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  1. LandoAWD

    91 Talon TSi AWD

    LandoAWD submitted a new DSM Profile :91 Talon TSi AWDRead more about this vehicle here...
  2. LandoAWD

    Authentic Rotas

    Did that title get your attention? Did your pulse pound as you prepared to either defend or destroy Rota?Enjoy: ROTA Wheels warns against counterfeit products - Auto News by
  3. LandoAWD

    Photoshop Request (non-DSM, but cooler than NosLaser)

    :DNew wheels coming soon. Going 19s, and need to decide between a flat black and a brushed/polished set.What should be an appropriate angle of the car:Thanks for doing this before Aslan's...
  4. LandoAWD

    Thanks to those of you that...

    ...made the last 10yrs enjoyable. The rest of you, enjoy the time between cranky mods.You'll find me in appearance threads, primarily. Part of the new skillset is wheel fitment and sticker placement. ROFL
  5. LandoAWD

    GoPros, wind noise, and me

    So, I picked up a hero2 yesterday, mostly for some aquatic fun on vacation, but slapped it on a suction cup mount and drove in with it to work today.I never really got moving, but the wind noise over about 30mph is kind of a pain. I've seen some foam tricks, suggestions to run a wired mic...
  6. LandoAWD

    Post your latest purchase

    I know all you Hangout folks love long, chain-like threads with no purpose, so here you go.The concept is the last thing you bought that YOU feel is worth posting.I'll start, because I'm like a kid on Christmas:Front: 20x8.5" +20, 225/35/20 Rear: 20x10" +20...
  7. LandoAWD

    Anyone in San Fran need a roomate?

  8. LandoAWD

    DIY: When keeping it real goes wrong...

    ...or "why you don't mod if you're a broke-ass".2003 Eclipse GTS-T 80% complete - HomemadeTurbo - DIY Turbo Forum
  9. LandoAWD

    Photoshop request: Evo X rims on my Talon

    ...or any lowered Champagne Talon.Check the gallery, though I don't think I have a full on side-shot.Yes, I'm considering losing the only wheels I've ever "loved" for +1" diameter and +.5" width.
  10. LandoAWD

    ECMlink Back to Link, back to dumb questions

    Alright, so I've been unhappy with a bit of breaking up in higher RPMs so I decided I'd start Link from scratch, and retune the car.I present to you, a warm-up/drive/idle log for review. I have a random miss at part throttle in this log and was wondering if you all get anything from the...
  11. LandoAWD

    What might spell the end for me and DSMs...

    It finally happened, and was caught on camera.Anyone need a Talon? :sosad:
  12. LandoAWD

    New O2, new TB gaskets, WOT and cruise logs

    Thoughts?BoostEst is far less artificially inflated than it once was, WB is still the same POS AEM garbage (quiet, Brian), but the pull seems pretty clean. I'm inclined to thing the AFEst is close to actual due to the smoke (black) at WOT ;)
  13. LandoAWD

    So; who's local?

    Someone had to start a thread in here. ;)
  14. LandoAWD

    Stop the sale of our home, Luda!

    Look, I know it isn't my place to make trouble around here, and that I'll likely lose my mod status because of this, but I have to speak out as this community and these cars are a big part of my life.In the Mod area, Chris has thrown around the idea of selling the site to a corporate owner...
  15. LandoAWD

    New to the world of coil-overs. (Impressions and Questions)

    All right, so I've been digging through some threads on coil-overs, adjustments, mounts, alignments, etc and I haven't seen something that specifically answers the following question...I just installed Koni/GC fronts and AGX/GC rears with currently unknown spring rates, though I can likely...
  16. LandoAWD

    Removing tint from tails (w/clear)

    Alright, so I tinted the Talon's tails (alliteration...w00t) a while ago and some of the clear is starting to peel off.I think I'd like to go back to plain tails, but I'm not sure what stripper I should use to get this stuff off. It's the RC Car tint you can get at a hobby store with a...
  17. LandoAWD

    New wheels; old style

    Well, I had enough of black/gunmetal type rims, and never had another aftermarket set in any other color......till I stumbled across a member selling some old-school looking Volks in the classifieds. Checked the bank account, ran it by the wife, and BLAM; a whole new look was born. I had...
  18. LandoAWD

    ECMlink 3rd gear pull log

    Alright, as some of y'all know, I've been battling pesky knock between 5.5k and 6k. Last week, I took the car to a friend's and BLT'd to 25lbs. The WG arm was loose so that was adjusted more hearing me bi*** about slow spool. We also adjusted the slave cyl since it was dragging...
  19. LandoAWD

    Got an Eclipse...

    ...sort of. :)Meet Eclipse.She's about 7 weeks (on Sun) and is already between a small dog and medium dog harness. She spent her first night at home yesterday, only kept us up for 30 mins or so around 4am, and is about 60/40 on pissing and pooping on the training pads. I hope the...
  20. LandoAWD

    Bored? Like shooting people with paintball guns?

    Where mischief is encouraged! - ShootPaul.comLMFAO. Brilliant site.
  21. LandoAWD

    Venting front bumper

    Pardon the horrid clone-brush attempt, I suck at photo editing.Anyway, I was considering doing something similar to this to my front bumper cover, and was looking for suggestions on prep, cutting tools, cutting methods, etc so it doesn't look as bad as my digital attempt.
  22. LandoAWD

    TB elbow question on SBR FMIC

    I just snagged an SBR FMIC for a great price and plan to slap it on this weekend (assuming I can get someone to cut the 90* off my PTE).Is the TB elbow that comes with the kit angled like a 2g elbow? Once I pick it up, I'll be able to hold them up side by side, but I need to know if I'll...
  23. LandoAWD

    Intercooler piping question

    Alright, so I'm looking at getting (well, hopefully am getting) an ETS kit from another DSMer.My problem is this...I currently have a compressor cover with an elbow pointing towards the passenger side for the SMIC setup that is on there now. Now, the kit comes with a J-pipe setup and I was...
  24. LandoAWD

    Warning: Do not eat, then open

  25. LandoAWD

    BOV Flutter/Surge issue

    Normally I wouldn't post this issue, and have briefly touched on it in my ongoing Link tuning thread, but this is too odd.Basic rundown: -Car was fine in the spoolup/blow-off department until just recently. No changes to the intake system have been made.-My Dodge Garage modded 1g...
  26. LandoAWD

    [RESOLVED] Headlight cover adjustment? 1ga

    Alright, so I got tired of a "mod" consisting of hood pins on a stock hood (thanks 2 owners ago), and replaced my hood and headlight covers.At first, it appeared that all the clearances around the edges of botht the covers and the hood were fine. I've since used the headlights in popped-up...
  27. LandoAWD

    ECMlink DSMLink logs(caution: slow child tuning)

    Alright guys, seeing if anyone has suggestions for tuning the Talon back to its EPROM-glory. I've not been WOT in about a week or so, and I feel my man parts shriveling.Two logs attached. One is easily identifiable as a short jog down the road, hte other is an idle log (has default Link...
  28. LandoAWD

    1g AWD converted to manual rack questions

    Question or questions...we'll see as this progresses.I'm new to the world of manual steering, and love it...for the most part.Issues:1. I have a bit of side to side play in the steering wheel before the steering actually responds to input. I can be cruising along and just wiggle...
  29. LandoAWD

    Take me out of the "Quitters" thread...(new DSM)

    Nearly 3 years I've been without boost...I couldn't take it anymore. No more will I watch performance oriented vehicles fly by my Rover or my S-10. No longer will I struggle to remember what "fun" is in a car. No longer will I yearn for the smells of unburnt fuel and miss a glowing manifold...
  30. LandoAWD

    Greddy EGT gauge problem

  31. LandoAWD

    Greddy EGT gauge problem

  32. LandoAWD

    Is anyone playing PGR3?

    I know the staggered release of the 360 systems has both left a bad taste in the mouths of those wanting one, and thrilled those who got one, so no "F-in MS, why don't I have a system?" stuff in here, please.That being said, is anyone playing PGR3? How are you liking it? How is the garage...
  33. LandoAWD

    CD Receiver/XM/SIRIUS question

    Alright, I know this is a pretty dumb question, but here it goes...I bought a JVC deck a year or so ago for the Laser, and had intended to put it into the Rover now that the car is sold. JVC apparently is a SIRIUS compatible brand, and the deck is tagged with the logo. I bought a Roady2...
  34. LandoAWD

    Taking a break after 8 years

    I think I'm done...for a whileI am about part her out.I still love the looks, the sound of a turbo spooling, etc, its just time for something different after having her for 100k+ and nearly 8 years.The wife and I are currently looking at `96ish Range Rovers (yes, I know about the...
  35. LandoAWD

    Pic Request (yes, I searched)

    I need a pic of a 1.8l hood/car/front end WITHOUT the bump. First one wins a week with no sarcasm directed at them.Go.If you found it by searching, please include the search terms you used.
  36. LandoAWD

    No power to S-AFC

    Alright, yeterday, the car was running fine.I get in today and notice a choppy idles, and a CEL. Turn on the logger and ger a "12-Airflow Sensor" message. I look over at the AFC and there is no display...CEL solved.I pull apart the pass side console and slide the ECU out and get out...
  37. LandoAWD

    Auto not shifting out of 2nd (3rd)

    Alright, I ran through the 3 A/T pages here and 19 or so on Talk ( :o ) so don't tell me to search. ;)My fiance and I went to look at an A/T 1991 AWD and the guy never shoed up...well, not on time at least. We called, and he said he drove the car back to his folk's house because it had no...
  38. LandoAWD

    Happy Birthday Defiant

    Twice my age, twice my wit.Congrats. :p
  39. LandoAWD

    Bumper Cut Out (Merged 3-31-09)

    Pardon the horrid clone-brush attempt, I suck at photo editing.Anyway, I was considering doing something similar to this to my front bumper cover, and was looking for suggestions on prep, cutting tools, cutting methods, etc so it doesn't look as bad as my digital attempt.
  40. LandoAWD

    A brief log

    Time RPM Knock Timing O2 Inj P/W TPS 00:01.0 2750 5 22 0.88 7.949 89 00:01.2 2812 5 21 0.88 8.205 89 00:01.3 2844 5 21 0.86 8.462 89 00:01.5 2906 5 19 0.88 8.974 89 00:01.6 2938 4 17 0.86 10 89 00:01.7 3031 4 15 0.88 11.026 89 00:01.9 3094 4 14 0.88...
  41. LandoAWD

    Rooster Chop

    Can one of you animate this rooster's leg so it kicks out every 5 seconds holding a blank sign, or a sign that says "Rooster gives Kat no love"?Please?:thumb:
  42. LandoAWD

    Hallman EVO MBC question

    Being that I am a lazy bastard, I have the desire to controll boost from inside the cockpit. I am currently looking at the 2 Hallman EVO series bosst controllers but am not sure if I should shell out the extra 15bucks for teh "ceramic ball".What, if any, are the benefits of a ceramic ball...
  43. LandoAWD

    Brief log...rapid knock onset.

    Quick log...had to let off WAY early.I notice my TPS isn't reading 100%, last time it was my old floormats wedged under the pedal. :rolleyes:Anyone care to tell me what may cause the rapid onset of knock at 4469rpm?Kyle, ideas? If the data is skewed by not being at 100% throttle...
  44. LandoAWD

    Thanks to DSMTuners...a.k.a. Tuners Love

    Thanks to those who came down to Myrtle Beach, and the well wishers that couldn't make it, for giving me the opportunity to propose to Jamie in a setting surrounded by DSMs and good friends. She said yes!
  45. LandoAWD

    Any ideas as to what prompted this? *link* :confused: :eek:
  46. LandoAWD

    Greddy EGT gauge problem

    Okay, I know for a fact on my ride home from work that my EGT gauge was acting as it should. When I started the car up to go bi*** at my wireless provider, I noticed the needle wasn't moving. I paid little attention, and assumed there was a wiring issue, and the probe harness had come...
  47. LandoAWD

    Is NC in a downward spiral?

    Something for you guys to get a chuckle out of. On my way to a help call and saw this. Immediatley asked my co-worker riding shotgun to snap a pic:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  48. LandoAWD

    Little Tuner, Big Tuner

    My occasional whoring thread :pMe and Ray (Dsmed) chillin with beers "South of the Mason/Dixon style".THis is old, but my g/f is lazy about developing film. Yes I fit in a 1g.Edit: Down South Coors > AW4G63
  49. LandoAWD

    Toothy Grin....Smile!

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