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  1. Visor

    On my 97 gs-t, there are 3 buttons on my driver's side flip down visor... does anyone know what these can be used for? and how to program them?
  2. turbo

  3. Wheel Bearings?

    Hey guys, looks like I need to replace my left drivers side, and left passenger side wheel bearings.Does anyone know what the part numbers are for replacement or where I can get them from other than a Mitsubishi dealer that wants a lot of money for them?thanks
  4. Engine and Fuel Treatment???

    So Defiant, I shouldn't bother with doing a fuel treatment? What about an engine treatment, like duralube? so it helps with "ticking"?
  5. Engine and Fuel Treatment???

    Hey guys, I want to do a engine and fuel treatment on my gs-t. What ones do you guys use? what are the best brands to use?
  6. i invented a new mod today

    hey guys, whenever someone gets the piping at home depot, post it, because I want ot do the mod, just don't know what items I need to get, thanks
  7. 19x8.5 rims

    ok... so what do spacers do? is there special spacers that I will need?
  8. 19x8.5 rims

    ok how do I get around the rubbing issues when I mount the rims on my car? I got them on a really good deal, and I couldn't really pass it up
  9. 19x8.5 rims

    they look really good on that... they are already mounted on "245/35R19 " so i kinda didn't have a choice on the size... but CrazyClipse looks really good... hey crazyclipse, did you experience any rubbing? or have to do any mods like spacers?
  10. 19x8.5 rims

    I am just about to purchase a set of 19x8.5 ADR Sterling Chrome rims 38 mm offset w/ 245/35R19 falken tires. My suspension is stock... Will I have any problems with this setup? rubbing? same gap as stock? or less gap?
  11. Clutch

    is there a clutchmaster or exedy clutch kit that is cheaper than the act 2100 for a slightly modded dsm?
  12. Clutch
  13. Clutch

    Hey guys, I need a new clutch, I hear to go with a ACT 2100. Is there anything cheaper than $330 bucks? My car is a daily driver car, and I don't go to the track and race. So what should I go with?
  14. Clutch Problems???

    no there is no leak... I just got my car back from my uncle (he's a mechanic). He said I need a new clutch. It looks like it is worn out, and not holding any pressure... So now the new question is... who makes the best clutch? and what one do I need?
  15. what pipe do i use with K&N FIPK?

    I have the same question as well.. I want to replace my stock rubber pipe from my fipk to my Garrett Big t-28... what dejon tool pipe do we use?
  16. Clutch Problems???

    I've got a 1997 eclipse gs-t, and I have drove it maybe 3-4 times in the last 3 weeks because of my clutch. This is what is happening:Problem #1: The clutch pedal sticks to the floor when having to shift, and because of this I have to use my foot to pop the clutch back up.Fix: I bought a...
  17. 18x8.5 rims-What size tires?

    Hey guys, I am in the midst of purchasing 18" ADR Sterling Chrome rims. They are 18x8.5. Right now I have a factory suspension. I do not plan on slamming the car, so when I lower it I just want to keep it clean. What tires should I go with? says to go with 225/40 series, thanks
  18. clutch bleeding [Merged 10-8] bleed slave master fluid

    no i didn't try google... I just tried here... but thanks, I'm gonna do it right now
  19. clutch bleeding [Merged 10-8] bleed slave master fluid

    hey guys, I've never bleeded a clutch before, and I can't find a post with it. How do you bleed a clutch??? thanks again
  20. gauges

    I decided to go with the Autometer Lunar series gauges: 1)Boost Gauge 2)Oil Pressure 3)EGT (Pyrometer)I don't really want to spend alot on gauges, I just want to make sure my car is running the way it is supposed to. Anyone have these gauges? or suggestion on any other models?
  21. Offset of Rim???

    well I haven't purchased them yet, because of the offset issue. and about the tire size, they do not come with tires, so my next question would have been what tire size should I go with? I really do not plan on lowering the car if I don't have to, so I want it to look clean, and not have a huge...
  22. Offset of Rim???

    18"x8.5" With 32 Offsetwill these rims cause any problems with my suspension? or what type of offset should I be using???
  23. Intake pipe???

    I have a K&N fipk, greddy type-s bov, garrett big t28. What intake pipe do I need to get that will fit? I have heard that some do not fit cause the fipk is too big?
  24. gauges

    thats what I am worried about that it will block the factory gauges, so you say it won't? I still will be able so see my gas gauge, and oil pressure gauge?
  25. gauges

    thanks guys, do you know of anyone or have any pics of ppl using this type of gauge pod?
  26. gauges

    I want to do a dual or triple gauge pod in my car... what gauges should I go with? currently I have a Blitz DTT turbo timer which has a built in boost gauge, but it is broken now. So I figure I might as well get another boost gauge, what should be my other(s) gauge?
  27. hid???

    I want to replace my factory headlight bulbs 9006 and 9005 bulbs. What are the best bulbs to use to make them look closest to HID? and how much are actual HID kits? thanks
  28. Custom Trunk?

    Hey guys, during the summer I want to do a custom trunk in my 97 gs-t. I have 2 12" and 2 6x9's I want to inhibit in the custom trunk. Does anyone have any pics of what they have done for there stereo? I have only found a couple in this gallery that are decent, the majority pics I have found is...
  29. Best turbo-timer

    I have the Blitz DCII DTT with boost gauge, and I love it. The display is separated from the brain, so it is very easy to mount wherever needed!!!
  30. Greddy Type S adjustment

    How do you hook up both? I have only the 1 hooked up that recirculates...
  31. Greddy Type-S Bov install???

    is the "whistling" sound compressor surge? right now i have 8 threads above the nut. Do I add more threads? like make it 9, 10, 11? because I am getting some whistling with 8 on there now
  32. Greddy Type-S Bov install???

    what does compressor surge sound like or feel like?
  33. Greddy Type-S Bov install???

    thanks guys.... also there is a adjustment screw on top of the bov. How many threads is everyone leaving?
  34. Greddy Type-S Bov install???

    since i don't have a mbc yet, is this boost level fine?
  35. Greddy Type-S Bov install???

    hey guys, I just installed my new Greddy Type-S bov today. With the stock bov my boost gauge would read 0.95 kpa (14.05psi) at the max, but after the install when I went for a drive my boost gauge read 1.06 kpa (15.68psi)... I have the boost gauge holding the peak boost. Is this bad that it is...
  36. Boost Creep???

    Hey guys, I know this is a stupid question, please forgive me. What is boost creep? What does it feel like? Is it bad for your car?
  37. Magnacore 8.5mm & NGK BPR6ES???

    NGK's website doesn't say the gap size for my 97 eclipse gs-t... but since I am currently running stock boost I should gap at .029-.030. Do you think that I will notice a difference? Thanks for all the help.
  38. Magnacore 8.5mm & NGK BPR6ES???

    I just received my new Magnacore 8.5mm wires and NGK BPR6ES spark plugs the other day. Do I need to gap these plugs? if so how much? and how to do it?
  39. Garrett Big T-28???

    do you know the specs of the Garret Big T28? also do I need a MBC? why or why not?Current mods: Garrett Big T28 K&N FIPK Blitz DCII turbo timer w/ boost gaugesoon to be on: Greddy Type-S bov w/ recirculating kit Magnacore 8.5mm wires NGK BPR6ES spark plugs new fuel filter
  40. Garrett Big T-28???

    anyone know the specs of the Garrett Big T-28? Also I recently just purchased the Greddy Type-S bov, Magnacore 8.5mm wires, NGK sparkplugs, and a new fuel filter. I just have to install them. With my current setup, do I have to do any supporting mods for everything to run smoothly? :dsm:
  41. 95-99 brembo drilled/slotted rotors from SportBrakes?

    I have been looking into purchasing new rotors from SportBrakes as well. Anyone have any feedback on the company and the rotors? thanks...
  42. Turbo Timer with AFTERMARKET alarm

    I have the Blitz DTT DC II w/ boost gauge with the Blitz harness, also I am running a PolarStart remote start / alarm. All I do to arm my car is, when the TT is timing down, I just lock my doors. And after my car finishs timing down and turns off, my alarm auto arms after 30 seconds. So now my...
  43. Spark plugs and wires?

    Can I get away with using BPR7ES? what are the pros and cons of using this with my current system?-------------------------------------------------- Garrett Big T-28 K&N fipk Blitz DCII turbo timer w/ boost gauge
  44. Spark plugs and wires?

    Well since I want red, might as well go with the 8.5mm magnacore wires through Slowboy racing. and as for plugs they have 2 sets, NGK, and NGK Iridium. Is it worth going with the Iridium? or just go with BPR8ES or BPR7ES?-------------------------------------------------- Garrett Big T-28...
  45. Spark plugs and wires?

    the only story I could find was a fuel filter should be replaced if your DSM has high miles. My 97 gs-t has 78,500 miles on it, so I figure I might as well replace it. Also NGK spark plug wires come in blue, does anyone know where to get NGK in red?
  46. Spark plugs and wires?

    sounds like NGK is the way to go for the plugs and wires... but what about a fuel filter? are they all the same?
  47. Spark plugs and wires?

    I am going to be doing a tune up on my 97 gst, and I should buy some new spark plugs, wires, and a fuel filter. any recommendations? I haven't done the free mods as of yet, but as soon as the weather starts to clear up here in canada, they are all gonna be done...
  48. Garrett T28 stats any one?

    did you find out the specs of the Big T-28? i'm pretty curious what the difference it is from the T28 and the Big T28.------------------------------------------------ Garrett Big T-28 K&N FIPK Blitz DCII turbo timer w/ boost gauge
  49. free mods/upgrades

    is there no point on doing the boost restrictor mod, if you are going to get a mbc?
  50. 18" chrome rims

    so is that a no, you haven't bought chrome rims from XTRIM-R... thanks for the no help...
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