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  1. Next Level Performance Stage 1 G-Box

    Question by 'talon94es' on classified ad 'Next Level Performance Stage 1 G-Box'

    Bump, anyone interested? might be a good mod! If not I might list it on ebay. Thx
  2. Next Level Performance Stage 1 G-Box

    For sale Next Level Performance Stage 1 G-Box

    I bought this a long time ago and never installed it on my 94 Eagle Talon ES. I believe it might advance the timing and provide a modest HP gain. The website that it list is now a gaming company. It comes with multiple connectors and detailed instructions. I can meet locally or ship to you.
  3. Favorite car DVD's ?

    Hey, I'm looking to get some more Car DVD's. I haven't bought any for years. I used to love the Mischief Series (Destroy, Assault ,etc). These are about the only series I found worth purchasing since they have pretty exciting footage and cool filming techniques. Can anyone suggest some other...
  4. Totaled my talon!!!

    Ouch, my whole body and head hurts like a mother-fer.. What I wouldn't do for some pain killers right now!! I'm sick and hurting 4 certain.. But, i still managed to go out and remove the rest of my stereo and take some pictures. As you can see the drivers side frame and engine mount is totally...
  5. Totaled my talon!!!

    I was going to say that supravw was right since that's why I think it has frame damage. The door is hitting the front quarter panel pretty bad when I open it as you can see the chips in the paint. Not only that I'm almost certain the engine is off kilter and possibly damaged. I already took my...
  6. Totaled my talon!!!

    Well, I've already taken the rims/tires off the talon today and put the old rims/tires back on while it sits before I post it for sale. Luckily the tires and rims work on my Jetta and will be a good winter set for my jetta. I say it's totaled myself not the insurance. The engine is off kilter...
  7. Totaled my talon!!!

    Well guys, it was all quite surreal. I was leaving Breckenridge ski resort yesterday afternoon in a freak blizzard. About 2 miles out of town I smashed into the back of a rented SUV that had abruptly hit the brakes to stop for a light on highway 9. Well, I didn't notice in time and hit my brakes...
  8. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Yep, Taken from vfaq. They were arguing that the 6 Bolt IS the correct flywheel and that my car had to of been modified if it has a 7 Bolt! Judging from this it appears ALL 93+ NT or Turbo have 7 BOLT! Thanks for this info, I'll try and have the sales rep check this before I send it back to...
  9. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Well, guess what. I got my car in today and sure enough.... The flywheel I bought is for a 6 Bolt and my 94 NT 2.0 is a 7 Bolt!!! Agggrrrhrhhhhhhhhhhhh, Go figure.. Just my luck... Anyways, my mechanic said these 94's can be either 7 or 6 bolt.. So, Guess I'll be returning this expensive...
  10. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Hehe, np man. I was just like.. Ohh noooezz it can't be.. :)
  11. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Hey Guys, you kinda confused me with your post. I'm a 1G 4G63. I'm pretty certain this is the correct flywheel for my 2.0NT application. Take a look at this link and then do a find for 16184. You'll see this> Fidanza 161841 Built To Fly Flywheels - 2.0L NA Key features Fidanza Flywheel...
  12. Ebay clutch Kits?

    I just got the parts in today. If anyone needs to know the part number for the fidanza for the NT's is Part No. 16184. From what I've heard exedy clutches are supposed to be pretty good. It states the clutch is good for a lightly modified vehicle. I'm hoping the throwout bearing won't need...
  13. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Yeah, I have yet to call my mechanic on this but I'd think the TOB that comes with my kit "should" be fine. I'm going to make sure of this but it seems kinda strange it would be prone to failure.
  14. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Oh really? Doh. I'll have to ask my mechanic about that and make sure he orders an OEM one instead. Thanks for the info!
  15. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Cool, thanks for that info absolute! I'm pretty sure the kit comes with the throwout bearing. I dunno about the fork or pivot ball and clip. I'll ask my mechanic about that when I take it to him for the install. I can't wait to see how my car drives after this! :D
  16. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Well, I ended up calling a store that sells off ebay. I just decided to buy a stock OEM replacement. I bought the Exedy Brand Clutch Kit. I figured anything more that that would be a little excessive for my needs. I also went with the Fidanza lightweight flywheel. I got both including shipping...
  17. Seeking Advice on Fremont, CA area

    Well guys, it looks like my dreams of Cali-Living are on-hold at this time. I just got an email back from the hiring manager and they've decided to pursue local candidates for the position. If something doesn't work out with the local candidates then he'll be contacting me. I seriously had this...
  18. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Yeah, my main concerns with that flywheel would be durability/longevity which doesn't seem to be a problem. The other issue I've heard was chatter at idle. Do you know if that's true? I also read that it can cause you to loose idle and almost die sometimes when going into neutral while driving...
  19. Ebay clutch Kits?

    Hi guys, I recently mentioned I'm in need of a new clutch. Well, my mechanic was going to get a quality OEM replacement for $212 for the clutch kit. The Kit + Install was going to cost me $750 with a flywheel resurfacing. (Please don't refute pricing). Anyways, I got to looking around and am...
  20. clutch install cost

    Yeah, I thought about that but I just want this to be a reliable DD. I did most my "mods" in the first few years of ownership. Aside from maybe doing an exhaust manifold I have no plans to do more mods. I did order the stainless steel clutch line so hopefully that helps a little with clutch feel.
  21. clutch install cost

    Hey guys, My clutch is on it's way out in a big way. I called my mechanic today for a quote. He said it would cost $750 for a new clutch (OEM Clutch Kit) which includes resurfacing the flywheel. I'm guessing this is about right and don't want to call around too much since I want it fixed ASAP...
  22. slipping clutch

    Well what ended up happening? I've dumped tons of money into my car in brakes/rims/repairs etc in the last two months and now have this exact same problem. I'm thinking or hoping it's my clutch since I've never had it done but don't want to spend money on getting a new one if that's not the...
  23. Anyone hear of MB Wheels? A dicount tire brand.

    Oh cool. It's good to know that. They are a good deal and after taking them in the mountains yesterday I really like how they feel matched with goodyear Eagle F1 AS tires.
  24. Anyone hear of MB Wheels? A dicount tire brand.

    I got my MB drifters installed the beginning of this year. I'm liking them! Now I need a new clutch so that kinda sucks but I knew it was coming. Here's a shot of my setup. Brembo Rotors with EB Greens on the front. Peace and chicken grease. :talon:
  25. Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    Wow, nice work you had done their ARFWD! Looks Great! :thumb:
  26. Seeking Advice on Fremont, CA area

    Man, after hearing some of your stories I'm almost having second guesses! I'm so spent and frustrated with my current job and status that I'm willing to give it a go anyways. I hate the thought of being harassed by police that have nothing better to do than pull people over with exhaust systems...
  27. Seeking Advice on Fremont, CA area

    Right On! I'm hoping something becomes of this after thinking it over today. It's kinda exciting thinking about living somewhere new even though I love Colorado. It's a crapshoot at this point but I'm going to Roll the Bones and see what happens. Appreciate all the Cali Boys input and would LOVE...
  28. Seeking Advice on Fremont, CA area

    Wow, I've always been very intrigued with the bay area even though I've never been there. Mainly from all the Bay area music I listen to and it's cultural influences. I've been to San Diego, Palo Alto, LA and a few other but not the Bay! After hearing about it from you guys it really does sound...
  29. Seeking Advice on Fremont, CA area

    Hey DSM'ers. I'm seeking any information in regards to this area. Does anyone live in Fremont/Bay Area? I have a potential job opportunitiy in that area with a company called 3par. I'm trying to determine if I'd like that area in regards to quality of lviing/outdoor activities/night life. I'm...
  30. Tie Rod end replacment, need alignment?

    Yeah, I went to get an alignment done today after getting my new tires/rims. I went from 16"s 205's to 17"s 225's. After they got my car in they noticed my tie rod end was totally shot and about to fall off! They said this could cause me to lose complete control of my car. OMGI didn't...
  31. Best place to buy EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads?

    Hey guys I just bought some nice new Brembo OEM rotors of ebay for my front and rear. I'm now looking into brake pads. I don't really need anything over the top but these look pretty nice. What benefits do these Greenstuff pads offer and do they last a long time? Thanks
  32. Replacing Brakes/Rotors Soon looking on ebay

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys. I'm going to look into those sites and report back. I still might think about the ebay ones but not sure since I PM'd a guy that bought some for his first gen that left the seller + feeback. The guy with the 1st gen that bought those off ebay really seems...
  33. Replacing Brakes/Rotors Soon looking on ebay

    I just saw a nice pair of slotted/drilled rotors with SEMI-METALLIC brake pads on ebay for 90.eBay Motors: Eagle Talon Drill Slot Brake Rotors + Pads 90-94 Front (item 120191465884 end time Dec-07-07 14:04:09 PST)What do you think of these? Got any other suggestions or do these look good for...
  34. Bent Oil Pan??? Problems???

    Well I'm happy to report that I took my car back to my mechanic last week and they banged out the oil pan and cleaned the inside It looks much better now without that big dent. I just changed the oil again today and all seems well. He didn't charge me also so I'm glad this ordeal is over. I just...
  35. Bent Oil Pan??? Problems???

    Yeah, with AWD it would be a lot harder to do with the transaxle. Did you have any damage done to your oil pickup? I've heard the hardest thing is making sure it seals ok when putting a new one on.. thanks for the FYI .. I'll call my NAPA tomorrow.
  36. Bent Oil Pan??? Problems???

    92awddsm Thanks for all the great info on the difference between the 6 bolt and 7 bolt! It's good to know I have some extra space to work withDefiant Thanks again for getting/given me some great info! Also, thanks for moving this to this thread. I really appreciate the great picture! It...
  37. Engine Diagram cutout picture/Oil pickup location.

    I'm looking for a good cutout picture of the 4g63 engine to try and determine how close this dent is to my pickup. The shop that did my timing belt caused this dent by jacking the car up on the pan. My mechanic seems to think it's just fine if it's not leaking! I've heard otherwise from quite a...
  38. Bent Oil Pan??? Problems???

    I'm looking for a good cutout picture of the 4g63 engine to try and determine how close this dent is to my pickup. The shop that did my timing belt caused this dent by jacking the car up on the pan. My mechanic seems to think it's just fine if it's not leaking! I've heard otherwise from quite a...
  39. Bent Oil Pan??? Problems???

    Hey, thanks a lot for the reply Defiant! Yeah, I was hoping this dent won't cause any issues since I just changed my oil yesterday. And at $7 an oil filter and $3.30 a qt for oil it's not exactly cheap to just drain the new oil again just to get this pan replaced that his ignorant tech screwed...
  40. Bent Oil Pan??? Problems???

    Hi guys, I know this is an old thread but now I have this problem thanks to a tech at my mechanics shop that did my timing belt last week!!!!! Grrrr. I just noticed while changing my oil that my pan got bent to crap! It's obvious one of his techs jacked my car up by the oil pan! No way was this...
  41. Dealer wants too much for Front Hub Assembly

    Hi Guys, I just had my Rear Hub assembly replaced on my rear right wheel. My mechanic quoted me $224 for parts/labor. I guess that equals about 1.5hrs of labor. Does that sound about right? TBH, Chris
  42. Wheel bearing

    Hey guys, good thread with great info. I have a bad wheel bearing that is going to require replacement by my mechanic. Any idea how much parts and labor should be for One rear wheel bearing replacement? Thanks, ChrisBTW, the hub assembly w/ wheel bearing in their cost me $212 for P&L.
  43. Anyone hear of MB Wheels? A dicount tire brand.

    Yeah, these MB wheels look pretty good in gunmetal. The ones for $81/Rim look good but I really like the looks of these!But they cost $151/Rim so that's a little much for a car with 178K on the ticker. But, then again they look similar to this guys on dsmtalk which I like a lot...
  44. Anyone hear of MB Wheels? A dicount tire brand.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to put some new rims and tires on the old talon. I was looking at discount tires website for 17" RIMs and these MB are their in house brand. They look quite nice. I'm not looking on spending much more than mabye $120/RiM so this fit the bill! Here's the links. Let me know if...
  45. Anyone moving to Windows Vista yet?

    Sometime in the future I *Might* consider Vista. However, XP is good2go right now. The only reason I see going to Vista would be for the DX10 support in future games (I.E > Crysis). Supposedly XP will not support DX10 so the only way to get the *enhanced* graphics that DX10 provides is move to...
  46. Eagle talon logo replacement for 1994

    Cool, thanks for that info. On a side note this guy said I could measure the dimensions of my logo and he could make it that size. Either way, I'll probably call the stealership first.
  47. car is done

    That's one nice looking ride. I really like the CF hood and the color. About the only thing that is questionable to me is the front bumper. However, the bumper does look functional and much cleaner then some of those "me so hungry" bumpers. Nice job! :thumb:
  48. Any mountain bikers here? Gotta question.

    Those both look pretty decent. I like the color of the cheaper one but I'm sure the components on the other one are better. Your best bet is to go out and test ride the bikes you like. That's the best way to get a feel for how you fit on the bike and the overall feel of it. I road quite a few...
  49. Eagle talon logo replacement for 1994

    Yeah, your probably right. I'll probably call the stealership and see if they sell em.
  50. So, someone STOLE my carbon fiber hood...

    Sweet man. Glad to hear you got it back. Some people are morons.. :rolleyes:
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