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Search results

  1. For Sale New parts store replacement clutch kit

    I think it's a "New perfection" brand... same thing you'd get if you bought one from autozone or O'reillys, brand new never used. I got it with my 1g AWD talon, googling the part number it sounds like a N/A FWD clutch rather than AWD. Look it up yourself make sure it fits what you're doing...
  2. For Sale 1g New radiator

    New stock parts store replacement radiator... $30 shipping not included
  3. 1g AWD front hub outer diameter

    Anyone have a front hub with the brake rotor off floating around? I need the O.D measurement (with calipers plz). This is for a set of brake rotors that need machining.
  4. Stock cam dyno sheets

    Anyone got some? I knew stock cams were garbage but I didn't expect to make peak HP at 5300
  5. 2G Lowest key BOV

    Everyone wants flashy and loud and atmospheric dumped, I want the opposite. I like to fly under the radar here for smog, currently I run a crushed 1g BOV recirculated but I push 26 psi and it's over its limit. I'd like to replace it with a low key BOV that will bolt right in as far as recirc...
  6. 2g clutch line

    So I've noticed places sell a partial or full braided clutch line (one that goes back to the master). Can someone refresh my memory as to why? Isn't the only flex section at the transmission? Why would I replace the hardline....
  7. ECMlink Aenemic E3-16G airflow

    1). Any boost, vac, or exhaust leaks? Boost leak tested 5psi above your max boost with no leaks? Sure... 2). Verified mechanical timing? Yes 3). Verified base timing? Yes 4). Ignition system COP or Stock Coil: Wire brand and Age: Spark Plug brand, type and Gap: Stock, BPR7ES 5). Motor health...
  8. Wanted: 2g manual LSD rear diff

    Need one, let me know if you have or know of one for sale.Thanks
  9. Wideband in front O2 location

    So I've been reading about some cases where people are having shortened sensor life in the front o2 location. Is this true or is it possibly unrelated. I have a new innovate MTX I want to install in my 2g with DSMlink. I'd like to place it in the stock O2 location, pipe the 5 volt back...
  10. 2g max knock retard

    Just for my reference what is the maximum amount of knock timing retard a factory 2g ecu (95 for year reference) can give?
  11. Where'd all this damn fuel come from?

    Current setup:95 talon AWD 6-bolt swap, 2g head/intake MHI E316G 560 evo injectors 255LPH walbro stock wiring stock FPR etc tuned with SAFC2 barometer wired with potentiometer to crank it below 73kPA (to avoid misfires due to 6 bolt swap) VSRF front mountthe car was running fine for almost a...
  12. Which 2G frontmount?

    Ok I give up trying to find a larger sidemount, I guess dejon tool doesn't make them anymore and no one wants to sell theirs. I've been holding off on a frontmount because I want my car to pass smog without having to pay some dude $300 or whatever you other guys do. So with that in mind...
  13. WTB: 660s

    Need some, PM if you have.
  14. ECUflash evoscan timing function

    I have a 95 talon and I'm using evoscan to log and tune in conjunction with my SAFC2. On the evoscan website they mention the timing equation should be x-10 instead of x-20, obviously the difference being 10 degrees. However if I put in x-20 I have 15 degrees of timing at idle at around...
  15. 6-bolt swap random mis-fire smog concerns

    I'm going to be getting my car smogged legally and wanted to know if these random misfire codes will reset my emissions flags. IE can I just keep turning the car off and on to reset the mis-fire?Related question: If I do the barometer trick, will the flags ever reach readiness? This is...
  16. 2g won't crank

    Just finished my 6 bolt swap in my 95 talon AWD and it won't crank with the key. When I say crank I mean the starter won't turn over. Everything is connected properly, clutch switch is working fine (I can hear the fuel pump turn on) but it just won't crank. If I take the spade connector...
  17. Current best Ebay E3-16g?

    I know this topic has been covered in the past, but the vendors change often on ebay. Which ebay turbo is the 'best' one. IE the ones under $200 are probably not very good :P
  18. General Gurus help - 2g MAF in 1g, volume air flow spikes

    Ok so I recently put a 2g maf in my 1g, used the stock 2g pipe and recirced my BOV.Everything works fine, EXCEPT... at very light throttle positions I get MAF signal spikes, the MAF freq spikes up to 3000+ (according to the SAFC). This causes it to spike the injectors and the car nose dives...
  19. ARP head stud torque (6 bolt)

    Yes I already searched, I'm using a composite gasket. I need to know the torque specs WITH ARP lube, not 30 wt oil.
  20. Need 1g driveshaft/transfer case

    :thumb:Help me out guys, need a 1g AWD driveshaft and 23 spline transfer case, PM me if anyone has any leads. Thanks
  21. Need 1g AWD driveshaft/ transfer case

    Help me out guys, need a 1g AWD driveshaft and 23 spline transfer case, PM me if anyone has any leads. Thanks :thumb:
  22. Need: 1g AWD driveshaft and transfer case

    Help me out guys, need a 1g AWD driveshaft and 23 spline transfer case, PM me if anyone has any leads. Thanks:thumb:
  23. Wanted: 4g63T

    Thread here:
  24. Wanted: 4g63T

    Thread here:
  25. Wanted: 4G63T

    Prefer 6 bolt but 7 bolt will work, as long as it's a turbo motor. Want running longblock, as long as miles aren't over 150k, has good compression and doesn't smoke it's fine. I can deal with leaks.
  26. Palm OS emulator hotsync problems

    Ok I've spent the last 2 or 3 hours trying to find out how to hotsync Palm OS emulator with the same computer it's installed on. All the instructions out there are for windows 2000, I have XP. Someone surely knows how to do this...
  27. 1g A/C acting finnicky

    Well my A/C used to work fine up until about a week ago, I drove with it from San Diego to LA with it on with no problems. About 2 days after that I went for a drive and it started acting funny. Basically the compressor kicks off and won't come back on, it seems when the car is cold its not...
  28. Economy/Power button

    Ok everything I've read so far says this should be for automatics only. Well I looked at a 90 AWD 5 speed GSX the other week and it had the button. Fair enough maybe the guy swapped the consoles out of an automatic or something.Fast forward to yesterday, went to the junkyard and was...
  29. [RESOLVED] EGR temp sensor (CA car thing)

    My 91 talon has that EGR temp sensor, of course it's pulling a CEL. I pulled 2 out of the JY today to replace it. My question is does anyone know how to bench test these things? It's a 2 wire setup so I'm guessing it's a simple thermo-resistor. Anyone know what ranges it should read?
  30. 1g/2g heat shield the same?

    is it?
  31. Newest acquisition

    The question is... try to add ducting or use a fan...:D
  32. 91 AWD timing belt time

    Yep, cooked mine real good when I went road racing this last weekend, down pipe came loose and had a big exhaust leak... Melted my upper cover and stretched the belt a little :(. So i'll be ordering up a power enterprises belt from modern performance, wanted to know if you guys knew the part...
  33. WIW stock 1g AWD cat converter?

    Used, 106k miles... Seems like alot of people want it, is there states that require a 'stock' converter?
  34. Who knows cat-converters?

    I'm going to be putting a universal cat on my Apexi N1 exhaust and would like to know what's the best bang for the money. I know next to nothing about cats and I was surprised at the wide range of options from summit. There seems to be different substrate styles;* Ceramic honeycomb, *...
  35. Sad Apexi 1g AWD DP

    Picked up a cheap exhaust system at the apexi garage sale this weekend. I'm actually surprised at how cheesy the system is, the material is just plain steel, and there are neck-down sections that get down to 2.25" I.D (2.38 OD) :toobad:. I'd be pissed if I paid the full retail on this but oh...
  36. 87 octane in a stock 1g AWD?

  37. 87 octane in a stock 1g AWD?

    Anyone do this? It doesn't specifically say 91 or high grade on the dash like the 2g's, it's running less compression and less boost than a 2g, so why not? Doesn't feel like it's making enough power to warrant 91 :rolleyes:.
  38. Driveshaft, or rear axle?

    Well I just got my talon running and driving since I bought it in october... I rebuilt the trans, put new front axles in, new front wheel bearings, trans mount etc. Everything is great except there seems to be a wobble under hard acceleration mainly in 1st and second. It seems to only...
  39. 1G front ball joint and tie rod boots

    Anyone have part numbers for these? Or know where I can find them? Have to replace my wheel bearings. So far search hasn't turned up much useful info...
  40. Normal slave travel?

    Does anyone know the regular slave travel on a stock setup with a properly adjusted MC? I'm at about 3/4"
  41. 1g AWD front axle difference?

    Ok somewhere i've read that 93-94 AWD front axles are a different size than earlier ones, is this true or only for FWD? I've already searched but nothing has come up explaining this. I ask because I just rebuilt a 93 trans to stick in my 91. The old axles seem to fit but I dunno...
  42. Rebuilding trans: 1st/2nd synchro mix-up

    Ok i'm rebuilding my trans here and I mixed up the original 1st/2nd synchro's and now don't know which of the new ones are which. Both original synchro's had 3 sets of synchro teeth spread apart, with one being organic and other brass. Also the synchro key slots are wider on one over the other...
  43. 93 trans in 91

    picked up a cheapish 93 AWD trans for my 91, will there be any issues installing it in my 91?
  44. Tranny exploded view or FSM

    Anyone have an exploded view of a 1G trans (91)? My car came with the trans already in exploded view . My trans guy doesn't have a service manual for these cars so we're kinda wingin' it. Also does anyone have a PDF of the FSM? Honestly why isn't it hosted somewhere? SRT guys have theirs for all...
  45. [RESOLVED] Tranny exploded view or FSM...

    Anyone have an exploded view of a 1G trans (91)? My car came with the trans already in exploded view :toobad:. My trans guy doesn't have a service manual for these cars so we're kinda wingin' it. Also does anyone have a PDF of the FSM? Honestly why isn't it hosted somewhere? SRT guys...
  46. Hardened CV shafts?

    Does anyone sell hardend CV shafts for 1Gs? I ask because I have my trans out and now might be a good time to replace them...
  47. Source for viscous drive and center diff?

    I need a new viscous drive and center diff, anyone know of any good sources for these and how much?
  48. Good DSM trans shop in San Diego

    I bought my 1G with the trans in pieces, it was towed by the front wheels. Looking for a good trans shop in SD, and i'm not looking to spend tons of money rebuilding it either... like $500 or less. So anyone know of any good trans shops that stand behind their work in SD county? North...
  49. Anyone have any experience with this exhaust manifold? (DSMparts GT)

    Wondering if it's as good as they claim (better than ported 2g or EVO3)?
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