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  1. Dsmkauai

    1995 Eagle Talon TSI

    Dsmkauai submitted a new DSM Profile :1995 Eagle Talon TSIRead more about this vehicle here...
  2. Dsmkauai

    GVR-4 Terhune Raceworks fully built trans

    Just want to post my review of Brian Terhunes work. Since I've had the new trans in awhile now and have run a few autox events with it. Can't wait to hit the drag strip again and throw down some killer passes. I've been launching at 5250rpm during autox and the gvr4 just rockets away. The evo3...
  3. Dsmkauai

    ECMlink A few logs from 2012 s16g 35-37lb/min

    Heres a few logs I dug up for the haters LOL, old computer and from 2012 LOL. Used Small 16g rebuilt by myself, 35-37lb/min about 19-20psi boost nothing fancy was pretty much maxed and gave me great results. Car ran consistent low 12's with this setup and was only getting faster the more I...
  4. Dsmkauai

    Kauaiscca starting in 2015

    I personally have been working on starting Scca solo on Kauai for 2-3 years now. I've made huge break through's and couldn't have done it without the amazing help from others that want to race! We will be have atleast 1 big event with pmrf the huge naval airstrip on island. It's the ideal place...
  5. Dsmkauai

    Dsmkauai's 98 Eagle Talon TSI

    Dsmkauai submitted a new Showcase Item:Dsmkauai's 98 Eagle Talon TSIRead more about this showcase item here...
  6. Dsmkauai

    Dsmkauai's (Sleepy G) 91 gvr4 #1633

    Dsmkauai submitted a new Showcase Item:Dsmkauai's 91 gvr4 #1633Read more about this showcase item here...
  7. Dsmkauai

    98 Talon Tsi "Dragon Panda style"

    Hello all, ill start off by saying my gst is still around and getting a fresh motor as well, but all my major plans and drag build will now shift over to my 60k 98 talon tsi silver and black panda. I started to think what would be a good title for this build? Well if you have looked at both the...
  8. Dsmkauai

    Info on how to start autox races

    Hey guys and gals! I want to start doing more out here in Kauai. We have a drag strip but only race once a month which doesn't seem enough lol. Anyway I want to start a club out here to do autox and maybe drifting or uphill races. I figure autox would be the easiest to start with out here...
  9. Dsmkauai

    Yonaka 50% off sale

    Thought I'd share this news. I'm using there coilovers and love them the sale price is $450 that's a sick deal, thinking of getting a set for my talon. Also there seats and aluminum radiators look real nice, anyway check it out. Honda & Acura Performance Parts - Yonaka Motorsports
  10. Dsmkauai

    Picked up a 91 vr4 today

    Today I saved a 91 galant vr4 it's #1633, needs paint but all in all it's in great shape. Runs but horribly due to a almost cracked in half exaust mani somehow the 14b has no shaft play. But the 02 housing has a stripped bung for the sensor and turbine housing is junk. So I'll swap in a few...
  11. Dsmkauai

    Any one else see the 91 talons on war of the wheels?

    Just wondering if anyone else saw the episode of war of the wheels on Mav tv they used 2 91 tsi awd to compete and race. It was on today and again on Sunday. I only saw a little of it because my cable box froze lol. Anyway I hope it works again later would be cool to see what they did.
  12. Dsmkauai

    Dsmkauai's 95 GST dd/drag car

    Well after almost 15 years of owning my DSM, I wanna keep this journal for future memories. So my Dsm is a 95 white gst currently with 237,000 somithing miles on the original block which has never left the engine bay. All my mods are up to date, with the soon addtion of some bc272 cams and a...
  13. Dsmkauai

    Feels like its lacking power, Need Help!

    Here's 2 third gear pulls from today. I don't know what it is it just feels week, I can't really give it any timing without knock so I pulled it back abit. Trying to prepare car for March 10th races. The biggest diffrence will be running 110 race gas rather then the crappy 92 oct we have on...
  14. Dsmkauai

    New dsmer entering world today!!!!

    At hospital with the wifey and my little dsmer, who is waiting to pop out lol. Please keep my wife and child in your prayers for a safe delivery. Thx everyone
  15. Dsmkauai

    ECUflash Can't flash black box ecu

    Have a 98 black box came out of a 98 Tsi. For some reason it will not flash, have tried everything. Different cables and software, any help would be great. The chip number is the correct chip mh7202f and has the h2 processor. I'm stumped
  16. Dsmkauai

    Spec clutch failed after only 5 months

    So yesterday I started hearing a noise like a clunking but only when pressing the clutch in. I figured right away what it could be, so tonight I pulled the trans out. Sure enough I was right the stinking dampner spring has just about popped out and the little spring inside is just gone. The...
  17. Dsmkauai

    Any one going to track next weekend

    Aloha, just wondering if anyone is planning to go to Joliet or great lakes dragaway next weekend. Me and the wife will be in chitown visiting my parents from sept 19-26. Would love to hang with u guys if your planning to go do some runs. I can also help out in anyway just let me know. Thanks
  18. Dsmkauai

    Need advice, anyone else breaking axles this fast?

    So went to track this weekend and ran my new hoosier slicks for the first time. The car ran amazing and I got my best et ever so far of [email protected] The problem is I broke 2 axles and both on the pass side.:banghead: :cry: I do preload and slip clutch every race. I was running 12psi in pass side...
  19. Dsmkauai

    Should I buy 98 talon tsi for 4k

    So I found a 98 talon Tsi on our island which is super rare. I was wishing it was awd but hey it's still a dsm. Anyway the car has 60,000 original miles and is super clean inside. The body is flawless and has like to small dings, and faded paint. This is the catch there is no motor as it sits...
  20. Dsmkauai

    2 logs from weekend races advice please

    Hey all tuners, got a few logs from races this weekend and would like some advice or thoughts. I made one better pass a [email protected] but my computer died and I couldnt get it chraged in time. I will get a few pulls probably tomorrow to post also. Thanks for any help.
  21. Dsmkauai

    Who's up I'm bored lol

    Well what up I'm really bored!! Been researching for my friends sti the last hour to help him build it up. Our first races at the track this year start on april 8. I'm able to keep up with him which makes him mad lol:mad: So helping him out to mod it to out run me which won't happen cause I know...
  22. Dsmkauai

    Mtx-l with Ecmlink any users yet

    I need a new wideband and looking at the Mtx-l or lc-1. Any one using either with link and how's the setup process. I'm leaning toward the Mtx-l since the lc-1 has such good reviews. And yes I have searched and read all articles about the lc-1. Just haven't found much info about the Mtx-l. I...
  23. Dsmkauai

    My Lm-1 fried should I race without it?

    I was running a Lm-1 wideband and getting my tune ready for the races in 2 weeks. Went out to get car ready this morning for a couple pulls to log. For some reason when I went to plug in the Lm-1 power cable I here somthing pop and then smoke bellowing out of the Lm-1 unit. I check fuses and...
  24. Dsmkauai

    Getting some new vinyl's made

    Getting some new white vinyl done for my gst the ones on now are old and faded. Thinking of putting "Got Boost" on the front in black or true blue and then "DSM" on the back in same colors. Any thoughts or suggestions on what to get.
  25. Dsmkauai

    ? about lucas 550's

    Hey all dsmers I got a question about the insulators for my Fic lucas 550's. I got a new set of orings and insulators the other day for them, because when I installed them awhile back and used the ones off my stockers. So anyway wanted to change them so I was safe. So I order the set from fic...
  26. Dsmkauai

    Fixing rusted out strut towers

    Heres how I fixed my rusted out strut towers. They where pretty bad from all those years I lived in chitown, lots of salt on the roads in the winter. Things I used good thick weldable metal plates, mig welder, grinder, under coating spray, color match paint and some good primer with rust killer...
  27. Dsmkauai

    Score aurai!!!

    I'm stoked I found a decently shaped 95 gst basically what my gst looked like 12 years ago when I bought it. It was sitting in some guys garage so I stopped by and asked him what was up with the car. He was like well it was running fine but now it idles for a bit then dies and he couldn't figure...
  28. Dsmkauai

    any hrc s16g users i need some help!!

    Ok so i've just installed the super 16g from Hahn and i'm now burning oil. Asking anyone who may have used this turbo where did you get the oil supply from and did you use a restrictor. Car runs perfect and didn't burn oil like this before turbo swap. Turbo has fresh rebuild and is not the...
  29. Dsmkauai

    Need help wont build more than 8 psi hrc s16g

    Aloha, need some help I just installed a hrc s16g that was rebuilt around 3,000 miles ago by a good friend who knows his stuff and was pro balanced. He ran it on his gsx with no issues just took it off for a bigger turbo. Before install car boosted fine except that I had my crappy t25 on again...
  30. Dsmkauai

    95 gst milestone aurai

    So I've owned my 95 gst for going on twelve years. Just hit 222,222 miles and still running strong. Plans to put on super big 16g by Hahn racecraft which is sitting in garage as we speak. Still on stock motor with some mods second trans and turbo was planning to put a 14b but got ripped off so...
  31. Dsmkauai

    Got ripped of by fellow dsm'er

    I just bought a 14b from a fellow member who claimed it was professionally rebuilt and had zero miles on it. Well he totally lied to me and the turbo is junk. I looked it over had alittle shaft play but not bad so I installed. Did everything correct went for test drive didn't even make it off my...
  32. Dsmkauai

    Installing Yonaka coilovers

    Hello all, I have ordered the yonaka coilovers for my 95 gst and they finally arrived Friday. I will post a full review with install pics as soon as I'm done. I will be installing them this week and will post pics. I got them through for a great deal. I will also run at our...
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