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  1. LSM

    2G Need some professional advice please! Can I use this block?

    I am hoping that somebody with extensive short block knowledge can help me with an issue I have. I'll try to keep this as short as I can, but I also want to specify exactly what problem I'm having, so it's gonna be kind of long, I apologize ahead of time!So I bought a '97 GSX, had it shipped...
  2. LSM

    Aftermarket Glass For 2G Rear Hatch

    Please help me! About 6 months ago sonebody had pisted a link to a company who made different thicknesses of aftermarket glass for the 2G rear hatch. I swear I had saved the link, but of course now I can't find it anywhere. Does anybody happen to know the name of that company?? I don't want to...
  3. LSM

    Need some advise on what to do with my 2GB carbon fiber rear hatch

    I am amazed that nobody has made an aftermarket piece of glass that weighs a lot less than the stock one does so it can be used with a carbon fiber hatch! I know that a couple of companies got together and made some back around like 2014, but they don't make them anymore of course. Being as I am...
  4. LSM

    2G What pistons should I get??

    I know this question has been posted countless times on here, but I haven't been able to find anything more recent than 2015! I just bought a Manley Billet 100mm Crank (The stronger one of the two they make) and I have Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam rods. It looks like I will be pushing around 650hp -...
  5. LSM

    2G Please help me with my C.O.P. setup

    Ok so bare with me here. I had finally just purchased another 2G after 20 years of not having one and my knowledge is still somewhat stuck in the early 2000's! So I bought a set of Spark Tech C.O.P.'s a while back to replace the spark plug wires, but after several hours of searching I still can...
  6. LSM

    For Sale Brand New Nitto Tires LT285/65R18 125R

    Ok, so I realize that these tires don't fit on a DSM and probably never would no matter how crazy some dude gets! But I also realize that just because people are using DSMTuners, that doesn't mean that a DSM is the only vehicle they own! I had bought these tires for my truck but then I ended up...
  7. LSM

    For Sale S90 70mm Throttle body

    I am selling my S90 70mm throttle body that I had powder coated matte black to match the rest of the components in the engine bay. It also has a v-band inlet adapter that my friend had welded to the throttle body. My friend owns his own performance shop and he does VERY nice welding, so the...
  8. LSM

    For Sale PMU Project U Street Sport Front and Rear Brake Pads

    I had recently purchased both front and rear PMU Project U pads for the Brembos on my Eclipse that were taken from an earlier year STI. I opened the boxes to inspect them when they arrived, but they were never installed on my or any other vehicle. After a little bit of thinking, I decided to go...
  9. LSM

    For Sale Brand New Unopened ARP 4G63 Cam Tower Cap Bolts

    SOLD: I'm sorry for the late update and to anybody who sent messages wanting to buy the cam tower bolts, they were sold a few days ago. I've been having some major issues with my wifi for some reason and couldn't manage to get on here and update the status. I apologize.I am selling an...
  10. LSM

    Need advice with CO2 cooling system

    And once again, I hope I'm making this post in the right place....sorry if it's not!On top of the NO2 system I am installing in my 2G, I have also purchased a CO2 tank for spraying the intercooler, heat exchanger (air to water system), and a few other parts that I might want to cool off real...
  11. LSM

    2G Best higher amp replacement alternator options for 2G

    I hope I'm posting this question in the right section! I will admit I'm not great with doing that so I apologize if I'm putting this in the wrong place!I know this question has been posted several times in the past, but the most recent thread I can seem to find is from early 2017. Can somebody...
  12. LSM

    For Sale Brand New Red Hallman Pro Series MBC

    I have a brand new Halman Pro Series manual boost controller that is red with black hose nipples and is still in the box it came in with all of the extra stuff that came with it. It came with the heavier spring (for higher boost apllications), a couple feet of vacuum hose, an inline tee fitting...
  13. LSM

    Sold Used Hallman Pro Manual Boost Controller Black

    I am parting with my Hallman Pro MBC coated black only because I have switched to an AEM full stand alone and I'm going to use an electronic boost controller with the AEM because supposedly it's a tiny bit easier, just until I can become much more familiar with adjusting and programming the...
  14. LSM

    For Sale Brand New PMU Project U Street Sport Front and Rear Brake Pads For Brembo Calipers.

    I had recently purchased both front and rear PMU Project U pads for the Brembos on my Eclipse that were taken from either an STI or an EVO, same pads though. I opened the boxes to inspect them when they arrived, but they were never installed on my vehicle cause the car still needs to be put back...
  15. LSM

    The Plague

    LSM submitted a new DSM Profile :The PlagueRead more about this vehicle here...
  16. LSM

    2G What short throw shifter?

    Can anybody tell me which short throw shifter is the best option right now? I don't want to spend several weeks or months searching for a B&M, so what about the Megan Racing or the Fidanza? Has anybody used the Fidanza? I see a lot of people saying the Megan Racing short throw is a decent...
  17. LSM

    2G What kind of clutch?

    Ok guys, I need some advice here. My 2G build will be completed fairly soon but I need to figure out the rest of the driveline.I have a 97 GSX and just swapped all of the gears and forks and what not with all EVO 3 parts. I also have the DSS larger and stronger aluminum driveshaft and we are...
  18. LSM

    2G Evo Brembo brakes question

    I am in the process of rebuilding my newly purchased '97 GSX. I'm finally getting near the end of the build and I'm starting to piece everything back together. The guy I bought the car from had already swapped all of the stock brakes with Brembos from an Evo, but I figured since they were...
  19. LSM

    WTB Evo 3 1st & 5th With Input Shaft

    Unfortunately I still have not been able to find this setup yet and I am quickly running out of time! Please let me know if you or someone you know has those items for sale, or anybody selling a Shep built tranny at a fair price, I would possibly be interested in going that route! I have no...
  20. LSM

    2G Turbo water pipe

    Hey guys, hoping you can help me out here. I'm talking to one of the members on here about buying his 2g turbo style water pipe from him, but neither of us knows roughly what they go for used! Does anybody happen to know what they would usually go for?
  21. LSM

    Evo 3 1st and 5th gears.

    I am doing a major overhaul on a 97 GSX I bought form a guy in Michigan just over a year ago. It was only supposed to take a few months but both me and my friend who owns a performance shop here in Phoenix, AZ have had so much going on that we are just now nearing the end of the build! Here's...
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