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  1. Calan

    Our newest celebrity

    So Eric (turbosax2) came to OKC for a while today, and I figured we'd run over to Chuck Seitsinger's shop and see what's up. As it turns out, a few of the guys from Street Outlaws were over there hanging out after hours, so we BS'd for a while and snapped some pics.This is what Eric looks like...
  2. Calan

    Fuel pump hangers for 1G (AWD)

    I am now offering fuel pump hangers for 1G AWD's. For more information, refer to this thread: Fuel pump hangersThese hangers are fully clear anodized; colors are available, but not recommended due to the way that the different alloys accept the dye. (And, it 's unnecessary since it will...
  3. Calan

    My spin on hood vents

    So this last weekend, I got the spare hood out and started working on my hood vents...since I don't have enough other projects going on. :rolleyes:They will consist of an aluminum frame mounted to the bottom side of the hood, and blended in on top with fiberglass and filler. The frame and...
  4. Calan

    1G Fuel pump hangers

    I've been working on a new 1G dual-pump hanger design, with a solid machined blending block (single -8AN outlet), and liquid tight cord grip feed-throughs for the power connections.CAD design:Here is one of the prototypes; just need to get it anodized and wired up.
  5. Calan

    ECMlink Helpful Links

    ECMTuning User Support ForumsECMLink wikiInjector testing station (lots of good information about injectors in relation to ECMLink)E85 Global Calculator - DSMtunersSD WOT tuningLinkTools...
  6. Calan

    ECMlink Common Questions and Answers

    The following are questions/statements that have been posted in past threads, along with responses provided by various members here.***** This is a work in progress *****If you would like to contribute, or if you come across something that you think should be added to this thread, PM us. ;)
  7. Calan

    ECMlink General Info

    The following are excerpts from past threads that contain general tuning information that you may find helpful.***** This is a work in progress *****If you would like to contribute, or if you come across something that you think should be added to this thread, PM us. ;)
  8. Calan

    ECMlink Want help from ECMlink experts? Read this or receive no replies from the Wisemen

    In order for us to help with your tuning issues, certain assumptions about the mechanical state of your car have to be made on our end, since we can't see the car in person. Because of this, it is very important that you do everything possible to ensure that we are looking at what we think we...
  9. Calan

    PLEASE READ - Before you ask for log advice...

    In order for us to help with your tuning issues, certain assumptions about the mechanical state of your car have to be made on our end, since we can't see the car in person. Because of this, it is very important that you do everything possible to ensure that we are looking at what we think we...
  10. Calan

    DMH Performance

    Does anyone in the Georgetown area know what happened to this guy? I sent him a cut-out for repair 2 months ago (after he FINALLY) got back to me, and haven't heard from him since. (USPS tracking shows that the package was delivered to him on 5/19/12).His phone mailbox is full, and he no...
  11. Calan

    High performance pump on sale

    I can't believe they are selling these for $68.95 ($120 off regular price).I'm guessing they won't last long at that price.
  12. Calan

    Homemade mini brake press

    I built myself a "rapid load" adjustable mini-brake press this weekend. Works great for small parts from .063 to .125 thick, with 0* to 90* bends.
  13. Calan

    Mexico's new short-range missile test

    The Mexican Army tests their really short range missile - YouTube
  14. Calan

    ECMLink Tips -n- Tricks: Saving and Restoring Multiple Layouts

    IntroductionHave you ever wished that you could have different display setups in ECMLink that each have their own included items, fonts, colors, and graph properties...and be able to switch between them with a single mouse click? You can...and in this article I'll show you how.You'll be able...
  15. Calan

    2011 Oklahoma Weather

    2011 was a crazy year (even by our standards).*****Oklahoma City was 76* on 1/29/11, which tied the record for warmest day on that date. Two days later, a blizzard hit which dumped 12-15 inches of snow in many areas, and 27 inches of snow fell in a 24-hour period in Spavinaw.The coldest...
  16. Calan

    Aardvark Inspection Camera

    This thing looks pretty sweet with a lot of features for $149. Anyone have any experience with this particular model?Aardvark System with 9mm Camera (17mm Camera Not Included)
  17. Calan

    Earthquakes now?

    As if the tornadoes, floods, record heat, 14" blizzards, icestorms, and firestorms aren't enough...I guess now we get to add earthquakes. LOLThey've become more numerous in the last year or so, with several small ones between M2 and M3. Last night we had one that was M4.7 that was felt as...
  18. Calan

    E85 goo - this time with an attitude

    This is a bit long-winded, so bare with me...The car has been running really well, so I decided to push the single Deatschwerks pump a little more by raising the voltage to keep the pressure up... which worked great:Deatschwerks DW300 High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Testing Post #115After...
  19. Calan

    ECMlink ECMLink - LinkTools

    LinkTools v5 is now available. This is a major update, with a lot of new features and enhancements, including:1. Added a new dyno page 2. Accuracy of VE corrections has been improved 3. Completely revamped the VE table code, to include two separate and independent tables. 4. Simplified the VE...
  20. Calan

    Anyone need a ride or place to crash for the shootout?

    My buddy and I are heading up to the SO from OKC, and are looking for someone else from here or along the way that wants to tag along and toss in a few $$ for gas and the room at the Best Western. We will be leaving OKC early Thursday afternoon and getting back on Monday morning sometime...
  21. Calan

    What's the hottest your coolant temp has ever gotten?

    With all this extreme summer heat, I thought it would be interesting to see how hot some of you have seen your car get. I know mine hit 230-235 sometimes during idle last summer, with no apparent issues. This year it's better, but it's still seen some pretty extreme spikes when I wasn't paying...
  22. Calan

    10:30pm at night...

    ...and it's freakin' 95* right now officially at the airport.It hit 112* on my fully shaded porch today, and we've had 25 days just this month (so far) over a hundred, and 34 total since June. (The two days it fell short it topped out at 99*). And oh joy... the really hot stuff is forecast to...
  23. Calan

    VE "dip"

    Has anyone else noticed a dip in the VE at around 3500 rpm (specifically on a stroker, but on any setup in general)?No matter what I've tried to do with smoothing and manipulating values on either side, the VE at 3500 rpm has always been lower than I would expect, and the VE at 2500 rpm much...
  24. Calan


    Anyone seen this site?Spokeo People Search | White Pages | Find PeopleIt's a bit scary. WAY too much information freely available in one place for my comfort level. :)They say all the info is obtained through public records, but after searching someone in particular, I call BS. It shows a...
  25. Calan

    Has anyone run a Mitsu MLS on an 86mm (.040" over) bore?

    Everything I've seen on it only shows .020" over, and I can't find the actual ID of the fire ring listed anywhere.
  26. Calan

    OKC - El Reno Small Town Weekend

    Anyone going to the 1/8 mile drags tomorrow night?I ran last year and it was a blast. Hoping to get the car back together in time to make it again this year, but I'm cutting it way too close if I do.
  27. Calan

    Geometry and timing seems a little odd

    Brian (19Eclipse90) and I spent a while tinkering with my t-belt last night after replacing the head, and we noticed something a bit odd was happening.Before dropping the head on, I was rotating the crank and checking things over, and noticed that when the pistons were at absolute top dead...
  28. Calan


    Massive long-track tornado came within less than a mile of my house. Everything is seriously torn up along a 1/2 mile wide (at times 1 mile wide) x 60 mile long track.I was going to ride it out in a closet, but decided at the last minute to get the hell out when they said it was possibly an...
  29. Calan

    Filtered Catch Cans

    Check out the new cans here: "VS" Series - Modular Catch Cans(For fuel pump hangers, click here.)*****Happy PeopleWell worth the price, would definitely get a pair again if needed. - TSBuild quality is second to none. I will never run a different catch can set up again - PBThis can...
  30. Calan

    Drain hose ideas

    So I'm running a drain on the HX40 that is slightly over 3/4" ID, but I'm getting tired of the minor leaks. I'm using a small radiator hose that fits nicely, but obviously it's not made for oil so it gets soft and leaks as I tighten the clamps, until the clamps just chew into it and there isn't...
  31. Calan

    My head hurts...fuel issues AGAIN!

    Finally got the rebuilt HX40 reinstalled tonight and did a few pulls. This is on E85 with a new Deatschwerks fuel pump running at 37psi base.For some reason, I'm leaning out like crazy up top, yet BoostEst vs. actual boost ("MAP" in the log) at peak VE shows that I should pull even more...
  32. Calan

    GT5 Stuff

    A while back I created an A-Spec matchmaker spreadsheet for GT5, and did some tire testing which gives you the correct tires to duplicate IRL skidpad numbers.Enjoy!New GT5 A-spec Matchmaker Spreadsheet - GTP Forums Tire Testing - Strange, but interesting results... - GTP ForumsIf...
  33. Calan

    Personal Automotive Nostalgia

    Another thread got me to thinking about the days when I first started wrenching on cars, and some of the problems I had to deal with. So I thought I would see how many of you old-timers had similar experiences.First of all, this was back around 1981 or so. There were no cell phones or internet...
  34. Calan

    Rubber boots

    Does anyone have a good source for various rubber boots and covers for electrical connectors?I'm looking for a specific size and style...I need a 90* cover that would fit over the connector and part of the wire for a COP coil.
  35. Calan

    Oil pan...

    Anyone in the OKC area have a 2.0l non-turbo oil pan in good shape that they can part with?
  36. Calan

    AEM Brass pressure sensors

    Does anyone know (firsthand experience preferred) if these will work for fuel pressure?AEM Brass MAP Sensor Kit - Modern Automotive PerformanceI'm getting different answers depending on who I talk to. Some say air only, some say fuel isn't a problem.
  37. Calan

    A/C swap?

    Will a 1G A/C compressor bolt up to a 2G 7-bolt (even if it takes some modification)?In fact, which A/C components are interchangeable or can be modified to work?I've got my old 1G A/C setup sitting in storage, and a buddy just bought a 2G project car that may need a compressor. Doesn't seem...
  38. Calan

    Out of fuel?

    Why am I running out of fuel above 46-48lbs/min?(ECMLink file)This log was on 91 pump (with a couple of gallons of E85 left in the tank at fill-up). I see an almost identical trend in the AFR with E85, which seems logical since I run a higher AFR with the E85. Either way, it still starts...
  39. Calan

    Droid apps

    I just upgraded my old flip phone to a Samsung Intercept running Android 2.1 on Sprint. Thought I would start a thread to see what some of your favorite droid apps are.I spent almost the entire weekend downloading and testing who knows how many apps. Many were deleted, and the best ones...
  40. Calan

    ECMLink Tips -n- Tricks: Display Optimization

    IntroductionI'm far from being what I would call an expert when it comes to tuning DSM's, but in the last few years, I've spent WAY too many hours driving up and down the back roads while staring at a laptop and uttering not-so-pleasant words, all in an effort to...well just get out of the...
  41. Calan

    Airflow limits of various components

    I started doing some research for a document I was thinking of putting together, and surprisingly there isn't a lot of specific information that I can find. (maybe I'm just not looking in the right places...I dunno. I'm getting old).What I'm looking for is max airflow information for various...
  42. Calan

    Shift linkage and lower radiator hose

    I was crawling around under my car and noticed that the shift arm on the trans is starting to wear a groove into my lower radiator hose when it's all the way forward (it's a Gates Racing hose from ExtremePSI).I saw one thread on some flexible radiator hose on a 6-bolt to 2G swap, but has...
  43. Calan

    1/8 mile drags... fun times

    We had some 1/8 mile drags held at a small town out here this last weekend, and it was a lot of fun. It was sponsored by the local PD and FD, and went off without a hitch.Here's a couple of my runs, although the competition was a bit lacking. :) They aren't much to look at, but thought I'd...
  44. Calan

    2.3l stroker timing and MBT?

    Has anyone mapped a 2.3L for MBT on a load-bearing dyno?I'm curious as to where the timing ends up for MBT at the lower load points, and where the transitions are.Obviously every car is different....I'm looking for a baseline on "standard" 2.3l geometry.
  45. Calan

    Custom AWD Rear Sway Bar Links

    During the course of my rear suspension upgrades/rebuild, I discovered that the holes for the end links in my RM sway bar didn't quite line up with the holes in the lower control arm. Due to the bar's larger diameter, the mounting bolts are right next to the bushing clamps and don't allow any...
  46. Calan

    RM rear sway bar issue

    I'm installing the RM sway bar on my rear suspension rebuild and have run into an issue.Since the bar (and bushings/clamps) are larger in diameter, the bolts that hold it to the subframe don't allow any adjustment to move the bar forward or backwards. Because of this, the holes in the end of...
  47. Calan

    Dumbass DSM Moment

    Disclaimer: Beer was involved with this story.So I'm dropping my rear sub-frame for my rebuild, and it dawns on me that I have a pumpkin full of brand new Redline Heavy Shockproof. And since this stuff costs about as much as a typical Honda, I decided I better try to reuse it.Looking...
  48. Calan

    The 4G63T PCV System

    IntroductionWith very few exceptions, no topic generates more debate than the PCV system used on our turbo DSMs. I think it is mostly because of the huge amount of confusing and sometimes misleading information that has been posted in the forums over the years. It is for this reason that I...
  49. Calan

    Rear wheel bearing orientation (AWD)

    I'm putting my rear trailing arms back together and noticed that the outer bearings have a small sealing lip on one side. I'm guessing this faces outwards into the dust cap, but I can't find anything in the FSM on the bearing details.Anyone know for sure, or know where the rear bearing info...
  50. Calan

    "Used Cars"

    I've had this movie on DVD for years and have probably seen it 20 times, but I forgot all about it.Is this not one of the funniest damn movies of all time? ROFL
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