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  1. EZ91Talon

    1G Timing tensioner arm question

    When you know, you know. Some of us are just not that wise
  2. EZ91Talon

    1G Timing tensioner arm question

    If you have the special tension tool MD998752 (which I don't) the tension procedure is a torque spec, as @pauleyman states. Unfortunately, the first few times I did this, I didn't realize my tensioner arm was dimpled (apparently a VERY common condition) and used an alternate install procedure...
  3. 1973 VW Super Beetle 1959 Body

    1973 VW Super Beetle 1959 Body

  4. EZ91Talon

    1973 VW Super Beetle 1959 Body

    This is the Build Thread for 1973 Super Beetle 1959 Body. Reply below.
  5. EZ91Talon

    1G Timing belt marks

    When you get your two wrenches to do steps 6 and 7 from @We're on Boost post above, this is the note I made about counting teeth be 15 BELT TEETH between the BELT GAP at the top center of the intake cam gear...
  6. EZ91Talon

    Difficult repairs; we are not alone

    Agreed. Done it once, hopefully never again.
  7. EZ91Talon

    Difficult repairs; we are not alone

    My wife bought a 2004 Ford Escape with the 3.0L transverse-mounted V6 years ago. It had been a fun and rugged little SUV and a good loaner vehicle for the kids. But the alternator! It's wedged under the exhaust manifold between the block and the firewall, surrounded by steering and suspension...
  8. EZ91Talon

    1G About to do complete timing belt replacement, replace front seals as well?

    I've only had my DSM for like 17 years and about 100k miles but I'm not ready to give up on the balance shafts just yet. When I first got it, I melted down the engine (long story) and had it replaced by a "performance" shop. They completely mis-timed the BS and it (to me) was obvious - it shook...
  9. EZ91Talon

    1G Rear caliper awd vs fwd

    I wish I had photos to show you, but those don't look like AWD rear calipers. I purchased one from Summit Racing last year that said it was for rear AWD. It looked like that and it took me a minute to realize the exit angle of the brake hose connection. The connection pointed straight at the...
  10. EZ91Talon

    1G Question about removing rear CV axles on 1G AWD

    I think what eventually worked for me was a pair of flat-blade screw drivers. Start by prying the angled tips of the ring out of the groove, gotta use two screwdrivers, one on each end of the ring to keep it from spinning in the groove. Once the ends are out, keep working to pry the ring inward...
  11. EZ91Talon

    1G Question about removing rear CV axles on 1G AWD

    I meant to warn you about those stupid snap rings but felt I was already being long winded. Sorry, but glad you made it through the disassembly:thumb:
  12. EZ91Talon

    1G Question about removing rear CV axles on 1G AWD

    It's a DSM. If it aint broke yet, it will be. I would just replace the bearings if you have them ready to go and are already planning to disassemble. Save the old ones for next time if you think they're still good since they won't be available for much longer anyway.
  13. EZ91Talon

    1G Question about removing rear CV axles on 1G AWD

    After replacing the front passenger bearing a couple times (we learn from our mistakes, right), I've been dreading doing the rears. Joe Wrenches' video (linked in post #4 above, thanks for sharing that @steve) has put my mind at ease. The front are a PITA, like many of the repairs on these DSMs...
  14. EZ91Talon

    Resolved 1g manual - stalling randomly CAS?

    Update 28JAN2021 I have driven several hundred miles under various temperature and load conditions since replacing the CAS. Not only is my engine not shutting off once reaching operating temp as it had been doing, I've noticed a distinct lack of the occasional\random mid-throttle...
  15. EZ91Talon

    1G 4x6 headlights suck!

    Not sure about the ones linked to above, but I bought these ones a long time ago Mechanical fitment was OK, they fit in the bezels. They did not work when plugged into the factory harness headlamp...
  16. EZ91Talon

    Resolved 1g manual - stalling randomly CAS?

    Actually, no, I did not notice that. Only noticed that it shot up right after the stall event.
  17. EZ91Talon

    Resolved 1g manual - stalling randomly CAS?

    My engine has been doing this shutting off thing for about a year now, but only after the engine has warmed up. Initially, all the gauges would shut off, too. Before today, I replaced the fuel pump, the MPI relay, the ignition coil and power transistor, and the spark plugs and the plug wires (I...
  18. EZ91Talon

    Timing belt help ASAP

    It's not a good idea to try to turn the crank to TDC now (could collide piston with valve). Perhaps not the easiest, but safest thing to do is: 1. Disconnect the CPS and back off the cam journal caps to ensure all valves are completely closed. 2. Find TDC for the crank (using alignment marks...
  19. EZ91Talon

    FWD versus AWD [Merged 2-8]

    You haven't stated your intentions for this DSM you seek, but since this is a "tuner" site, I'll assume you're interested in performance. FWD is cool ... for a minivan (you get a more spacious cabin), but is not for performance. Timeslips verify that the AWD's will out accelerate the FWD's...
  20. EZ91Talon

    :talon: Loud 3rd gear noise/grinds 2nd & 3rd gears only, I'm stumped

    If you do some searching through the forums, you will find that people are recommending all different kinds of lubes; apparently our trannies are very picky, and they are NOT all happy with the same stuff (like TRE's really seem not to like the SM). I use the Synchromesh and it made a BIG...
  21. EZ91Talon

    :talon: Loud 3rd gear noise/grinds 2nd & 3rd gears only, I'm stumped

    Did you refill with a lubricant that is compatible with yellow metals? I got mine back from the shop way back when and found that it got progressively noisier and more dificult to shift. I don't know what they used, but I drained and filled with Pennzoil Synchromesh and the difference was...
  22. EZ91Talon

    GReddy Profec B-Spec vs. Everything else

    My Talon has had the Profec B-Spec II since before I bought it. I really like it, but haven't used anything else. The instruction manual is somewhat confusing, but eventually I got it figured out (I think). It is very easy to make your car run very badly (boost spikes, etc.) with this...
  23. EZ91Talon

    timing belt question

    I'm not sure what the proper terminology is, but consider that the belt (and cam gears) have a pattern that goes tooth, gap, tooth, gap,... The intake cam gear should have the inner mark on a tooth, the exhaust mark should be on a gap. When these marks are aligned, the top spoke (where the...
  24. EZ91Talon

    91-99 Oil cooler replacement

    You must just live in the wrong area (or I'm darn lucky)...after I got my 91 back from its engine replacement, I noticed the oil/water mixer was not connected to the cooling system at all, so I ran some new lines and (guess why the shop left it disconnected) voila! oil in the coolant! :notgood...
  25. EZ91Talon

    EZ Out, In

    I got one of mine out using a dremel with a small (used a lot) round cutting disc. I cut a slot across the hole/stud right through the center. I used a flat screwdriver with lots of elbow grease and liquid wrench to unscrew the stud. This scored the head around the stud hole and screwed up a...
  26. EZ91Talon

    Coolent dripping from oil filter housing

    Amen, you should not have coolant coming out of those threads. Are you sure it is not originating elsewhere, higher up, and running down to those areas? You may have a coolant leak from the oil cooler lines, from a crushed cooler (is there oil in your coolant?), or the aluminum water pipe...
  27. EZ91Talon

    Changing valve stem seals [Merged 8-7]

    You do NOT need to remove the head. You WILL need to remove and reinstall cams and rocker assemblies. You will also need special tools (valve spring compressor, shop air with spark plug hole adapter). I used to pay a shop to do this, doesn't mean it gets done right. Buy a Haynes manual...
  28. EZ91Talon

    was it because of my launch?

    This is HARD on parts, but if you really want to launch your M/T AWD try this: On your marks... Put it in 1st with the clutch in, Pull-up E-brake tight and hold it up with the button depressed. Get set ... Bring RPM's up to 6K, bring clutch pedal up till it just starts to engage/slip/smell...
  29. EZ91Talon

    60+ mph cooling problem

    The engine is under more load at 60MPH than creeping in traffic. More load = more heat generated. Found this link searching for "overheating AND speed AND fmic" ... good stuff:
  30. EZ91Talon

    K&N Valve Cover Breather Filter? [Merged 8-6]

    This is a VERY BASIC, temporary setup I'm using to test the gravity trap idea. Wanted to keep trap shallow as this is supposed to be fresh air path into crankcase and do not want to obstruct it.
  31. EZ91Talon

    K&N Valve Cover Breather Filter? [Merged 8-6]

    Good point about the underhood mess, had me thinking of returning the breather, but looked at the receipt and realized they failed to scan it, so where I come from free is free and I'm motivated to make this work. Anybody ever try forming a gravity trap (like you find under your kitchen sink)...
  32. EZ91Talon

    K&N Valve Cover Breather Filter? [Merged 8-6]

    Well I can stop using WD-40 to shine up the engine bay and this should also help prevent hose rot, then, eh? Bonus! :tease:
  33. EZ91Talon

    K&N Valve Cover Breather Filter? [Merged 8-6]

    Just bought the APC #153002 at WalMart for $9.88 + tax. This is 1/2" i.d. (too loose) so I forced a short piece of 3/16" hose from my old waste gate line (packrat, I admit) over the PCV nipple to shim it. Seems snug, fits under the hood, hopefully cuts down on oil in the intake, and it's...
  34. EZ91Talon

    Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    I tried to drive mine about 30 miles with it overheating just thinking I could limp it home (came up 3 miles short)...6 weeks, $3K, and a junkyard 6-bolt later I REALLY wish I hadn't...If you have to drive it, don't let the temp gauge exceed the normal range. The top end of the gauge is red for...
  35. EZ91Talon

    60+ mph cooling problem

    I had this problem but in my case it was a combination of a crappy (adjustable type) thermostat and a bypassed heater core. If your upper and lower hoses are hot, the coolant is likely circulating through the radiator, it sounds like you have airflow issues...I am sort of new to DSM's but I...
  36. EZ91Talon

    Alternator gone?

    Rule of thumb, anything below 13V is low. 9V means that if the battery was not junk before it may be now. To find out: Disconnect the battery and remove it from the vehicle. Open the caps and refill the cells with distilled water (if it's that type). Put the battery on a trickle charger (1...
  37. EZ91Talon

    60+ mph cooling problem

    Is your heater core bypassed? Have you tried touching/grabbing the upper radiator hose when the engine first gets hot to verify that your thermostat is not sticking (if the engine is hot this hose should be too hot to hold)? Think about the path of least resistance for the hot coolant exiting...
  38. EZ91Talon's Talon TSi AWD

    EZ91Talon's Talon TSi AWD

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