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  1. 20psimitsu

    Dropped #3 cylinder

    The car drives fine under light acceleration but, soon as I go past 3k, it will drop cylinder 3. I push in the clutch and let the rpm's drop then release the clutch and no more miss. I can free rev it to 3k and hold it there and it will drop the cylinder, let it drop back to idle and it clears...
  2. 20psimitsu

    WTN: Converter bolts

    The shop car has been shearing off the heads of the converter bolts. Putting in a new IPT converter and wondering which bolts should we go with. Trying to solve this problem and any good advise would help:D and we are using two flex platesPatrick
  3. 20psimitsu

    5 speed t-case on an Auto

    Installed a standard transfer case on a 90 GSX auto and wanted to know if anyone has had any problems doing this. Also wanted to see if there were any downsides to doing this.
  4. 20psimitsu

    What would you do?

    I'm doing some renovations and new upgrades on the car with some undecided changes. I thinking of doing a fuel cell with a sump in the back or to still use the factory GSX tank. The car needs to be legal for turbo street and I racking my brain :confused:trying figure out which way to do this...
  5. 20psimitsu

    Another broken transfer case

    We ran the car at IFO in Houston and snaped the shaft in the transfer case:cry:. Put another one in the car a finished the race. Next, we ran the car at Midnight Madness and on the third pass we broke another one:cry:. Wondering :confused:if any big dawgs on here would have any ideas why two...
  6. 20psimitsu

    3rd maxed out

    One of the shop cars is 1g 2.4 auto and is topping out 8300 rpms @ 126 in the 1/4. What kind rpm's are ya'll hitting to get in the 130-140's. What kind of mods (trans) are needed to get the mph needed. Try'n to figure this out, any help would be great!!!!!!Patrick
  7. 20psimitsu

    Another BOMB 60ft

    Went back out to the track for some test n tune but, had some issues @ 6k and up. Also I might add, it was on street tires.:sneaky:1.4588 ------- 60 FT 8.1378 ------- 1/8 ET 82.43 ------- 1/8 MPH 12.978 ------- 1/4 ET 102.37 ------- 1/4 MPHI broke the 3rd/4th shift fork on the...
  8. 20psimitsu

    The Better Choice

    Need some opinions, My ACT 2100 is finally past its limits and its time to upgrade. I'm looking at buying a ACT 2900 or a SPEC stage 3+ but, still trying to figure out which would be the better choice. My 2100 has been nothing but good to me but, seeing that so many people are having problems...
  9. 20psimitsu

    Finally made it back to the Track

    To start off, I put the car on the dyno last Saturday and didn't get much acomplished due to a boost leak I couldn't find.(which turned out to be a slit in a coupler) It made 350 AWHP(which is about 378 on a Dyno Jet) @ 19psi @ 6200rpm's then the boost starts to fall off because of the leak. So...
  10. 20psimitsu

    350 @ 6200

    Finally put the car on the dyno and peaked 19psi @ 6200 which gave me 350 on a Dyno Dynamics. My problem is at 6200 rpm's the boost starts falling off. Then when I tried turnning up the boost, she did nothing so I turned it some more and it gave me less boost. I thinking the wastegate is hose'd...
  11. 20psimitsu

    2.3 stroker vs RPM's

    Does anyone know what the highest RPM you sould go and still be safe? Still debating if I'm gonna go 2.3 or stay 2.0.
  12. 20psimitsu

    4g64 Crank???????

    I can't remember but, anyone know which models the 4g64 6 bolt cranks come out of. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks
  13. 20psimitsu

    Need some opinions

    Got a little issue, check this out. I can launch @ 15psi and everythings great. But when I go for second @ 8500rpms she won't go in and the same for third. It dosen't grind, but it feels like if you were sitting at idle and you were trying to put it gear without the clutch. Need some opinions...
  14. 20psimitsu

    Timing Maps

    Whats up, been away for awhile. Wanted to know if anyone knows where I can find the timing map for a 1g turbo or 2g. Any help would be appreciated
  15. 20psimitsu

    oil on plugs

    I recently did a first gen swap on my 95 gst and a month later I got smoke coming out of the exhaust. first I took the turbo off to see if the seals were blown then I discovered that there was oil all in the #2 exhaust port. So I checked the plugs and #2 was saturated in oil.We did a compression...
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