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  1. 2g EPROM ECU

    For sale 4G63 2g EPROM ECU

    1995 GSX EPROM ECU. Free shipping
  2. boost97gst

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Original paint? Thing looks immaculate for a dsm of that age. Nice car, my friend
  3. boost97gst

    2G Carbonetics AB Hood (Pictures)

    Damn, i was looking at their hood(to help dissipate even more heat) but now? Nahhhhhh. I'm runnin' just fine with the stocker and don't need a big 'ol headache. I hope things work out for you though. Best of luck
  4. boost97gst

    2G W4A33 Auto Transmission Fluid

    Been over 3 years but I'm pretty sure I used redline. When I get back to the shop I'll check what exactly I used. I have spare quarts left over. I have a fully built tranny. everything you can upgrade is upgraded. Granted, I don't use my dsm much at all but tranny still behaves flawlessly. I...
  5. boost97gst

    ECMlink Need help with idle & 2150s

    Last post, i am aware i'm a bit of a spazz on this thread, apologies in advance. I just wanted to spread the news about how DA injbatteryadj works. My sweet spot was 854 at 12v. I just ran a battery of tests. I dropped it to 700, fired it back up, ran a log. Sure enough. Can you guess how much...
  6. boost97gst

    ECMlink Need help with idle & 2150s

    Lol, i noticed that. Dude telling you to jack the injbattadj way up, then me, saying drop it low. From my very recent experience i have found that raising it basically adds more fuel, lowering it leans it out. I mean, it's more technical than that but you get the idea. In MY case, and my car is...
  7. boost97gst

    ECMlink Need help with idle & 2150s

    Yes, speaking to you sir. I'm comparing it with other logs and what's weird is the AFRest is saying you are running lean. Are you on a MAF? Try zeroing your deadtimes. Run for a few minutes(get it up to at least 180*. Check. Now, go in and start going NEGATIVE on your dead times.. Repeat. This...
  8. boost97gst

    ECMlink Need help with idle & 2150s

    This is truly weird. It's like you're running 60psi base fuel pressure or something. You're pig rich but your global is set to 80. On pump gas. Could a messed up o2 do this? I'm spitballing.
  9. boost97gst

    ECMlink Need help with idle & 2150s

    SOlid advice. I was looking at your better idle log and scratching my head to no end! I was like, WHAT is he running to have a global like that, deadtimes as such, and injbatteryadj table, on 2150s! Lol. Then, as i often do, i read your post LOL. You're running 1650s. Nice idle log though. Your...
  10. boost97gst

    For Sale 2g FWD Fuel pump hangers

    One has a messed up chewed output. That's like $5, but ya gotta help with shipping.The other one is perfectly functional with zero leaks or damage. IT IS MODIFIED TO HOLD A WALBRO 450! And i ran it for over 1k miles before i swapped to AWD. Works a charm. It AIN'T puurty, lol, but hey, it's...
  11. boost97gst

    For Sale 2G stock cam shafts, Stock 7 bolt FWD flywheel

    When i upgraded i put engine lube on the cams, after inspecting for galling of course(which there was none at all), then bagged them to avoid rusting.The Flywheel is 2g FWD 7Bolt. In overall great condition. No issues. About 1500 miles on it. From ME. Prior owner? I have no idea, but i've seen...
  12. boost97gst

    2G Fuel Injector opinions

    Here, i posted in your main thread but this is a copy/paste from Turbosax, 5 years ago. His settings for his FIC 2150s. Maybe this will help. Your globals look a bit off. Not too much, but 5 to 7. Just my opinionTurbosax posted: Gas: Global: -75.0% Deadtime: 0usecsVolts usecs 7 2418 9 1524...
  13. boost97gst

    ECMlink Need help with idle & 2150s

    *This is from Turbosax (moderator), posted 5 years ago. Try something like this and see whats up.Gas: Global: -75.0% Deadtime: 0usecsVolts usecs 7 2418 9 1524 12 990 14 806 16 645 19 580E85: Global: -58.6% Deadtime: -30usecsVolts usecs 7 2485 9 1566 12 817 14 628 16 463 19 396
  14. boost97gst

    2G Fuel Injector opinions

    It's just a shitload of trial and error, my friend. For me anyway. I was quite good at tuning on a MAF but ever since i finished my "ideal" build I have lost interest. For years. I messed around with them the other day and got them behaving VERY well though. Idle, cruise, WOT. I'm currently...
  15. boost97gst

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Wired up a slim line driver's side fan. Made custom brackets that are SOLID. jumpered the relay coil so both fans come on. Now, 95* ambient temps, with AC on she won't go above 206. I was running just one fan and it was fine..........until the summer heat hit. It hit my CEL trigger of 228*...
  16. boost97gst

    2G Fuel Injector opinions

    FIC 2150. Take it from someone who bought THREE sets of injectors on my path. Lol. I'll admit it, i was dumb(probably still applies). Just go big so you "future-proof" yourself. If you plan on pump gas and are CERTAIN you will never want to go to e85 and greater than 50lbs/min of flow? The...
  17. boost97gst

    For Sale 2G spider center(Auto)

    Collecting dust. $25 shipped. It was removed from a low mile auto tranny. 1995 GSX to be exact
  18. boost97gst

    For Sale 2G stock heat shields. Under 3k miles, bought new

    Great condition. Bought em brand new. Will sell for low price. I guess, for the pair, i will take $80. Shipped
  19. boost97gst

    For Sale Perfect condition PTE 5558, DSM flanged, under 3k miles

    Internally gated(HD spring), dsm flanged, comes with ported o2 housing as well. I went with a FP Black even though i'm regretting that choice........the PTE is far better. That's just my opinion. Anyway, Price is damn good: $450. Shipped. Yes, 450 bucks for a turbo that has zero shaft play...
  20. boost97gst

    For Sale 2G Comp Stage 4 Clutch and PP. Like new, under 3k miles

    Zero launches. Need this gone, i went AT and have no use for it. I'll let it got for literally half price. $160 Shipped. *The stage 4 is a heavy clutch, 2700lbs to be precise. These are high quality units. *The Fidanza flywheel is for sale in another listing. If you want the whole package, I...
  21. boost97gst

    For Sale 2G FWD Fidanza 8lb Flywheel. Under 3k miles. Perfect cond.

    Title says it all. This thing is near perfect. It was in my FWD so there were literally zero launches(no point in launching a fwd). $80. FREE shipping. *Pics show additional items for sale. I will sell the Stage 4 Comp Clutch and PP separately or in a package. We can work something out. Need...
  22. boost97gst

    2G Finally broke down and made an account.

    Welcome! I only visit when i have 3 to 6 beers and this is one of those nights, son! I've forgot so much but i DO have a very, very well built 97. Don't drive her much but i can't sell her. Enjoy. I'm sure there are not many folks on here nowadays but there are Wisemen. Look at the vfaq and...
  23. boost97gst

    2G Finally dynoed e316g

    That's VERY impressive man. Pump gas, hot as hell, That's a dynojet, correct? Elevation? AITs? I only dyno'd once. My old setup with a fwd M/T. PTE 5558, stock DSM flange, E85 and all the other goodies you could think of. Made 497 whp. It was around 70* ambient but it has been...
  24. boost97gst

    AC Condenser Size

    would this help? I can't remove mine to measure it(obviously) but this seems about right...
  25. boost97gst

    2G Won't stay running!

    You have DSMLink? Since it ran WITH the engine swap, i am assuming you accounted for the different cam sensor(i'm rusty, forgive me). I would go with the standard troubleshooting method on a IC engine: Fuel, Spark, Compression. You sound like you have a fuel delivery issue. That is a wild ass...
  26. boost97gst

    2G TEIN Super Street Coilovers is itAnother link:'ll both work with your Tein setup
  27. boost97gst

    2G TEIN Super Street Coilovers

    I Have TEIN Basics(not great) all around. I had no issue finding the part number and ordering the spanners from Tein. I'll check real quick and see if perhaps there is a part number on them. brb Been 4 years since i ordered so i don't remember much
  28. boost97gst

    Rag1983's 2G FF Street Build

    Looks unreal. I am surprised that MT built dsms are still alive. I personally converted to AT because the fear was on me: when would parts completely dry up? I saw one vendor after another drop DSM MT tranny service due to the general cheapy nature of the scene. Glad to see a manual and a car...
  29. boost97gst

    2G Winter maintenance for a hibernating DSM

    What skunkprodigy said: Idk about putting it on jack stands, that's personal preference and is certainly not a bad thing to do but most important is to start the car weekly and let it get up to temp. Try driving around the block a couple times as well. MUST use seafoam or stabil in the gas and i...
  30. boost97gst

    Budget 2200cc injectors

    Bosch 1600s are garbage. They are what we would call "mid impedance" injectors. So yes, WOT is great but your combined FTs are gonna go haywire idle and cruise. I learned the hard way. I bought FIC 2150s and can say they are damn near as good as the little PTE 1000s i ran before.
  31. boost97gst

    1G Bosch 044 install?

    Oh my, Yes sir, a pte 6266 is a dream turbo. Way bigger than a black. I'm simply putting it in tangible numbers: lb/min airflow. No, a 6266 is ready for some 2150s and, it's been SO long since i was truly into the dsm game, but i wanna say the 6266 could easily hit 75+lb/min. You sir, have a...
  32. boost97gst

    1G Bosch 044 install?

    Agreed.Plus, it's a $10, 15 minutes of elbow grease failsafe mode. If they're both being driven off one large relay and it goes kapoot mid pull? Nahhh. Just run the contact VDC to both relays, that's fine, but run your outgoing wire to each pump individually from each relay. And yes, i'm aware...
  33. boost97gst

    1G Bosch 044 install?

    You really need more fuel? I'm not being rude or facetious, don't take it the wrong way. That 450( I own and use one 6 feed, stock return). Now i have a beast of a car that i totally lost interest in and for all i know i'll need another pump at the likely 60lbs/min the Black will flow on my...
  34. boost97gst

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    Glenn, i hope you're still active around here. I'm getting the saturn alt. The galant alt i got only makes proper 14v at above 1300rpm, no good I'm hoping this solves my issue. Thanks for the write up
  35. boost97gst

    2G 95 eclipse gsx need help

    Fwiw, i ran my 5558 w no water cooling for 3k miles. Zero issues at all. The FP black i have now also is not water cooled. Just don't run the piss outta the car and then shut if off. Give it a good 2 minutes of low load, no boost driving and that will stop any coking issues in the CHRA. Now i'm...
  36. boost97gst

    1G Hate the 2600, Which Multi Disk Clutch ?

    Those are often overlooked. I've read TONS of good reviews. They got a bad name because you can buy em off ebay for less. Go figure.
  37. boost97gst

    1G Hate the 2600, Which Multi Disk Clutch ?

    If your's is like mine, basically a toy that gets maybe 3,000 miles TOPS per year, then sure, go with a top notch twin disk. I can only vouch for one clutch: Comp stage 4. The PP is around 2800lbs. It held perfectly fine on my old setup. I was fwd,MT(obviously), fully built, e85, 33psi on a PTE...
  38. boost97gst

    2G Tubular adjustable suspension parts for the entire chassis. Tubular subframes

    Excellent welds, my friend! That's a skill that is certainly on my bucket list: Learning to TIG
  39. boost97gst

    My first aero project..air control

    I'm planning on doing this but using lexan/plexiglass. I have a 2G so it may be easier or harder, i'm not sure as i've not worked on a 1g. Your work looks top notch, bro!
  40. boost97gst

    2G Carbon Fiber Hood Visuals

    They look amazing. I would be interested in one but only if it had effective venting. I would like to do that to my stock hood, in fact, but the work..... Ya get one shot to do it right and i'm no body/paint man!
  41. boost97gst

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    Just looked at my local CL and typed in "DSM" to see what would pop up. Haven't done that in a LONG time. Check this out, it's actually a solid deal from the looks and the original mileage being ridiculously low:, looking at the...
  42. boost97gst

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    lmao! The lord that's a disaster. But the thing that gets me with EVERY CL ad is the "needs a little TLC" I interpret that as needs full engine rebuild, has electrical problems, and just about anything you can think of is jerryrigged!
  43. boost97gst

    2G How far can i go on pump gas?

    Holy shit dude. I haven't fooled around with dialing in my SD wth the Black yet but that's impressive to say the least. You're in e85 territory. On 92?????????? I gotta get my car to an AWD dyno this year to dial in a 93 tune and a summer blend e85 tune. I HAVE to. Been putting it off for so...
  44. boost97gst

    2G looking for a 95-99 2nd gen eclipse

    Damn! That's a steal. I owned a 98 gs manual and sold it with 235k miles on it. I just started as field service clinical engineer and used that eclipse 420a for a solid 18 months i think. Car only had one problem in alllll the miles i put on her. The EGR can and WILL burn stuff up. I was on a...
  45. boost97gst

    2G What is a W4A33 EV-S?

    I have a 97. Originally a gst auto. Found a clapped out 95 gsx AT and swapped. I have the exact number stamped on mine. So, it would seem it's the code for a 2ga AWD A/T tranny. *also: you may not be able to use a 2gb tcu with a 2ga tranny. This is just a GUESS. I do know for sure that a 2g FWD...
  46. boost97gst

    Resolved Need camber help 2g gsx

    It worked like a charm. Looks like it was shimmed 10mm with the kit. I added 5mm and it's damn near 0* now. Sitting perfectly. Off to a shop to get alignment done. My rear toe adjustments are new so they should be able to use the eccentric bolt on the rear arm to pull the toe in just a C...
  47. boost97gst

    Injector dynamics vs. Fuel Injector clinic

    I'm sure this has been mentioned but make SURE you run a tank of pump piss(93 oct or highest you can get) every few tanks of e85. The black goo we all read about does happen but i believe it to be more of a winter mix e85 issue. If you're like most of us you probably aren't driving the dsm much...
  48. boost97gst

    420A p+p stock intake manifold?

    edit: I apologize. I just saw this was a 420A question. My bad!
  49. boost97gst

    2G looking for a 95-99 2nd gen eclipse

    Around St. Louis and the metro area you just don't find any turbo dsms. Hardly any at all. If you do and they're modified the fella will want ~10 grand.Hard fact: Due to mistakes and rebuilds and buying parts i have right at $30k in mine. If i were to sell it???? Lmao, i would get MAYBE 5k...
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