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  1. 19gsx91

    For Sale Parting out a 92 6/4 5 speed Eclipse gsx

    I bought a car to hopefully try to save but sadly it's too far gone rust wise to be able to save it..So I have everything out of a bone stock 92 gsx 5 speed with a 6/4 combo available for parts..I have no prices set in mind so please just make fair offers and remember to include the cost of...
  2. 19gsx91

    For Sale Turbos! 1 New evoIII and 1 PTE 6266

    Selling 2 turbos, both freshly rebuilt/gone over by Justin WhitesellOne is an EVOIII 16g, fully redone.. only taken out of packaging to take pictures..The other is a ball bearing PTE 6266v2 I pulled it off my evo because it was leaking a bit of oil, sent it out to justin and he looked it...
  3. 19gsx91

    1G STM Fast Idle Air Valve Bypass Plate

    Soooo. Since this has turned into a pissing contest. can someone please tell me what he did with the hardware THAT COMES WITH THE PLATE. since they sell it as a kit. PER STMs website.Do you already have this and are attempting to install it.. orrr? Or you looking at ordering it? Any local...
  4. 19gsx91

    2G Top end sputter under heavy acceleration

    Assuming car is all stock, and he did in fact only swap transmissions that would leave me to wonder a few things...A. Please show us an underhood picture so we can get an idea if it is actually all stock. B. Do you know how much boost you are currently running? c. If the car is 100% stock and...
  5. 19gsx91

    Let's See Your Personalized Plates!

    5LTRETR. 5 Litre eater. I love picking on muscle car guys because nobody really knows what my car is here in upstate NY. I don't normally get messed with too much anymore
  6. 19gsx91

    For Sale Oil pans 6 and 7 bolt, 6 bolt intakes

    Have 3 6 bolt oil pans and 1 7 bolt oil pain. 75 shipped and pp'd each.Have several (5 or 6) 1g intake manifolds - some have coil packs, some have egr valves one or two 1g throttle bodies.Text is fastest - 315-576-0217I have a ton of STOCK 1g parts, 6 bolt short block, a few 1g heads...
  7. 19gsx91

    1g turbo system on 2g car oil feed line

    Correct. MHI turbos need to be fed from the head. Almost all other turbos need to be fed from the OFH, (including the GARRETT t25 that originally came on your car).
  8. 19gsx91

    ECMlink Power peaks at 6K and drops off... HX40/272 What gives?

    What is your elevation? and don't forget that SD will not read airflow correctly like a MAF setup will
  9. 19gsx91

    New member in Syracuse Ny

    Hello and welcome. I'm actually in newark ny and work n Geneva. :)
  10. 19gsx91

    Kitchen costs

    Dishwasher. I live alone and am lazy af when I'm actually home, without a dishwasher I'd basically be forced into having to get paper plates. I can't give up my cutco knives though. I work 6 days a week and most nights when I get home I'm still in the garage til about 8-9 til i finally come in...
  11. 19gsx91

    HX-35 BEP .55 Housing Results on 2G AWD(1/4 and Dyno)

    Make sure the drain is around 3/4 or 19mm. I ended up getting a 3/4 drain and drilling it out because it wasn't draining fast enough... but I run a 3/4 t3 drain barb to a 3/4hose clamped to a cut 2g oil drain and it works great once you get it put together.
  12. 19gsx91

    1G Need exhaust. Need advice. Come on in and join a discussion.

    I have an SRS system that I cut the muffler off of and welded a v6 98-02 Honda accord v6 resonator to. I work at a junkyard so these are actually my favorite budget "muffer" as they are built like a cherry bomb, but because they're OEM Honda designed, its all stainless. they start at like 2-1/4...
  13. 19gsx91

    2G vs 1G!

    I love 1gs because of the interior, it feels purpose built. I've been in 2gs, never personally owned and driven one so I can't speak to the suspension side of things but I really just like the way my 1g looks.. then again most people don't get lucky and get a panda AND the black crystal...
  14. 19gsx91

    FP Black goes 8.67 in the 1/4

    Someone should just make a manifold to fit evo x turbos to dsms @MorrisonFab considering that the orientation is correct. I had talked to Emery at STM about it a few years back and he estimated in the 1200 range and would need at least 10 people to start working on it.. That would eliminate the...
  15. 19gsx91

    GVR-4 Inputs welcome. New build dyno predictions.

    Mustang dyno... cut your expectations by about 20%. expect 360ish and be happy with any more the heartbreaker will be willing to give.
  16. 19gsx91

    GVR-4 Inputs welcome. New build dyno predictions.

    Truth. If I had to guess I'd say probably around 425-450awhp (on a dynojet) around 25psi hitting full boost around 5.5k. That big intercooler and SMIM are going to hurt your midrange. I'm aiming for similar numbers on a 7 blade hx35 in a bep housing.. but I should see full hit boost around 4k :)
  17. 19gsx91

    GVR-4 Inputs welcome. New build dyno predictions.

    Your sarcasm doesn't translate well unless the users know you Nick lol
  18. 19gsx91

    1G Good 1g aftermarket shift knob?

    ^^ What Brent said. I have a 3g eclipse shift knob on my gsx and I love it. 2003+ lancer shift knobs are nice too because they're pretty weighty and thread on like stock.
  19. 19gsx91

    1G Anyone know what a 1993 OEM CD player/ radio looked like?

    I have a mint 1g radio out of a 92 eclipse.. If you get the ones that had a "cd" plug in it can be used as an aux port and hooked right to your phone. Why upgrade something that works just fine?The radio is dsm specific. 90-94. I'll get a picture when I get home from work
  20. 19gsx91

    1G Used valve springs

    I have a few sets of those evo springs and a set of bcs as well.. I keep buying built heads with springs already installed :banghead: to mimic what moto and bastard have said.. if you use evo springs you will need the retainers and locks to go with them.
  21. 19gsx91

    How many of us use our DSMs as actual daily cars? Or how many own just a DSM?

    Hey what about the poor guys in the salt belt? I summer daily drive my car. goes up for winter around november and will come back out late march/april and I normally put about 10-15k a summer on mine.. I have other cars to drive but 90% of the time prefer not to. my car is lowered (doesn't...
  22. 19gsx91

    Best part about owning a DSM?

    In my case it's the "WTF is that" factor. Living in upstate new York these cars are incredibly hard to come by in general, nevermind running and driving.. so unfortunately I'm pretty well known in the local car communities as a sleeper but it's always fun telling the Subaru guys I'm running...
  23. 19gsx91

    Street Build 1G Build: Return of the DSMer!

    If you need to swap over I have some high z 1600s I have on the shelf I got from the detective coating guy (sorry I can't remember his name rn) They're been sitting in a bag in my toolbox since fall. take em. try em. you know the drill.
  24. 19gsx91

    2G Setting a target PSI for an EVO III 16g

    Mistu overbuilt everything on the 1g, stressed parts a touch more on the 2g. you have to remember what the stock boost pressure was originally meant to be on our cars. anything beyond that and it's pretty much rule of thumb.. that's why people are saying don't kill yourself trying to do the math...
  25. 19gsx91

    2G Setting a target PSI for an EVO III 16g

    I agree with @Stapl3 you can have an idea of a ballpark of where the car will be happy but until you start dialing everything in it's a guessing game.. on my evoIII 16g with 850s behind a 5spd with just minor bolt ons I managed 350awhp @24psi.... on 93 octane. on a non-rewired 255. everyone has...
  26. 19gsx91

    Other hobbies/passions besides DSMs?

    Lol my junkyard has 4000 cars but none are dsms.. it's all 2000 and newer
  27. 19gsx91

    Other hobbies/passions besides DSMs?

    Well.... It used to be cars LOL. I work at a junkyard so I get a lot of cars that come in for like $200 that "needs a wheel bearing" :ohdamn: so I'd make quite a bit of cash flipping stuff that came into the yard. best score yet was a 2003 wrx with 86k on it. nothing wrong with it.. just needed...
  28. 19gsx91

    Street Build 98 Talon TSI AWD "Strong DD"

    Prepare for lowballers to come crawling through the woodwork. had that happen with some stuff I was trying to sell recently, told the guy I was getting separated and needed to get rid of anything I could and he started trying to cut all my prices in half because "if I don't get then the wife...
  29. 19gsx91

    Time for a turbo upgrade.. 68hta or hx35?

    But dadddddddddddddddddd. He started it.
  30. 19gsx91

    Facebook's negative impact on car culture and tech info

    I'm here for morale support on this one. I think a lot of what is being said is true and worth considering...This site is definitely a treasure trove of information and for the short time I was on facebook I noticed that there was a lot of misinformation going around by people who didn't know...
  31. 19gsx91

    Time for a turbo upgrade.. 68hta or hx35?

    ^^ This is true. I'll have a freshly built 8 blade hx35 in a bep housing up for sale shortly as well.I've run all. (hx35/ v168hta/v68hta) and the hx35 is my favorite with the v168hta being shortly behind. all of the above will hit power goals with e-85.What sold me on the holset (inner ricer...
  32. 19gsx91

    HX-35 BEP .55 Housing Results on 2G AWD(1/4 and Dyno)

    He's going to tell you to go hy35 and be done with it lol.
  33. 19gsx91

    HX-35 BEP .55 Housing Results on 2G AWD(1/4 and Dyno)

    ... I hate to be the one to point this out but you might as well just put in "2g cars are still 7 bolt that haven't had the pistons replaced/upgraded" which will narrow your search even more drastically:rolleyes:You have to consider a few things here.. for every ONE holset build there are...
  34. 19gsx91

    Help me pick a turbo

    I run a cut 2g drain tube (17 bucks) a piece of 3/4 hose about 6" long and a 3/4 threaded t3 barb fitting with the ID drilled out a cost me about 30 bucks to put everything together and a little patience so as not to crush the 2g drain tube since it's thin metal. once it seals...
  35. 19gsx91

    For Sale Lots of 1g parts. cam gears, head, springs

    AEM cam gears sold still need to sell head. make offer
  36. 19gsx91

    ECMlink Dyno tuning questions

    Given your general demeanor perhaps you should sell the dsm and go buy a subaru. You've been given things to consider and instead of taking any of it into account and reporting back to us.. you're questioning our knowledge while googling (I hope nobody uses bing) other cars that have clutch...
  37. 19gsx91

    ECMlink Dyno tuning questions

    ...I feel like all this has been answered but I guess we gotta get the spoon out. Donnie and Brian both putting answers in should of been plenty sufficient.1) if the clutch started grabbing, why stop the dyno pull? - Because it started to slip. no dyno operator/shop wants any type of failure...
  38. 19gsx91

    1G rear caliper issues

    I'm not sure about fitment exactly but I know the lines screw in on the 1gs and use a banjo bolt on the 2gs so at the very least you'd need replacement lines to the caliper..The 1g rear calipers are a "screw in" type, you can't compress it with a c-clamp or regular brake tool. they need to...
  39. 19gsx91

    2G Need help selecting new turbo

    for spool on an open t3 I'm not really sure an hy35 can be beat.. what rpm are you seeing max boost?
  40. 19gsx91

    1G Hta68 or E316g

    Nick (Vegas) Is just trolling as always.. using the term lightly. I wish some of you would read the thread thoroughly. if he's running low boost the heat/knock issues that arise in the v1 (that I never personally noticed even at 30psi) is a complete non issue. and given the weight of the colts...
  41. 19gsx91

    1G Hta68 or E316g

    v2 68hta is not fairly comparable to an evoIII16g. think of it as an FP green with a j pipe comp cover. more power potential? oh yes. more lag? Oh even more so. Is the lag with the power gain? I certainly didn't think so.. but if you are USED to how an evoIII 16g performs and reacts then I would...
  42. 19gsx91

    For Sale 4" sd intake, evo maf, 2g maf, FP manifold

    Selling an STM style 4" intake with filter. - 120 shipped and pp'devo maf with a 1g to evo8 plug and play harness. SOLD2g maf.. says k&n. came with a parts car. 40 shipped and pp'dFP mani. has a crack in it.. needs to be welded. 100 shipped and paypal'dTexting is fastest.315-576-021seven
  43. 19gsx91

    Help me pick a turbo

    For some reason it's not letting me use quotes again... Kyle for whatever it's worth I think the point Justin was trying to go for more than anything else was that on a turbo setup like an hy/x35 a large runner top mount is overkill.. somewhat similar to put a large runner tubular manifold on a...
  44. 19gsx91

    Help me pick a turbo

    I typed HY35 and done on this thread a few days ago and thennn got busy. I have had a 16g. both 68hta variants. and an 8 blade and 7 blade hx40 in a BEP .55 housing and now an 8 blade hx35 in a .55 BEP housing.In a nutshell. Spool is comparable between the 68htas and the hx40 variants.IN A...
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