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  1. bastarddsm

    1G w5m33 3rd gear sub gear?

    Noise suppression. I take them out usually, they just seem to grab shrapnel and pull it into unharmed gears
  2. bastarddsm

    blew up 2nd gear

    That's an oddity for sure. I've only had 1 second get damaged, and it was shrapnel that did it.
  3. bastarddsm

    jacks 3/4 fork additional roll pin how to remove

    I'll get a video next time. I do it on my dogbox cause it's got the pin inside a pin and it's impossible to knock out
  4. bastarddsm

    jacks 3/4 fork additional roll pin how to remove

    Yes you can! It sucks, but it's doable. Gotta get 1/2 out of the way first. turn 5/r so it points off to the side and it'll come out. You'll cuss at it and scratch your head for a while, but it'll go.
  5. bastarddsm

    Paul's 1993 GSX - VMC Panda

    That's in a sweet spot where the trans will live well. It doesn't take much more torque to put them into carry a golf clicker with you terrritory.
  6. bastarddsm

    jacks 3/4 fork additional roll pin how to remove

    Are you just trying to take the trans apart, or replace the fork?You should be able to get the trans apart without taking it off. I do that all the time.Replacing the fork I think you will have to cut it off, and then the rail might be worthless. Idk if there is enough meat left to do...
  7. bastarddsm

    Street Build 1G Build: Return of the DSMer!

    Not saying that killed the rod, but it had too much timing in it. Wild to see one break like that. Usually it's pulled the pin out of the piston, or it spun a rod bearing and torched the big end. Good call on not doing 1400HD's or you'd be doing this again sooner than you'd like. The...
  8. bastarddsm

    2G Willwood Master Brake Cylinder, Clutch Cylinder and Pedal Install

    I hope you realize what you are getting into. I know for certain what you want to do is not possible on a 1g. It puts the clutch master cylinder inside the frame rail. hopefully a 2g is enough different that it's not an issue.Also, there are plates available to put a wilwood master on a...
  9. bastarddsm

    1G 1G Bolt On Big Brake Upgrade Options

    I'm currently using a wilwood kit from an SRT4 that I modified. Redrilled the hats, and made new caliper brackets. There is a wilwood kit for 2g dsm, but it'll go right on a 1g. Idk why they don't list them for both.I'm sure you can do it pretty cheap if you scrounge. My brother got...
  10. bastarddsm

    2G Clutch Help

    Well, it strongly depends on what transmission you have.
  11. bastarddsm

    Cylinder head combustion chamber flaws

    Look at all the valves... Was this sliding around in a gravel parking lot?Lay a gasket on it and see what it looks like. If its inside the fire ring, smooth it out. If not, plan on finding a new head.
  12. bastarddsm

    2G Need some professional advice please! Can I use this block?

    The problem with a 2.3 is that it makes more torque - besides the cylinder wall issues. We only have a 9" clutch and a trans rated for 280ft*lbs. In theory the 2.3 is a great idea, but in actuality the slight gain in spool up isn't worth the loss in rpm potential. A bunch of the fast guys...
  13. bastarddsm

    NABR down

    You've done nothing dsm related to be proud of, you can quit the passive agressive bs now. /thread.point to the spot on this doll where the forum hurt you. I might not have ever seen a more ridculous statement, calling DG toxic. wtf.
  14. bastarddsm

    2G Need some professional advice please! Can I use this block?

    Yes, a bearing goes there. That looks like it was rusty and cleaned up or something. I Don't think it will really affect anything, but it depends on how much material is missing and would likely run it if I did't have a better block. But my professional advice is that it needs to be...
  15. bastarddsm

    NABR down

    What sort of real discussions went on in there? I mean was there every detail on sheps run into the 7's? Sharing his tuneups, every aspect of the car, and things like that?
  16. bastarddsm

    Who is going to the Shootout in OCTOBER?

    Karen complained it was cold ...yeah, so what, it's october, deal with it. I have been to plenty of races that was equally just as cold. This is why this country is failing, too many weak a$$ men!
  17. bastarddsm

    Who is going to the Shootout in OCTOBER?

    it was posted like 6mo ago about the new dates. I'm torn on it. I welcome the cooler weather, but will miss the familiarity of the old dates, but much of the old shootout is gone now anyway. Biggest thing for me is I run a pumpkin patch, and shootout weekend is right in the middle of my...
  18. bastarddsm

    CTS-V Brake Upgrade Spacer Question

    There are several issues, #1, the stock studs are not really long enough for stock wheels #2 longer stud decreases the spring constant of the stud and looses more clamp load under dynamic loading. #3 under reduced clamping you rely on the spacers hub centric design to support the load, which...
  19. bastarddsm

    1G Does anyone know what connector this is?

    All 2.0 cars have that connector.
  20. bastarddsm

    CTS-V Brake Upgrade Spacer Question

    I'm just gonna put this out there, but if you are running the car hard enough that you need that much brakes, you shouldn't be running spacers. Also It's really hard to find wide wheels that actually fit. Nothing has enough offset, and spacers will make that worse.third point, if you are...
  21. bastarddsm

    1G Does anyone know what connector this is?

    Egr temp sensor. California cars only. It'll set a cel if it's not hooked up and you have a california ecu.
  22. bastarddsm

    Show us your CARNAGE PICTURES!!!!

    I thought that was like the first law of auto dsm, never let it have even 1psi in overdrive. Actually I think even pretty much all older automatics ever, don't abuse them in overdrive. Can't really be mad/blame the car for user error.
  23. bastarddsm

    Why do cars hate me

    Whatever puts the fingers just above flat most likely. It's really not a huge deal like everyone makes it out to be. Especially if you are not trying to jam gears at 10k.
  24. bastarddsm

    2G Found this silver box In My talon I just purchased, any idea what it is ?

    That's the one that machv sold. ecu+ or something
  25. bastarddsm


    I used to run xtd stuff, but back in 2012ish. The old stage 4 pressure plates were actually 2300lbs. A good oem mitssu 1g stock one is about 2200. I've been told repeatedly that they are supposed to be 1700lbs, but I've tested and they were 2200. I tested ACT2600's and 2900's and they...
  26. bastarddsm

    High boost headgasket question

    Well for me it's not necessarily slower at higher boost. Nor it is going faster on less boost. It's taking less power to run the same number. it's getting better at utlizing the power. I guess I'm not really sure if it will go better turned up, I've not turned it up. It is running what I...
  27. bastarddsm


    Morrison fabrications makes a solution
  28. bastarddsm

    The Timeslip and Dyno Lists - need input

    I did my part, shared my last track trip on here.
  29. bastarddsm

    The Timeslip and Dyno Lists - need input

    Whatever you do, it would be best if a date ran was required.Also for some of us class racers some of common race sizes would be nice. 62 or 64mm , 67, 76, ect. It's a pain on the new times site trying to search as there can be about 5 names for the same turbo. Or say you want to see what...
  30. bastarddsm

    High boost headgasket question

    I don't think you need 49 to run 8's. It really looks like you need to slow down and work out the kinks before you keep going out loaded for bear.story time. Back in the day it used to take almost 40psi for my car to go 11.0's-10.8's. And I was trying all sorts of stuff to get it to...
  31. bastarddsm

    High boost headgasket question

    in 2022 I think I'm at the point where I can say that if you need more than a composite will do, you also need a filled block. Also when you are playing around at very high boost like 49, you can't let it hit the revlimit or do things like that. Does all sort of wierd things to combustion...
  32. bastarddsm

    EVO 3 Transmission help, PLEASE!

    Tim or me is my vote. I think I'm backed up just about as far as tim is.
  33. bastarddsm

    Automatics suck.

    Went to IFO in St Louis last weekend. Been having trouble getting parts lately, and couldn't get a new clutch disc for the dogbox (6 speed miata), but I had a new 4 puck for stock input in stock, so I stuck my trusty old synchro trans back in. 90-91 gearset, WSS 4 spider, kaaz front lsd...
  34. bastarddsm

    Fuel System Flow vs. Pressure Drop.

    10 years later, and I'm still running the same line/filter setup. I have 2 walbro 255's running into it though. Enough fuel for the car to trap 144 when it weighed 3150. I figure that's around 700 at the tire. Probably going to ditch the walbros for a big single brushless fuelab now.
  35. bastarddsm

    1G 7-Bolt Hydraulic Tensioners, R.I.P. (Mitsu Kills another one...)

    Do the tensioners really even wear out? I am still running the original from 91 on my car. If you set the belt tension right the belt won't come off even if they fail and competely collapse.
  36. bastarddsm

    1G Timing tensioner arm.

    I could make some bushings, but I'm booked pretty solid for the time being. I didn't know these really wore out. My car still has the original stuff, even the tensioner!
  37. bastarddsm

    2G Clutch Drag Issue (What would you do)

    Probably 0.600 or so.
  38. bastarddsm

    2G Clutch Drag Issue (What would you do)

    Try a 1g slave. ACT juggles the fulcrum dia (leverage ratio) to keep the pedal pressure reasonable. So you end up needing a lot more TOB travel to release it. In most cases you can't make a 2600 work good because the fingers will hit the disc before it releases. setup a dial indicator and...
  39. bastarddsm

    2G AWD Trans Rebuild Options in 2022

    The blocks to make the case cost more than a PPG lololol.
  40. Rebuilt AWD 1G DSM Transmission

    For sale Rebuilt AWD 1G DSM Transmission

    Fresh White Shed Speed rebuild. Updated to bronze synchros, new seals welded center differential, durability and shifting mods, cases blasted clean and painted. 91-94 shifter arm, 23 spline output. Also has the tougher 90HD gearset that is great for higher torque setups. I and a local...
  41. WSS Built 2G Awd trans

    For sale WSS Built 2G Awd trans

    Freshly rebuilt, ready to go. double synchro second, new seals, welded center diff, 23 spline output. WSS shifting and durability mods. $1500 outright. Will ship through fastenal blue line freight ~$200, or will deliver within 300mi of 61330 for cost of fuel.
  42. bastarddsm

    Walbro 350lph Conventional-Style In-Tank Fuel Pumps

    Do they have an external version?
  43. bastarddsm

    General Convert any car to ethanol with a Super AFC?

    Back in the day I did it. E85, 55psi bfp slightly hacked 1g maf, and 450's. Car ran 107 like that and lean is mean for sure. No wideband either. You don't need to add 33% worth of fuel as the stock maps are very rich at wot. it only needs like 15% more fuel. The trims will take care of...
  44. bastarddsm

    AEM Kiggly 12T + AEM infinity spark timing way off, Help!

    That's odd that it lets you choose a decimal. Should be whole numbers only. but there must be some aem bs in there.
  45. bastarddsm

    AEM Kiggly 12T + AEM infinity spark timing way off, Help!

    I have not used infinity tuner in a while, but try and add a text item to the host layout. See if you can get to it that way.
  46. bastarddsm

    AEM Kiggly 12T + AEM infinity spark timing way off, Help!

    Engine lab is based in boulder colorado, and is who creates the infinity hardware and software. AEM had EL make a AEMized version of elconsole for them to distribute with the infinity. AEM creates the models (control strategy and calibrations) for the different applications. AEM also locks...
  47. bastarddsm

    AEM Kiggly 12T + AEM infinity spark timing way off, Help!

    You need to change CAM_SyncAdjustment so that the spark is close, then use CRANK_TrigOffset [degBTDC] to get it perfect. That should be in the aem document I linked. It may be aemized. Remember that with a 12 and 1 setup, the...
  48. bastarddsm

    AEM Kiggly 12T + AEM infinity spark timing way off, Help!

    The infinity hardware is the best there is - blows everything else out of the water. The software is not so good, but it's workable. I have my own software on my infinity. Even use a 710 to run a duramax actually.
  49. bastarddsm

    AEM Kiggly 12T + AEM infinity spark timing way off, Help!

    it sounds like you have a corrupted session file I think. Redownload the base tune files to make sure it's right, then you'll need to look at the setup guides for universal setups...
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