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  1. 19gsx91

    For Sale Parting out a 92 6/4 5 speed Eclipse gsx

    I bought a car to hopefully try to save but sadly it's too far gone rust wise to be able to save it..So I have everything out of a bone stock 92 gsx 5 speed with a 6/4 combo available for parts..I have no prices set in mind so please just make fair offers and remember to include the cost of...
  2. 19gsx91

    For Sale Turbos! 1 New evoIII and 1 PTE 6266

    Selling 2 turbos, both freshly rebuilt/gone over by Justin WhitesellOne is an EVOIII 16g, fully redone.. only taken out of packaging to take pictures..The other is a ball bearing PTE 6266v2 I pulled it off my evo because it was leaking a bit of oil, sent it out to justin and he looked it...
  3. 19gsx91

    For Sale Oil pans 6 and 7 bolt, 6 bolt intakes

    Have 3 6 bolt oil pans and 1 7 bolt oil pain. 75 shipped and pp'd each.Have several (5 or 6) 1g intake manifolds - some have coil packs, some have egr valves one or two 1g throttle bodies.Text is fastest - 315-576-0217I have a ton of STOCK 1g parts, 6 bolt short block, a few 1g heads...
  4. 19gsx91

    For Sale 4" sd intake, evo maf, 2g maf, FP manifold

    Selling an STM style 4" intake with filter. - 120 shipped and pp'devo maf with a 1g to evo8 plug and play harness. SOLD2g maf.. says k&n. came with a parts car. 40 shipped and pp'dFP mani. has a crack in it.. needs to be welded. 100 shipped and paypal'dTexting is fastest.315-576-021seven
  5. 19gsx91

    My dog ate my fuel pump!

    No seriously. this is the second walboro 450 I've purchased and the second time something has gone wrong. guy packaged it in a padded envelope and shipped it via fedex.. dropped it in front of my door on my porch and by the time I got home I had a pump itself with absolutely no wires but the...
  6. 19gsx91

    For Sale Lots of 1g parts. cam gears, head, springs

    Hey guys, just moved and I've got a lot of stuff in boxes I'd rather just get rid of right now..Evo8 springs and retainers.. I have 3 sets of these. and a set of BC springs missing some of the retainers. I'll sell all 4 sets of springs for 180 shipped and pp'd.1g head with manley springs and...
  7. 19gsx91

    Sold 1g dsmlink 2.5

  8. 19gsx91

    For Sale evo8 springs and retainers

    have a few sets floating around, bought for the gsx but ended up getting my hands on a built head.75 shipped and pp'd or all 3 sets for 150 shipped and pp'd315-576-0217
  9. 19gsx91

    ECMlink Holsets in! First log I'm willing to share

    I was going to fill out the template but apparently it didn't load up.. strange..Boost leak tester keeps blowing off at 20psi.. haven't found a clamp that'll hold it yet for the hx40. @1990TSIAWDTALON @bastarddsm You guys just use a big t-bolt clamp to hold it for boost leak tests? because...
  10. 19gsx91

    For Sale Lots of 1g parts!

    stock smic - 60 + shippingstock 1g fuel rail with regulator 15 shippedStock 1gb corner lights 25 each shipped or 40 for the pairstock harmonic balancer. had 80k on it. 30 shipped and pp'd is showing some wear but not a bad backupstock 1g IC piping.. make offer2g throttle body elbows -...
  11. 19gsx91

    ECMlink Phantom knock?

    1). Any boost, vac, or exhaust leaks? No Boost leak tested 5psi above your max boost with no leaks? Yes2). Verified mechanical timing? Yes3). Verified base timing? Yes4). Ignition system COP or Stock Coil: Stock Wire brand and Age: NGK brand new Spark Plug brand, type and Gap...
  12. 19gsx91

    Kind of a weird one. Clutch pedal low.. but read on

    Hey guys, I was driving the GSX the other day heading to work, coming off the thruway I stop at the tollbooth, car feels notchy downshifting.. pay my toll.. take off try to shift into 2nd and the pedal drops straight to floor, doesn't come back up. ruh roh. pull over to the side.My stainless...
  13. 19gsx91

    ECMlink Cruise timing for stock CR 1gs

    Hey guys, I've got a question..I've played with my timing table pretty extensively and have tried to get a little more responsiveness out of the car in the cruise area so it doesn't just lag out before the turbo spools.. When I add timing in it does feel a lot better in the cruise section but...
  14. 19gsx91

    For Sale Time Machine! (Time machine not included) Venom box

    Have you ever wanted to travel back to the 90s but couldn't find yourself a time machine?Well never fear!I have located such a device! For the low low price of.. $40 shipped!You yourself could look at this little device and feel nostalgic for the old days.. Since this day in age...
  15. 19gsx91

    For Sale Free! Sort of.. Front rebar cut for PR FMIC 1g

    Hey I have the stock rebar off my 1gb Eclipse, I cut it out to fit my punishment racing FMIC, but I have since switched to an ETS intercooler and actually needed one with the stock mounting holes.. that had been cut out on mine.So this thing has been sitting for a few months and I'm tired of...
  16. 19gsx91

    1G Low voltage while running/WOT

    Hey guys, I'm posting this at work so I'll attach a log when I get home..Basically what's going on is my battery output while off is the usual 12.4-12.5 volts.. but while running it only goes up to 12.9-13volts.. constant. WOT is normal, it will drop down a little bit throughout the pull but...
  17. 19gsx91

    7cm housing to 8cm housing now won't build boost

    Hey guys, some of you are aware I've been doing some research with the v1/v2 68hta and making some headway with comparisons.. well I decided to take the 8cm housing off my v2 on the shelf and throw it on my v168hta that is currently on the car to replace the 7cm housing to see what kind of...
  18. 19gsx91

    Update to 05-06 Outlander Caliper Brackets

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you are wanting to do the outlander brake upgrade but can't seem to find the caliper brackets anywhere.. I got news that the OEM numbers got swapped around due to them using the calipers and brackets in the 08+ Lancer GTS and ralliart models.They are still direct...
  19. 19gsx91

    Those fender flares though..

    Is anyone else with a 1g digging those fender flares on @cioc s blue 1gb? Because that car looks effing amazing to me. I'd like some more information on them if anyone has any insight like if you have fender flares what make/model you used to make them fit.. much appreciated!Btw I know there...
  20. 19gsx91

    ECMlink WOT pull with a V1 68hta

    1). Any boost, vac, or exhaust leaks? Boost leak tested 5psi above your max boost with no leaks? Yes2). Verified mechanical timing? Yes3). Verified base timing? Yes4). Ignition system COP or Stock Coil: Stock Wire brand and Age: NGKs, 1 year Spark Plug brand, type and Gap: NGK BPR7ES...
  21. 19gsx91

    Reliable DSM?

    No no kids, not IS a DSM reliable. All of mine have very much been so. But who else has one that they drive regularly or have little to no issue with.I bought mine 3 or 4 years ago bone stock with just under 60k on it and have since put almost 45k on it only driving it in the summer and...
  22. 19gsx91

    Ran fine yesterday, no won't build boost

    Hey guys, I drove my car home from work yesterday, worked flawlessly, had no issues building boost, or driving it around.. I got in to go to work this morning, went to go up a hill by my house and the boost gauge hit 0 and wouldn't go any higher, doesn't misfire, chug, do anything weird beyond...
  23. 19gsx91

    ECMlink 68hta WOT pulls and running rich coming to a stop

    Hey guys, I'm working on getting the 68hta dialed in, recently switched to the modded evo8 timing map as a base off the 1g stock map and it made a large improvement, so always looking for feedback on that, but I'm also attaching a log where I'm cruising and coming to any kind of stop if I push...
  24. 19gsx91

    1G Transmission guys! I have questions.

    Long story short I used to have a 92 talon that had a shep stage 2 trans/transfer case in it (5 years ago) I took the turbo and some other parts off of it that made it non driveable and sold it.. since at the time I had a FWD laser and couldn't afford to keep the parts car.That same talon...
  25. 19gsx91

    ECMlink First WOT pull.. looking for opinions.

    Boost leak tested 5psi above your max boost with no leaks? Yes2). Verified mechanical timing? Yes 3). Verified base timing? Yes 4). Ignition system COP or Stock Coil:stock Wire brand and Age:NGK less then 2 weeks Spark Plug brand, type and Gap:BRP7ES gapped at .0285). Motor health...
  26. 19gsx91

    First time at Watkins Glen

    Hey guys, I got invited to go down with a subaru group to opening day at watkins glen, we actually met up with a much larger group heading down the Little speed shop in rochester, but for anyone in the area that was curious about it It cost $25 bucks for 3 paced (I'm using that term loosely.. I...
  27. 19gsx91

    44mm EBAY!external wastegate.. anyone ever seen this before!?

    So i bought an ebay wastegate.. (I know.. I know) and uh.. well.. I got the car back together and it was leaking exhaust out the dump tube.. took everything apart, added a spring (thinking maybe the ebay ones were too weak) took everything apart again.. and was checking it all out.. and bam...
  28. 19gsx91

    92 GSX 6/4 5 speed.

    19gsx91 submitted a new DSM Profile :1g DDRead more about this vehicle here...
  29. 19gsx91

    1G Shift arm tango? 90 shift arms in a 92

    Okay guys bear with me here.. but.. once upon a time I had a 1991 laser RS turbo 5spd, it started grinding going into 2nd gear (still have that trans if anyone is interested?) and i swapped it out for a 1990 transmission and my shifting was MUCH MUCH shorter (All i ever did was the trans swap...
  30. 19gsx91

    ECMlink AEM wideband not reading in ecmlink

    Forgive me for skipping the paste table but this does not apply to the mechanical health of my car...I have spent 4 hours now trying to get my AEM UEGO 30-4100 (purchased last year, been installed and working fine as a standalone gauge) to read in ECMlink, I followed instructions, searched and...
  31. 19gsx91

    1G FP Green or wait

    Alright guys, let's get this out of the way, I've been a long time watcher and I have recently started trying to contribute to the forums a little bit. I am very mechanically inclined (Work at a salvage yard, multiple clutch jobs/engines swaps at home) So please no flaming, If you don't have...
  32. 19gsx91

    1992 GSX

    19gsx91 submitted a new DSM Profile :1992 GSXRead more about this vehicle here...
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