sensor.
  12. 19Eclipse90

    1G Mirror Differences

    All of the 1G power side mirrors are the same.
  13. 19Eclipse90

    2G 4g64 Head Studs?

    The 4G64 uses the same head bolts as the 7-bolt 4G63.
  14. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved Axle Spline Info Needed

    27-splined end (transmission side) measures about 1.097" in diameter at the splines. Should be noted that I did not ensure that I was measuring across the crown of the splines so actual OD may be a little larger than this. Sorry about that. :coy:
  15. 19Eclipse90

    2G MD184946 & MD305709

    That plate is the mount for the 2Ga knock sensor connector. While it may help keep the seal from popping all the way out, its function is not to help the seal stay seated. As stated, it's either an old, hard seal or you've got excessive crankcase pressure. Using it as a retainer is putting a...
  16. 19Eclipse90

    2G AT harness on a manual Euro 2G GS

    The USDM 2G turbo models don't use an "inhibitor switch" as an OEM designation and the EDM diagrams I have do not show an automatic transmission at all. So I'm using the USDM diagrams as a bit of a crossover. It sounds like you've jumped the pins for the starter relay which would bypass the...
  17. 19Eclipse90

    GVR-4 Galant VR4 rad fan connector

    The Galant FSM shows:[xx] [01][02][03] [04][05][06]01 - Blue - to pin 1 of radiator fan motor relay 02 - Green w/ black - to pin 2 of radiator fan motor relay (LO) 03 - Blue w/ black - radiator fan motor to sub fusible link 6 04 - Blue w/ white - radiator fan motor to pin 3 of both radiator...
  18. 19Eclipse90

    1G Trunk Weather Strip

    These are discontinued so you'd be lucky finding one new. You may consider one of the following options:1G HATCH SEAL- 3000GT/STEALTH IN A 1G1G Rear Hatch Weatherstripping Weather Stripping Seal Repair Fix
  19. 19Eclipse90

    Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

    Curious why the 2Gb CAS didn't work out for you. Any ideas?Otherwise, always nice to get things chugging along on their own!
  20. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 16g rebuild kit

    Journal Bearing Turbocharger Rebuild Services
  21. 19Eclipse90

    1G Power Steering Pump Fitment

    Shouldn't be an issue with it. FP manifold is fine and the wastegate appears to be well out of the way of the original power steering pump's location.
  22. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved What oil filter should I use for 90 style oil filter housing?

    x2 with what Marty said.Torque to specification with new washers and they will seal.
  23. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved What oil filter should I use for 90 style oil filter housing?

    No worries. Yes, the oil cooler on 91+ definitely had that reputation!
  24. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved What oil filter should I use for 90 style oil filter housing?

    Got any links to share, Gary? The threaded portion on the 90 housing that the filter threads on to is cast into / is a part of the housing so I'm not sure how that would happen. :hmm:
  25. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved What oil filter should I use for 90 style oil filter housing?

    The OFHs all have the same thread for the filter so they are all physically interchangeable. I am not certain that it really matters past that point so long as the filter's sealing ring mates with the sealing surface on the housing. And since all turbo models from 1991-1999 used the same...
  26. 19Eclipse90

    Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

    Pump the cylinder with compressed air through the spark plug hole and the valves should stay up. :thumb:
  27. 19Eclipse90

    1G O2 sensor help 1g

    That's my error. Thank you for catching it and my apologies for any confusion. Pin 4 would be the white wire to ECU.
  28. 19Eclipse90

    1G O2 sensor help 1g

    Yes.B-26: Oxygen Sensor
  29. 19Eclipse90

    1G O2 sensor help 1g

    That's a new one for me! LOLI have no idea whether those sensors would be compatible so I cannot help there. All I can say is if it were my car, I'd put a DSM sensor + connector in there.Good luck!
  30. 19Eclipse90

    1G O2 sensor help 1g

    The gray connector you have pictured is not a factory 1G connector. Hence my last comment. The square 4-pin connector appears that it could match up with a 2G-style O2 sensor, however. And if the wires are bundled together with the coolant temp sensors, it would make sense that is what has...
  31. 19Eclipse90

    1G O2 sensor help 1g

    Definitely do some wire tracing, but the previous owner could have wired in a connector for a 2G-style O2 sensor.
  32. 19Eclipse90

    2G Gst driveshaft won't fit GS gearbox

    The post in the screenshot is still correct. In that thread, the OP had a GST car with the proper F5M33 transmission that went out. He replaced it with the Euro GS (F5M31) transmission. In the original post, he states that there is measurable difference between the GST and Euro GS axles. His...
  33. 19Eclipse90


    Just an FYI, I get a server error (500) trying to click any of the links in the shop.Edit: tried it again about two hours later, seems to be working fine.
  34. 19Eclipse90

    2G can I swap 6 bolt block off 1G GSX into my 2G?

    It's a very well documented swap.Magnus 1G 6 Bolt 4G63T Engine Swap into a 2G DSM How-To How to do a 6 bolt swap and what you need 6bolt auto swap how to in a 2g car Oil port mod #2 for 4G63T
  35. 19Eclipse90

    1G 92 ecu in 90

    If you're still using the 1990 tachometer, coil pack, and still have the nose filter in place, there's no reason it wouldn't work.The tach signal isn't coming from the ECU. See here for reference.
  36. 19Eclipse90

    1g AWD Fuel Pump Sending Units Now Available for Sale!

    Why, according to their website, does it show that the angled port is the return? I'm super unfamiliar with AWD hangers so this is an honest question @Car Cannibal . Outside looking in, seems like your pump is being installed on the wrong side of the hanger?First pic below is the link I...
  37. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 420a crankshaft bolt size

    M12 x 1.75 x 87.5, looks like a flange head bolt with a washer.
  38. 19Eclipse90

    GVR-4 Boost Control Solenoid Wiring Help

    Yes, exactly.The wiring really depends on what your electronic boost controller requires. I'd imagine it'd be fine with close to original sized wire as I don't recall reading about anyone having to upgrade wiring for an EBC.
  39. 19Eclipse90

    GVR-4 Boost Control Solenoid Wiring Help

    It's grounding through the ECU. It's getting power from the MPI control relay (follow the circled 1 at the top left of the diagram back to the previous page).I referenced this thread for diagrams: 1G All 90's with a 90 ECU and idle surge - Possible solution
  40. 19Eclipse90

    Mitsubishi/Hyundai interchangeable parts

    Thermostat housings would be nice to check. Maybe water pipes or oil filter housings.
  41. 19Eclipse90

    Mitsubishi/Hyundai interchangeable parts

    Timing cover 2135033131 (or 21350-33131, for searchability) for a 6-bolt has been proven: Is this the same timing cover? and 2G - 6 Bolt Timing Cover On The CheapI like the initiative of looking into the tensioner arm. :thumb:
  42. 19Eclipse90

    Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

    Heh, I was just proving they could be found. :cool:I don't think I'd spend $24 for one stud unless it was my only option. Since you already have both BigSerts, I'd go with the M10x1.5 and the lower cost stud.
  43. 19Eclipse90

    1G 1g AC Wiring Rubber Plug

    1G Oval Body Plug for AC HarnessMB543080, which is from a Galant but found in the same location as on a 1G.
  44. 19Eclipse90

    TurboGlenn has passed away.

    Sad news, way too young. @turboglenn RIP, sir. :(
  45. 19Eclipse90

    Greetings from CO!

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing this project move forward!
  46. 19Eclipse90

    1G Looking for opinions on turboing an N/A 6-bolt 4g63

    Quoted for truth.Higher compression pistons are creating hotter cylinder temps and are more susceptible to knock. Without any other modification or changes, those non turbo pistons will be the weak point at increased boost levels.Small enough world, @Kaijcro , if you have the itch to...
  47. 19Eclipse90

    Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

    Try MiSUMi USA Thread Adapters.I roughly chose dimensions based on what you asked for in the O2 housing to downpipe stud, but I configured part number SAB10S-40-N8-E15 that appears to be right. May reach out to ensure that the thread pitch for the M8 side would be right but I think it is.
  48. 19Eclipse90

    1G Looking for opinions on turboing an N/A 6-bolt 4g63

    Wastegate pressure with 9:1 compression pistons is still fun enough, don't get me wrong. It generally doesn't live up to the standards of most on here but it's definitely an improvement over an N/T.Interestingly enough, that 1990 non turbo we have looked nearly exactly like yours when I got...
  49. 19Eclipse90

    1G Looking for opinions on turboing an N/A 6-bolt 4g63

    Issues begin to appear when you start trying to push power, generally with the piston ring lands. Also, if you utilize the non turbo transmission, the gears don't hold up will over time if attempting to run higher boost levels.That said, my first car, a 1990 non turbo, is still in the family...
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